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Lily was not aware of the difficulty one could have with such a simple task. But as she tried to put the key in the hole, she was now slowly beginning to understand why. When your husband is totally insistent on trying to kiss you passionately at the same time, it does become rather a hassle.

"James, I need to unlock...the door." Lily breathed. James chuckled, sighed and ceased his progress down her neck.

"Fine then. Do as you will." he said, waving a hand at the door. Lily smiled, found her key and reached for the door. James smiled and whipped out his wand.

"Alohamora." James said, and the door unlocked obediently. Lily looked at him with amusement as he slipped her wand away. "Can I kiss you now?" he asked. Lily chuckled, and James grabbed her waist and brought her against him with a squeal.

"James, the neighbors!" she giggled. She felt him smirk against her neck.

"Let them watch." He muttered defiantly. Lily cast a glace around the street, now finding that she didn't much care what they thought either.

Lily turned the handle and the door swung open, almost causing Lily and James to fall onto the floor. James picked Lily up around the middle, carried her inside and kicked the door closed behind them. The house was dark.

"Welcome home." James whispered against her. Lily smiled and ran her hand up his thigh.


Lily and James both broke away from each other and looked at each other confused. And it was only until they turned to look into the living room did they notice that they were in fact, not alone.

The three Marauders, plus Allison and Trinity were standing in the middle of the room, looking at the couple with a mixture of amusement and embarrassment. The living room was decorated with streamers and balloons with a large banner behind them saying, 'Welcome home'.

Peter shook himself out of his daze and smiled. "Surprise!" he said happily.

The spell that had kept them all quiet was instantly broken as they all groaned. Sirius whacked Peter of the back of the head.

"Well duh Wormtail. However, we aren't the ones that are meant to be surprised." He said, smirking at James. James chuckled nervously and let go of Lily all together.

"Welcome home!" Allison said, running forward. Lily laughed, ran forward and they met each other in the middle with a large, tight hug. James laughed, stepped forward and greeted everyone else.

As soon as the greetings were over, the group exchanged stories of the last two months. Lily and James listened on in interest as Allison and Sirius told them about all the pranks they had been pulling, and they two listen on as James and Lily announced that during their stay, that had taken up a few extra-curricular activities.

"Dancing eh? Sounds great. What type?" Peter asked.

Sirius smirked. "Ballet. Its obvious with Prongs's wonderful long, feminine legs." He said. James threw a cork at him and glared.

"No, although Ballet is rather nice. Its Latin, salsa type stuff. We're not the best, but I think we're getting there." Lily said, relaxing against James.

"Wow. Sexy stuff." Allison said. Trinity laughed.

"Care to give us a bit of a demo?" she asked, dancing in her seat. James shook his head and laughed.

"Oh no. Not right now. Maybe later, as we are totally buggered." He said. Remus snorted into his drink.

"Didn't look like it before." He muttered.


Later, it was time to give out their gifts, and it took everything Lily had to not burst out laughing as she watched Sirius play with his snow-dome.

"So, how do they get the snow inside? How do they stop it from melting?" he asked, squinting though one eye. Remus laughed as he opened his gift. It was new, green sweater.

"Its fake Sirius." Allison said, admiring her new, designer sunglasses. Sirius looked at her curiously, before looking back at the object in his hands.

"Its like ships in a bottle." Peter said. "God knows how they put them in there." He said, shrugging. James chuckled and rested his elbow against Lily's.

Lily smiled to herself as she watched Sirius continue to work out the mystery of his snow dome. She had had the best Honeymoon she could have ever asked for. Maybe it was because of the fact that she was with James 24/7. Maybe it was the fact that she was in Hawaii, one of her most favorite places in the world. Thinking about all this made her wish she were there again.

It wasn't that she wasn't happy to be home, but part of her wished she and James could have stayed there forever, forgetting about everything else but each other.

James looked at her and kissed her cheek, bringing her back to reality. "You ok?" he asked. She smiled and nodded.

"Of course. Just a bit tired." She said. James smiled, winked at her and went back to a conversation with Trinity.


"You two drive safe!" Lily called as Sirius and Allison got onto the motorbike. Sirius roiled his eyes and capped his sunglasses at her.

"Lillian, shut up. I am invincible." He said cockily. Allison laughed, blew Lily and James a kiss and the two of them drove off down the street.

James smiled as he felt Lily flinch next to him as Sirius did a sharp turn at the end of the street. He came roaring back towards them and just as he passed them, they lifted into the air with a BANG. Allison's cheers could be heard as they flew off into the distance.

James turned to Lily next to him and smiled. She had her arms wrapped around herself, watching the sky with apprehension.

"My stomach jumps every time he does that." She muttered. James chuckled, wrapped his arms around her shoulders and led her back into the house.

"You're such a mother." He chuckled. Lily looked at him in mock horror as he opened the front door open for her.

"Excuse me? Is it a crime to worry?" she asked. James smiled as she walked past him into the house.

