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Lightning lit up the night as a storm broke in the sky overhead and thunder resounded loudly. Not a great concern, as many were asleep in their comfy beds. However, in a great and ancient cathedral, deep within the archives of its grand library, one lone monk watched the dancing thunder outside the windows. The flashes of lightning illuminated Row upon row of books. This was the largest library in the world; even if the monk only stood in a corner looking out a single window, the room itself was immense. As lightning flashed once more, the massive silhouette of someone else within the archives was revealed.

"Things have changed, since you were last here." The monk says to the other figure. "It has been thousands of years since the Brood wars, thousands of years since your... er, 'death' wouldn't be the right word, now would it? Things have changed greatly since those times; people travel with cars and planes as opposed to horses and ships, they live in apartments of brick and mortar instead of houses of stone and wood. Towers of glass rise to touch the sky and people can communicate over great distances with telephones and fibre optic Internet connections... And this all sounds like gibberish to you doesn't it? The greatest change, I suppose, is that no one uses magic anymore. It has been relegated to stories and fairytales; with nary a soul to believe it exists. Except those of us who practice it of course."

The figure, which was leaning against the wall behind the monk, let out a sigh. He looked out the window as another bolt of lightning flashed, followed by a crash of thunder.

"And yet, some things never change. The borders created by the existence of the clans has dissolved; their peoples live side by side, separated by borders of country, not race." The figure said, his deep baritone voice rumbling as much as the thunder outside. "But they still fight amongst each other, they still inflict pain and hurt on one another. They need someone to protect them from themselves and from the dangers they themselves don't know exist, as was my duty last time I walked this plane of existence. It is... Ironic that I'm fighting on Her side again after everything she did last time... Or, perhaps it is fate?"


"Do the human mind and soul create fate? Or is free will destiny's illusion?" Master Tae of Young Sung temple (Rebirth, volume 5, by Kangwoo Lee)