Draco Malfoy overhears a sensitive conversation between Harry and Hermione and they get into yet another duel. Snape and McGonagall demand punishment but Dumbledore has other ideas. Will the crazy headmaster's plan bring the boys closer together, or will everyday just end in a fight like usual?

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Chapter 1- Yet Another Malfoy/Potter Duel.

"Yeah? Say that again 'Snotter' I dare you!"

"Okay you conceited git! You-are-a-conceited-git!"

"Say that to the end of my wand goody-goody bitch!"

"Tarantellegra! Ha! Who's saying what to the end of whose wand now Malfoy?"

"Rictusempra! Don't tempt me to really hurt you Potter! You shouldn't dare mock a Malfoy!"

"EXPELLIARMUS!" McGongall's severe voice cut over the top of the dueling boys and they crowd that they were drawing. The boys wands flew out of their hands and onto the floor. Professor McGonagall summoned them to her and pocketed them.

It was the first day of their sixth year and on their way to the Great Hall Draco had bumped past Harry, starting yet another duel in the middle of the halls. Professor McGonagall was particularly livid because she had come around the corner with the new first years, and they had to witness a scene like this.

"You two boys stay right here! I'm getting a teacher to deal with you while I do the sorting! Then once you have felt their wrath you will feel mine twice as hard! It is the first day of term and I'm already completely sick and tired of your childish antics!" Fumed the stern deputy headmaster and she stormed through the doors to find a teacher.

"Please not Snape! Please not Snape!" Harry chanted over and over again in his head. The door flew open again and Harry's head snapped up to see a very angry Hermione standing in front of him.

"You scared me 'Mione, I thought you were Snape!" laughed Harry, oblivious to Hermione's obvious temper.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" screamed Hermione, poking Harry in the stomach. "Starting a fight with this piece of scum on the first day back?" she said, lowering her tone as she noticed the nervous first years milling around.

"How do you know about that Hermione?" asked Harry, feeling rather terrified.

"I overheard Professor McGonagall telling Snape, that's how!" she spat. "You're going to be in so much trouble, Harry! When will you learn?" she asked, clearly looking worried for her friend.

"Shit! God, Hermione, you are scary sometimes! I'll get around it, it's not like I haven't been in trouble before!" shrugged Harry, but inside he was worried that Snape would expel him.

"Miss Granger, might I ask why you are outside the Hall when the feast is clearly in progress? Get inside." sneered their Potions professor from the doorway. "That goes for all of you too!" he spat at the crowd still milling around Draco and Harry.

"Now, Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy, please follow me." he said with a sly smile.

The two boys followed in silence as Snape led them through the halls, occasionally giving each other evil looks or trying to make each other laugh so as to get in trouble with the irate teacher.

They finally reached the headmaster's office and Harry looked at Draco, who looked very afraid. Inwardly he laughed, but he was also fairly nervous about their fate.

Snape whispered the password and led them up the stairs and into Dumbledore's office.

"You will wait here." he said, looking very pleased but flashing Draco an apologetic smile. He then turned around and walked out of the room.


"I'm out of ideas Albus." Sighed Professor McGonagall. The sorting had just finished and she was informing the headmaster of Harry and Draco's latest squabble.

"If we don't do something serious soon, then I'm afraid they are going to kill each other!" she sighed. Dumbledore chuckled but quickly stopped as he saw the serious look in her eyes.

He coughed slightly, "Hm, well I think I will go and deal with them now. Severus thought it would be best if we left them to worry about their doom for a while, but I'm not that cruel." He laughed and stood up then turned to walk away but McGonagall stopped him.

"How are you going to punish them?" she asked, looking worried.

"I will give them detention, but I will ensure them that next time they fight they will receive something far worse, that ought to scare them into behaving. I just hope they don't do it again, or else I'll have to think of something worse!" he said, walking away with a familiar twinkle in his eyes.


"Boys, do you understand the consequences of your actions?" asked a very grave Headmaster half an hour later.

"Yes Sir," they both mumbled in unison.

"This is getting beyond mere rivalry boys, and I'm afraid that this is your last chance. If you two don't clean up your act this time, the next time you are caught fighting I will have to punish you far more severely than just detentions. And I wouldn't want to have to do that to two of this school's best students. Do you understand?" he asked, looking very honest but his eyes had a slight gleam to them.

"Yes Sir," they mumbled once more, looking down at their feet.

Dumbledore had a strange feeling of deja vu, and smiled to himself at the situation. "Good. You are dismissed. You will have probably missed the feast by now, but please make your way down to the hall and I will have the house elves bring you some sandwiches."

"Thank you sir," they said and marched out the door.

Dumbledore looked into his pensieve and added this scene to the mass of similar memories; the two boys with the same looks on their faces as they stared at the floor. He needed to think of a new punishment, because this wasn't going to end any time soon.

As he lifted the stone basin up to put it away, he noticed a certain strand of thought that he had looked over, he looked into it and was soon pulled into a scene that had occurred just before the end of school last term.


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