He closed the door behind them and followed Lily into the kitchen. Everyone had left earlier, deciding that Lily and James deserved at least some time alone.

"Only when its paranoia." He said. Lily smiled, took his hand and led him up the stairs. As they reached the top of the stairs, she turned around to face him, walking backwards up the hallway.

"Are you still hot for me?" she asked. James chuckled and wrapped his arms around her waist, backing her up.

"Always have been, and always will be." He whispered. Lily smiled, ran her hands up his arms, along his shoulders and up to his face.

"Even right now?" she whispered, leaning in. James smiled and closed the distance between them.

"Especially right now." He breathed. Lily giggled as James backed her into their bedroom door. She fumbled behind her for the handle as James continued to kiss her very passionately.

Finally, Lily opened the door, causing them once again to stumble through the doorway. James chuckled as he moved his way back down to her neck. He sucked lightly on a sensitive are near her ear, making her shiver. They weren't messing around anymore.

Lily moaned and ran her hands through his hair. James opened his eyes and looked over her shoulder into the room.

And his eyes widened.

"Lily. Lily, look." He whispered. Lily groaned in protest and looked around. But she too momentarily forgot about what they were doing as she looked at the scene in front of her.

Dozens upon dozens of candles had been lit and placed on the windowsills, on shelves and along the bed head. Their bed was now covered in both red rose petals and Lily petals. There were incense sticks burning somewhere, giving off the scent of Lavender.

Lily let go of James entirely and put a hand to her mouth. "Oh my god." she whispered. James stood level with her and smiled. "Did you do this?" she asked, looking at him.

James shook his head, still looking around. "No! I wish I had though." He said. Lily chuckled and continued to look around in wonder. James walked past her to the bedside table. He picked up a small note that was lying there, perfectly conspicuous compared to the rest of the room.

Lily watched James read it. As he finished, he smiled and chuckled. "What's it say?" she asked, walking towards him. James looked at her and smiled.

"We thought this would make your transition from the Honeymoon suite to home just that little bit easier. Keep it simple, the kinkiness is for later when you're old and out of passion. Remus and Sirius.' James looked up at her and chuckled. "Dickheads." He muttered.

Lily laughed, plucked the note out of his hand and tossed it over her shoulder. "Well, yes and no." she said. James smiled as she slid her hands up his chest and wrapped the around his neck, remaining him of what they had started only a few minutes ago. "Are you aware that we have never made love in this bed?" she whispered.

James shivered under her stare. "Yes I am. What are you suggesting Mrs. Potter?" he asked. Lily smirked, let go of him and began unbuttoning her shirt.

"Well...I was thinking...maybe we could christen it." She said. James simply watched as her shirt fell to the floor. She lay down on the bed and looked up at him expectantly. He loved that sublte 'come-hithering' thing she did.

James moaned, took off his glasses, laid them on the bedside table and lay down on top of her. He kissed her passionately and ran his hands along her side.

"I think that's a wonderful idea." He said.



Sirius and James walked out of their classroom, both groaning with the sheer force of their training sessions.

"You know, we can never train enough for that madman." James said, stretching his arm. Sirius chuckled and cracked his knuckles.

"I don't think even Superman would be fit enough." He said. James laughed and adjusted his bag on his shoulder.

They had just had an intensive, martial arts type session. Purely physical and very challenging. The classroom had been charmed into a type of obstacle course for the class, in which they had to attempt in a certain amount of time. It wasn't just any normal course, but there were many boggarts enclosed in secret areas, and mock Death Eaters roaming around. It was very tiring and 2 hours later, James and Sirius were glad to get out of there.

As James and Sirius turned another corner, Sirius let out another groan. "You know, they should really invest in a massage parlor for this dump. God knows many ministry officials could use a good massage." He said.

James chuckled. "Or a good shag." He muttered as two grumpy-looking wizards walked past them. Sirius barked out a laugh and clapped James on the shoulder, making him wince.

"Too right Prongs. Oh, sorry about that." He said. James smiled weakly at him as he rubbed his sore shoulder.

James and Sirius walked up another two flights of stairs until they came to a familiar corridor.

"Hey, did I tell you? Lily's sister's pregnant." James chuckled. Sirius halted his progress down the hallway and looked at James with both horror and amusement.

"I'm sorry, I thought you just said Petunia is pregnant." He said. James smiled and nodded.

"I know." He said, chuckling at his best friend's expression. Sirius stared blankly at James for a moment, before his face contorted into distaste.

"Urgh, people like that should not be allowed to procreate. Especially those two! I mean, the sheer mechanics of it are mind-boggling!" he said. James laughed and cringed also.

"I know! I think Lily was more grossed out than anything. She's a few weeks in apparently." James said, starting his progress back down the hall. Sirius put a hand to his face and groaned.

"Yuck. That's just...yuck." He said. James laughed and nodded.

They walked a few more meters, before they came to Lily's office door. James opened the door and walked straight in, Sirius right behind him. Trinity looked up at them in shock, nearly falling out of her chair.

