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1: Reunited
It's been three years since everything happened at the abbey after the world tournament. So Tyson, Max and Kenny are now 16, Ray's 17 and Kai's 18. The Bladebreakers had all split up. Ray went back to his hometown in China, Max went off the America now living with his mother, Tyson and Kenny were back in Japan living out fairly normal lives, you know going to high school and stuff. And then there's Kai, Kai and Tala are still currently living at the Hiwatari mansion somewhere in Russia. Anyways lets get started.

A teenaged boy about 16 was walking down the streets, he had navy blue hair with matching eyes, he wore a yellow t-shirt with a red jacket over it, he also had dark blue figureless gloves and navy blue jeans, upon his head he wore a blue, white and red baseball cap turned backwards.

"Hey chief you heard from Max, Ray or Kai lately?" asked the navy haired teen

"Sorry Tyson, nothing, but don't worry Max and Ray always send us at least one letter a month, but Kai well that's another story" replied a smaller teen who was also 16 but was a little short for his age, he had dark brown hair that covered most of his face making it impossible to see his eyes, but he wore a large pair of glasses were his eyes were. He wore a cream coloured button up shirt with a dark green tie, he also had dark cream coloured shorts, and under his arm he carried a gray laptop. (Incase your wondering everyone is wearing their season three outfits – G Revolution).

"Yeah, I don't know what's up with that guy, I thought that after the abbey thing he had changed for the better, but I guess it was just some kind of faze" said Tyson in frustration.

"Hmm, who knows what goes on through his head, and what about Tala?" asked Kenny a.k.a the Chief,

"They're as bad as each other," replied Tyson, Kenny just giggled at Tyson's last comment.

"Come on Chief, I'll race you back to my house!" yelled Tyson as he set off at a run.

"Tyson wait for me!" yelled Kenny as he too set off at a run to catch up to the navy haired teen in front of him.

After a few minutes Tyson and Kenny had made their way to Tyson's house (dojo), they went into Tyson's room and sat down on the floor, Kenny opened up his laptop,

"Hey guys anything interesting happen today?" came the familiar voice of Kenny's bit beast Dizzi.

"Oh and Kenny you have an e-mail" Dizzi added

"Really cool, who's it form?" asked Tyson

"Mr. Dickinson" replied Dizzi

"Mr. D?" spoke Tyson

Kenny read the e-mail out loud for Tyson to hear,

"To Kenny and Tyson,

I'm sending you this because of an up coming tournament that will be held in Canada, I've arranged for the Bladebreakers to participate, so if you would be so kind as to go to the BBA branch in Japan at 11:00am tomorrow I'll be there waiting with the other Bladebreakers to talk about the new tournament, hope to see you tomorrow,

Mr. Dickinson"

"Alright another tournament and in Canada, I can't wait!" yelled Tyson as he punched the air with his fist

"Yeah and we'll be able to see Max, Ray and Kai there too" said Kenny

"The sooner tomorrow comes the better," Tyson added

"Hey Chief you can sleep hear tonight if you want"

"Sure Tyson, that'll be great"

For the rest of the day Tyson and Kenny just sort a hung around the dojo not really doing anything to exciting.

"Tyson! Come on or we'll be late, Wake up its all ready 10:30!" yelled Kenny trying desperately to wake Tyson.

"No that's mine, you can't have it" mumbled Tyson in his sleep

"Tyson, oh I know, HEY TYSON BREAKFAST IS READY!" Kenny shouted in his ear

"Uh, wha? All right food!" yelled Tyson as he finally woke up and ran down stairs to eat, Kenny ran after him yelling "Tyson it's 10:30 we have to be at the BBA center at 11!"

"Oh yeah" Tyson stuffed as much as he could into his mouth (which is actually a lot) before running back to his room to get dressed.

"Oh Tyson you're hopeless" mumbled Kenny with a sigh as he slowly made his way back to Tyson's room.

