Chapter 6: Eclipse


Royal Quarters

Ranma was seated on the sofa in the anteroom, with the Senshi and Serenity arranged around him. All were extremely curious on the events that had taken place. When the Senshi had finished seating themselves, Ranma began talking.

"As you all know, I am not from your Moon Kingdom. Instead, I'm from another intersystem nation called the Black Lunarian Kingdom, Black Moon, or the Black Luna, whatever you prefer."

Serenity raised her head from where it was in Ranma's lap.

"How is that possible, we've no reports on any other nation within this solar system other than the Earth Kingdom?"

Several of the others nodded in agreement.

Ranma snorted.

"Believe me. It's there. If we do not want to be seen, we won't be."

"Now, much like the House Serenity governs the Moon Kingdom, the House Aquilus governs Black Luna. The Black Luna includes many planets, just like this place, and each is ruled by governor. This is not really important right now though. Anyways, Safir and Demando Aquilus are Aquilunarians, or Black Lunarians. They are my cousins from another branch of the family. So are Rubeus and the women you saw earlier."

"Why are they so evil?"

Ranma sighed. "They're not, well not quite, Demando and Safir are good people, so are the sisters, but, well, Rubeus is extremely power hungry. Lets just leave it at that."

End Flashback

Cherry Hill Temple

"Safir and Demando were actually good guys after all. The sisters too."

The Senshi were saddened by that fact.

"It was too bad what happened, but it was inevitable." Setsuna sighed.

Usagi then spoke.

"I wonder if exiling them was wrong. I mean, me exiling them. They just didn't want to be "cleansed." It's not like its a horrible thing to want. What if Ranma doesn't want to be "cleansed" either? Do I exile him too?"

"NO!" Her introspective thoughts were shot down immediately.

"Then what we did was wrong." Usagi's future maturity does show through sometimes. Amazingly.

A awkward silence passed though he group.

Haruka then spoke. "So when do we get to screw Mas- I mean...uh...Ranma."

"I'm getting to that."


After yesterday's incident, Serenity had her hands full bringing Ranma out of his funk, but she had succeeded, and business continued as usual the next morning. However, rumors about the powerful Aquilunarians began to spread out beyond the walls of the palace and into the city beyond. People spoke of aliens from other galaxies with the power to destroy the world, spurred on by rumors and the lack of official information from the palace. It boiled down to nothing in the end, but the rumors insured that each and every citizen of the Moon became aware of the existence of intelligent extralunarian (extraterrestrial) life. Some could not wait for the day when the aliens arrived in their colossal ships, blotting out the sun, while others cowered in fear at the galaxy destroying force that was expected to arrive now that their advance scouts (the aliens captured and banished) had gone missing.

Next Afternoon

Royal Quarters

Ami burst into the anteroom, her short hair flying everywhere. Right behind her was Makoto,

"I got it! We can use the manacles that the Guard used to capture the other Aquilunarians. They seemed powerless against those chains."

The three other Senshi in the room, namely Rei, Usagi, and Hotaru, were surprised when the Mercurian entered but quickly recovered their wits and gathered together to plan.

"So alls we hafta do is get some of these chains?" Rei was almost disbelieving.

Ami nodded.

"We might have to add extremely strong enchantments to the chains, but yes, it should be possible."

Her expression turned a bit evil, in a cute way. It was different on her face, but fit somehow.

"Why are you so interested, Rei? I thought you hated him?" the bluehead pointed to the ring still dangling from Rei's ear.

Makoto smiled widely.

"My, Rei, whatever are you doing? This isn't a conversation for you."

Rei realized what was going on, and clutched the ring on her ear in horror.

And then bowed her head, and started sniffling. When she brought her head up, angry tears leaked from her eyes.


Her hand faltered as her control ring came off, but she tightened her resolve as she fixed it onto her collar in a swift movement. She gasped, pupils dilating for a moment. Finally, she then fell forward into Usagi's lap, crying as the independent woman who had willingly yet unwilling lost her independence. Usagi stroked the black tresses in her lap, and murmured softly.

"There, there, Rei. Don't cry."

"sniff No, I'm just s-sad but h-happy at the ss-same time." and she was afraid of the Divine Fire's predictions coming true.

"You'll be happier this way." Ami was shocked by Rei's tears, but knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

"Ranma is a kind person. He will take care of us." Hotaru was confident about that fact.

Silence was prevalent for a few moments, disturbed only by the muffled sobs coming from the raven-haired girl.


"W-what." Rei looked at Makoto who had spoken.

"I just want to say you're lucky that Ranma has clean feet." The ponytailed girl smiled as Rei again buried her head into Usagi's lap. Hotaru looked on confusedly, while Usagi snickered. Ami had told the blonde of Rei's ultimatum when Minako gave herself up.


"HEY GUYS!" Minako and Setsuna came through the door with bagfuls of stuff setting them on the carpet. Makoto took a quick peak, and found that the bags were full of sexual paraphernalia. It was obvious that the two spent their morning on Venus and its many special shopping centers.

Setsuna unbagged a few interesting items, including various articles of clothing, toys, jars of ointments, lotions, oils, and a stack of books. Rei stopped her sniffling and lifted her head to see Usagi holding a book. Curiosity killed this cat as Rei pulled out some of the books from the pile next to her. She wanted to see what kind of book it was that would get Usagi willing to read. She glanced at the titles in her hand, blink-blinked, and burst into tears again.

