Coming home by shjohnso.

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Contains spoilers up until hyde school reunion.

Summary: Just as Chris starts to bond with his family in the past, Wyatt gets other ideas in the future.

Authors notes: the first chapter is rated pg13, but will be bumped to R for the upcoming chapter containing a bit of violence.

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Piper is feeding Wyatt in the kitchen. Bending down to closer to his face, "your little brother still wont talk to me, well not the one in here, but the big version, glancing down at her stomach. Since I'm almost due, I guess 'the event' is going to happen soon afterward, huh?" She begins to cry and puts down the spoon. Wyatt senses her distress and orbs into her lap. She rocks him back and forth kissing the top of his head, "I'm so sorry, I don't want to leave my babies."

Chris orbs in and stands in the doorway listening to his mother. 'I never wanted to make her cry.' He walks over to her and puts his hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry mom", I shouldn't have said anything. And maybe I shouldn't be saying this now, but it doesn't happen soon. Maybe you were right, and by me coming back, it won't happen at all. He looks down at Wyatt who is smiling up at him, then back to his mother who is also smiling at him.

Piper: Chris, I don't know when it happens, and I'm not asking you to tell me, but I can't stand the idea that you had to grow up without me. I want to be a mother to you, Chris, and I'd like to get to know you.

Chris says with a smirk, "you do know me, I've been running around this house for months"

Piper: I don't mean the cocky, smart-ass whitelighter bit you've been trying to pull around here,

Chris rolling his eyes interrupted her, "thanks mom, tell me how you really feel"

Piper: slapping him playfully, "what I mean, is that I know there is so much more to you that you try to hide from us, when I can see that you are a good person who obviously loves and cares about us, about Wyatt, enough to come back here to try and fix things. And to put yourself through so much, for us. We haven't treated you very well since you've been here, and I am sorry for that. I know how hard this must be for you, seeing us again, while we're obviously not part of at least some of your future."

Chris in tears, looks at her panicking, "I...uh.."

Piper: "you don't have to say anything to confirm or deny that, I just want to get to know you, know my son. Please?" Piper is crying at this point and holds out her free hand to Chris while balancing Wyatt on her lap.

Chris: sighs and gives in. "ok, what do you want to know?"

Piper: "well for starters, what did, or do you like to do, besides hunting for demons."

Chris: with a twinkle in his eyes, "I don't like hunting for demons" pausing, "much. But um, I kind of liked it when we would just hang out baking cookies and talking."

Piper: grinning and putting Wyatt back into the highchair. 'I can at least do that for my youngest baby'. "you get the flour from the cabinet, and I'll get the chips."

Later that evening at the dinner table, Paige: "what's for desert?"

Chris: "cookies."

Piper: "we baked them."

Chris and Piper looked at each other smiling.

Phoebe: looks from Chris to Piper, then Paige and asks her, "did I miss something here, cause this morning Chris was still trying to avoid her"

Paige: "don't look at me, must be some mother/son bonding ritual or something."

Everyone starts laughing and starting to get up from the table Chris: looks around nervously, "id better get back to the club, I'll see you guys in the morning." He starts to orb away but Piper puts her hand on his arm pulling him back.

Piper: "Chris, I can set up the spare bedroom. I kind of thought that you would be staying here from now on."

Paige: "yeah, I mean, why should my nephew have to sleep in some back office."

Chris looks between the sisters, still unsure. "I guess I could, but what's Leo gonna say?"

Piper: "don't you worry about it, he's not going to SAY anything, cause he's not coming back."

Phoebe: "besides, you're our whitelighter and you have no other charges, and the best place for you to look out for us is right here where you can see us."

Chris: looks at Phoebe gratefully, "Ok."

Phoebe: she hugs Chris and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Turning to her sisters, "well, I'm gonna go to bed, I have a lot of letters to get through tomorrow. Good night."

Paige: "night Phoebs."

Piper: turning to Chris before walking up the stairs, "well, I'm going to go put Wyatt to bed then I'm going to go make up your room."

Paige: she turns and puts her arms around him, "Chris, you're family.......stop acting like you don't think we want you around, because we do."

Chris: with a genuine and more confident smile, "ok." Both orb upstairs to their rooms.

Future: Wyatt: staring out of the window, he begins to get new memories of things that hadn't happened in his past. He turns to one of his head demons, "he's changing things, and I don't like it."

Demon: "I don't understand why you won't let us go back and kill him?"

Angry, Wyatt forms an energy ball and hovers it in front of the demon, "because he doesn't need to be killed, only stopped. He belongs here, right now. And if you ever suggest that again, I WILL kill you. Now get out of my sight." He dissolves the fireball as the demon bows and exits the room. 'I'll do it myself. You're coming home Christopher, like it or not.' He begins to mix up a potion.


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Coming Home part 2.