Tyson and Kenny ran all the way to the BBA center. They burst in through the door panting,

"Ah you made it that's good," said an old man with a moustache

"Mr. Dickinson" said Kenny with a smile

"MAX, RAY!" yelled Tyson when he looked up and saw his two old friends. Max wore a light yellow shirt with green sleeves, orange cargo pants with an orange jumper tied around his waist, he also had dark green figureless gloves. Ray wore black pants with a white Chinese top, round his waist he had a red piece of cloth like a belt, Ray also had red figureless gloves and his red bandana.

"TYSON, KENNY!" they both yelled back

"It's great to see you guys again, but hey where's Kai?" asked Kenny

Tyson and Kenny scanned the room but they saw no signs of the older slated haired teen

"He's not here yet," said Ray

"No here, it's not like Kai to be late," replied Kenny

"Well sorry boys but we can't start the meeting till he arrives" Mr. Dickinson told them

"Oh man!" said Tyson as he slumped down on one of the red velvet chairs.

After about 10 minutes the door to the room opened to revile a tall teenager with blue gray hair at the front and dark blue at the back, he had two blue triangular marks on each cheek and wore navy blue pants which were held up with a red belt, he also wore a navy blue shirt covered by a black vest, and had black figureless gloves and a two ended scarf around his neck.

"KAI!" all the Bladebreakers yelled when they saw their team leader again.

"Hmhp" was Kai's response before he walked over to the left sidewall, there he carried out his usual pose, (leaning against the wall, arms folded eyes closed)

"Oh ok well hello to you to Kai" said Tyson

"Well now that were all here let's get started," said Mr. Dickinson he then continued

"Alright as you all know there is a tournament coming up soon in Canada, I have arranged for you to enter and hopefully win it. The tournament starts in three weeks and you will arrive in Canada in one week, so you'll have two weeks in Canada before the tournament. I will meet you all at the airport on Thursday next week at 9:30 am. I suggest that you all train hard in the mean time"

"Tyson may want to get to the airport at 9:00 incase he's late" said Max while giggling

"Hey, I won't be late, besides I wasn't late today was I, it was Kai we all had to wait for" said Tyson with a smirk as he looked over at Kai. The Russian boy paid no attention to Tyson's comment

"Well I guess that's all then," said Mr. Dickinson. On hearing what Mr. D said Kai pushed off the wall and proceeded to leave until he heard his name being called

"Kai, please wait, I would like to have a word with you" the elderly man said. Kai stopped and turned to face Mr. Dickinson with a blank expression.

"I guess you would like us all the leave then" said Kenny getting up out of the chair he was currently sitting in

"Yes if you would be so kind," the elder man replied with a smile. Tyson, Max, Ray and Kenny all got up and left closing the door behind them.

"Now Kai as team leader it's your job to make sure that the others train hard and are ready for the tournament. So please try and lighten up a little, oh and I heard that Voltaire is out of jail now. Some unknown man went and bailed him out, so I suggested you be careful incase he's at the tournament. That will be all for now" said Mr. Dickinson, Kai didn't seem to care much for what Mr. Dickinson said, he kept his blank expressionless face while he turned on his heels and walked out the office.

"What's up with Kai, he's acting all weird?" said Tyson as he Ray, Max and Kenny walked together to a nearby park with Kai lagging far behind,

"I know, it's almost like he's gone back to his old coldhearted self," Kenny added

"Yeah but worst" Ray said as he looked back at the older teen

"You don't think he's evil again do you?" asked Kenny

"What! No, I really doubt that, Kai knows that were his friends and that we'll help him in anyway" said Max

"Well let's see what he says to this. Hey Kai!" yelled Tyson as he stopped and turned round to face Kai "What have you been doing lately, you never called any of us?" Tyson asked the crimson-eyed blader,

"None of your business" Kai replied back in a cold and harsh tone. The others all sweat-dropped at his answer

"The old Kai is defiantly back," Ray said in disappointment

"Oh come on Kai, don't be like this, we haven't see you in three years and that's all you say to us. Come on I think your best buddies deserve a better answer than that," Tyson said with a smile

"You're not my best buddies, and the longer I'm away from you freaks the better," Kai snapped at them in a harsh voice as he causally walked past them.