Minako blinked. "What's going on? Did I miss something?" She removed the books "How to be a Good Submissive" and "How to be a Bad Dominate" from the Martian's limp hands.

Setsuna saw the books she was holding.

"Hey, I remember those. The pair make up a set. We purchased it at the last BDSM shop, right? The one with all the fake fire and the feet fetish items right? I think we bought some oils and gloves from that place. I'm sure Ranma would like a foot massage."

The muffled sobbing increased.

Minako scratched her head.


End Flashback.

Everybody was trying not to look at the fuming Rei Hino. Said girl literally had steam coming out of her ears. That and the heated blush on her face told the world of her embarrassment.

Finally, all the other girls started snickering, then started laughing outright. Even the cats started chuckling, and the ravens outside started cawing.


The Moon Kingdom's government is not exactly what one would call efficient, but for this particular set of circumstances, with all nine planet's Royal Coffers thrown open, the Reins Manacles, as they are now called were completed in record time. Of course, the Senshi following each of the nine legs of the process and intimidating the workers had nothing to do with most of it.

Special ores mined off the Rings of Saturn. Usual production time: 10 days. With Sailor Saturn standing right behind the sweating and nervous miner, the production time: 30 min.

Ore Teleported by Sailor Pluto to Neptune.

Ores refined on Neptune Refinery. Usual production time 6 days. Sailor Neptune reclines on a chair in the control center of the refinery as all original production is halted and the ores run though the machine on top priority. Production time: 5 min.

Resulting metal teleported to Mars.

Metal cast into Manacles. Usual Production time. 3 hrs. Sailor Mars pacing impatiently next to a scared blacksmith. Production time: 1 hr.

Manacles teleported to Jupiter.

Base layer enchantments cast by Sailor Jupiter. Usual production time: Whenever she comes around to doing it. Sailor Jupiter being as horny as she is, starts the casting immediately. Production time. 5 hrs.

Manacles teleported to Uranus.

Still soft from forge manacles are tempered. Usual production time: 1 hr. With Sailor Uranus barking out orders to the workers. Production time: 7 min.

Manacles teleported to Mercury.

Program and Guideline enchantments cast. Usual production time: 5 hr. Having all the enchantments ready by the time the manacles were teleported in, Sailor Mercury immediately cast the spells, and waited to the metal to cool off from them. Production time: Ten seconds.

Manacles teleported to Venus.

Not wanting to hurt Ranma in any way, the manacles needed padding installed on the insides. Usual production time: 1 hr. With Sailor Venus taking the time in selecting the padding materials herself. Production time: 2 hrs.

Manacles Teleported to Time Gates.

Runes draw into the Manacles by Sailor Pluto. Usual production time: Unknown. Production time: 40 min.

Manacles Teleported to the Moon

The final enchantments needed to be placed on with the Silver Crystal. It was up to Sailor Moon to snitch it from her mother, then place the final enchantments on the manacles. Sailor Moon was unable to find her mother in the audience room, where Ranma was taking care of daily business, spinning a small object in his hands, while gazing off into space. Next she went into the Royal Quarters. She poked her head in and saw no one in the anteroom. Her mother was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, a moan emitted from the bedroom. Puzzled, the blond princess snuck over to the door leading into said bedroom, and quietly opened the door, peeking in. She saw a flash of silver hair, and knew she found her mother. Opening the door wider, wanting to sneak in while her mother's back was facing the door, she discovered a shocking scene.

Queen Serenity was nude. That wasn't exactly uncommon anymore, but it is understandable for Princess Serenity to be shocked when she gazed upon her mother suspended in mid air. Ranma had driven hooks into various locations on the walls and ceiling of the bedroom, then using long lengths of rope, bound the silver haired woman using his shibari skills. thin left her hanging, legs spread, with a horse bit strapped to her head, and a horse's tail sprouting from between her buttcheeks. It waved periodically. Hand prints and lashes were in evidence all over her backside.


The elder Serenity turned her head against her bonds and saw her daughter standing there, and blushed in ultimate embarrassment.


There was suddenly a loud buzzing noise, and the suspended woman threw her head back and moaned, then whimpered in frustration when the buzzing stopped. A large puddle underneath hear indicated that this has been going on for a while.

Usagi rushed over to her mother, and tried to free her from the ropes, but the woman struggled away from the girl. She nodded towards the bed in front of herself.


Confused, Usagi turned to see recording device of some kind set up on the bed facing the queen. Realization flooded Sailor Moon's mind as she realized the recording must be being sent to Ranma, and the device he had in his hands was a wireless remote.

The Senshi jumped backwards in embarrassment, her own cheeks turning red. Spying the Ginzuishou on the nightstand next to the bed, she snatched it, and rushed out of the Royal Quarters. Slamming the door, she collapsed against it, gasping, whether in shock or lust, or a mixture of both. She began to make her way out towards the chamber where the other Senshi were gathered with the Manacles, the erotic image burned into her mind.

As her hurried footsteps receded, the other Senshi showed up at the door, wondering why their comrade was taking so long. They too rushed out the room a few moments later, breathing heavily.

