Coming Home Chapter 25

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Just as Chris starts to bond with his family in the past, Wyatt gets other ideas in the future--all parts are "pg13" except 5 (and maybe 22) , which is "r" for a bit of violence.

Piper is sitting on the stone resting her feet on the hilt of the sword sticking out of the side. Rubbing her swollen belly, she speaks softly to it, "You're going to be ok. You here me in there? Mommy loves you very much and wants you to come home...." She grunts at the apparent fetal response in the form of a kick.

Leo laughed, "I guess he's difficult wherever he is, huh?"

Piper: "Yeah. What are we going to do, Leo? What if we can't reach him? Are we just supposed to let them grow up all over again and wonder every second if this is the moment that they'll turn? What if this is all preordained and nothing we do will make a difference?"

Leo stubbornly shook his head, "No, Piper. This can't be their destiny. They wouldn't have been born to one of the most powerful good witches of all time if this was meant to happen. Something went wrong. And my money is on your premature death."

Piper scoffed, "Your money? Well that inspires a lot of confidence being that you don't "have" any. It's not like you get paid for your job."

Paige crept up to them, "Which in my opinion pretty much sucks--especially with all of the overtime you put in."

Both Piper and Leo were startled by the sudden appearance of her sisters and hadn't heard them orb in.

Paige raised her eyebrows at Leo, "Judging from how high you jumped off that stone, I'd take a wild guess that you didn't hear me orb in?" She snorted at the flustered look he gave her, "Way to keep an eye out, Leo."

Piper: "What did you find out?"

Paige: "Well that they apparently hang out with some biker-type chick who has some really "out-there" powers. Them too by the way." Holding up baby Wyatt, "And did you know that this little guy has the ability to conjure energy balls?"

Piper looked cocked her head to the side at Paige's haphazard explanation. She looked to her other sister for clarification.

Phoebe: "When we got there, Wyatt and Chris were standing on either side of this girl. There were plenty of demons in the alley, and the three of them advanced on them--and destroyed everyone and everything in their path. I mean--it was like they were a well-oiled machine. Chris would like--freeze one, Wyatt would blow it up. And then the girl--she blocked everything that the demons threw at them. Nothing even had a chance to hit any of them while they destroyed."

Paige: "Actually, it was more like she absorbed everything that hit her."

Phoebe: "And then it seemed like she would get bored of just blocking, and turn around and send whatever hit her back at the demons. I don't think anything was left standing when they were done...."

Paige: "The scary part was that they did it so well--and looked like they enjoyed it. Piper, you know I have every faith in our abilities as the Charmed Ones. But seeing them today--I honestly don't think that we could go up against them and win--definitely not when they're together. At least not without resorting to more "permanent" solutions."

Leo: "Then we'll have to separate them. But we'll have to make it a lightening strike--and all at once. I don't want to take the chance that one will warn the others. It's probably best if split up." His eyes darting back and forth between Paige and Phoebe, "Do we have enough crystals for three cages?"

Paige: "Yup. I always come prepared...."

Leo: "Ok. Piper--You take Chris. He'll be less likely to hurt you knowing that you're carrying his infant self. Wyatt and I will take Wyatt..."

Paige leaned into Phoebe and whispered, "Did that sound weird to you too?"

Leo ignored her and continued, "He seemed a little less volatile around me. Plus he won't take the risk of hurting himself. Phoebe and Paige--you take the girl. She's the wildcard and we don't know anything about her--so you two had better go together. Don't vanquish her unless you absolutely have to. They might not be as receptive to us if we do..."

Phoebe: "How are we gonna get them alone?"

Paige: "Watch them very carefully. Maybe when they're sleeping. Or even if it's just a bathroom break. No matter how close they are, they can't possibly do that together." She taps her hand on the stone, "You know-- we're going to have to hide this monstrosity. We can't leave it out here in the open."

Leo: "I'll orb it into the bay. It should be safe there for now." He cleared his throat for Piper to get off, then waived his hand over it as it disappeared.

Phoebe frowned and turned to Leo, "Wait. If you're going after Wyatt, and Paige and I are going after the girl--how's Piper gonna get to Chris?"

Piper cocked her head to the side and dragged out, "That's a good question. Leo?"

He let out a half laugh as he realized that he hadn't thought of a solution yet. "Hmm. Wait--You were able to tap into little Chris' powers before. You should be able to orb."

Piper: "Yeah, but the problem is--I don't know how. That was just instinct before."

Paige: "Try concentrating real hard on standing over there next to that tree. Think about the fact that you wan to be over there, and no where else."

Piper squinted her eyes and focussed intently on the tree. After a few moments with no success, she gave up and turned to Leo and her sisters who were all trying not to laugh. She put her hands on her hips and glared at them, "What's so funny?"

Phoebe shrugs with a mischievous grin, "Nothing honey. Ok. Well, maybe its just that you were straining so hard--that it kind of looked like you were trying to push that baby out!"

Piper replied indignantly, "Well excuse me. It's not like I've ever done this before."

Leo: "Just try to relax and think about being over there. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Imagine yourself standing next to the tree..."

Piper did as she was told and immediately disappeared in a swirl of blue lights. When she opened her eyes, she was indeed across the clearing and directly next to the tree in question. She threw her fist up in the air, "HA!!!!"

Paige called out to her, "Very good, Piper. Now try to orb to me and I'll go further into the forest and hide, OK?"

Piper cheers to herself as she watched Paige disappear, "I can do this...I can do this...go Piper." Concentrating on her youngest sister, she orbed off in search of her.

Moments later, blue orbs coalesced next to Paige. "I could get used to this."

Paige turned to Piper, "Well that's kind of too bad, cause you're almost due. Come on, let's get back to the others so we can wrangle in those crazy nephews of mine."

Arriving back, Paige turned to Leo, "Ready?"

Leo: "As I'll ever be." He handed each sister a small pouch, "Ok. You know what to do. Paige, Phoebe--once you've secured them, we'll rendezvous with Piper since we're going to need the Power of Three to break the spell on Chris. Good luck guys."

Paige grabbed Phoebe's hand and orbed out to secure their "assignment".

Piper ruffled baby Wyatt's hair and kissed him on the forehead, "You be a good boy for daddy, OK sweetie? Mommy loves you so much. You keep each other safe OK?" Just as she was lowering her hand, it brushed against Leo's.

Leo grabbed her hand when it touched his, feeling an instant connection. "Piper, I..."

She silenced him with her finger to his mouth, "I know. Me too. Just be careful, OK? And maybe we'll have a few things to discuss when we get home."

Leo grinned contentedly, "Be safe."

Piper smiled softly at them before she decided to lighten the mood. Just as she orbed out, she bowed and mocked him with his typical elder reply, "Blessed be...."

Leo chuckled as he looked down at baby Wyatt, "Come on little guy. Let's go meet the other Wyatt we know."

Wyatt had a firm grasp on Chris and Lynny as he orbed them to a large bedroom in his new manor.

Lynny looked around wide-eyed, "What's this?"

Wyatt replied sarcastically, "What does it look like?"

Lynny rolled her eyes, "I know what it is. And you know what I meant."

Wyatt grinned smugly, "But that's not what you asked."

Lynny: "Fine. What are we doing here?"

Wyatt: "We're done for the night. This is your room."

Now it was Lynny's turn to be sarcastic, "What? No more rampaging tonight? Darn."

Chris smirked but intervened before Wyatt got angry, "Ok. So we call it a night. Where am I supposed to sleep?"

Wyatt looked at him disgustedly, "I'm not your babysitter. Your room is just fine."

Chris protested, "But it was trashed this morning since I had to toss a few dressers around."

Wyatt sighed, "I had someone clean it up. And with both of your little display's today, you should be safe."

Chris: "You said you'd let me orb."

Wyatt: "I said "maybe". I haven't thought it over yet."

Wyatt started to orb out to his room when Chris grabbed his arm, pulling him back. "Wait. At least take me with you. My room's on the other side of the complex. It'll take me a half an hour to get there."

Wyatt smiled and patted Chris' shin playfully, "Guess what? They work. Don't worry, I'll let you sleep in tomorrow so you can get that extra half hour back." His faded laughter was heard as he orbed back to his room.

Lynny sat down on the bed and laughed at the stupefied expression Chris wore. She patted the bed next to her, "Come here. You can stay here if you want. Protect me from all of the scaaaaarrryyy demons he's got lurking in this house."

Chris: "Well you sure didn't look like you needed any protecting today. I didn't know you had powers like that."

Lynny: "Yeah, well. You either. I guess Wyatt just brings out the best in us..."

Chris: "Or the worst."

Lynny frowned: "Don't tell me that after that speech you gave me this afternoon that you're starting to have doubts about what we did?"

Chris shook his head adamantly, "No. Of course not. It had to be done. They'll never leave us alone otherwise. And if I do go back, I need to make sure that you'll be safe when Wyatt's not around."