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Piper is walking down the stairs when she notices Chris hiding behind the sofa. She immediately tenses up and starts to flick her wrists to blow up whatever he is hiding from. Just as she starts to raise her hands, Chris looks up at her and motions her with a stop gesture.

Frustrated with the waiting, Piper had enough and was about to ask what was going on. Suddenly, her toddler orbed into Chris' lap with his hands covering his eyes and giggling.

Chris: "Oh no, Wyatt, you found me. I guess I just can't hide from you."

Piper: Finally understanding, "o...k., I see, a little hide and seek?"

Chris: shrugs while playing with Wyatt, "uh, well....kind of—just half whitelighter version. We used to play "orb and go seek" a lot when we were younger."

Piper: trying to draw him into a conversation, "so where did he find you from?"

Chris: "I left him in the attic and told him to come find me."

Piper: "from the looks of it, he found you pretty easily."

Chris: looking a bit sad, he said with a sigh, "yeah, he always could. He was much better at it than me. I used to even try to orb to different planes and dimensions to hide from him, at least until I caught & grounded."

Piper noticed that Chris was staring at the top of Wyatt's hair with a far away look on his face and was puzzled by his reaction. "Sounds like you two had a lot of fun."

Chris: Smiling at Wyatt, "yeah, we did." Wyatt had been content to sit in his brother's lap and comfort him with his presence. When Chris smiled at him, Wyatt sensed a change in Chris' demeanor and was ready to play again.

Chris gazed into his brother's sparkling blue eyes and saw the mischief brewing in them—only seconds before he heard the gleeful laughter fade away as Wyatt orbed out for another game.

Chris stood up and was about to go after Wyatt, when Piper asked, "I bet you two are a real handful together, aren't you? Wait--Just tell me now, are you going to grey my hair?"

Chris: tilts his head and smirks before orbing out, "of course, we're Halliwells aren't we?"

Piper shakes her head and talks out loud, "note to self: buy stock in Ms. Clairol." A few hours later....... Paige walks into the manor after her latest temp job covered in green goo. "Hello, is anybody home?"

Piper shouts from the kitchen, "in here Paige." Stares at Paige in shock and begins to laugh when she walks in, "what happed to you. I thought you were going to a "normal" temp job today?" Paige rolls her eyes before flinging a drop of goo from her clothes at Piper, who ducks. "I did. I had to temp as a substitute teacher's aide and chaperone on a picnic. This was a "normal" temp job with no magic, just a lot of unruly kids."

Piper: "so what's that you're dripping all over my floor?"

Paige: "don't ask." She looks around to see if Chris is nearby, "So speaking of unruly kids, what's that nephew of mine been up to, going under cover again?"

Piper: "watch it. That's my son you're talking about. And no, he's not under cover right now, unless you count from Wyatt."

Paige tilts her head as if to silently ask her what she means.

Piper: understanding Paige's question, "he and Wyatt are playing 'orb and go seek'.

Paige: "oh. Cool."

Piper: "they both seem to be enjoying each other's company, but I'm still worried about Chris."

Paige: "why? He seems to be adjusting to being back now that we know who he is."

Piper: "yeah, I know. And he is starting to open up a little more, but this afternoon when I mentioned that Wyatt found him pretty easily; he got sad all of a sudden. I don't understand why saying that would make him feel that way."

Paige: "I get the feeling that they were really close in the future, and maybe he just misses him."

Piper: "maybe." Upstairs, Wyatt starts rubbing his eyes and yawning, signaling the end of their game. Chris picks him up and puts him to sleep for a nap. He pulls the rocking chair up to his crib to watch over him. Hypnotized by the sound of Wyatt's deep even breathing, he is soon pulled into one of his happier memories as a child—back to when they were best friends and he still looked up to him.

A small boy with brown hair hides behind a bush, eyes darting back and forth trying to spot someone. Seconds later, an older sandy-haired child orbs behind him and puts his hand on his shoulder. Sounding disappointed, "Wyatt, you found me again. Why can't you ever just let me win?" Still pouting, "It's not fair, you have more powers than me."

"Chris, it's not about who has more powers. Mom is always telling you that, and she's right. You're still just as powerful, just different than me. You're just gonna have to come up with another way, but I know you can do it." Wyatt smiles at him and playfully tugs Chris' baseball cap over his eyes. Chris tilts his head up to see past the brim of his hat and smiles back at him. Wyatt motions to leave, "come on, we'd better get home before mom grounds us again." With a mischievous grin, Wyatt turns to Chris, "Race ya home?" Both boys could be heard laughing as they disappeared in a swirl of blue lights.

Sitting in the rocking chair, Chris soon recalled another memory, only not so pleasant.