"Excuse me ladies, but you cant just walk into a persons office without knocking!" she said, smirking. "We could have been shagging in here for all you know." She said. Sirius and James exchanged a glace.

"We?" Sirius asked.

At that moment, Remus stuck his head up from behind the desk. "Yes. We." He said.

Sirius and James looked down at their best friend in amazement. "Moony, what are you doing down there?" James asked, smirking. Remus sighed and pushed himself off the ground.

"I'm fixing the leg of the chair." He said smoothly. Sirius snorted.

"While she's sitting in it?" he asked. Remus fidgeted under his best friends amused stare. Trinity was giggling behind her hand.

"Yeah well...she's testing the weight." Remus muttered, stepping away. Sirius laughed.

"Yeah ok. Look, where's my wife?" James asked, looking over at Lily's empty desk.

"Oh, she told me to tell you she would meet you at home. She left early." Trinity said, filling through some papers. James looked over at her.

"Did she say where she was going?" he asked. Trinity shook her head. James sighed. "Alright then. I guess I'll just go home then. See you two later." He said to Sirius and Remus, getting his wand out.

They nodded and James disapparated. Trinity got out of her seat and walked towards the door with a bunch of papers. "Ok, I'll only be gone for a second. Don't touch anything." She said, smirking.

Sirius turned to Remus as soon as Trinity was down the hall and out of earshot.

"So, fixing the chair, eh Moony? Its that what they're calling it now?"


James walked into the house and immediately looked around for her. "Lils? Honey you home yet?" he called out. He looked around the living room and there she was, sitting in a corner in her favorite chair.

"Hey." She said, looking out the window. James walked up to her and as he did so, he noticed she had a glass of wine in her hand.

"Hey. I um, went to see you at the office today but you weren't there." He said.

"Oh, sorry about that." She said distantly. James eyed her. She had a dreamy, content look on her face. Was she drunk?

"Baby, are you alright?" he asked. Lily slowly shifted her gaze to him and smiled up at him.

"Couldn't be happier." She whispered. James was now rather concerned. He pulled over a footstool and sat down in front of her.

"Lily, what's going on?" he asked. Lily sighed, reached over to the small table beside her and picked up a spare glass.

"Well, I have some news." She said. James watched on in interest as she poured another glass of red wine.

"Um, alright then. Don't tell me your sisters having twins." He said, cringing again at the thought. Lily let out a belly laugh and sat up slightly.

"No. Nothing to do with Petunia." She said, handing him the glass. James smiled in interest as he took it from her.

"Ok then. What?" he pressed. Lily sighed, stood up and walked over to the window.

"I went to the doctor today." She said, looking out into the street. James sat up straighter.

"The doctor? Why? Is everything alright? Are you sick?" he asked, slightly hysterical. But Lily simply smiled.

"Oh yes, everything fine." She said. James relaxed slightly, put his untouched wine down and walked over to her.

"Well then, what's the matter?" he asked, standing behind her.

Lily sighed, turned to him and took his hand. James watched her face with interest as she guided his hand along her thigh and up to her stomach.

"I'm pregnant." She said, grinning widely.

James looked at her stunned. He was speechless. "You''re..." he stuttered. Lily smiled happily and nodded. "What do you meant pregnant?" he asked stupidly. Lily giggled.

"Well lets see...I've got a bun in the oven...I've been knocked up...I've got a watermelon in the fridge...shall I keep going? I've got more." She said. James let out a short laugh of amazement.

"You're...we're going to have a baby?" he whispered. Lily smiled humorously and kissed him.

"Uh huh." She whispered. James smiled back, but suddenly his expression changed. He stepped back and looked around, not knowing what to do with himself.

" need to sit down! Put your feet up!" he said, grabbing her softly and guiding her back to the chair. Lily laughed as James sat her down.

"James honestly, I'm fine." She said, picking up her glass again.

"You're in a delecate condidiont!" He said, amking sure she was comfortable. Lily rolled her eyes.

"Honestly James, I dont have cancer." she chuckled. James sat down in front of her again and looked at her fondly.

" did you know?" he asked, nervously sculling his wine in one mouthful.

Lily chuckled. "Well, I'd missed my period and it's usually quite predictable. So, I went to see the doctor and...well, I'm pregnant." She said. James put his glass down and took her knees in his hands.

"'re pregnant." He repeated. Lily giggled at him.

"Yes James." She said, leaning forward. James laughed softly as Lily stroked his cheek.

"I'm...going to be a daddy?" he whispered.

"Yes James." She repeated.

James simply watched her warmly for a moment, taking all this informaiton in. Suddenly, he jumped out of his chair, pulling Lily with him. She laughed as he dragged her into the kitchen and sat her down at the small table.

"James, what are you doing?" she chuckled. James smiled, seized the phone and clumsily punched in numbers.

Lily watched on in amusement as James bobbed up and down impatiently on the spot. Finally, someone must have answered as James's whole face lit up.

"Padfoot, its me. Guess what? We're having a baby!"

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