That night

The earlier behavior was accepted, as it looked like it was to be a common event in the near future. All the awkwardness from the afternoon was gone, and with the Reins complete, the Senshi had other thoughts to occupy their minds.

Finally, after the extremely loud, loud because the queen had to stand a day of torture and pent up frustration, "discussion" ended, Ranma's voice rang out.

"We're done."

The girls climbed onto the bed, hiding the product of their hard work between them. Placing themselves in strategic locations, four of the girls slowly chained one end of each manacle to each bed post, then magically lengthened the chains to reach across the huge bed, while the others distracted Ranma from noticing the actions of their compatriots.

Catty grins broke out all around.

"Now let's go t......wait, what's with all the smiles?"


"You do know I can just break these, right."

Still smiling, everyone nodded.

"Ergh! What the hell? What's this stuff made of?"

"Ranma, Master, you have more....pressing mattes to attend to." Squeeze.

"Well, there are nine of us, ten, so we better pace him." Ami pulled out a notepad and a pen.

"We have all of tonight, and tomorrow, and tomorrow night." Haruka's smile grew even wider. "I took the

liberty of canceling all of tomorrow's audiences."


Usagi's smile turned evil.

"I'm going to get you back for what you did to my mother!"

"I've been waiting a long time for this." Setsuna stroked the chest of the immobile man.

"Well well...." Rope burns still evident all over her body, the Queen smiled. "Master, you seem to be in a inescapable situation. Just sit back, and enjoy. Should you run out of stamina, or energy, I shall stand ready with the Ginzuishou to restore you.." Clearly, she had yet to forgive the man for leaving her stuck on the edge for half the day.

Two days later

Ranma and Serenity were in the Audience Room taking care of three days worth of business.

All of the Senshi were hanging from the ceiling in various positions. Periodic buzzing noises resulted in moans which broke off into curses when they stopped. Clearly, Ranma was unhappy with the Senshi jumping him.

Not that he wasn't mad at Serenity for helping them, but he needed her to help with the Royal functions.

Weeks, then months passed, and the formerly frustrated and sex deprived Senshi became much more friendlier and mellow due to love, attention, and hours and hours of non stop sex. Before, they were feared as cold soldiers; now, they are viewed more as loved public figures. Ranma himself was even more popular, as he was the one that caused the kingdom to mellow out so much by melting the ice. However, the peace wasn't to last.

Dawn, City Walls

A pair of guardsmen were patrolling the battlements as the sun came over the horizon and the earth floated above them. A sudden flash in the distance caught their attention. Some twenty five kilometers away, there was a large number of circular objects that seemed to be floating in the air.

The objects floated like a frisbee, and as the guardsmen watched, beings, both human and youma, began to exit from the bottom the circular transport gates.

Shouts rang out, and the guardsmen began running around, and soon after, sirens started wailing. The walls were quickly manned by other soldiers that were sleeping below.

The city started bustling with activity, as people were awakened by the sirens.

Palace, Royal Quarters

Ranma, who was stepping into the bedroom from the balcony after quietly doing his morning exercises as the Senshi were sleeping, turned out and stared hard at the city walls. He had felt a large spike of magical energy coming from outside the city, and had a suspicion of what it was. The sirens that started wailing a few short seconds later confirmed his suspicions.

Inside, Serenity and Setsuna, who had been awoken by the energy spike, had covered their nude bodies with sheets and were franticly searching around for something.

"Where is he?!"

"Ranma's gone!"


As Ranma came in, they looked up, and the panic on their faces was replaced by relief as they took in his form.

Sirens sounded in the palace at that point.

The nude Senshi on the bed where awoken rudely.

"What's going on!"


"The city's under attack!"

"Shut the fucking alarm up!"



Not bothering to clean themselves up, they activated their mod suits and transformed them into some light form fitting plate armor as soon as they became aware of the sirens.

The girls assembled in the anteroom, where Ranma, Serenity, and Setsuna were speaking with a Guard captain and a palace attendant.

"-tals have been opened, and the Negaverse soldiers are assembling outside of the city." The captain and the attendant were both looking at Ranma, who was dressed in black plate armor on his torso, shins, and arms. (think the way Dart looks in Legend of Dragoon when he's not a dragoon. the girls are dressed in Shana's dragoon armor, only not so ornate) The two men were trying their hardest not to stare at the women that were next to them since the females had hardened and crusted semen in their faces and their hair.

Setsuna stepped forward in front of the captain, who immediately directed his eyes down to his feet.

"What are the enemy numbers?"

"The portals are still open, and troops are still porting in."

"Can you say when they wil- look at me, Captain!" Setsuna was irate this morning, not because of the Negaverse attack, but because of her lack of sleep.

"I cannot." The red faced soldier looked to his left as the other girls stepped in, his eyes widening as the entering girls also had the same problem as the women in front of him.

"Why not!"


"'Suna, I think you should go clean your face off, and maybe wash your hair too." Ranma, who had realized the problem, looked around, and snorted. "In fact, I think everyone should."

The Time Guardian turned around looking puzzled, then saw the encrusted face of her queen, blushed deeply, realizing her own face must look the same. The embarrassed girls rushed to the Baths as Ranma stepped outside with the Captain, but not before placing a stack of plain silver bangles on the coffee table, and slipping one on his own wrist.