Chris was seventeen now, nearly a man. He went upstairs to his room, bypassing all of the demonic sentries that Wyatt had around the house. Wyatt said that they were there to protect him, only it felt as if they were there to keep him in line. 'Yeah right, if he only knew!' he thought. He picked up the phone and dialed one of his most trusted friends. "Danny. Are you guys all set? We have to get the Book of Shadow's tonight. I'll distract him and you go in..." Listening further, "No, it has to be tonight—because in the morning, he's gonna turn this place into a museum, and we'll never get the chance again to find a spell to fix all this." A few hours later, Chris was nervously sitting at the dinner table with Wyatt attempting a conversation. Just then, one of Wyatt's demonic bodyguards bent down and whispered something in his ear. Chris began to fidget even more, fearing that his friend had been caught.

Sneering, Wyatt asked, "What's wrong Chris, you look a bit.........nervous?" He knew he was in trouble now. Before he could answer, two of Wyatt's bodyguards shimmered in holding a wide-eyed Danny between them.

Wyatt jumped up from the table and immediately drew an energy ball and aimed it at Danny. Chris yelled "NO!" and deflected it with his telekinetic powers.

Wyatt only laughed and turned to him. "Chris. Now I know you put Danny up to trying to steal my book. That's not his fault, so why should he have to die for it? So he won't---if YOU can do ONE thing."

Chris held his breath, because he knew that Wyatt was going to ask for something impossible, "What?"

With the loud pounding of his heart, he almost didn't hear his brother's footsteps as he softly approached him.

Grinning maniacally, Wyatt bent down and whispered in his ear, "....Hide from me."

All color drained from both Chris and Danny's face. They both knew that Chris had never successfully hidden from Wyatt in their childhood games of "orb and go seek". And now a life depended on Chris winning this time.

Before Chris could protest, Wyatt spoke again. "For Chris. If you can do it, I'll let him go and we'll call this a lesson learned. If you can't-- I'll bring you back here and make you watch me kill him. Either way, lesson learned. DO NOT ever cross me again, Christopher. Now go--I'll give you a head start."

Without another word, Chris disappeared in a swirl of blue lights.

Chris woke with a start, beads of sweat and tears pouring down his face. He hadn't even realized that he had been asleep. He could still remember hearing Danny's screams that night as he watched him die painfully at the hands of his brother. He vowed that night that Wyatt would never "find" him again if he could help it. He began the working on his blocking potion the next day. Chris gazed down into the crib at the still sleeping child, "I'm not gonna let this happen again." With that, he went downstairs to find comfort in his mom's presence.

Later that night, everyone went into the family room to watch a movie that they rented from the video store. Piper thought that it would be a good idea (and a good ice-breaker) to involve Chris in family activities; so she let him pick the movie.

Chris is already sitting on the couch as Phoebe starts the movie and moves back to sit in front of the couch. Piper: "scoot over" to Chris as she hands him the bowl of popcorn & sits down.

Paige: sitting next to phoebe on the floor, she turns to look over at Chris. "What did you rent?"

Chris: grinning widely, "one of my favorite movies as a kid."

Paige: "nice, but that still doesn't answer my question." Chris: "you'll see."

They all stare at the screen as the intro credits come on, revealing.....

Phoebe: "the Witches of Eastwick!!!! Don't you get enough of that in real life?" she says with a mock look of horror.

They all turn to him and start throwing popcorn at him, all the while he is laughing hysterically and ducking.

During all of the commotion, no one seemed to notice the blue light coalescing in the kitchen. Leo started to say something to let his presence be known, but decided to watch the interaction silently for a bit. His heart sank when he saw piper push Chris playfully then put her arm around him and lay her head on his shoulder. 'I guess I've been officially replaced. What right does he have to come in here and steal my family--take MY place'. Next thing I know, he'll be raising my son and moving in.' Then he spotted some of Chris's belongings in the foyer. 'Too late.'

The more Leo thought about it, the angrier he got. Just the idea of Chris coming in and "usurping" what he had always felt was his, tore him up inside. With those thoughts, he turned angrily to leave without saying a word.

Everyone was paying attention to the movie and making snide comments on the "reality of being a witch". No one seemed to notice either Leo's entrance nor his hasty retreat.

Before the end of the movie, everyone but Chris had fallen asleep. He gently slid out from where piper had rested her head on his shoulder to put Wyatt to bed. When he stood up, he looked around at everyone and for the first time in years, felt at home. 'I really missed this.'

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Chapter3. Coming Home

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Wyatt is just adding a few of the final ingredients to a potion he has been working on for weeks. One of his demonic bodyguards walks into the room to speak with him.

Bodyguard: "How do you intend to find him through time now that Bianca is dead, Master?"

Wyatt turns to him with a sardonic smile, "Do you doubt my abilities?"

Even his bodyguard's are afraid of him. He immediately stammers, "No, Master. I just wanted to make sure that you and I were thinking along the same lines."

Wyatt seems to enjoy making even the most fearful demons cower at his feet. "And just what were you thinking?"

Bodyguard: "Uh..., I thought that it would involve that potion you've been making?"

