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Setting: Seventh Year, a few months before graduation. (FUTURE fic) Draco and Harry are headstudents.

Pairing: DM/HP and implied HP/HG

Summary: Hermione and Harry had gotten together at the beginning of their seventh year at Hogwarts, but what will happen if Peeves performs a spell on Draco and Harry? The professors and the Headmaster of Hogwarts had thought Peeves harmless until then. Peeves is known for his 'Blood Magic' and had bound Draco and Harry together by blood. Will Draco and Harry be able to live with it? What would happen to Hermione and Harry?

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Title: Blood Magic

Chapter One: Peeves

"Why does he always have to torment us with his sixteen inch long essays?!" Ron complained, his hands aching from writing.

"Come on Ron, you know as good as I do that Snape just loves doing it!" Harry replied.

"Yeah, Ron. Besides, if you hadn't been too involved in your snowball fight a while ago, you could've been able to finish it already!" Hermione said with a smirk, wrapping her arm tighter around Harry's waist, as she had nothing to do but supervise.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Hermione. Oh, and by the way, Harry, thanks for letting us work here in the Headstudents' common room. We really appreciate it, since the Gryffindor common room can get quite crowded at times." Ron said appreciatively.

"Yeah, especially since the other seventh years started throwing parties at night." Hermione added.

Harry waved a hand in reply. "Psh. We're seventh years too, you know." Harry answered with a smile, before he gave Hermione a kiss on the forehead.

"Quit doing that, you too! Too much Public Display of Affection!" Ron said, a fake disgusted look on his face.

"Oh come off it, Ronald, we all know that it's because you don't approve of me and Harry." Hermione said knowingly.

"Yup, and we all know how Ron feels about you, 'Mione." Harry said. Ron glared at the two of them and kept up with his work.

The portrait to the headstudents' common room suddenly swung open, startling the trio. A large number of Slytherins entered, being led by none other than Draco Malfoy.

"Oy, Potter! How could you let Gryffindors in here? Especially that Mudblood girlfriend of yours?" Malfoy demanded to know, his lips curled up in an indifferent smirk.

"What about those Slytherins behind you? And don't insult Hermione, Malfoy, it's not her fault she's muggleborn." Harry retorted with an equally cold smirk.

"Well, I've let them in for a party, obviously. So if you and your goody- two-shoe friends could leave right now, we'd appreciate it." Draco said with a glare. "Use your side of the common room, Malfoy. It's bigger, anyway." Harry answered back.

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Unfortunately we're not going to fit on my side. Have you lost your short-term memory, Potter? You know we'd have to use your side too." Draco answered, a smug grin on his face.

Harry sighed defeatedly. "Come on Ron, Hermione, let's just study in my room." He said, standing up. The two shook their heads no and would not budge. "Ron!? Hermione!?" Harry said, sighing exasperatedly.

"No, Harry. We refuse to move until the three of us have participated in this party." Hermione said with a smirk. "Well, if you really insist on getting drunk and stoned, and maybe end up shagging the Slytherins here, you'd stay. I'll be in my room." Harry said, gathering up his things. He gave them one last glare and his eyes lingered at Hermione for a while before they left, trying to coax her into coming with him. When she shook her head no, he left, hiding his disappointment.

"Listen to your friend, you two, what he said just might come true." Draco said slyly, causing the Slytherins to snicker.

Hermione and Ron rolled their eyes and finally gave in, gathering up their things and heading for Harry's room. Just as the door closed, screaming was heard, and the party started. The music was thumping, and the three Gryffindors could feel each beat of music, as the floor vibrated everytime. Ron and Hermione put their things beside them on Harry's bed. Harry seemed to be purposefully ignoring them, nibbling on the end of his sugar quill as he wrote.

"How can you concentrate with this racket, mate?" Ron asked, putting his books in his knapsack. Hermione did the same.

"Got used to it. They have their parties here a lot anyway." Harry said coldly.

His best friends seemed to notice, and glanced at each other before they lunged towards Harry, hugging him tight. "Okay, okay, forgiven! If you don't stop squeezing me, all my ribs will crack and break, I'll suffocate and die coughing up blood!" Harry said, a taunting smile playing on his face.