Lynny: "Then what is it? And what do you mean by if you go back?"

Chris sighed as he laid back on the bed and crossed his arms. "I guess.....I guess it's just that Wyatt doesn't seem so bad now. He even seems to still care about us. Is it really going to make anything better by changing him?"

Lynny jumped up furiously, "I don't believe you! Of course he care's about us, we're the only family he has left. But he only treats us decently when we do what he tells us. If we step out of line--that's it, and we're back to the cells like everyone else. Or did you forget about the countless resistance members down there right now?" Calming down, she climbed up on the bed next to Chris. "Look...don't be mad--but the fact is, I kind of enjoyed what we did today." She pushed him playfully when he looked at her incredulously, "Oh come on. I saw the "gleam" in your eyes when you were bulldozing your way through his "former" minions."

Chris laughed faintly, "Weeellll. Alright. So I did relish in it a bit. But in my own defense, those were all creeps who tried to murder my little sister because they thought you were defenseless."

Lynny grinned proudly, "I betcha' that's the last time anyone thinks that." Suddenly sounding drained, "Look, Chris--the point is I know how you feel. Despite everything that he's done, I still love him too. But we can't go on like this--straddling the fence between good and evil. We have to make a choice. And I realized something out there today."

Chris raised his eyebrows inquisitively, "What?"

Lynny: "The three of us--it's like we belong together. We're stronger together. Just like the Charmed Ones."

Chris turned his head to look up at her, "Pick a side, huh?"

Lynny: "Yeah, I guess so. Personally, I think I'd prefer to be like our parents. Besides, if we don't do something to help all of those people down there and they ever get out--they're gonna kick our collective ass's. I just want you to know that whatever you decide, Chris--I'm with you."

Chris sat up mulling over her words. Abruptly, he turned and hugged her for her show of support. "Thanks." He made it a point to emphasize her name, "LYNN." He headed toward the connecting bathroom before calling out, "I'm going to wash up."

Lynny shifted uncomfortably before responding, "Stay in there a while, would ya? I've got to get this torture rack off and find something to wear."

She could almost hear the smile in his voice as he called out behind the door, "Wyatt's got a good selection. Why don't we go hunting in his closet. Just tell me when it's safe to come back in, ok?"

Lynny: "Will do."

Chris had just finished washing up and was putting his shirt back on. As his head popped through the opening, he was briefly surprised to see Piper standing in front of him when she blew gold dust into his face. Unable to do anything but inhale the particles, he promptly lost consciousness as she caught and eased him down to the floor.

Piper huffed as she looked at the figure on the floor and patted her stomach, "You're a lot easier to carry around in here." Laying out the crystals to encircle him, she silently hoped that all was going as planned for the others as well.

At the same time on the other side of the compound, Leo was laying the adult version of his oldest son on the floor. He had surprised Wyatt just as he had been getting into bed. As Leo placed three of the crystals down, he handed baby Wyatt the remaining one to complete the cage.

Baby Wyatt toddled over to his older self and triumphantly placed the crystal down to activate the cage. When it lit up, he rocked on his heals and clapped to his father proudly.

Leo picked him up and tickled his stomach, "You did good, buddy. But this was almost too easy. We're going to have to teach you all about overconfidence when you get bigger."

At the same time that Piper and Leo were subduing their children, Paige and Phoebe orbed in behind Lynny who seemed to be preoccupied with rummaging through the drawers. At being tapped on the shoulder, she immediately went on the defensive.

As Lynny turned around, Phoebe blew the sleeping dust into her face while Paige prepared to lay the crystals. To their surprise, Lynny coughed as she inhaled the dust particles but didn't pass out. Instead, she held out her own hand and blew the same gold dust back at Phoebe.

Phoebe tried to step back, but wasn't quick enough and instead inhaled the dust, dropping her instantly.

Lynny stared down at her angrily, "What? You didn't get the word this afternoon? We're off limits!"

Paige saw their plan quickly flying out of the window and decided to try and tackle the girl before she alerted the others. She reached for her but missed as the girl ran toward the bathroom and shouted, "Chris! Wyatt! We've got company!"

As Lynny went to grab for the knob, the door swung open, followed swiftly by Piper's fist into her face, knocking her unconscious.

Piper: "Sounded like you needed some help." She glanced down and saw Phoebe lying on the floor and slapped her hands on her thighs, "WHAT HAPPENED?"

Paige: "We forgot she absorbs magic."

Piper: "Now we'll have to wait for Phoebe to wake up."

Paige: "Yeah, I know, I know. And by that time, the three stooges will be awake too! Crap!"

Leo orbed in and saw Piper placing the crystals around the girl. Glancing down at Phoebe, "What happened?"

Paige: "Small oversight, Leo." She mumbled under her breath, "that ought to teach us to listen to a battle strategy by a pacifist Elder."


Coming Home Chapter 26

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Just as Chris starts to bond with his family in the past, Wyatt gets other ideas in the future--all parts are "pg13" except 5 (and maybe 22) , which is "r" for a bit of violence. ....................

Piper was engaged in pacing the floor of the extravagant bedroom when she suddenly had a thought, "Leo?"

Leo: "What?"

Piper: "You need to get Wyatt."

Leo looked confused, "Why?"

Piper: "Do you really trust him to wake up on his own? What if he can bypass the crystals? I think we should have him near enough to keep an eye on him."

Leo: "You're right. We need to find something to tie him up with." He headed for the closet in search of something.

Paige walked out of the bathroom where she had been checking on Chris when she saw Leo rummaging through the closet, "What are you doing?"

Leo looked up distractedly, "I'm looking for something to tie up Wyatt with..."

Paige reached in her pocket and pulled out a handful of plastic television cord ties. "Well why didn't you just ask, silly?"

Piper: "Where did you get those?"

Paige: "I did say I always come prepared, didn't I? I also told you that I would do everything I could to make sure we didn't have to hurt him. So I brought a lot of "unconventional" supplies. I had Grahms bless the ties so that no magical being could get through them unless I want them to."

Piper smiled warmly and hugged her sister tightly, "You're the best Paige. What would I ever do without you?" Taking the ties, she gave a few to Leo, who accepted them and orbed off to secure their oldest son.


Paige leaned down to tie up Lynny, then replaced the crystals. "Who do you think she is?"

Piper: "I don't know. She looks familiar though. But I just can't place the face..."

Moments later, any further speculation as to her identity was interrupted by Leo's return. Slung over his shoulder was the still unconscious Wyatt. He quickly placed him down on the floor and continued to secure his legs. Paige kneeled carrying several scarves from the closet and gagged him.

Piper: "is all that really necessary?"

Paige sat back on her knees and blew out a breath, "Piper! I know that just because he's sleeping right now, that he looks like your innocent little angel, but from what we've seen of him when he's awake—he will use any open opportunity he can to get his way. So yes, I think it is!"

Leo nodded reluctantly, "I have to agree with her." Standing up, he wrapped his arms around her, "Piper, I know how you feel, because I feel the exact same way. As angry as I am with him for what he did—looking at him now, I just see my son and I want to help him too. But I think the best way to do that is to fix what happened in the past.

Piper: "All right. Then go do Chris too. Paige and I will get her."

Leo nodded and took a few more ties. Cautiously, he approached Chris and removed a crystal.

As soon as the barrier went down, Chris turned his head and flicked his wrist, sending Leo crashing back out of the door and into the bedroom. Jumping up quickly, he saw Paige tying Lynny up so he flicked his wrists again to send her flying backwards. "LEAVE HER ALONE!"

Piper held out her hands in a defensive position, "Chris—we don't want to hurt you..."

Chris fired back, "YOU'RE TOO LATE FOR THAT! Now untie her and move away slowly." He held up his hands threateningly and directed them at Leo quickly when he sensed him creeping up behind him. "That only worked once, Leo. Don't tempt me, because I don't need you any more." He purposely made a point to glance at Piper's swollen belly before he turned to Leo spat back venomously, "You've served your purpose. Dad." Enjoying the hurt expression on Leo's face, he turned back to Piper, "What are you still doing here? Didn't you get the message last time? You're not wanted in this time, just like I wasn't wanted in yours."

Piper: "Oh, honey. That's not true. I'm your mother and I love you. Of course I wanted you there, but..."

Interrupting her, Chris lowered his hands momentarily and yelled back, "MY MOTHER, died a long time ago. So don't pretend you can take her place. And if you claim to love me, then why did you send me back! You could have been sending me to my death for all you knew, but you DIDN'T CARE!"

Piper started off calmly, but progressed to shouting back, "Chris, I sent you back "because" I care. You were dying, and he promised me that he could heal you back here. We tried everything to cure you at home, but you know nothing worked. WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO? LET MY SON DIE!!" She ran out of steam and mumbled quietly as the tears rolled down her cheeks, "We just want to help you."