Wyatt: "Save it!!!. You have no idea what I've been doing. I DO have a way to get him back, and it has nothing to do with this potion or Bianca."

Bodyguard: "I thought that the potion had something to do with Chris, Master."

Wyatt turns his back to him again to finish adding the last ingredient, "It DOES."


Chris walked upstairs carrying a sleeping Wyatt. As he is laying him in the crib, he hears the familiar jingle telling him that someone has just popped in. In this house, it could only be one of 2 other people: Paige or Leo. 'Well since I know that Paige is downstairs sprawled out on the floor, that only leaves one other person--who I really don't want to see right now.' Sighing, he speaks without even turning around, "What do you want, Leo?"

Leo: "We need to talk." Before Chris could even utter a word, Leo grabs his shoulder and orbs them out to a deserted P-3.

Chris angrily turns around and extended his hands upward, "What the Hell did you think you were doing?"

Equally as livid, Leo replied, "I was just going to question!" He punctuated the last part of his statement by poking his finger in Chris' chest.

Chris slapped his hand away and yelled at him. "What the Hell do you think I did this time?"

Leo: "It's not what I think Chris, it's what I know!" He nods his head over in the direction of the back office where Chris used to stay.

Chris turns his head to see what Leo is seeing, but is clearly confused. "What?"

Leo grabbed Chris by his upper arm and dragged him over to the office. "What do you see, Chris?"

Chris: Shaking him off, but still not understanding, "Nothing."

Leo put his hands on his hips and was getting angrier by the minute at what he perceived as indifference by Chris. "Thats my point. Nothing. No clothes, no posters, NO BEDDING. Is that just because you're too busy moving into MY WIFE'S BED!!!!", still ranting, "I TRUSTED you to look after my family but I think it's now become clear that you were just looking after your OWN interests!!"

Chris is standing there with his mouth hanging open and staring at Leo in shock. "What???"

He can't contain his anger anymore, and yells back at Leo. "Wait one damned minute there---YES!!! I moved in to the manor. And I did it because SOMEONE had be close enough to protect them since YOU'RE the one who abandoned your family for some stupid-assed job!!!"

Leo: Practically spitting out, "Oh, and close you got. I SAW you tonight on the couch...."

Chris was so angry that he could barely see straight. He hardly even heard what Leo was still ranting about. 'I wish I could just blast him across the room! Stop it Chris--gotta calm yourself down---that wouldn't go over real well with Mom.' At that thought, he smiled to himself, almost completely tuning Leo out.

ALMOST...he caught the end of Leo's ranting. When Leo saw that Chris was grinning, he decided to goad him even further. "Was that your plan all along, Christopher, get me replaced as their Whitelighter so you could move in and raise Wyatt? Is THAT how he turns? Under your guidance to instruct him in evil ways?"

Chris had enough by this point. He flicked his wrist at Leo and sent him crashing across the room onto the couch. 'Oh well, I tried. Mom'll get over it.'

Leo picks himself up. He was seething, "You little son of a...."

Chris: holding his hand up as a threat, "DON'T finish that sentence if you know what's good for you, Leo. You don't know what you're talking about. You don't have a clue now, and you never did. At least some things never change. I came back here to protect them--and that's all you need to know. Stay the hell the away from me, or maybe next time I won't make sure that there's a couch to cushion your sorry ass." With that statement, Chris orbed out to go back to the manor.

Leo is now more convinced than ever that Chris is evil and up to no good. 'I just have to find a way to prove it now'.


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Chris orbs into his new room in the manor. He jumped down on the bed and locked his hands behind his head. Staring up at the ceiling, he could feel the familiar feelings of hurt and anger towards his father returning. He thought that he had left most of those behind when he decided to step through that portal. 'Why do I let him get to me like this?' He thought back to all of the times as a child when he felt like he didn't have a father. The missed birthdays, holidays, and other special events that his dad couldn't make because he was too busy saving the world. 'Well mom did it to, and she was never too busy.' He always' felt like he was missing out on something---something important. Chris felt his eyes water up....

Downstairs, everyone else had long since woken up to get into their beds, except for Piper. She had waited up for Chris when she woke up and found him gone. Within the hour, she heard the distinct sound of someone orbing in upstairs and decided to go say goodnight. She tip-toed through the hall to Chris's room and rapped softly on the door, "Chris, can I come in?" Before waiting for a response, she slowly pushed open the door giving him time to object if he wanted to.

He was startled by her entrance and didn't want her to see his tears. He immediately flicked his hand up toward the ceiling light and blew it out; then he turned over to face the wall. "Mom, I was just about to go to sleep."

Piper wasn't fooled by his sudden rejection. She had seen the tear tracks on his face before he blew the light and knew something was wrong. She padded softly over to his bed and sat down on the edge. "What's wrong, Chris?"

Chris: Still facing the wall, he replied "Nothing."