"I'm going out to get a SitRep. When you're done, take a bangle and contact me with it. I preprogrammed them to recive and send to our own frequency."

Outside in the hallway, Dyn looked down at Ranma from the rafters, and jumped down onto his shoulders.

"I'm coming with you!"

City Walls

Standing on a battlement, Ranma sheilded his eyes with his hands against the Sun, which was slowly rising in front of him. The Kingdom's capitol city was protected by walls well over a hundred meters high thus allowing a large area to be observed. Looking out at the opposing army in front of him, then turning around and assessing his own army, he was struck by a feeling of helplessness. If he was not here, the city would surly fall. Even with him here, it would be a close thing.

'....unless I release my limiters, but then, I'll be detected. Shit. There goes my vacation.'

"At least there won't be too many civilian casualties."

The city was situated at the center of a large expanse of grassland called the Sea of Serenity. Although it should have been called the Plain of Serenity, Sea was much more eloquent and when the wind blew on the land, the grass move in a way that can only be likened to waves on the sea.

There were practically no people living outside of the city walls, which meant that few, if any, civilians would be hurt before the attack began.

However, in a few hours, he would have his hands full fighting off the purple clad Negaverse troops that were lining up into rank and file. He estimated well over one hundred thousand troops already assembled, but thousands more were still poring out. Hulking figures of youma and powered armors could be see scattered throughout the mass.

he turned around to survey his own situation. the city was built in a circular shape, with miles of walls surrounding the entire city. Towers dotted the wall periodically, and from those towers, Lunar Guard troops were spilling out to man the battlements. Down below, behind the walls, hangers were being opened, and the Moon's own powered armors were being activated. Ranma blinked as he took in the site of the first PA stepping out of the concrete hangers.

"Waddaya know...this place uses armor slaves."

Indeed, the 30 meter tall PA did in fact resemble the first AS's so seen in the future's beloved FullMetalPanic! series.

(For those who know about FMP!, LGuards are using the M6's from the original FMP. Nega PA have nothing to do with FMP, but will be resembling the Core units from the RARA Army in 'Dual!'. If your don't know FMP!, Go watch it, now! If you don't know Parrallel Adventure Dual!, go watch it as well!.)

(The M6's will be downgraded and refered to as M2's. I have plans for the M6 models in the near future. Just think of the M2's as M6's, only less maneuverable and more bulky. Also, they will be using both FMP! and Gundam Weaponry.)

beep Ranma? Serenity's voice sounded in his head.

Activating tapping the communicator twice to his earring, he spoke into the air.

"I'm on the outer wall, between towers 579 and 580."

Moments later, the ten females leapt onto the wall next to him, dressed in the black and silver light plate, with the control rings still hanging from around their necks.

"We got here as soon as we could."

Serenity moved to stand slightly behind him to the right, as her daughter took his left side, the other Senshi, stood about, taking their own assessments of the situation.

"Many good people will die today." Ranma sighed.

"They're too far for me to use any attacks that will actually damage them to any significant extent without damaging the area overly much. I do have a number of weapons that can hurt them a lot, but the plains could take a few hundred years to recover from it. I do have some spells that would work, but there are other problems. If I use a spell powerful enough, I could be detected, and that would be a bad thing."

Ami turned around.

"What would you be detected by?"

A few others turned around to hear his answer.

"My mother, and the Black Moon."

Thoughts of meeting Ranma's mother floated through the mind of those listening.

"Umm, why would that be bad?"

Ranma sighed again.

"Although my mother wouldn't mind me staying here, many of the aristocrats and nobles of the Black Moon are extremely against association with this Moon Kingdom. Also, with the ten of you here, that lessens the chances of then gaining political influence by marrying or giving their daughters to me. If they detect me, I'll have to leave."

"That would be bad." All the girls nodded in extreme agreement. There was no way Ranma was going to leave. Not with them around anyway.

They started discussing various defensive and offensive strategies.

While they were talking, the many gates that were set into the pearl white wall were opened, and Guard began to assemble themselves for combat on the field. Ten infantry divisions of five thousand, each including a full company of a hundred spellcasters, along with three hundred AS units per division did their last checks on the equipment, built fortifications, and waited for the enemy to approach.

The AS units had used their hands and weapons to dig long gouges into the plains, making trenches of the infantry, and mages were further shaping and reinforcing them with spells.

An alarm sounded, and red lights flashed at various points on the wall, as formerly unnoticed hatches fifty meters from the ground appeared, and armored gun turrets swiveled out. Hatches on top the wall towers opened to reveal artillery and lasers.

Two hours later

The flood of Negaverse soldiers had finally stopped, and the portals closed. The last count stood at three hundred thousand odd beings, all ground troops. The odd thing about the situation was the lack of aircraft of any kind.

Ranma waved at Setsuna, who was closest to him, and she approached.

"Yes, Master?"

Ranma scratched his neck.

"'Suna? Why aren't there any aircraft?"

She frowned.

"All of the aircraft are tied up in space. The Negaverse has deployed a large armada about equal to the power of the Guard's own. Both fleets are orbiting right now, but the space battle will probably start in sync to the ground battle."


