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Prologue - OUT OF NERIMA

"Talking normally"


*Sound effects*

[Panda signs]


Monday 7:06am

"Ranma, Mr. Saotome! Breakfast is ready!"


"Hey pop!, I'm gonna go eat while ya dry off! K?"

"Growf!" [Respect your elders boy!] flip [I won't tolerate such insolen-] *Fwap*

Tossing away the broken sign, Ranma yawned.


5 min later

"Ranma! I made you a special breakfast so you don't have to eat Kasumi's food."

Its amazing how wide Akane's smile was when she cooked something. Ranma stared as she set the pot down and scooped some of the goop inside the pot into the bowl that had originally held the food that Kasumi had set out for him, (the food was stolen by Genma the moment Akane said "special breakfast."). "Hey Pop! That was my food!" "Quiet boy! Can't you see that your fiancee has already made breakfast for you?" The now human Genma was snarfing down the food as fast as he could, but at a slower pace than usual, because noone other than Ranma would steal from him, and the aforementioned boy had more important things to worry about, such as the black glob that had just melted though the bowl and though the table, and was making a sizeable hole in the tatami mats on the floor.

Both Genma and Ranma sweatdropped, and Nabiki leaned over to calculate damages.

"On second thought, maybe you can have this pickle and this piece of fish."

"Mr. Saotome!" Akane's battle aura came into view.

"Urk- I mean..uh.. EAT AKANE'S COOKING, BOY! BE A MAN!" The aura disappeared and was replaced by a sunny smile.

*hsss* The pot suddenly began melting down. Everyone, with the exception of Kasumi and Akane, sweatdropped at that.

The hole in the floor suddenly began to emit burping noises. Kasumi developed a tiny sweatdrop.

"Hey Akane."

"Yes Ranma?"

"I think its alive." Ranma, Master of the Obvious.

"Of course its alive."

"..........what is it......."

"Tuna salad, but I didn't have tuna, so I caught some koi in the pond and stuck it in." By now, Akane began developing the aura again. "Why aren't you eating? Try it! I'm sure you'll love it." At that, Akane took a spoonful of the blob, which screeched when she jammed the spoon in, and shoved it into his mouth.

End Prologue

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