Hearing the sadness in his voice, she was determined to make things better. She started to reach out to him but then quickly pulled her hand back; uncertain how he would react. She chided herself, 'Oh come on, Piper, you're being silly. You're his mother, there's nothing wrong with comforting your own child—even if he is fully grown!' Hesitantly, she reached out and tenderly stroked his hair and tried again "It doesn't seem that way."

Chris: "I'm really tired, Mom. I just want to get some sleep." He knew that if she stayed any longer, he may not be able to hold it in—and he absolutely did not want to cry in front of her.

Piper: "Chris, you know you can talk to me, whatever this is about, right?"

They sat there in silence just like that for some time. So long in fact, that Piper didn't think that she would ever hear what was going through his mind. It surprised her when he spoke softly, "I don't think he ever wanted me."

By his words, she immediately knew who

"he" was, but wanted to confirm it. "Your father?" He just nodded his head.

Piper: "Honey, why would you think that? I mean I know that Leo can be..." trying to find the words, "Well I know that he sometimes has his head in the clouds, ah literally," this managed to get a small laugh out of Chris. "But, I can see the way he cares for Wyatt, and I know he'll love you too when he finds out."

Chris: sounding drained, "yeah well, that's the problem. Wyatt always came first. Wyatt was chosen to WIELD Excalibur. He always got to go "Up There" to train on how to use it and develop his powers. Wyatt got to spend time with him, and I wasn't allowed to go with them. Leo said it was because the other Elder's forbid it. I guess that's why I was so close to Grandpa. Everytime they went up there, you'd call him and I'd go get him & hang out."

Hearing the disappointment in his voice caused a pang of grief to well up in her chest. She knew all too well the pain of growing up with an absentee father. Piper still harbored some feelings of resentment towards Victor; although he HAS been trying to be a father to her now. "Chris. I do understand how you feel. I hadn't even seen MY father until a few years ago. But I'm really glad that he has been so much a part of your life, just not glad of the reason he's had to be. You may have come back to protect us, but from here on out—I promise you, Chris; that I will do everything in my power to protect YOU and make sure that none of that has to happen."

She put her hand on his arm to turn him, but he resisted. "Chris. Look at me,"

Reluctantly, he does as she asks. Even in the dark, the moonlight is shining on her face and he can see the truth in her eyes.

Chris: feeling safe, 'maybe everything will be ok after all'.


Wyatt is bottling to two different potions that he has been working steadily on for several weeks. He looks up as one of his Demonic Bodyguards shimmers in and bows to him.

Bodyguard: "Master, we have retrieved what you asked for."

Wyatt: Nodding his head, "Good. Bring it here."

His bodyguard shimmer's out and a few seconds later, back in with four other guards carrying a large rectangular stone.

Wyatt admires the stone as he circles it. With a grin, he announces to his guards, "Excellent. We're ready to proceed...."

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Coming Home—Chapter 5 This chapter is rated "R" for violence when Wyatt and Chris meet up again. The rest of the story will probably remain "PG-13".

The manor is eerily quite right now; as if it knows that something is about to happen. Everyone is sleeping peacefully in their beds. Well, everyone except for Chris who is tossing & turning--feeling uneasy even in his sleep....


Wyatt turns to his bodyguards, "Prepare both his room and a cell in the lower level. I'll let him make the choice where he stays. Now Leave. I need to concentrate." He speaks out loud to no one in particular, "Chris, you didn't take your blocking potion today—you're slipping. Now I just need one more thing...." Moments later, Wyatt is left alone in the room while sitting on the stone. He closes his eyes and begins to think of Chris. At first, the images in his mind are fuzzy. But the more he focuses on Chris, the clearer they become—and the closer he will be to finding him. All he has ever needed was a clear picture of him in his mind, after all---that's how he's always found him before. He grins wickedly and opens his eyes the moment the mental picture of his brother becomes crystal clear. He orbs back to the past moments later in pursuit of his wayward little brother.


Wyatt orbs in and is standing over Chris' still sleeping form. He holds his hands out over him and begins to chant almost silently, "Before the passing of this hour, take away all his powers." With that, he sits down on the edge of the bed and leaned over him. He hovers one hand over Chris' shoulder, while reaching for the first potion from his pocket to pour a drop on Chris' forehead. The liquid waking him, Chris bolted upright. For a brief moment, he thought he was dreaming—at least until Wyatt shoved him back down onto the bed and grabbed him by the throat. Chris tried to pry Wyatt's hand from his neck with one hand, while attempting to throw him off telekinetically with the other. 'It didn't work', he thought. He tried again, and when that didn't work, he tried to orb out of his grasp. But, still nothing! He tried to relax since struggling only seemed to make Wyatt tighten his grip.