"In all likelihood, we will at least end the space battle as a draw, as their space forces are not as well trained as ours, but only employed to divert our air power to space. The ground battle is most important right now, as they have an overwhelming number of troops. They've probably been saving up ten to fifteen years worth of energy and resources in order to launch this attack. The portals alone would take three years worth of energy, and the ground forces maybe ten years with good energy harvests."

"So they are pretty sure of winning, huh?" Ranma took a last assesment of the enemy forces.

As he was about to turn away, he looked up towards the earth, blinked, then pointed.

"Look! Snubfighters in the atmosphere!"

The rest of the people on the wall looked up to see numerous black dots spinning and twisting about in the air. There was a small flash, then another, and then another, and the defenders watch grimly as three Lunarian spacecraft crash on the battlefield, disintigrating on impact. It was a disheartening sight. The soldiers in various companies grimly tightened their hold on their weapons.

As if though the fallen snubfighters were a signal, the assembled Negaverse began their slow march towards the city, veicles and youma keeping pace with the human foot soldiers.

"Well, that's that." Tapping his earing with his control bracelet again, he spoke into the air.

"The enemy is advancing. all forces assemble immedietly. I repeat. All forces to your stations. If you haven't realized by now, this is NOT a drill. So all the lazy asses still asleep, playin' cards, and crap, GET UP HERE NOW!"

Speakers on the walls, in the city, and underground repeated his words.

The girls gather to him, as he addressed them once more.

"Alright girls, its time to get to your units. But before you do, I have some things to say. Do not stick your neck out. If the fighting gets too hot, pull back. I WILL NOT have ANY of you dying on me, got it! If I have to revive ya 'cause you did somethin' stupid, the only horse you'll be riding will be a wooden one, for a month! Do I make myself CLEAR!"

The girls eyes widened in genuine fear.


"P-please! Not that!"


Indeed, all the girls remembered what had happened months ago, the week after the Reins event, when the girls had started to attack each other during the day for the bed at night. Ranma quickly put an end to it, but not before they destroyed a large portion of the audience room. He punished them by stringing them all up on the walls and going to sleep by himself that night. The next morning, the few metal rings in the wall finally couldn't handle the weight of all their bodies and were yanked out. When Ranma had seen what had happened, he had told them all to stay in the Royal Quarters that day. Hoping it was an end to their suspension from bed, the girls eagerly watched Ranma's expression when he came in the bedroom door that night. Their hopes were crushed when he carried in some wooden contraptions he had spent the day building. The coarsely made contraption was roughly shaped like a horse, the body made of a large hexagonal block of wood, set at an angle with the edge pointing up.

As Ranma set each one down, he mockingly remarked, darkly,

"Since ya'll like riding horses so much, I thought you won't mind riding these for a while."

One by one, each Senshi was dragged, crying, off to her own horse, lashed down, and spanked and whipped before the terrified eyes of their remaining fellows.

He had repeated the treatment each morning and evening, leaving them there for three days before releasing and healing them. He spent the next week rebuilding their spirits, and brought them back up to their original temperament. The girls were soon back to themselves, but whenever those horses ever entered the conversation, the strongest among them turned into meek kittens.

End Flashback

"Then don't die."

End Flashback


The watching girls had all huddled, whimpering, into the corner of the room away from the screen. Even if they did not have the memory of the event, the ingrained fear was still there.

"I've never been so scared in my entire life." Makoto buried her head into the mass of squirming girls.

"I'm gonna w-wet myself..."

"Me too..."

"I think I already did."

Everyone turned to look at Setsuna, who seemed to be trying her utmost to not move away from the screen, but the terrified expression on her face and trembling of her body gave away her obvious fear of the image of the wooden horses on the screen. Oh yeah, and the small puddle under her did as well.

"That's right!" Ami remembered. "Setsuna still has her memories! She actually remembers going though all that!"

Then, as if realizing what she said, she sat back, and swallowed.

The green haired woman suddenly jumped as if shocked, and scooted back so quickly she thumped into a wall. Covering herself with her hands, she whimpered.

"Please! M-master! Not that! F-fo-forgive me, Master....Master! NOoo! Please, I'll be goo..AHHHHhhhhh....."

The Plutonian started shivering muttering and crying to herself.

Minako peaked out from behind her hands.

"I don't know about you, but that was the most scariest thing I have ever seen. EVER."

Usagi calculated in her head.

"So, in exchange for love, sex, and happiness, we give up freedom, become slaves, and get a punishment so bad that I'd rather we fight Beryl, Galaxia, and everyone else combined instead of sitting on that thing again."

Haruka muttered

"Seeing that makes me ache … there....and I mean a hurting kind of ache."

Those that heard her nodded in agreement.

"I'm never gonna be jealous and fight you guys for Ranma ever again. I'm fine with sharing." Minako didn't think that she could handle what had just occurred. Of course, she wouldn't want to lose Ranma either.

After some time, the girls finally recovered enough for the story to go on. A quick temporal adjustmant, and the floor was back to its original condition. All realized one thing. Ranma does indeed have a dark side, and it seemed that they were going to bear the brunt of it.


After the girls had left, (but not before a hug and a long kiss to each of them) Ranma turned to face the oncoming horde.