Chris: "I don't' need any help. Certainly not from you."

Piper: "Well I'm sorry that you had to go through any of this, and I'm sorry for how you're gonna feel when we help you, because like it or not, we are going to save you from yourself. What you did today--that child was an innocent, but there's nothing we can do about that now and we cant' bring her back. The only thing we can do is break his hold on you to help you finish what you started."

Chris flailed his arms emphatically, "There is "nothing" wrong with me! I'm not under a spell! And let me tell you something else--I enjoyed it today!" He laughed at the horrified expressions that all of three of them gave him. He raised his eyebrows with the cocky attitude they were used to, "Let me ask you something--did it ever occur to you that maybe she "wasn't" an innocent?"

Everyone was so focussed on Chris, that no one noticed Wyatt beginning to stir in his magical cage. He rubbed his head on the floor and shimmied out of the blindfold. Narrowing his eyes at his one time family surrounding Chris, he flexed his bound hands and mentally called for Excalibur.

Still not entirely convinced of Chris' free will, Leo and Paige tried to subdue him again while his attention rested with Piper.

Chris heard them getting closer and raised his hands quickly as he flung them backward against the wall, "I said BACK OFF!"

Piper: "Chris, how are we supposed to believe you're not under a spell when you do things like that?

Chris: Turning back to Piper, "Just go home, OK?"

Piper looked over his shoulder and yelled in a panic, "WYATT NO!"

Chris didn't have time to register her reaction as he continued, "I've got....", abruptly halting his sentence as his breath hitched in his throat. He looked down and absently thought that this seemed familiar somehow. He felt more surprise than pain as he glanced at the sword protruding more than a foot from his stomach.

He vaguely thought that it was a strange sensation that quickly turned to an immeasurable pain as the floor rushed up to meet him. His face inches from the floor, his descent stopped as quickly as it began as Piper once again caught and eased him down gently.

Piper: "Leo..."

Leo didn't have to be told as he was already rushing to his son's side to heal the wound.

Piper: "Paige, keep Wyatt back, please!" She reached over and pulled the sword out as Leo hovered his hands to heal. Holding onto Chris tightly, she tried to get his eyes to focus on her, "Chris? Honey can you hear me?"

Chris: "Mom?"

His reply was so faint, she almost didn't hear him. "Chris--stay with me OK? Your dad is working on it." As his eyes started to close, she shook him to get his attention.

His eyelids heavy, he struggled to pry them open and stare into Piper's eyes. When he saw the tears flowing openly down her face as she tried to comfort him, he realized that he longer felt animosity toward her. Though this Piper was much younger than he remembered, she was still the same compassionate woman that he had come to know as his mother. He reached up and wiped a tear away, "I'm sorry..."

Piper tried to distract herself from the finality of Chris' actions, "LEO! Why isn't this working?!!! He's not healing!!!"

Leo was starting to panic and shouted back, "I DON'T KNOW!!! Damn it, don't you think I want to save my son too!!! I can't loose him now!"

Phoebe was just starting to stir as she heard the yelling. She was about to ask what was going on when she saw Piper holding her barely conscious nephew on the floor. "Oh no." She turned her head away from the grief stricken parents and saw Wyatt shouting through his gag and struggling vehemently in his bonds. "Piper?"

Piper answered shortly, "What!"

Phoebe pointed to Wyatt, "I feel something from him. I think he wants to help."

Wyatt banged his head on the floor in relief.

Piper saw no other option, "Lower the cage and remove his gag. Let him talk."

Phoebe cautiously went over to Wyatt and removed a crystal. She pulled his gag down to his neck and jumped back, expecting at the very least a verbal assault. She wasn't disappointed.

Wyatt: "DAMN IT! You can't heal him, LEO. Untie me or he WILL die. NOW!"

Leo wasn't quite ready to trust him, "How can you heal him then? How do we know this isn't another one of your tricks--maybe just to finish him off?"

Wyatt: "Because we're connected by a blood bond. I'm the only one who can heal him. You'll just have to trust me."

Leo looked to Phoebe for confirmation. "I think he's telling the truth, Leo."

Leo: "What about the rest of them?"

Wyatt sneered, "I'm making no promises."

Leo's normally warm blue eyes suddenly emitted a deadly seriousness as he stared at his oldest son, "We've been doing everything in our power to make sure you're not hurt. But if you try anything, consider all bets off."

Wyatt reminded his father impatiently, "Tick-Tock, Leo...."

Leo instructed, "Paige--do it."

Paige held out her hand, "Magic ties!"

Wyatt's bonds disappeared form his wrists and ankles as he stood up. As Paige shielded his younger self in the corner, he took the opportunity to glare at the boy for telekinetically removing Excalibur from his hands and hurling it at Chris. He had to remind himself that he could inflict no harm on his younger self. And he really couldn't blame the boy for merely trying to protect his family as he would have done--as he did do. He muttered something to the effect of, "Damn time travel".

Nearing his immediate family, Wyatt nonchalantly flicked his wrist and flung Leo away from his brother. Kneeling down, he put his hands over Chris as the wound began to close and he gradually became more lucid.

Halfway through, Chris grabbed Wyatt's hand and stopped him, "Wy?"

Wyatt: "Yeah. It's me. Move your hand Chris."

Chris: "Don't hurt'em OK?" He stubbornly refused to let go of Wyatt's hand and continue to be healed until he received the answer he desired.

Wyatt said again, "Chris--Move your hand!"

Chris: "Please, Wy? Promise?"

Wyatt reluctantly agreed, "Ok, Chris. I promise. Now move your hand so I can heal you."

Piper watched her oldest son with amazement. Even as the tyrannical behavior that she had seen from him over the past several days convinced her of his evil streak, she now also saw the apparent brother love he so obviously felt for his younger sibling. 'Maybe there's hope for this version of him, after all'. Without thinking, she reached up and brushed an errant strand of Wyatt's unruly hair behind his ear.

Unused to the attention, he head shot up warily. However, when he looked into his mother's face, he saw no trace of malice or duplicity in her actions as he expected--only unconditional love. The single action awakened feelings in him that he hadn't felt in nearly a decade. And he didn't know how to handle them now, so he did the only think he could think of--Run.

Having finished the healing process, Wyatt bolted up quickly and went to the corner to rouse Lynny. He had already realized that no magic could undo them, so he called for Excalibur and sliced through the bonds as she stirred.

Lynny sat up and tried to look around, but Wyatt's broad shoulders blocked her view. "What happened? Who's that? Wyatt! Let me see!!" He continually blocked her view and matched her moves to prevent her from recognizing them.

Finally, she dodged him by feigning the opposite direction and caught a glimpse of the intruders. Her eyes widened as she recognized Piper and Leo standing over Chris. She went to call out "mom", but only got the first two letters out as Wyatt clamped his hand down over her mouth.

When Piper heard Chris still trying to protect them even at the risk of his own life, she was convinced that he hadn't turned. Now fully healed, he tried to sit up but Piper held him back and whispered, "Chris--we can break the hold on you that makes you obey him. We just need to give you back something that belongs to you."

Chris was intrigued, "What?"

Piper: "I can't tell you, but I can show you. Will they be alright?"

Chris: "Yeah. Good or Bad--He always keeps his promises."

Piper: "Leo? Put that "thing" back where we were before, would you? And Wyatt--Sweetie, I'll bring him right back, OK? Don't you run off now!" Not waiting for a response, she surprised everyone when she orbed Chris out of the room.


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Coming Home Chapter 27

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Just as Chris starts to bond with his family in the past, Wyatt gets other ideas in the future--all parts are "pg13" except 5 (and maybe 22) , which is "r" for a bit of violence.

Arriving back at the forest, Piper was pleased to find the stone waiting for them.

Chris turned to her with wide-eyed wonder, "How did you do that?"

Piper grinned smugly, "I'm carrying you, remember? I can access your powers."

Chris: "Huh. Interesting."

Piper: "Hey, you share my body. Take half of my food. "And" keep me up all night in the bathroom. So the least you can do is share your powers, don't you think?"

Chris nodded shyly, "Yeah, I guess. So why did you bring me here?"

Piper: "Well....."


Back in the bedroom, Wyatt was still standing in front of Lynny with his mouth agape. He turned to her, "Did he just orb?"

Lynny laughed at the incredulous expression on his face, "Thought you had the patent on that one, huh?"

Her laughter made Wyatt angrier and he started pacing the floor calling his brother, "Chris! Get back here now!" He paused for a moment, "I'm going after them!"

Lynny put her hand on his arm to calm him, "Wyatt, wait! Do you know who that was?" At his raised eyebrow, "Alright, alright—stupid question, of course you know who that was. But let them be for a little bit. She said she'll bring him back in a few minutes." She smiled as soon as Wyatt turned away and snatched his arm out of her grasp. He continued to call his brother, but he didn't go after them.