"Spare the details, Harry! You know it squicks us!" Hermione said, playfully punching Harry's arm. The two had grown used to Harry's exaggerated expressions, and were no longer affected.

"Do you think it would be okay if we snuck out quietly and ran like idiots to the Gryffindor common room?" Ron asked, laying down on Harry's bed.

"Nope. It would be hazardous to our being naive and innocent. There'd be too much sexual exposure, drug use and alcohol." Harry replied, grinning.

"I guess you're righ – bloody hell!" Ron said when the door suddenly opened and closed with a bang, and Draco Malfoy, snogging a blonde girl, entered the room.

"What in bloody hell are you doing in MY room?!" Draco exclaimed when he saw the trio.

"If you haven't noticed yet, you're in the wrong room." Hermione stated. Draco took a look around.

"Are you drunk?" Harry asked, making his best friends grin.

"No. I don't drink any other kind of alcohol other than Champagne and Wine." Draco answered with a smirk. The trio rolled their eyes and shooed Draco out the door.

"What in Merlin's beard was that?" Hermione said, laughing.

"I think Malfoy was having some fun." Ron answered, making the three of them burst into hysterical laughter.

"Well, we better get some sleep. It's going to be a long while before the party stops." Harry said, putting their stuff down on the floor.

The three settled down on the king-sized bed, big enough to fit the three of them, Hermione and Harry spooning against each other, Ron with his back on the bed, facing the ceiling.

A couple of hours later, Harry woke up slowly, nuzzling Hermione awake, who in turn shook Ron into consciousness.

"Wha -? A 'lil mo' consid'ration, please?" Ron said groggily, sitting up.

The three got up and fixed themselves decent before Ron and Hermione gathered their things, and Harry lead them to the door.

"Come on, quickly, before any of these Slytherins wake up!" Harry said, pushing the two out of the Headstudents' common room.

He closed the portrait-door and sighed, turning around to observe the not exactly good picture. Slytherins were lying in every place imaginable, some on the coffee table, some underneath it, some using the area rugs as blankets, and most of them were half naked. There were bottles everywhere and the whole room smelled of sex.

He heard a door bang and some yelling. "Get the fuck out of here, NOW!" Malfoy demanded, pushing the half dressed girl out of his room. He followed her , making sure she left. He had put on nothing but an emerald green robe, belt tied loosely around his waist, and his silver silk boxers. He crossed his arms and glared at the sobbing girl.

"That's it?! That's what I get after I gave you myself and surrendered my body to you?!" The girl said, pulling on her school robe. Harry rolled his eyes at the scene taking place in front of him.

"What do you expect? That we kiss and cuddle? You very well know that I am not in favor of any mushy stuff. Now get out of here!" Draco demanded, giving the girl an icy glare.

Harry raised an eyebrow. The girl ran out of the common room, possibly back to her dormitory. Harry watched Draco silently, leaning back up against the wall beside the portrait.

"What are you looking at?!" Draco mocked, his mouth in a smirk. "Not being able to shag even one bitch in this school doesn't give you the right to interfere with my sex life, Potter." Draco said, glaring at the raven haired boy.

"Quit gloating, Malfoy." Harry answered simply. Draco rolled his eyes.

"Well?!" The platinum blonde asked, raising one of his perfectly arched eyebrows.

"Well what?" Harry asked quietly, not wanting to have any of the Slytherins wake up.

"Aren't you going to help me move this mob out of here and clean up the place?" Draco said.

"Fine! This'll be the last time I help you!" Harry replied, poking the nearest Slytherins awake. When they were done shooing the Slytherins away, performing a cleaning spell on the room, and putting everything back in place, they sat down on the couch, albeit far from each other. Draco tied the belt of his robe tighter around his waist.

"So... Want to go get some dinner?" Draco asked conversationally.

"Malfoy!? It's half past ten! Can you even call that dinner!?" Harry exclaimed, rolling his eyes.