Wyatt: "Hi Chrissy. Miss me?" He said calmly, "Oh, and in case you were wondering, I removed your powers. I wouldn't want to go flying across the room or anything." Holding up the first potion, "And this. This I made Just.For.You. It'll prevent you from being your typical rude self and orbing away JUST when I'm trying to talk you."

Chris was really starting to panic now. He knew he didn't stand a chance against Wyatt without any powers. He didn't want to risk getting them hurt, but for survival's sake, he did the only thing he could at the moment. "Mom! Paige! Phoebe!"

The sisters all woke with a start and came running to his room. Hearing her son's panicked shout, her motherly instincts drove her to be the first to reach his room. When she reached the doorway, infuriated by the sight of what she thought was a demon holding her youngest down by the throat, she angrily tried to blow him up, "Get a away from him!!" When that didn't work, Phoebe levitated and tried to kick him away. He pointed his finger at her and sent her crashing out of the window. Everyone in the room but Wyatt yelled, "Phoebe!!" Paige's quick thinking allowed her to orb out of the window and catch her before she hit the ground." With both Phoebe and Paige out of the house, he took one hand and motioned a circle in the air—creating an invisible force field around the house. When Phoebe and Paige tried to get back in, they were literally stunned by the field's electric charge, preventing anyone's entry into the manor.

Piper and Chris were now alone with Wyatt.


Phoebe: Frustrated, "Try orbing in again."

Paige: "I've already tried that!! SEVERAL times. It didn't work!"

Phoebe: "What are we gonna do?"

Paige: Looks up, "LEO!!!!!! LEO!!! We need you, NOW!!! PIPER needs you!!!!"

Leo orbs down immediately, "What's wrong? What happened? Where are Piper and Wyatt?" Looking around suspiciously, his voice lowered "More importantly—Where's Chris?"

Phoebe: Annoyed by his attitude toward Chris, she put her hand on her hips, "Look, we don't have time for explanations or your "Issues" with him. Right now, at this very moment, there is a demon upstairs with all three of them, and none of our powers seemed to work on him. They're defenseless against him in there! He could be killing them! What are we gonna do, we can't get back in?"

Leo: "Did he go after Wyatt?"

Paige: Shrugging her shoulders, "No, he went straight for Chris. When we got there, he was holding him down and he couldn't seem to orb away"

Leo: "Figures, probably some deal gone wrong. If he has done something that has endangered my family, I'll kill him myself."

Phoebe: Hearing enough of his ranting, she yelled at him "Enough already, Leo. We have to help them, ALL of them, including Chris. If they're still alive in there, then I have a feeling that by the end of the night, you're going to have to brush off your knee pads, pal."

Leo looked her quizzically, unsure of her comment. He turned to Paige, hoping for an explanation. She seemed equally as annoyed with him and gave no hint of an answer.


As soon as Phoebe had been flung out of the window, Piper picked up a lamp and tried to smash it on the demon holding down her son. Unbothered by her attempts, he merely laughed and blew up the lamp before she even got near him. She looked shocked for a few seconds before he reached out with his hand and held her in place with one hand; the other still holding Chris. Wyatt extended and withdrew his hand a few times before Piper finally found herself backed up against the wall.

Chris resumed his struggling when he saw Piper in danger. "Leave her alone Wyatt! She has nothing to do with this!"

Piper's eyes widened when she heard Chris call him Wyatt. Before she could even begin to form a sentence questioning this, Wyatt turned to her with an angelic expression, "Look what I can do, Mom". The familiar blue force field that he used to put up as baby appeared around him. He picked at it with his fingers and threw it—effectively caging her.

Stunned, she listened intently as Wyatt leaned over Chris and spoke again.

Wyatt: "Yes, she does. And maybe I won't hurt her if she doesn't do anything stupid." He nodded his head over to her and baited him, "Is this why you came back? You wanted to see your "mommy" again? You always were such a little momma's boy. I'll break you out of that yet!"

Chris tried to take Wyatt's focus off his mom, "Well you should talk, you little "daddy's boy." Seeing that he could get a rise out of Wyatt, he continued treading dangerously, "All the power that you had, you still couldn't stop Leo from bossing you around."

Piper could see what Chris was doing and that he was angering Wyatt. "Chris, STOP IT!"

Ignoring her pleas, Chris snickered, "Every time he'd say 'come on Wyatt, we have to go up and train', you just dropped whatEVER you were doing—and went like an obedient little puppy. Oh, yeahhhhh. That's SOME power you got there!"

Wyatt lost it. Incensed with Chris' taunting, he tightened his grip on his throat and began to squeeze.

Piper: pounding on the force field, "Wyatt, NO! Please stop! Stop IT, he's your brother!!!" She started to cry seeing that Chris was loosing consciousness.

Hearing the word "brother" made Wyatt stop. He sighed, "You always did know how to push my buttons. But that's gonna have to stop." Menacingly, "I'll teach you ALL about that when we get home."