Chris felt a strong pulling in his mind. He knew Wyatt was calling him. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other as he looked at Piper nervously, "I have go to go. Take me back. Please—take me back."

Piper: "Calm down. You're making me nervous too. Come over here." She felt around for the sword, stopping when she brushed against the hilt. "A ha!"

Chris: "What are you doing?"

Piper: "Giving you back something that belongs to you." She reached down and released their version of Excalibur from its encasing. As soon as she held it up in her hand, it re-materialized so that it could be seen.

Chris' eyes widened, "Is that..."

Piper: "Yes it is. And it belongs to you." She extended her arm to hand it to him but he took a fearful step back. "Chris, take it. It's yours. You don't have to be afraid of it."

Chris: "No, it's Wyatt's. He'll kill me if I touch it. He never lets anyone touch it."

Piper shook her head, "No, it was never his. He was meant to give it to its rightful owner—the next King Arthur if you will. It corrupted him, just like it did to me because neither myself nor your brother were meant to wield it. That was an honor reserved for my second-born." She held out her hands again, "Take it, Chris."

Chris shook his head vehemently and took another step back, "No, that's not possible. Look, I gotta' go. I really have to get back. There's this buzzing in my head and I can't stand it anymore. Take me back, please?"

Piper: "Chris, we talked to a woman who was kind of in charge of both the sword and the stone and all that jazz. She explained all of this to us, as well as the fact that by giving this to you, we can break his hold on you. You won't feel the need to be at his beck and call anymore."

His urge to return grew stronger every second, pervading his thoughts so that he couldn't think straight.

Piper could see the internal war raging within her son, and decided to take the decision from him. She grabbed his hand and pried open his fingers, shoving Excalibur into them. Almost immediately, his thoughts cleared and the urge subsided. He felt the immense power of the sword coursing through him as he stared at the gleaming metal wondrously.

Piper laughed at his reaction, "Feel better now? I know how you feel; I had the same reaction when I first picked it up. Set it into the stone."

Chris looked up worriedly, "Why?"

Piper: "Because you need to see that you are the true owner of the sword by removing it. Now do it."

He obeyed and thrust the sword through the stone before rapidly sliding it back out again with ease. Extremely giddy, he repeated the process several more times before Piper got annoyed and smacked him on the back of his head. "Alright, that's enough Chris."

Chris: "Sorry. I think I need to see this woman. I've got some questions to ask her."

Piper: "Well we'd better go quickly or Wyatt's liable to do something stupid." She took his hand and orbed them to the spot that she remembered meeting the "Lady".

When they arrived, Piper was surprised to find the Lady out in the open without having been summoned.

Lady: "Welcome back. Both of you. I've been waiting for you."

Chris: "Welcome back--Have we met before?"

Lady: "Not yet, but yes."

Chris: "O...k.. I don't remember that."

Lady: "In your time, you have not yet spoken with me. Nevertheless, we have spoken before. I transcend all time. Past, Present, and Future are equal in my eyes."

Chris: "So why are you waiting for us?"

Lady: "Because it is time for you to begin your destiny, Christopher. You are the True Possessor of the Sword."

Chris: "Well what's my destiny?"

Lady: "To exist as you were meant to be."

Chris stared at her incredulously, "WHAT! English, Please!"

The Lady ignored his outburst and addressed Piper, "Where one destiny ends, so another must begin."

Piper looked crestfallen, "So there's no way to stop it. I have to die and leave my children alone?"

Lady: "On the contrary, my dear. Your survival is vital to their well being. Everything is as it should be. It is written." She held out her hand as the Corellian Scroll appeared in it. "See what you may, and go back to your own time with your family. When you return, you will not remember your time here. You have fulfilled your task by restoring rightful ownership of the Sword. The next generation alone must complete the remainder of this task."

Chris leaned in and whispered to Piper, "What is she talking about? Did that make "any" sense whatsoever?"

Piper whispered back, "Absolutely. Not. But let's get the scroll and maybe we can figure it out." No sooner had she reached for the prophecy, as they both had to shield their eyes from the blinding light of the Lady's disappearance.

Chris tapped his foot impatiently, "Well, what's it say?"

Piper: "There's a lot missing..."

Chris rolled his eyes and replied sarcastically, "Well, what "isn't" missing?"

Piper waggled her finger at him, "Don't you get smart with me young man. I don't care if you are a few years younger than me--I'm still your mother."

Chris: "Ok. I'm sorry. Please, go on."

Piper: "Well from what "is" here, it looks like..."

Chris: "Yeah?"

Piper stared at the written words in shock, "That you're not coming home with us. We're supposed to go back--and forget everything that's happened. There's even a part here that mentions that Wyatt is meant to be evil..."

Chris: "But that doesn't make sense! What else does it say about him?"

Piper: "I can't tell, the lines directly following are missing. It's like it's coded or something. There isn't much else I can read in it."

Chris folded his arms defeatedly, "Then that's it. It's over. You go back. And I move on from here. I guess Bianca was right when she said that we were naïve to think that there was a way to change it all."

Piper tried to sound optimistic, "You know, it didn't sound final the way the Lady was talking. She made it seem as if there was still something else big that you're meant to do? Just, without our help. I guess we'll just have to trust you to do whatever is necessary..."

Chris: "But...." stopping mid sentence as he heard the familiar tune of orbs behind him. Talking to Piper, he didn't bother turning around, "Uh oh. He's standing right behind me, isn't he?"

Piper looked over his shoulder and plastered a huge grin, "Yep. Hi, Honey. We were just on our way back. Weren't we Chris?"

Wyatt just stood there with his arms crossed as the rest of the family orbed in behind him.

Paige sounded out of breath, "Sorry Piper, we tried to stop him."

Piper: "It's alright, Paige. It doesn't matter now. We're going home."

Leo: "WHAT! Now? But..."

Piper interrupted him, "There's nothing here for us, Leo. This is as far as we go and he wants to stay. Besides, I talked with the Lady we met before. She says that we need to go home and that we did what we came to do."

Phoebe: "I can't believe you're just going to give up, Piper!"

Piper: "I'm not giving up, Phoebe." She smiled knowingly at Chris, "I'm just going to let someone else do the driving for a while." Ignoring the open-mouthed stares she got from her the rest of her family, she calmly walked over to Chris and hugged him. "I love you."

Chris hugged her back tightly, "I love you too, Mom."

Wyatt blew out an irritated breath as he watched the sentimental display.

After Chris released her, Piper wanted to make sure that both of her children knew how much she cared. She walked over to her oldest son and embraced him as well. Shocked by her actions, Wyatt stood rigidly in her arms for a few moments before he gradually relaxed and hugged her back. "Wyatt? I know that it's probably been a long time for you since you've heard it, or maybe you weren't old enough to remember. But I just want you to know that I have and "always" will, love you. And I'll do my best to let you know that everyday from now on until the day I die. And even then, I'll always be with you."

Reluctant as he was, Piper was surprised when she went to pull back but Wyatt didn't let go, so she gave in the embrace. They remained locked in that position for several more minutes until Piper groaned and reached for her stomach.

Wyatt: "What's wrong?"

Piper: "You're little brother is being fussy. He keeps kicking me in the kidneys." She turned to glare at the adult Chris, "Not very nice, by the way."

Wyatt touched her belly as a soft glow was emitted and the infant calmed instantly.

Piper: "What did you do?"

Wyatt grinned, "I put him to sleep for now. He always gets irritable when he's hungry--that won't change. You'd better go and get something to eat before he wakes up, he won't sleep for long."

Lynny had been silent until now and burst into tears after Piper had hugged her sons. Chris rushed over to comfort her, "Hey, what's wrong?"

Lynny: "That's not fair. I haven't seen her in like--forever either."

Chris looked to Wyatt for approval, "Wyatt, the Lady said that they're not going to remember anyway."

Wyatt nodded and stood off to the side as the remainder of his family watched him suspiciously.

Chris put his arm around Lynny and led her over to Piper. "Mom. I want you to meet someone."

Piper: "Oh....This is your girlfriend isn't it?"

Chris laughed, "No. Mom. This is my, "our", sister. Let me introduce you to Melinda Rose Halliwell."

Wyatt leaned on a tree and muttered grumpily, "Lynny. Her name is Lynny." He looked up with a hint of humor as she glared at him, "Get over it."

Piper inhaled sharply and grabbed for Lynny, "Oh, my baby girl. I'm going to have a baby girl..."

Lynny: "Well actually mom, not technically. I'm adopted. You and Dad raised me." She hugged Piper as Leo came over and put his arms around both of them. Breaking off, she turned and walked over to Phoebe. "Chris said that I had your eyes. I didn't believe it until now...."

Paige spoke up for the first time since arriving in the forest, "That's why she looked so familiar. She's a mini-Phoebe."