"Fine. A snack, then?" Draco revised.

"Fine. Race you." Harry said and they ran towards Lucius Malfoy's portrait. "Flying snitches." They recited simultaneously, and the portrait turned transparent. They walked through the portrait. The sight never ceased to amaze Harry. A very long hallway was in front of him, the walls covered with labeled doors. They called the concealed room 'The Hallway." Every properly labeled door led to the respective place, which made it easier to do their rounds at night. Lucius Malfoy had the room constructed for them, but mostly for his son. They padded to the most used door in The Hallway, and opened it, revealing the kitchens. They entered and sat down opposite each other on a table, waiting for a house elf to notice them.

"HarryPotterSir! HarryPotterSir! You is come to visit Dobby!" The house elf said excitedly. "DracoMalfoySir! You is there too! Dobby isn't notice! How is you?" The house elf said, cooking up their favorite foods.

"I'm fine, Dobby, thank you." Draco said with a small smile. This made Harry raise his eyebrow and look at Draco skeptically.

"That's the first time I noticed that you're chummy with Dobby." He observed.

"I'm not my father, Potter, I don't despise house elves." Draco replied, thanking Dobby when said elf served their food.

"Oh." Harry said plainly. They finished their food and Draco headed back to the disillusioned door alone while Harry helped Dobby clean up.

When Harry entered The Hallway, the sight that beheld him was awful. Peeves was cackling and Draco was groaning on the floor, rolling around, full of boils.

"What in bloody hell!? What happened here!?" Harry demanded to know, kneeling beside Draco and trying to keep the blonde steady.

"Watch out, Potter! Peeves is behind you!" Draco managed to say in one short breath.

"Ickle little Potter has come to save his friend?" Peeves mocked. "What did you do to Malfoy, Peeves?!" Harry demanded to know, taking out his wand.

"Oh, just a tiny little spell. Want me to do the same to you?" Peeves said, flying around the room in a circle, and coming to rest in front of Harry. "Boils on your back will never come back, because you'll find a cure. But your blood, however pure, will never change back, unless you find an arrangement, which would suit both of you men." Peeves recited nonchalantly and almost immediately Harry started growing boils.

"Peeves! Come back here and cure us!" Harry said, but it was too late, as Peeves had already left. "Hurry, Malfoy, to the hospital wing!" Harry said, struggling to his feet.

The door to the infirmary banged open, startling Poppy Pomfrey. The headstudents fell onto the floor, convulsing.

"What on Merlin's beard!? Did the two of you fight again?" She demanded to know, levitating both of them onto separate beds, giving them potions to stop the convulsing. She tucked them in.

"Well?" She asked, crossing her arms against her chest and tapping her foot.

"No, we didn't fight – it was Peeves." Harry said, fisting his hands to take his mind off of the pain.

"P-Peeves? D-did you just say Peeves?" The woman stammered, heading off to call the faculty, leaving the two confused.

"What do you reckon that was about, Malfoy?" Harry asked, squeezing his eyes shut.

"I don't know, Potter, obviously." Draco answered coldly, biting his lip.

The faculty burst into the room, Albus Dumbledore in front. The boys were now screaming, as their boils popped, oozing yellow liquid.

"What happened to you?" Minerva Mcgonagall asked.

"Peeves cast some kind of – OUCH! – spell on aahghh! Us!" Draco replied. Poppy hurriedly performed a counter spell for the boils. The two sighed in relief when the last boils disappeared.

"Can you recall the words to this spell?" Dumbledore asked. The whole faculty had worried looks on their faces, which unnerved Harry and Draco.

"Something like, 'your blood, however pure, will never change back...' That's all I remember." Harry replied. This confirmed the Headmaster's worried assumptions.

"I see. We shall discuss this tomorrow, Mr Potter, Mr Malfoy, please head back to your rooms. You shall be excused from your classes tomorrow. Have a pleasant evening." Dumbledore said, and the rest of the staff said their goodnights. The two headed back to their respective rooms through the disillusioned door leading to The Hallway. They changed into their pajamas and instantly fell asleep.

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