"Uh, but Kai, what about all the things that happened back at the abbey. You changed, you accepted us as your friends and opened up to us" Max entered the conversation

"That was all one big mistake that I'll never make again, now leave me alone" Kai's face held no expression but his voice told them that he was angry, he clearly showed that he didn't want to be around the other Bladebreakers.

"Fine then, be that way!" Tyson yelled to Kai's back as he continued walking away from them,

"Humph who needs him anyways?" said Tyson in a somewhat angry tone as he and the others set off in the direction of a nearby park, to practices, 'What happened to you Kai, you've changed so much since I last saw you' thought Ray with a sigh as he trailed along behind the others.

"Come on we can train over there!" shouted Max as he ran off to a beyblade dish that was situated under a large tree.

"Alright come on Max, let's see how much better you have gotten over the years?" challenged Tyson pulling his Dragoon blade out of his pocket.

"Hehehe, you're on," said Max getting out his Draciel, the two sixteen year olds walked to the dish and readied there blades.

"Alright you two ready?" asked Kenny who sat down and opened up Dizzi,

"You bet," said Tyson

"3…2…1…LET IT RIP!" yelled Ray who stood next to Kenny



Both blades flew into the dish and started attacking each other, spark flew off in all directions as the gray and green blades collided,

"Come on Dragoon, Phantom Hurricane Attack!" Dragoon began picking up speed as a large tornado came from the bit chip, Tyson smirked thinking he was going to win,

"Draciel fight back!" the purple turtle shot from its bit chip, and with a war cry sped forward and attacked the gray blade,

"Dragoon, fight back!" the large blue dragon erupted from the bit, black turtle and blue dragon stood before each other, then in a split second both rushed towards each other, the gray and green blades flew from the dish, and back to their masters hands.

"A draw" said Ray

"Great match Tyson," said Max,

"Yeah you two Max" Tyson said with a smile,

A midnight black limousine pulled up in front of a large mansion, a man dressed in a black suit stepped out of the drives door and walked around to one of the back doors,

"Master Hiwatari, is there any thing you want?" asked the man as he opened the door, and Kai stepped out,

"No, I only wish to be left alone" was Kai's response as he walked to the large brown front door,

"As you wish, master" the chauffeur said closing the limo door, he quickened his pace, reaching the front door, before Kai could grab the handle the chauffeur ran past him and opened it for the teen. Kai just grunted in thanks as he stepped into his spacious mansion, which at the time was only occupied by maids and butlers.

"Well I think that's enough training for the day, you've all gotten a whole lot stronger, so I'll see you all tomorrow right" said Kenny getting up off the grass,

"Yeah you bet," replied Tyson,

"Great, I'll see you all soon then" Kenny said with a smile as he began the short journey home,

"See ya, chief" Max called,

"Well I guess we had better get home too huh. Hey I guess you two will be staying with me tonight?" asked Tyson,

"Uh yeah" said Ray

"Hahaha, it'll be fun" Max said with his usual happy grin. The three teens set off to Tyson's house as the sun began to set.

As the sun set off in the horizon, the sky was filled with different shades of red, yellow, orange and a tinge of pink, a soft breeze blew by tickling the leaves of a tree, the chirping of birds filled the air, as they began settling in for the night, the sound of children playing in the streets began to die down as they were called inside by their parents. Down one of the streets was a magnificent mansion, dark green grass occupied the front lawn, edged with flowers of all colours, and a marble fountain was situated in the center of the lawn. The fountain was shaped as two mighty phoenixes, there backs to one another, wings flared out and their long tail feathers positioned on either side of them. Crystal clear water flowed from their open beaks, and landed down in the circular pond below. A long white gravel driveway lead down from the road and shaped round as an arch, attached to the driveway was a black pebble path, which lead to the large double front door.