Piper agreed, "You have an excuse--you didn't know any of us back then, but I should have recognized it. She looks exactly like Phoebe did at her age."

Phoebe: "My baby? You're my baby? The baby I saw in my vision?" After the shock wore off, Phoebe squealed and wrapped Lynny in her arms. "Oh, I'm so sorry for trying to knock you out. If I had known, you know I wouldn't have done that. Oh my goodness! Who is your father? How old are you?" Pinching Lynny's cheeks, "Oh goodness, I have to get started. Rose--that's my favorite flower..."

Piper had enough of her sister's babbling and clapped her hands together, "Ok. Break it up. Let's go."

Leo stopped Piper with his hand on her arm, "Just like that? We're just going to leave? After everything? And his whole point to coming back to the past? Was that all for nothing but this little family reunion?"

Piper: "Leo, We did what we were supposed to do. Now it's up to them to finish what Chris started."

Paige: "But how can they do that if Wyatt is already evil?"

Piper stared absently at her oldest son leaning on the tree, "I think there's hope for him. Maybe it's just a mother's instinct, but I feel that my little boy is in there somewhere. The Lady said that there was still something they needed to do, and whatever that is--I guess that means that they need to do it together. She's been right in everything so far. I see no reason to doubt her now." She saw the disappointment on Leo's face, "Leo, I know that you wanted a second chance with Chris. But you can still get a second chance with this one," pointing to her stomach.

Leo nodded reluctantly and went over to say goodbye to Lynny and Chris. He hugged Lynny as if she were his own daughter, as apparently she was. Leo went to hug Chris but stopped as the young man held out his hand for a handshake. 'I guess it's better than nothing,' he thought as he took the proffered hand. "Chris. I'm sorry about everything, OK? I wish that I could make things up to you. But I guess the only thing I can do now is to be there for little Chris."

Chris said icily, "You do that. Don't play favorites, and make sure you make an appearance more that once month. And maybe things will be different next time around."

Leo looked down shamefully as he stuck his hands in his pockets and accepted the advice. "I guess it's time for us to go..."

Chris: "Yeah, I guess so."


Coming Home Chapter 28

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Just as Chris starts to bond with his family in the past, Wyatt gets other ideas in the future--all parts are "pg13" except 5 (and maybe 22) , which is "r" for a bit of violence.

Piper wanted to wrap things up and soon clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. "Alright people, let's go."

Phoebe reluctantly let go of Lynny's hand again as she walked over to stand next to Piper and waived goodbye.

Paige was carrying baby Wyatt, and soon joined Leo standing next to her sisters.

Piper: "Chris? The Sword please?"

Chris: "But why?"

Piper: "You already have it in your time. And in order for you to have it in your time, I have to take the original back to mine."

Chris reluctantly handed her Excalibur, "Will it still be mine?"

Wyatt snorted, "Where did you get an insane idea like that?"

Piper pointed to the Lady that appeared behind him, "From her..."

Wyatt turned and his eyes widened in recognition as the Lady in white bowed before him gracefully.

The Lady directed her attention to Wyatt and questioned him in a tone that left no room for doubt, "You recognize me, Wyatt Halliwell." As he merely stared at her and didn't answer, she held her hand over Chris, "You sought my guidance to return this one to you. And I gave it freely."

Piper now stared at her angrily, "You knew what he was going to do? You helped him? Why? I thought you were on our side?"

Lady: "I side with no one. It was destined. And I gave him only what he needed to know at that moment, as I will do again now. You must return to your time before they can continue."

Piper straightened her shoulders in defiance, "Ohhh noooo, Lady. You expect me to just walk away and trust you with my children's lives after that little admission? I don't think so."

Lady: "You will, Keeper, because you know in your heart that their destiny must continue without you here. It is the only way. From what you read in the scroll, you know that this to be true."

Leo rested his hand on Piper' shoulder, "Is that true, Piper?"

Piper sighed and held her head down, "Yes. But I don't want to leave them..."

Lady: "I will return you to your time. But head my words, Keeper. Everything is at it should be..." She waived her hand over the group as they disappeared and were transported back to the past.

Turning again to face the three remaining Halliwell children, she spoke to the oldest, "Wyatt-- You must now part with that which does not belong to you."

Wyatt shook his head in denial, "Excalibur chose me! Because of the power that I possess. It belongs to me. Not Chris!"

The Lady looked down at Wyatt condescendingly, "You, with your arrogance-- have never been able to see the truth of your own heart. Your quest is fruitless. The desire for a power that you alone, do not possess. Your true strength does not come from within. It comes from your bond with your counterparts--and together, you shall form The Triad."

Wyatt stood there with his mouth hanging open. Momentarily speechless, he finally tripped over his childlike denial, "But I'm twice-blessed..."

Lady: "Yes, and you are the first to be born twice-blessed. But you were born that way not to possess all power--but to foretell the coming of the Triad."

Wyatt: "But Excalibur?"

Lady: "Was not meant for you. Though you can access some of the Power of the Sword, you will never be able to tame it. That right is reserved only for the Sword's Chosen Possessor. And the Sword has chosen the Center of the Triad as its owner."

Wyatt: "The center?"

Lady: "The Middle Child of the Middle Charmed One."

Wyatt looked disappointed, "Oh."

Lady: "Your role is nonetheless important. The Sword has also chosen the remaining members of the Triad as its Keepers. Protectors, if you will, of the both the Sword and it's owner."

Chris' eyes widened in interest. Pointing to Lynny, "You mean that she can pull the Sword from the stone too?"

The Lady nodded gracefully, "Yes."

Chris: "Then why my mom?"

Lady: "Because the Sword has chosen a Keeper to safeguard the Possessor and other Keepers until the beginning of their destiny."

Chris: "Well what is that?"

Lady: "That is not my place to tell.... The Corellian Prophesy. It is there that you will find your way."

Chris: "But it was missing too many lines...."

Lady: "Only the completed Triad can access the full text of the scroll; and "only" when you are ready."

Chris: "When will that be?"

Lady: "When you have joined the natural side of the sword."

Chris grew impatient and threw his hands up in frustration, "What! Please stop with the riddles, you're making my head hurt."

Lynny seemed to understand and answered for her, "Excalibur is good Chris."

Chris: "Oh. But how will we know when that will happen?"

The Lady looked endearingly at Lynny and smiled warmly, 'You--my dear, have been given empathy for a reason. You are the heart of the Triad. And you alone shall know when it is ready.'

Lynny thought, 'But how?'

Lady: 'You shall be able to commune with them silently, and they to you. All you must do is focus your thoughts. When the time is right, they will hear you. It is at that moment that the Triad will be able to read the full text of the Corellian Prophesy.' She bowed regally and immediately vanished in a blinding white light.

Chris was still staring oddly at the spot where the Lady had been standing. He was still a bit confused as to why all she did for the last several minutes was to smile at Lynny silently. "She's kind of weird, don't you think?"

Lynny turned away from him as an idea formed in her mind, 'She's not weird, Chris.'

Chris: "Sure she is. I mean what was with the trance thing before she left?"

Lynny screeched as she turned and jumped into Chris' arms. She ignored his confused expression as she turned to her other brother.

Wyatt was sitting on the stone staring absently at the ground. He was still reeling from hearing from the Lady that he was not as powerful and "special" as he had always thought. This was a totally new premise than what he had grown up believing from every magical being around him. He wanted to dismiss the Lady's statement, but somehow sensed the truth in her words.

Lynny pushed herself away from Chris and anxiously sat down next to Wyatt. He seemed unaware of her presence as his eyes remained transfixed on the ground in front of him.

Lynny silently and desperately pleaded with him to hear her, 'Wyatt--please answer me. Wyatt?' Her mental pleas gradually progressed to shouts, 'Wyatt...Answer me!! WYATT! WYATT PLEASE.....'

Wyatt turned to her so suddenly that she jumped back startled, "Would you STOP YELLING!!! I'm not DEAF!"

Once again, Lynny let out a squeal of delight. Only this time, she wrapped her arms around Wyatt's neck and tackled him so exuberantly, that they both fell off the stone.

Wyatt tried vehemently to pry Lynny's arms from around him. He gave up frustratedly as her slender frame continued to hug him. "Would you get off of me!" Lynny only laughed at him hysterically and hugged him tighter. Wyatt huffed, "Chris!"

Chris chuckled at her reaction and took pity on Wyatt. He bent down and plucked her off him, then offered his hand to Wyatt and helped him up.

Standing between the two of them, Lynny bounced excitedly from one foot to the other. "It worked! It worked!" She went to grab for Wyatt again but he took a step back and raised his eyebrow.