The odds where not good. The Sea of Serenity did not provide any favorable options to either side, but the sheer numbers still disturbed him. The only possible advantage they had over the Negaverse was that they had emplacements and the height advantage on the wall. Ranma had commanded his own division to remain on the wall, equipping each one with a high powered long distance weapon. With four and a half thousand shooters, that could mean some serious damage to the NegaArmy. He himself had cleared up a large space for his own use, and had set up his own two meter long energy cannon. Normally used for Infantry to Ship Combat, it would serve well in regards to eliminating swaths of the enemy, that is, until they got too close. He would then go ahead and enter close combat.

The longer ranged artillery began firing, signaling firing the first shots of the ground battle. The hundred or so shots had exploded in the air in front of the approaching armies, scattering small mines all over the ground. As it approached the mines, the Negaverse army had slowed, allowing the other artillery and the long ranged defenders to pick off as many of the slow moving enemy as possible. After watching the performance of the sharpshooters, Ranma sighed one last time, before turning, and grabbing the end of his energy cannon. Sighting along the old fashioned iron crosshairs (which were much les prone to breaking than those of screens and complex electronics), he matched up the points on a distant group of youma and their supporting humans.

He closed his eyes, and squeezed the trigger.

With a roar of displaced air and an almost undetectable whine, a massive bolt of pure blue energy shot over the defenders, over the Negaforces traversing the minefield, and struck the middle of the youma formation in the center of the NegaArmy. There was a massive flash, and when everyone could see again, the youma formation, and anyone else within the five meters of it, was gone.

Along with a five thousand cubic meters worth of the Sea of Serenity.

The five meters past the impact crater, impact hole in this case, had charred bodies dropping onto the ground., as well as a former powered armored, which was now a metal statue with its limbs fused together by molten metal. The pilot was most likely cooked alive. Of course, it would take a crew of maintenance personnel armed with blowtorches to confirm it.

Multicolored lances of energy and light continued to reach out and lick at the approaching forces, and explosions caused by artillery shells cause mayhem among the enemy, but the losses were insignificant to the massive wave of what seemed to be ants at a distance.

The ground began to shake ever so slightly.

As the wave continued forward, the trembling increased.

As the purple mass became clearly visible, four divisions lead by the Outers moved slowly marched out in defensive wedge to meet the charge.

Firing one last blast, Ranma let the cannon tilt itself upwards, and pulled on a pair of vambraces (arm shields. For those who have played Tales of Destiny II for PS1, or watched the anime Tales of Eternia, it's the shields that Reid always has) made of dark gray metal. The metal was inlaid with silver metals in a smooth, flowing pattern.

He then materialized a huge heavy single edge sword (think the buster sword that Cloude begins with in FFVII, but bigger), leapt off the wall to land ten meters in front of the vanguard of the Lunarians, and charged forward, sword swinging into the surging mass of youma.

Five hours later

A mix of both Inner and Outer divisions was fighting on the ground below, as Ranma and the Senshi stood on the wall. The dead lay everywhere, and shattered hulks of AS and Pas alike smoked like beacons among the fray. Masonry from the formerly flawless white walls was strew about below gaping gouges and craters along the wall. Many of the turrets and towers were no longer operation, replaced by burning heaps of scrap metal and stone.

Ranma examined himself and the Senshi. The plate armor they were wearing sported dents, holes, nicks, burns, dried blood, and in his own case, had a large jagged hole in the shoulder piece where a powered armor had punched him. His own vambraces were covered in cuts and small holes from bladed weapons, youma projectile attacts, as well as large caliber bullets.

The Senshi all had small cuts in various places, but nothing serious., but Ranma had acquired a limp in the last two hours, and was bleeding from his side, from where his armor failed and a sword had scored a slash along his ribs.

"Well. We really don't have a choice anymore. The NegaArmy has around a hundred thousand fresh troops in reserve, and when they finally send that at us, we're totally screwed."

Ranma rubbed his head.

"What can we do to prevent this?" Setsuna was tired from all the fighting, and was, like everyone else, drained from using so much mana in so little time.

"There is only one thing we can do. I'm gonna cast a spell, but I WILL be detected, and I WILL be leaving. For how long, I do not know, but I will be gone for some time. How goes the space battle?"

"There have been losses on both sides, but it's a stalemate so far." Ami did not mention anything about his leaving. She knew that there was no other way that they could win, and was steeling herself to the eventual loss of her lover.

Makoto and Rei started to protest.

"Isn't th-"

"Why ca-"

A roar suddenly washed over the small crowd as they stood. Everyone's heads turned to see the enemy reserve begin their move forward.

There was a quiet moment.

A soldier emerging from one of the still standing towers spotted. the group staring out towards the Sea,. He ran towards the Senshi yelling.

"Your Majesty, the flagship Lunarius reports that a second group of Negaverse ships has exited hyperspace. The Acting-Captain Zeste is requesting further orders.

Serenity frowned.

"What happened to Admiral Bacus and Captain Trisca?"

"They were KIA'd, my Queen."

The girls all sighed.

Five minutes later, Ranma was on the wall by himself, watching the enemy troops who were still five or six kilometers away.

Slowly, he raised one hand in front of himself, and whispered,

"Summon Blade."

Motes of fuzzy white light began gathering around his hand, then elongating into a long rod, which became thinner and smother, its lined tightening.

