A/N: At this fic, Sasuke looks like he's the one eager for Sakura! Isn't that too much ironic? But his snobbishness [his trademark] isn't lost here. I just think they look like the saying "The More You Hate, the More You Love."

"Make a Wish"

-A Naruto Fantasy Special-

[Stuff that WON'T happen at the show]

Chapter Four: A Child from Nowhere!

"I can't believe it. You already are engaged to him for a year!" Ino aid. "When we are at the age of ten, we sworn that we won't have a boyfriend until 15 years old!"

"Things had changed for we were engaged."

"Things also changed because you LIKED it already. Gee, does that actually mean you've fallen in love with him?"

"Who wouldn't?" she said "no girl would never like and fall for a Sasuke Uchiha. And because he's the best student--- and the fact that he's really good-looking."

"Now you can tell you're the luckiest girl." Ino added.


"Wait!!!" Naruto shouted. "Hey, CONGRATULATIONS! Are you not that happy to get that award?"

"Thanks," he said "Some kinda… I hope Sakura isn't mad at me,"

"There he is!" Ino told Sakura. She was about to approach him, and so Sasuke hid from her at Naruto's back. But, luckily she smiled at him…

"Congratulations, honey! I know you deserve it," Sakura told him happily. She was very nice to him now. Ino made her move, and pulled Naruto away. "This calls for a celebration. You really deserve it,"

"You sure you're okay? You called me 'honey', " Sasuke asked "But--"

"Of course. I know knew it was worth the engagement. I met you personally… I became so lucky and even won your heart…" she was flushed, anyhow Sasuke came to her,

"I'm glad," he said sweetly "Do you mean it?"

She went closer to her, and then embraced him. She didn't even know what she's doing. Sasuke let go, but still holding her arms, and caressed her gently.

"I'm so glad," Sasuke said… and they both went home happily. Sakura volunteered to cook something for them to feast on, but as soon as they arrived at their peaceful house,


"Whose child is this!?!" the couple exclaimed "It has a note here."

Sasuke read the groggily written words in kanji- .

"Please take care of me."

"Ugh--" they sighed. Afterwards Sasuke carried the child up in his arms away the basket. The child's cheeky grin took his attention and somewhat melted his heart out.

Sakura stared at her fiancé and for once find out that he loves kids. It was really showed when he carefully carried the child in his arms, patting him slowly to sleep. He is a potential father, in that case. Now she was more lured by Sasuke.

Sasuke smiled at Sakura, and he instantly let her have the chance to hold the baby boy.

"Try it," Sasuke said cheerfully. "I never felt as light as this before. As if we're related by blood or any,"

Sakura, staring at the child saw that they have similar raven wisps of hair. And those emerald eyes the child has. She stared blankly at Sasuke as she carried the child. She felt so light-- and the child is really cute. The same feeling she feels to Sasuke's cuteness.

But what surprised the couple is the child did something worth investigating. While preparing some of the fresh milk Sakura includes in her cereals, the child slowly made it float…!

"Sasuke-kun!!!!" Sakura yelled as if she was to be murdered.

"Why? What's wrong?" he asked coolly as he was counting some money to buy diapers.

"T-the child! H-he---"

"Calm down, tell me what happened."

"The milk floated… with the use of his hands…" she said calmly but with a mark of fear. Sasuke, on the other hand, stared suspiciously at the kid. He looked at his eyes, then it suddenly turned into maroon-color, and the couple noticed that same jutsu-- within the child.

"SHARINGAN?!" they shouted…

Another thought crossed in Sasuke's mind. Does this child got that bloodline limit?

"Only my family has that bloodline limit! How can this -- cute and adorable kid has that Sharingan and jutsus active?"

"He must be a son of a powerful ninja…" Sakura said. "But wait. You told me about that bloodline limit is only running on your family. How many relatives do you have present?"

"Only 3. The rest were all killed." He said…

The two are really bugged by those thoughts. Who are the possible parents? Is he Sasuke's new brother sent for him to take care? No. his parents sworn not to have another child because of the bloodline limit…


"Ahoy! Chums!" Naruto cried out… "HUH?!!!! *gasps exaggeratedly* Uchiha Sasuke! Explain that CUTEE kid in your arms! You're only 13! How dare you do that to Sakura! I know it's sure that you'll get married but why do you have to be excited of doing ---"

"Pervert!Hewasjustleftatourhouseandwedon'tknowwherehecamefrom!Idon'tevenknowwhoishisparentsareandwherehecamefromandwherehegottheSharingan!" Sasuke said,

Continuously without even breathing. "That's it!"