Lynny was undeterred by Wyatt's reaction and went to take another step closer to him, but Chris grabbed her hand and pulled her back to him. Standing behind her, he wrapped his arms around her and pinned hers to the side. He glanced at Wyatt, "No more sugar for this one, hey?" He looked over her shoulder into Lynny's face, "And what do you mean, it worked?"

She smiled smugly and tilted her head up at Chris then back to Wyatt, 'You can hear me. Both of you.'

Chris and Wyatt were both stunned when they heard her voice in their heads but didn't see her mouth move.

Wyatt stared at her incredulously, "You've got a new power?"

Lynny: "No. I've got you. Both of you. It's what allows me to hear you, and vice versa."

Chris: "You're not making any sense..."

Lynny grabbed both of their hands, "Come on, and I'll show you what I mean. Wyatt, take us to the Corellian Prophesy"

Wyatt bristled at her commanding tone.

Lynny yanked his arm and demanded again, "Now! You want to know, don't you?"

Chris let out a sound that faintly resembled a muted laugh / cough before sobering up at Wyatt's hardened glare.

Wyatt huffed again but still orbed them to the Lirpa realm.

Arriving in the cave that housed the Prophesy, Lynny walked over to touch it when Wyatt called out, "There's nothing else there, you know."

Lynny: "Trust me." She unrolled the scroll and grinned when she noticed more of the text appear than the first time she had seen it in the cell. She pointed, "See, look. It's all here!"

Wyatt rushed over to examine it, "That's not possible."

Lynny: "But it is. The "Triad" is complete now."

Chris raised his eyebrows and muttered sarcastically, "So the Lady taught you how to speak in riddles too. Would you care to clarify any of that?"

Lynny: "She said that once all three of us turn to the side of the sword-- good, we will be able to form the Triad, and thus read the full text of the Corellian Prophesy. She also said that I would know when that happens because our bond would allow us to communicate telepathically. And duh--you could both hear me!"

Chris was running his finger over the words on the scroll and looked up surprised, "She's right. It talks about all of that in here. But it also says that the Triad isn't complete until we--number one--form a blood pact using Excalibur; and number two--go back and correct one thing."

Lynny: "What?"

Chris: "We have to stop the Charmed Ones from dying."

Wyatt surprised even himself when he blurted out, "Does it say how?"

Chris gazed at him in shock before continuing, "It says to "Prevent the first of the second in the fourth. Damn I hate riddles...."

Wyatt replied confidently, "Paige. Paige is the key."

Lynny raised her eyebrow at him questioningly, "How do you figure that?"

Wyatt: "Because Paige is the fourth sister--of the second, re-constituted Charmed Ones. And she was the first to die. It must be like a domino effect. If they're not reconstituted, they're not strong enough to survive individually. Or maybe they just got careless after Paige died."

Finally accepting of his role, he stepped back and held his arm out, "Excalibur..."

As the Sword materialized in his hand, Chris momentarily panicked and took a step back before he realized that Wyatt was now good.

Wyatt stroked the Sword lovingly, "Good bye, old friend. It's been fun." Wyatt grinned sardonically and looked up at Chris, "It's going to take some getting used to." He walked over and passed Excalibur to him.

Chris immediately took the Sword to begin their task. Turning to Lynny, he noticed that her demeanor had changed from gleeful to sullen in what seemed like a matter of minutes. "Lynny, come on." He cursed himself silently at his errant use of her childish nickname, but she didn't appear to notice. "What's wrong?"

Lynny: "If we fix this, Phoebe will be alive again..."

Chris: "Yeah. That's a good thing. So what's wrong?"

Unable to face them, she lowered her head and broke down sobbing, "You won't be my brothers anymore."

Chris dropped the Sword and went to comfort her. He was surprised again when Wyatt rushed past him and wrapped his arms around her. He watched in amazement as the former tyrant rocked her silently, tenderly stroking her hair and calming her with his gentle touch. When they parted, Chris stepped closer and turned her chin towards him, "Hey. I told you before-- You will always be my sister. No matter what happens." Looking to Wyatt for support, "Right Wy?"

Wyatt locked eyes with Lynny, "Always."

She nodded and they all walked back over to where Chris dropped the sword. Chris picked up Excalibur and sliced both of his palms. Stepping over to his brother, he repeated the motion. Taking one more step, he held Lynny's hand and raised his eyebrows as if to ask for consent. When she nodded, he made smaller slits in both of her hands.

Wyatt: "Now what? We write a spell to go back?"

Chris: "Nope. The scroll said that this was part of our destiny. Once we form the Triad, it should transport us back to where we want to go. But we've got to take Excalibur. But it didn't say how since we've got to lock hands..."

Wyatt scoffed and took the sword from him and shoved it down the back of Chris' pants.

Chris jumped, "Whoa! Watch it, vital asset back there!"

Wyatt laughed, "I didn't put it down the front did I?"

Still wiping her tears, Lynny sniffed as she chided them, "Boys--Play nice." She held out both of her hands, and Wyatt and Chris each placed one of theirs in them.

Before the final link was made, Wyatt and Chris looked at each other thoughtfully as a flurry of emotions rushed over them.

For Chris, the memories of both good and bad times lingered in his mind. Especially the earlier years when Wyatt had come to power and seemed to thrive on emotionally terrorizing his younger siblings. After he turned, Chris was glad that Wyatt had seemed to grow out of most of that sadistic behavior after his teenage years. It was still painful to think of most of the friends that he lost during the course of his brother's rise to power. At the same time, he remembered the more pleasant times growing up. He wasn't like most older brothers who shunned their siblings as a mere nuisance. For the better part of their lives, they had actually been best friends. And he missed that.

For Wyatt, he remembered the easy camaraderie that came with the relationship he once had with his brother. He felt a bit of regret as he looked back on the pain he had caused him. Often times, the need to protect him sometimes gave way to the desire to torment as Chris' stubborn Halliwell streak manifested itself. Even in recent years, as he became aware of Chris' complicity in releasing many of his intended Wiccan targets, he overtly tolerated his obstinate behavior with mild amusement. However, when Chris went back to the past, the amusement went with him. Infuriating or not, he realized that he missed him.

Lynny heard both of their thoughts and understood their hesitation. "Guys. The bad things--we need to put all of that behind us. And for everything else, it can be that way again with this link..."

Nodding at the same time, Chris and Wyatt reached for each other's hands.

As the link was finally made, the unbroken connection caused a warmth to spread through each of their hands.

Lynny was momentarily surprised to find their hands glowing when she felt a sudden tingling on her leg. Breathing a quick sigh of relief, she glanced down at the sight of the sensation as she realized that she was wearing capri pants. She noticed her tattoo of the family's triquetra appeared to be glowing. Lynny squeezed Chris' hand who had been intently focussing on their glowing linked hands. When he ignored her, she kicked her tattooed leg out and brushed his.

Suddenly, Chris paid her attention as he felt a tingling sensation through his pant leg. Not wanting to break the link, he used his other foot to pull up the cuff and look at his ankle. They both looked down in amazement as the tattoo had copied itself onto his body. He briefly remembered reading something in the scrolls about all three of them wearing the "mark", but had dismissed it as being figurative at the time.

Chris stretched his newly tattooed leg out toward Wyatt, who eyed him strangely.

Lynny projected to Wyatt in her mind, 'Wyatt, stick your leg out!' She admonished him verbally when she heard his mental response, "WYATT! We are not playing footsies! Now stick your damn leg out!"

Grunting reluctantly, he kicked his ankle out to touch Chris' as the tattoo passed to him as well. "So what now?"

Wyatt's question went unanswered as the room suddenly glowed to a blinding blue light. As one, the trio dropped their hands to shield their eyes.


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Coming Home Chapter 29

AN: Ok, so I lied. This is the last chapter before the Epilogue, which, by the way is very short, and will probably be posted tomorrow.


When the blue light faded, Lynny lowered her hands and looked around at their new surroundings, "What happened? Where are we?"

Chris looked around at the familiar basement, "We're home."

Upstairs in the kitchen, they heard Paige's voice and realized that they must have been transported back to the past.

Paige: on sweetheart, let's go get some ice cream. Do you like chocolate? It's my favorite."

Chris and Wyatt's eyes both went wide and they chorused, "NO!"

Chris grabbed Excalibur and bounded up the stairs two at a time. Bursting through the door, he yelled at the child Paige was talking to, "Get away from her!"

Wyatt and Lynny were seconds behind him.

Paige threw a potion that was next to her on the table at the intruders, but the girl absorbed it. Frantically, she called for the knife on the table and directed it at the intruders, but was blocked when the blond man raised his shield and threw it at her, caging her against the wall. "It's for your own good!"

The child stood trembling in the corner of the kitchen, frightened by the stranger brandishing a sword at her.

Paige shouted, "You leave her alone! Why don't you come over here and pick on someone your own size!"

Chris ignored his aunt and began circling the child. "You're not fooling anybody. Let's do this fairly. Come out, come out, whoever you are...."