As the light began to fade, Ranma clenched his fist around a simple, yet beautifully crafted katana, with pure platinum blade.

He breathed out, then grasping the sword with both hands, he held it up in front of him, like a saluting knight, dividing his face into two symmetrical halves.

Ten Meters Away Inside the Tower Command Center

"You have your orders, Captain. Begin transmission in two minutes. Out."

Serenity stood up from her chair, shutting off her communications link.

"I hope he knows what he's doing."

Haruka leans against a nearby desk, as the other Senshi lounged about the center, all finding places to watch the observation windows which made up most of the walls. Naturally, six hours into the battle, many of the windows were shattered or had holes from various projectiles.

Serenity gave her a brief smile.

"Have some faith in our lover."

Haruka blushed, before turning around and looking out the windows.

The lights overhead flickered and the monitors did so as well, before everything shut down.

"What the-"

"Hey! What happened to the back up generator!?"

Rei, the only spiritually train member of the Senshi shivered.

"He's gathering energy, whatever he is doing, its taking lots of power….."

On the Wall

Ranma stood still as his lengthening hair rustling as a gathering breeze began swirling around him.

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he began to chant

"Darkness beyond twilight…..

Crimson beyond blood that flows….."

Elsewhere in Space

"MA'AM! I'm reading a build up of energy at these coordinates!"

A silver haired girl sat up on her chair, where she had been sitting about idly.

"Bring it up on my screen."

One the Wall

As Ranma continued to chant, angry red-orange energy began gathering itself in a ball in front of him

"Buried in the stream of time where thy power flows….."

He slowly brought the sword down, so that the point seemed to almost touch the sphere of power. He continued to chant.

"I pledge myself to conquer…..

All the foes that stand….

Before the power bestowed in my unworthy hands….."

The light was now so bright it was painful to look at, yet those that could see it would later admit they thought it was trembling.

"Power overwhelming, infuse thyself within mine blade…..

Revel in the destruction within its form…."

The sphere seemed to reach out with a tendril, then began to seep into the sword, until the gleaming blade began to glow white.

"Mine enemies are thy enemies……

Thou art now my weapon of utter chaos….."

Ranma brought the now blindingly white blade across so that it pointed towards his right and behind.

Below, the sounds of battle faded, as both human and youma felt the energy gathering on the wall, and stopped fighting to see the man with unimaginable power standing on the wall.

The enemy reserves continued to rush towards the wall, not knowing the mortal danger they were in.

Time seemed to stop for a moment as Ranma opened his eyes.

It restarted when he slashed across towards the approaching line of enemy reserves.


In Space

"Massive energy discharge detected! Checking database for matches." The man at the counsel was working franticly as his fingers flew over his control panel.

"One match found! Black magic spell: Dragon Slave, revised blade form, caster signature confirmed as-"

The girl in the captain's chair interrupted him.

"Ranma Aquilus."

She stood up, and turned to an officer on her left.

"Communications, transmit to the Halisen and it's battle group. Message as follows.

'Have found Ranma, meet in orbit of Luna.' Message ends."

"Aye, ma'am!"

"Navigation, plot hyperspace route to Silver Moon, and transmit to battle group. We leave as soon as everyone is in position."

"Aye, ma'am."

Sitting down, Captain Teletha Testarossa of the dreadnaught Tuatha de Danaan smiled.

'We've finally found you, Ranma.'

She fingered the black banded silver earring attached to a white silk ribbon at her throat.

Tessa sweat dropped.

'I can't believe that we almost went to Nemesis to look for you.'

The Battlefield

A wave of red light swept over the heads of the paused battle below it.

It smashed into the plain within the charging Negaverse lines.

There was a massive explosion, and everything in a strip three kilometers long and a quarter kilometer wide was either melted into slag, burnt beyond recognition, or just no longer there.

One hundred thousand lives, human and nonhuman, ended in an instant.

Then the shockwave hit, and everyone was knocked off their feet.

Tower Command Center


"Although I would use your choice of words, Haruka, I'm find myself inclined to agree." Serenity stood up on unsteady legs, the glanced around herself to see all the Senshi sprawled in various positions around her.


Her daughter emerged from behind one of the consoles, rubbing a bump on her head.

"Usagi? Are you ok?" Hotaru moved over to help her princess heal the bump.

"Yes…I just tripped on something….."

She turned to see a fallen Endymion laying on his back, paws in the air, complete with swirly marks for eyes.

Orbit of the Moon

Battlecruiser MKS Lunarius

"Captain! We have begun transmission of the uploaded file on all channels as ordered." An unnamed comm. officer reported.

"Good. Thank you."

"SIR! We have multiple hyperspace exit readings from two o'clock high. I'm getting three, five, eight, capital ships! Fifteen crusiers, two dozen frigates and a large number of corvettes also detected."

"Bring the image on screen." The Acting-Captain Zeste shook his head. At this point, the Moon Kingdom fleet was fighting a losing battle. With the entrance of the second Negaverse fleet, they were outnumbered three to one, and now, another fleet?

The view screen blinked, then showed a group of dark, gunmetal gray ships at a distance. Most notable was the large ship in the middle of the formation.

Zeste's mouth suddenly went dry as he paled.

"A-a-a Dr-readn-naught….."