"What again? Come again you're too fast! Breathe!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Okay, okay…" he said calmly. "He was just left at our house and we don't know where he came from! I don't even know who his parents are and where he came from and where he got the Sharingan!"

"I got it." Naruto said his 3 meaningful words. "Where are you heading?"

"SUPERMARKET!" they shouted. Because of that, the kid was terrified, and then wailed like a siren of the ambulance.

"Shhhh!" Sasuke tried his best to make him stop. Sakura patted his back, and all of the sudden this 10 month old baby [they presume] stopped and giggled. It also said some words,,,

"Mama! Papa!"

Stunned, the three Genins looked at each other blankly and fought their suspicions back.

"What…" Sakura began…

"Did…" Sasuke continued…

"He said?" Naruto ended. "It's just a sweet 'Mama' and 'Papa'! He must've missed his parents and thought it was you!"


"Mama! Papa!"

Anyway, Sasuke and Sakura accepted the fact that this is a simple parental training which requires strong endurance and patience--- they need to learn. Naruto already left for as they passed by a RAMEN restaurant, he immediately brought out his wallet and ran in.

"A fair-weathered friend," Sasuke replied.

"Anyway, this will be training just for the both of us." Sakura said, positively. "So honey, are you ready to do this for our child?"

"Of course, certainly," he said happily. They now strolled at the supermarket pushing a cart with the kid in it. He really enjoys the ride.

"Sasuke-kun, be careful." Sakura reminded him, and he followed her to the baby supplies part of the super market.


"Quite tiring," Sasuke said. "Now what do we do next?"

"We did all of the stuff written here, I think we should go home…" Sakura said with heavy lidded eyes. Sasuke did all the carrying, of baggage and Sakura took care of the baby. It was already past nine when they arrived.

"Oh my god, its soooo hard to have children!" Sakura remarked as Sasuke was sleeping. He simply moaned. The child was beside  him, and Sakura kissed the both of them goodnight.

Morning. Sakura touched her aching temples as she noticed that Sasuke was now out of sight. She knew he's now awaken, and she took the baby in her arms…

"Hi! Did you sleep well?"

She noticed Sasuke sleeping but standing.

"Not that--" he said "I have to wake up at midnight to hear his call for food-- oh,"

Then he pointed to the cute child, and sat down.


The phone rang, and Sakura answered it immediately. Then it was her mom…

"Mom! I--"

"How's it going, sweetie?" her mother asked "how are you and Sasuke getting along?"

"We're--- close," she said "But mom, wait!"

"Okay, that's nice to hear from you I gotta go now sweetie, this is long distance. Say to Sasuke that his family is at Hawaii for some business with Itachi."

She hung it again without making her speak. How cruel, she thought.

"Mom told me there was no one in your mansion," she said.

"Cool." He answered sleepily. "Why don't we pass by there sometime?"

"Sure," then she yawned, stretching her arms lazily up in the air.

She stared at the child and looked at Sasuke too. Sasuke then to the child… Sasuke to child… Sasuke then to child--- this keeps her dizzy…

"You know what hun, if I don't know any better I would've think this is your child. You have lots of similarities. For the first noticeable one is your raven colored hair. Then next is the aura and attitude, followed by the Sharingan and bloodline limit. Then your looks…" she stopped "but the only thing you are entirely different are those pair of eyes--- they are…"

"Emerald green, just like yours." He added. "Now that makes us look more of his parents."

"Yeah," she agreed. "We are all alike."


Days passed by so quickly that hey are accustomed in living with the cute kid they named as "Sasukura" a weird soundin', but right name. Naruto gave this name for he thinks it is the perfect combination to be formed by the parents' name.

Well Ino and Naruto always pays visits and helps in baby-sitting almost everyday of the week. They enjoyed Sasukura's cuteness and waywardness sometimes. But mostly to help their best friends out… well, that's what I think!

***to be continued!***

The next chap is the LAST so stay tuned!