Seeing no other option, the little girl snarled and transformed right before their very eyes.

Paige inhaled sharply at the now seven foot tall, slimy orange creature that took the place of the tiny child. The massive creature was indeed a sharp contrast to the innocent looking, bright-eyed little girl she had been about to take out for ice cream.

The Maxil demon swiped a sharp six-inch claw at Chris, who ducked and thrust Excalibur into what he assumed, was its heart.

The demon exploded in a cloud of ash just as Phoebe walked in pushing a baby stroller.

Piper was right behind her with a bag of groceries. She dropped the bag at seeing her sister encased in a blue bubble. She raised her hands to blow up the intruders.

Paige shouted before her sister could take action, "Piper, NO! They helped me." Glancing at the blond-haired man, she pointed to the shield, "Hey, would you mind?"

Wyatt waived his hand over her and lowered the shield.

Paige looked at the three young adults in amazement, "Who are you guys?" Glancing at the familiar sword in Chris' hands, "And is that..."

Chris interrupted her train of thought and immediately hid Excalibur behind his back before Piper could see it, "uh, no it isn't."

Lynny recognized the toddler in Phoebe's stroller and cooed, "Aw, is that..?"

Wyatt said in a warning tone to prevent her from giving anything away, "Yes..."

Lynny reached for the child but Phoebe pulled the stroller back warily. Lynny understood her hesitance and put her hands over her mouth instead, "Ohhhhhhh. How "adorable". She is absolutely beautiful."

Wyatt rolled his eyes and whispered to Chris, "You know who she gets this from, right?"

Chris mimicked Wyatt's actions, "There will be no shutting her up now." Directing his attention to all three sisters, "Listen, take care of each other, ok? A lot depends on it."

Piper put her hands on her hips, "Excuse me--but who are you people, and what are you doing in my house?"

Chris: "That doesn't matter. What does--is that the three of you need take care of each other. You're futures--and the futures of your families-- depend on it. Good bye."

Having read the scroll, Chris knew the next step. He held out his hands for Lynny and Wyatt. Accepting their hands in his, he smiled at his mother.

Paige's eyes widened further as they faded from view. She was able to glimpse the young woman's ankle and saw the Triquetra tattoo. Her eyes dawned in recognition as she realized the identity of her rescuers. 'Hmm. It fits, they'd be about the right ages. Blond hair--blue eyes, brown hair--blue eyes, brown hair--brown eyes.' Outloud, she muttered, "Yep. It fits."

Piper: "What fits? And what was that all about?"

Paige decided to keep their secret since they obviously didn't let on, "Oh, um. That cute little pink jumper I bought for Melinda. I'm so glad you put it on her, Phoebes."

Piper raised her eyebrow, "Paige? You didn't answer my question? What was that all about? And who were those people?"

Paige: "Oh, that. They saved me from that kid I brought home."

Phoebe laughed, "Paige, I know you're not used to kids, but what reason could you possibly need saving from one? What, was she throwing food at you?"

Paige: "No, she was "actually" a demon. A very large, "nasty" looking demon. But they took care of it for me. Got here just in time too--I was just about to take her, it, whatever, out for ice cream. And to answer your other question, Piper--I don't have a clue as to who they were." Reaching into the stroller and picking up baby Lynny, "She looks sleepy. I'll go put her down for a nap, Phoebes."

Phoebe nodded as she bent down to help Piper gather up the groceries on the floor.

Carrying her up the stairs, Paige tickled Lynny's belly, "I can't wait until the day you come with that tattoo. It'll be so much fun seeing your mommy blow a gasket." She laughed as the baby giggled a response and entwined her chubby little fingers in Paige's hair.


When Chris opened his eyes, he was startled to find himself alone. He panicked as he thought that the others had been left behind in the past. Along with his panic, many other thoughts came unbidden into his mind. He discarded them as he jumped up in search of Wyatt and Lynny. He raced down the steps, "WYATT! LYNNY!"

Wyatt was in the basement having a similar reaction. He bounded up the stairs yelling much the same way, "CHRIS! LYNNY!"

They both reached the conservatory at the same time. Chris skidded in his tracks when he saw his brother. Pointing to his head, he began laughing hysterically.

Wyatt touched his head, "What?"

Chris: "Your hair....."

Wyatt: "What!"

Chris still laughing heartily, "It's combed! That has to be a first!"

Wyatt reached up and felt his smoothed back hair, "Oh." He began laughing and pointing at Chris, "Well look at you!"

Chris stopped laughing and ran his eyes over his body, "What about me?"

Wyatt laughed and picked at Chris' shirt, "Plaid? Been surfing in dad's closet again?" Wyatt looked down admiring his own tight black muscle shirt. He smoothed his hands over his sides, "Looks like at least I still have taste."

They both shared a laugh for a few moments before they sobered up.

Chris: "Where's Lynny?"

Piper walked in behind them drying her hands on a dishtowel, "They should be here any minute..."

"MOM!!!" She jumped as both of her sons tackled her in fierce group hug. "What is wrong with you two? First, you're running around her screaming like maniacs calling each other. Did you forget that you could just orb to each other's rooms? I thought there was a demon attacking until I heard you guys laughing. And then you act like you haven't seen me in years...What's goin' on?"

Wyatt pulled away looking slightly embarrassed, "Nothing. It's just that-- we haven't seen you in a while. I mean, the real you."

Piper smacked him on the back of the head playfully, "Is that a crack about my hair? Because you two mischief makers are the reason why my hair is going grey." She walked over to the vanity mirror and picked at her shoulder length hair self consciously, "Did I get the wrong color or something? Because Paige "swore" to me that she knew what she was doing..."

Chris: "Paige is OK? Where is she?"

Piper looked at his reversed image in the mirror, "Of course she's ok. And you know she took Cassie for her placement test at Magic School today."

Wyatt tested out, "Cassie? As in Cassiopeia?"

Piper: "As in "Cassidy", your cousin." She waived her hand just below her nose, "You know, the little brown haired teenager, about yeah high; runs around here getting into trouble a lot with her identical looking sister, Sydney. You know, THAT ONE!"

Chris grinned sheepishly, "Oh, that Cassie!" Leaning in to whisper harshly to Wyatt, "Cassiopeia!"

Wyatt whispered back angrily, "It was the first thing that came to mind."

Piper put her hands on her hips as she watched their suspicious whispering. "What's wrong with you today? Were you two working on another spell that backfired again?" She sighed in annoyance, "LEO! Get down here!"

Leo materialized seconds later showing much the same annoyance, "Piper--How many times do I have to tell you--I only spend "one" day a month up there, and I just left yesterday afternoon. You've got me the other 30 days!"

Piper bounced her head nonchalantly from side to side at the familiar argument, "and sometimes 29, and once a year 27, and every four years, 28...yada, yada, yada. I wouldn't call you if it weren't important. There's something wrong with your sons. Heal them or something."

All traces of frustration vanished as Leo turned to Chris and Wyatt worriedly. He placed his hand on Chris' forehead, "What's wrong? You don't look sick?"

Wyatt stepped up, "Uh. Nothing's wrong, Dad. We're not sick. It was a spell we were trying out and it seems we've been having brief memory lapses. Though everything seems to be coming back..."

Chris was still amazed that Leo was still doting on him and hadn't yet reached for Wyatt, "Yeah, Dad. I uh, we uh, feel fine. Everything's coming back to us. You can go back up there."

Leo let go of him reluctantly, "OK. But you guys call if you need anything. I'll be back later tonight for the party. I'll check on you again then."

Just as Leo was about to leave, Phoebe walked in the front door followed by Lynny and Jason.

Lynny ran through the room and grabbed Chris and Wyatt into a group hug.

Phoebe walked over to Leo and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Oh, good Leo, you're here. She's been acting really strange today. Do you think you could heal her or something?"

Leo: "Maybe she was doing the spell with them."

Phoebe: "What spell?"

Leo: "I don't know. But they seem to be having some memory loss. I told them to call if it doesn't clear up before tonight."

Jason stared at the trio oddly; "They're acting like they haven't seen each other in years. She was just here last week. I'm positive they all took Cassie and Sydney out. Look at them, they're like three peas in a pod-- even with the age difference...."

Phoebe smiled as they walked into the kitchen, "Yeah. But I'm glad they're so close. I always thought that Lynny needed siblings. Kind of like me and my sisters."


Lynny: "I was so worried, I thought you guys didn't make it back...."

Chris: "Same here."

Lynny: "Do you remember both timelines too?"

Chris: "I do. Wy?"

Wyatt looked a bit disturbed, "Yeah. Different events seem to be creeping into my mind...".

Chris narrowing his eyes, "I bet that bugs you, huh? Not being in control."