"S-sir! The dreadnaught is hailing us!"

The BMS Halisen

"We have exited hyperspace, Ma'am."

"Scopes show over a hundred capital class ships in the area. It seems that we have arrived at a battle, Ma'am."

"Communications is reading continuous encrypted transmissions from the white painted ships. Decoding. Transmissions using Aquilunarian codes from ten months ago. Message decoded. Transmission as follows…'ommand. - Stallion. Support silver, shoot purple. This is my command. - Stallion.' It repeats continuously."

The blue-green haired girl in the captain's chair closed her large paper fan with a snap.

"Comm. Give me the Lunarian flagship."

"Aye, ma'am. Contact established with the MKS Lunarius. On screen now."

The large floating main screen on the bridge flashed, then showed the image of a near thirty year old man in a bloody white uniform.

MKS Lunarius

Zeste took a deep breath before the screen turned on to show a beautiful blue haired girl in a black uniform and a black banded ring that hung from the white ribbon around her neck. Oh, and the black captain's hat was also quite noticeable.

'A young girl?!'

He swallowed and steeled himself.

"I am Captain Zeste of the Moon Kingdom flagship Lunarius. To whom am speaking?"

The girl smirked.

"Good day, Captain Zeste. I am Chidori Kaname, Captain of the dreadnaught, the BMS Halisen. The Halisen and it's battle group is part of the 13th Fleet of the Black Moon Spacy."

"May I enquire your reasons for being here, Captain Kaname?"

"We have detected a large power signature belonging to someone of great importance to us on the moon below, and are here to retrieve him."

"Are you here to attack us?" Zeste was almost quivering in his boots.

The smirk grew even wider.

"No Captain, quite the opposite. We have received orders to assist you, an we always follow Master's orders."

The screen flash blank, then the image of the Aquilunarian fleet again flashed on in real-time.

The bridge crew watched in stunned silence as the newly arrived Black Moon fleet flowed forwards toward the battle, the dreadnaught taking the point while the other smaller ships took up a cone formation behind it. Hundreds of snub fighters and what seemed to be powered armors of a sort spewed out from a dozen different hanger bays, all heading toward the middle of the Negaverse formation. They even added a volley of missiles for zest.

There was a sudden gathering of energy at the bow of the dreadnaught and, before the horrified eyes of thousands of Moon Kingdom soldiers viewing the battle from view ports on their ships, the gathered energy was expelled in a continuous beam of golden light, which reached out and struck an unsuspecting Negaverse battlecruiser, one of eight largest ships in the enemy fleet, on the side.

There was a flash as the shield had held all of .02 seconds, then a chain of small, then large explosions extending out from where the cannon had melted a large hole into the hull. There was a second flash, and the shining beam pierced through the other side to hit a small Negaverse corvette, which promptly disintegrated. Finally the power to the energy cannon shut off, and the battlecruiser was left to float dead in space, as the gaping hole lined with slag near instantly vented the ship.

The enemy ships were still for a moment, as if shocked into inactivity, but was then shocked back into it when the missiles and long range cannon fire took out another three frigates and heavily damaged two destroyers.

The Negaverse fleet left off of pounding on the beleaguered Lunar Guard fleet, for which the Guard was extremely grateful for. Instead they turned their bows toward the oncoming formation, and began to fire back at the gunmetal gray ghost that had appeared.

The ghost fleet accelerated, sliding into the Negaverse formation before the purple ships could react to it. Broadside after broadside drilled into the Negaverse ships, sometimes even snapping a ship in half with a well placed volley.

The fighters and space borne powered armors destroyed ever more ships, as well as hundred of snub fighters and gunships that had poured out of the hanger bays of the Negaverse vessels.

Then the Dreadnaught fired it main cannon again, hitting another battle cruiser, this time striking the bow, and burning a deep into the ship. The ship exploded after the near blinding beam must had hit the engine cores, or the battle crusier's magazine.

Ten minutes later, a wide swath of debris and unpowered hulls floated between the Negaverse fleet. The Black Moon detachment had cut through the space forces, destroying a third of the purple fleet, before taking up positions on the other side of the Moon, above the capital city. The remaining Negaverse ships had finally begun showing signs of regrouping and recommencing the attack on the Lunar Guard fleet.

On board the Lunarius, Zeste and his crew were able to throw off their shock and regroup their own fleet, and prepare for a still against the odds, but more even, fight with the regrouping purple ships.

That is, until another hyperspace exit was detected.

"Sir! Multiple hyperspace exit signatures detected, from one o' clock low. Onscreen now."

The main screen flashed, then revealed the zoomed in picture of a fleet similar to the previous new entries. Another large vessel was the centerpiece.

"Another dreadnaught…"

"Captain! The dreadnaught is hailing us!"

"Onscreen please." Zeste settle back into his captain's chair.

The screen flashed again to show a girl with silver white hair, with gray eyes, dressed in the same black uniform and hat the other dreadnaught captain was wearing. A silver ring with a black band on a white silk ribbon hung from her neck.

'Another girl. Hmm.'

The girl on screen smiled pleasantly at him.

"I am Captain Teletha Testarossa of the dreadnaught Tuatha de Danaan. We are part of the 13th Fleet of the Black Moon Spacy. May inquire as to who you are?"

End Chapter

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