Shaking his head in disbelief, Chris said "You're crazy if you think I'm going back there with you. I'm not going anywhere until I fix whatever went wrong and made you turn. This isn't how it's supposed to be, Wyatt, and YOU KNOW IT!"

Wyatt spat back angrily, "You're right, Christopher, it isn't. Combined, we are the two most powerful beings walking this earth---and we are meant to RULE it. Together. There is no good magic or evil magic---there's only US!"

Piper: 'How did my baby get so twisted around? And how did my other baby stay sane around him?' she thought to herself. Out loud she pleaded with him, "Wyatt, he's right. You're not supposed to turn out like this. Tell me what did I do wrong, baby, and I'll fix it."

Wyatt: Repulsed by her begging, "Don't try to mother me now. The only thing I need for you to do is pay close attention to what I'm about to say. Cause he's not going to be focused enough for it."

Turning back to Chris, he waived his hand over his body and the soft bed that he had been laying on quickly turned to a hard slab of stone. "Know this: I didn't want to have to do it this way Chris, but you gave me no other choice."

Holding Chris down with one hand, Wyatt looked to his raised hand as Excalibur materialized in it.

Recognition shown in Chris' eyes as he finally comprehended what he was laying on—The re-molded stone that imprisoned Excalibur. Horrified, he renewed his struggles fervently, but with no success.

Piper's terror soared with the realization of what was about to happen. Tears pouring down her face, she frantically pounded on the force field, screaming and pleading with him. "WYATT!! PLEASE.DON'T IT!! NOOOOO..........."

Wyatt ignored her and thrust the sword through Chris' stomach and imbedding it into the stone. He immediately withdrew the second potion from his pocket and emptied it down the shaft of the sword and into the wound.

Callously, he stalked over to Piper and demanded her attention. Piper had slid down to the floor when she saw the sword being plunged into him. 'My baby!' Still sobbing hysterically at having to watch Chris' gasps and labored breathing, she found it difficult to focus on Wyatt's words.

Wyatt: Yelling, "I said GET UP!!!"

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Coming Home—Chapter 6

AN: SO sorry about the cliffhanger, I hate them too! but I didn't have a choice since I had to go to work & was almost late. I was just lucky I got to that part.

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Don't worry, I think a lot of your questions should be answered with this chapter, which is rated "PG13".


Wyatt: Standing in front of the force field, he tried again to get Piper's attention, "MOM!"

Piper puts her hand on the wall behind her to push herself up. Hearing this "animal" calling her "mom" sent shockwaves of cold fury over her. Her eyes narrowing, she shot him a murderous glance and lowered her voice, "How....DARE….YOU…call me…MOM. You're NO son of mine. I'd say you were a real bastard, but I wouldn't want to talk bad about your father."

Wyatt looked shocked by her words, and a momentary look of hurt flashed in his eyes. He quickly recovered--once again hardening his expression.

Piper saw this change, but filed it away in her memory for future reference.

Wyatt: "Did you hear anything I just said to you?"

Piper: "No. I was kind of BUSY watching the Halliwell version of Cain and Abel!" Pointing to Chris, "Now get over there and HEAL him. I KNOW you have the power to do it!"

Wyatt: "Yeah, well that's gonna be a problem. And you would know that if you had been LISTENING to me." He held the potion bottle between his thumb and index finger, then showed it to her. "This……has my blood mixed in it—and that will prevent me from being able to heal him until I take the cure in the future. It also contains a poison that will eventually kill him if I don't administer the antidote when we get back. It's stronger than any darklighter poison you've ever seen." Looking over at Chris, "He has to go back."

Piper: Throwing her hands up, "Why did you have to hurt him?"

Wyatt: "He's linked to that stone now." Seemingly amused, "In more ways than one, I guess," "Just like Excalibur is linked to it; AND it's owner—me. From now on, when I call him—he'll have no choice but to come."

Piper: Her eyes still watering, but no longer pooling down her face. She points to Chris, "But you didn't have to do that! THAT was barbaric! Why didn't you just come and drag him back like you sent Bianca to do! You're still not making any sense! WHY did you do this!?"

Wyatt: Exasperated, "Well, let me explain it to you, because you don't seem to be GETTING it—I…DON'T….HAVE…THE…SPELL…TO….GET….BACK! ONLY.…CHRIS….DOES!"

Wyatt: Grinning, "That's right, if he doesn't get us back---he dies! And I stay right here," Pointing to her stomach, "and start from scratch."

Her eyes widening at the prospect, she tried blasting the force field repeatedly.

Wyatt rolled his eyes at her attempts and walked back over to a now unconscious Chris. None to gently, he turned his head to the side and put his fingers to his neck. He angrily addressed her again, "WOULD you STOP tyring to blow it up?!! You're magic DOESN'T work against a charmed one."

Piper shouted back, "YOU'RE not! Just because I'm one, doesn't mean it automatically got passed to you. Being a Charmed One requires the Power of Three."