Lynny scolded him, "Chris! We need to put all of that behind us. I know you still have some issues with each other, but its different now. Those things that happened in the old timeline--none of that has happened here. This is the way it should be. And if we don't put those issues aside, we'll never be able to live in this timeline and be the Triad."

Chris faced Wyatt, "Sorry. Old habits are hard to break..."

Wyatt accepted his apology good-naturedly, "I know what you mean." He moved his hand slowly to reach behind Chris when he turned away. Forming a tiny electrical current in his index finger, he shocked him quickly.

Chris jumped, "Ow!"

Wyatt grinned innocently, "Old habits...."

Lynny: "Guys, knock it off. What I want to know is why we still remember everything, and why they don't?"

Chris: "I don't know. It doesn't make sense that we should even still have those memories in this timeline. Maybe we should go and see the Lady." He called out to Piper in the kitchen, "Mom--me, Wy, and Lynny are going out for a while."

Piper: "You'd better get your butts back here before the party. And don't forget the ice this time, Honey."

Chris was taken aback by her request. He looked worriedly to Wyatt and Lynny, "Maybe I can't use my power's here?"

Lynny: "Both of you--try it anyway. If yours don't work, I certainly don't want to risk testing mine."

They looked around to see if anyone was watching, then Wyatt formed a small energy ball in his hand. Chris waived his hand over Wyatt's and froze it.

Piper walked in and observed them silently from the corner trying to determine what they were up to. She crept up to them and asked innocently, "What cha' doin'"

Wyatt was startled by her sudden presence and dropped the ice ball.

As it shattered, Piper bent over to pick up a few scattered pieces. Examining it closely, "What's this?"

Wyatt: "Nothing. We'll be back in a bit." He grabbed Lynny and Chris and spirited them both away before his mother had time to grill him further.

Phoebe walked in right after they left, "What's up?"

Piper pursed her lips and raised her eyebrow, "Huh. They're up to something..."

Walking over to the couch, Phoebe sat down next to Piper, "Why do you say that?"

Piper: "Because no matter how old they get, when the three of them get together--They're "always" up to something. And based on past experiences, it's likely to put more grey steaks in my hair."

Phoebe chuckled, "Yeah. I remember the first streak. I think Wyatt was seventeen, Chris--I believe was fifteen, and Lynny had just turned ten. I still can't believe that those three went down to the underworld to vanquish the new source."

Piper: "That wasn't the first grey steak, just the most noticeable. And I still can't believe that it worked. If they had been hurt--I would have killed them myself."

Phoebe: "Yeah, but you really can't blame them. The twins were almost killed when he attacked. I mean, Paige was ready to kill the source bare handed; and we were right there beside her."

Piper: "Yes, but the difference was--we weren't 17, 15, and 10."

Phoebe rested her elbow on the couch and agreed, "True. I still can't figure out who the ring leader in that little stunt was."

Piper laughed, "I think they take turns. Although your "little one" is awfully bossy. Just like her mother."

Phoebe smacked her arm playfully, "Yeah, but I think Paige has a leg up on both of is in that department. I think she just got lucky that Syd is much calmer and nothing like her sister, because she's definitely got her hands full with Cassie."

Piper: "Why do you think she's enrolling her in Magic School? She just wants to be able to keep an eye on her."

Phoebe: "Actually, Paige said she didn't want the "Three Stooges" dragging her "little darling" into any of their "hi-jinks".

Piper rolled her eyes jokingly, "Oh, please. I know for a fact that her "little darling" has roped her older cousins into sneaking her and some friends into the club several times. I had to threaten to ground two adults if they did it again! Wyatt just whined, "Oh come on mom, what could it hurt?" And then Chris chimed in, "you know we were looking out for her." And then to top it off--"your" little darling said so dramatically that she "had" to do it because she "felt" Cassie's pain of being left out."

Phoebe laughed hysterically, "Well did you remind her that she's not old enough to be there either?"

Piper: "Uh huh. To which she promptly pointed out, and I quote, "If I can help vanquish the source, I should be allowed to party with the best of them!"

Phoebe groaned, "Oh. All I can say is that Grahms got her wish..."

Piper: "How so?"

Phoebe: "Because she used to waggle her finger at me and say, "Someday, young lady, I hope you have a child just like you!"

Piper whined, "Yeah, but I was the good one. How did I get so lucky. All I know is--whatever they're up to, I'm almost positive that I don't want to know about it."

Phoebe: "Here, here. I might start greying like you." She ducked the pillow that her sister threw at her. "But you know, they are all wonderful kids--even if they're not kids anymore."

Piper agreed, "Yeah, They are, aren't they. I couldn't imagine them any other way..."


an: only for the epilouge :)

Coming Home Chapter 30


Just as Chris starts to bond with his family in the past, Wyatt gets other ideas in the future--all parts are "pg13" except 5 (and maybe 22) , which is "r" for a bit of violence. COMPLETE


Chris, Wyatt and Lynny orbed to speak to the Lady.

Chris: "Do you remember us?"

Lady: "Of course. Time is transcendent. I am transcendent. I have been awaiting The Triad."

Chris: "Why do we remember both time lines?"

Lady: "So that you will always carry with you what was, and what could be again if you don't stay on the right path."

Wyatt: "So this was all meant to happen?"

Lady: "Yes."

Chris looked at her doubtfully, "He was supposed to turn?"

Lady: "Yes."

Chris: "And I was supposed to go back and try to stop him, and fail, and come back..."

Lady: "Yes."

Chris: "And join with Lynny and Wyatt?"

Lady: "Yes."

Chris: "And go back and save the Charmed Ones and then go back to what we are now?"

The Lady had an enormous amount of patience, but had reached its limit with his persistent badgering. She narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips, "YES! So it is written." She immediately bowed and vanished to avoid further questioning.

Chris grinned innocently, "Did she seem annoyed to you?"

Wyatt: "I guess you just still have a knack for irritation. And from what I'm starting to remember, it explains why you got grounded so much. It must just be part of your personality."

Chris crossed his arms and Wyatt, "Well from the new memories I'm starting to get, you used to get us into a lot of trouble. You were always mischievous. Must be part of your personality. And to think that you were so quiet as a baby."

Lynny was laughing at both of them squaring off when they suddenly turned and glared at her.

"What are you laughing at?"

Lynny: "You two are supposed to be half angels, yet I'm the good one!"

Chris: "Yeah right, Miss "let's go vanquish that Source creep!"

Wyatt agreed, "Yeah, you just never got caught."

Lynny: "Maybe I'm just stealthier than the two of you. You know, I can give you lessons later..." As soon as the words left her mouth, a new memory popped into her head and her eyes widened. Pointing to Wyatt, "...And you're gonna' need it cause you're a..." She never finished the sentence because Wyatt quickly covered her mouth with his hands.

Lynny grinned and thought in her mind, 'I don't have to say it out loud, you dolt. But I won't tell him. So enjoy this rare moment of anonymity Wyatt, because as soon as he remembers it too, he's never gonna' let you live it down!'

Wyatt realized that she was right and dropped his hands.

Lynny grinned and slapped Wyatt on his back, "And me without my camera."

Chris looked at them suspiciously, "You two were talking about me, weren't you? With that "mind thingie". Because..."

Wyatt rolled his eyes and interrupted him, "No. It had nothing to do with you. Just forget it, ok. Look, you read the scroll. What else did it say about our destiny?"

Chris dismissed his earlier suspicion and laughed, "I don't think you want to know." He enjoyed both of their frustrated glares, "Do you really want to know?"

Lynny smacked him playfully, "Of course!"

Chris: "The last paragraph in the scroll talks about how we saved the Charmed Ones and returned to our "rightful" future."

Wyatt: "Yes, but what does it say about what we're supposed to do now?"

Chris started laughing again, "It didn't. The last line said, and I quote, "For further information, see the Farberwarian Prophesy in the Enuj realm."

Lynny: "You have got to be kidding me!" Her face fell as Chris continued to shake his head.

Chris shrugged, "Hey, who knew ancient prophets had such a twisted sense of humor."

Wyatt: "Then maybe we shouldn't know. We just go with it. Since apparently everything that happens is meant to be that way."

Chris slowly nodded his head, "Ok. I'm game. Lynn?"

Lynny: "Yeah, ok. So let's go home." She clapped her hands excitedly, "And as I'm starting to recall, we're celebrating Cassie's entry into magic school tonight, and we've got some serious partying to do afterward at the club. Cassie will be thrilled!"

Chris: "Do you really think we should take her? Mom was pretty pissed last time."

Wyatt grinned wickedly and put his arm around him, "Relax, Chris. We'll just explain to her--that it's all meant to be."

Chris and Lynny shared his wicked grin as she held out both of her hands for each of them, and together--the Triad orbed out.


AN: Ok, so what do you think in its entirety? And how about a sequel, anyone? Does the Triad need their own little adventures now? Or should I just focus all of this excitable energy on my other story, One More Time.

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