The sound of a phone ringing echoed through the magnificent mansion,

"Master Hiwatari, phone call for you" said one of the butlers as he walked down one of the halls and handed an eighteen year old a white cordless phone,

"Hello" Kai said into the phone

"Ah hello Kai, how have you been?" asked a low cold voice

"Cut the crap, what do you want?" Kai snapped in his usual cold tone,

"Fine, then. I've come to inform you of your duties during the next tournament" replied the voice.

"Go on" said Kai in a dead tone clearly not interested,

"When you reach Canada you are to meet a teenaged boy only a year older than you in the lobby of the Niagara Falls Hotel, his name is Raven, there he will give you further instructions. Kai, you are not to mess up, remember all I have taught you, so unlike the world finals there will be no mistakes this time" the phone went dead once the voice had finished,

'I know, Grandfather' thought Kai as he handed to phone back to the butler, before he set off down the hall. Kai stood for a moment 'That name Raven it sounds familiar' thought Kai before he too turned and walked off to his room.

"This tournament is going to be the best!" shouted Tyson in excitement has he jumped up and down on his bed,

"Yeah, it'll be so awesome!" Max joined in on the jumping, Ray just gave them a really weird look,

"So Ray, are you psyched or what?" asked Tyson when he and Max had finally began to settle down.

"Yeah" was his reply

"You sure man, I mean you don't sound to enthusiastic about it" Tyson said as he cocked his head to one side,

"It's just, I can't stop thinking about Kai, and the way he acted today," said Ray with a sigh,

"KAI, why are you worried about Kai for?" Tyson said frowning,

"When the Bladebreakers slip three years ago, Kai was different, we all know that, he really opened up the us. He was no longer that cold heartless selfish bastard, but now…he's worst than when we first met him, I mean what could have happened in three years to change him so much" Ray explained

"Well, you have to remember Ray, Kai went from bad to good in about one day, so I think it would be quite easy for him to go from good to bad in three years" Max spoke up,

"Yeah, but why. What possible reason is there, it's not like Voltaire's back or anything," Ray paused for a moment, "You think?"

"Maybe he is. No! Voltaire was put in jail after the incident at the abbey," Tyson said, thinking hard about the possibility of it

"But Voltaire's sentence wasn't just three years was it?" asked Max

"No, it was for life," answered Ray,

"Well I think we should forget about it for now and get some sleep, I'm tied after today's training, so good night" said Tyson lying down on his bed, pulling the covers over his head,

"Yeah good night Tyson" said Max doing the same, Ray watched as the two younger teens snuggled up into bed,

'Why Kai…Why?' thought Ray before he too lay down on his bed and turned off the light. Within minutes sleep had taken over the teens bodies.

Outside thousands of shining stars adorned the midnight blue sky as they cast their tiny lights over the city of Tokyo, an eighteen year old sat on his king sized bed, and watched the world threw his window, gripped tightly in his hand was a dark blue beyblade, the red phoenix bit chip glowed scarlet sending a current of warmth up it's masters arm washing away any unwanted emotions he may have been feeling. Crimson orbs locked with the light of the silver moon just outside the window. The teenager was lost in thought about events that were to happen within the next few weeks, thinking back to the conversation he had had with his grandfather earlier he new nothing good was to come. The sound of an owl hooting snapped him out of his trance, his crimson eyes moved to where the night bird was perched on a low tree branch that stretched three quarters of the way across his window. The snowy white owl spread its large wings and flew off into the night. Looking away Kai placed his blade on the bedside table and lay down on his bed. There he lay on his back, arms behind his head, staring at the ceiling, the slate haired teen never moved an inch. After some minutes his eyes began to get heavy and slowly close, until he was unable to keep them open any longer.

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