Sarcastically, "Where do you think I draw my power from?" Shaking his head, "Look. None of that is important right now. Just get him to remember the spell…"

Piper: Interrupting him, "He's never going to recite that spell, because he's never going to go with you willingly."

Wyatt: "Then I guess your just going to have to convince him, won't you? When you do, tell him to call for me. He knows how. I'll be around." He looked back to Chris, "Now call for Dad. And Hurry." Without another word, he orbed out of the manor and released all force fields.

Piper was unprepared for the sudden disappearance of the field and stumbled forward. She immediately called for Leo and rushed to Chris' side.


Leo is in the middle of arguing with Paige on how to get in the manor, when he suddenly looks up at the house. "Piper's calling me. I couldn't hear her before. She sounds scared. And angry!" Glancing at Paige, they both nodded in silent agreement to try again. Paige took Phoebe's arm and all three orbed back into the manor.


They all materialized into the bedroom just as Piper had reached Chris.

Gasping at the what they saw, Phoebe and Paige both started to say something but Piper cut them off, "Leo, I need you to heal him."

Paige tried to call for the sword, but Piper bluntly pushed her out of the way knowing that she alone could remove it as the new "lady of the lake". She reached over and gently pulled Excalibur out and threw it on the ground.

No one noticed it disappear.

Piper climbed up on the bed and placed his head in her lap. Stroking his hair back from his forehead, she rocked him gently. Murmuring softly "Don't leave me, Chris. I can't loose you now". She threw her head up, "NOW LEO!! He doesn't have much time!"

Leo had been too focused on Piper's bulging stomach to react. Realizing that time was of the essence, Paige hovered her hands over Chris' wound. Broken out of his reverie, Leo is spurred into action when he sees Paige trying to heal. With their combined efforts, the wound began to close up quickly. Chris soon took a deep breath and opened his eyes in confusion. He spotted Piper first and started to call her mom before quickly catching himself when he saw Leo, "M…man. Uh, Piper, What's going on?"

A little confused at his reaction, Piper questioned him, "You don't remember?"

Chris shook his head, "No. The last thing I remember is going to sleep," he added shyly, "uh, after that light up there blew out."

Piper: getting the message not to mention their talk earlier, "R..i…ght. Ok. Well how do you feel?"

Chris: "I feel a little nauseous," He tried to sit up but quickly fell back down. "And, maybe just a little bit dizzy—but I don't know why"

Paige: "Well I do. It may have something to do with…." She trailed off that sentence as Piper shook her head telling her not to say anything, "…the flu you must have gotten."

Phoebe catching on to the train of thought, "Y..e..ah. We had to call Leo because we didn't want to risk exposure by taking you to a hospital."

Leo just stared at them in disbelief before huffing, "Yeah right." He orbed away without waiting for an explanation for their apparent deception.

Thinking that Chris and Piper would be more forthcoming with answers now that Leo had gone, Phoebe asked again, "So what happened?"

Chris shook his head and looked to Piper questioningly, "I don't know"

Piper: "You really don't remember?"

Chris: "No."

Piper: "Well than I guess that's a good thing."

Paige looked at him and noticed something. "Chris, you don't look so good—you look a bit flushed."

Piper touched his forehead and determined that he had a fever since he was hot to the touch. Her heart sank in realization. In all of the time since Chris had come back from the future, she had never seen him sick except when he had been affected by the darklighter poison. She had hoped that he was only bluffing, but Wyatt had made good on his threat of the poison. Reluctantly, she asked "Chris, I need you to do something for me…"

Chris: "Sure, What?"

Piper: "I need you to write down the spell that you used to get back here."

Chris: "What!, No—Why? It's too dangerous to risk having it anywhere but in my mind where he can't get it. If I write it down, Wyatt may be able to find it in the future and come back here!"

Piper: exasperated jumped up and paced back and forth, "Chris! Just do it, ok." Seeing him still shaking his head, "I'm your mother, just DO it because I asked you to, OK?"

He wasn't ready to give in yet, "No. I can't. I'm sorry. But I can't"

Piper: Now clearly upset, she decided to try another method, "WHY can't you EVER just do ONE thing I ask?" She hurried out of the room and stomped down the hallway. Moments later, her door could be heard slamming.

Phoebe and Paige looked to each other, then back to Chris. All had a look of disbelief on their faces.

Shrugging her shoulders, Paige tried to offer an explanation for Piper's sudden outburst, "Huh. Hormones."

Phoebe rolled her eyes and left to go and talk with Piper.

With Paige still in the room, Chris shivered and suddenly seemed to notice the cold, hard stone he was sitting on. Looking to her for an explanation, "Where did this come from?"

Paige: "Beats me. Now call me crazy, but if I were you------I'd go for a futon."


AN: now, that should answer quite a few more questions. So, what do you think?