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Chapter 30 - OMFG 30! How cool!

Harry and Draco walked into the great hall for dinner that night, blushing hard and gazing longingly into each others eyes as they parted. This would have been a sure give away of their new found attraction if they had not chosen to sneak in halfway through the meal. Harry seated himself down next to Hermione andgazed over the hall as Draco too sat down and began his meal. They spent the eveningstealingglancesacross the hall at one another and smiling (or in Draco's case, smirking sexily) at each other.

Hermione leant close to Harry and giggled, "I don't think I want to know what happened after we left the room! Judging by the way you two are looking at each other I have a feeling we'll soon have a couple that will rock Hogwarts!" she whispered, making sure Ron didn't hear.

"Hermione!" scolded Harry, but he blushed and looked slightly sheepish, "I don't think Draco wants us to be like that anyway.You know -a couple..." he said, looking a little bit sad.

Hermione gasped, "Don't be silly! I think that's exactly what Draco wants. But I think he's giving you space to come out about being gay." she said, looking knowingly at Draco who was staring at them.

Harry only sighed and returned to his food. He didn't know if he wanted people to know that he was gay yet; he wasrather well known and very much in the public eye. What would people think of him? After Ron's reaction, he couldn't imagine what the rest of the Weasley family might do. It was definitely a big risk, and he wasn't sure if it was one he was willing to take.


Harry waited for Draco outside the Great Hall doors after he excused himself from the Gryffindor table. He'd told his friends he would see them tomorrow if he didn't come down to the Gryffindor Tower later.

He didn't have to wait long for Draco, as he'd left the table as soon as he saw Harry walking out the door. They walked alongside each other in silence until they were nearly at their wing.

"I saw you watching me during dinner." Said Harry, looking to Draco wearing his impression of a sexy smirk.

"I noticed that you made eye contact a few times, I wasn't the only one looking at someone." Draco argued back, with a smirk so much sexier than dear Harry's.

They came up to their door and went inside. As soon as they crossed the threshold and the portrait shut, Draco launched himself on Harry and knocked him to the floor.

"What the hell was that?" gasped Harry from underneath Draco's slender body.

But Draco didn't answer, he just kissed Harry's soft, parted lips and they engaged in a long, deep, passionate kiss. Draco trailed his lips lightly over Harry mouth and chin, poking his tongue out slightly to lick Harry lips.

Harrywas quite happy to lay back and enjoy it! But after a few minutes he pushed Draco back and they both sat on the floor and looked at each other.

"I don't want to sound like a desperate, pressuring girl but I was just wondering…" Harry begun, but then he lost his nerve and looked down at his feet.

Draco lifted Harry's chin up and looked into his eyes, "What were you wondering?" he asked, looking as sincere as possible.

Harry opened his mouth to speak, but he knew that now was not the right time; he needed to get to know Draco better. He sighed, shook his head and stood up, walking away from Draco. Draco knew to take that as a signal that he wasn't ready to discuss it.

But Draco knew exactly what Harry wanted to know.


Harry sat in his room thinking over how he could talk to Draco about the status of their relationship.After several minutes of nothing, hedecided he needed to have a long talk with Hermione. He got off his bed and went into the lounge room where Draco was sitting on the couch reading 'Fabio'. Harry laughed to himself and tried to walk past without Draco noticing, but the blonde heard Harry's snigger and turned to look at him.

"Where do you think you're going at this hour?" he asked looking very authoritative.

Harry walked over to the couch and sat down next to Draco, "I'm going to Gryffindor Tower, what are you going to do about it?" he asked teasingly, but when he looked over his eyes widened as Draco pounced on him once again.


Half an hour later Harry hadfinally made his wayto Gryffindor tower to see Hermione and Ron. He walked in and found Hermione in the corner, reading over one of Ron's essays;her quill aggressively crossing out words, sentences and occasionally, whole paragraphs.

When she finished, she thrust the essay back at Ron who took one look at it and gave a small whimper before mumbling 'thanks' to his girlfriend and walking away with his head down. Hermione looked up and noticed Harry standing nearby.

"Harry, I didn't see you there!" she said smiling at her friend and patting the seat next to her that Ron had just left.

Harry sat down and looked over at Hermione. "I don't want to scare him off!" he said sadly with a distinct note of desperation in his voice and began to talk to his clever friend about his and Draco's situation.

Meanwhile, Ron had stomped upstairs, still mumbling about his essay and how Hermione was an insufferableperfectionist. Ginny was running downstairs from one of the older boys' dormitories and bumped into her fuming brother.

"What's up, Ron?" she asked as she turned around and followed him up to his dormitory.

Ron didn't say anything but handed his essay to his little sister as he sat down on his bed. Ginny giggled to herself before sitting down next to Ron and taking out a quill and some parchment.

"I may be a year below you, but I'm actually quite good at Potions. Do you want a hand?" she asked, and when Ron nodded dumbly she laughed and began to read through his old essay and Hermione's curt corrections.


Draco was sitting in the same spot, now watching TV when Harry came back to their room.

As soon as the portrait shut Draco turned around and looked at Harry. "How was your trip back to the old country?" he asked.

Harry just shook his head and laughed, "It wasn't bad. I had a really good talk with Hermione and played chess with Ron after he'd finished his essay that Hermione brutally critiqued." He laughed to himself then went and sat on the couch with Draco.

Draco sighed deeply and looked as though he was making some serious decisions in his head. He looked at Harry and took a deep breath.

"Are you ashamed of being gay?" he asked Harry, who looked very taken aback. He blushed for a second, but realised now was the time to be honest with Draco.

"I just don't know how people will react… and I don't want everyone to judge me based on something that is absolutely none of their business." Harry said, he looked down at his hands so he didn't have to look Draco in the eyes.

"I grew up with my Uncle and Aunt who didn't like anything abnormal, that included magic and of course, homosexuality. I was brought up to think it was wrong, but then I was also brought up to believe that magic didn't exist. Maybe my path in life is to destroy everything that my Aunt and Uncle have ever taught me. First I'm a wizard, now I'm a gay wizard! I go against everything they want to believe and I guess that makes me as abnormal and 'freakish' as I could get. I really don't know what to think." He paused for a second and looked up at Draco to see his reaction. His stony grey eyes never really showed what he was thinking, but Harry could definitely see a hint of what could have been compassion in his usually emotionless eyes.

Draco leant forward and kissed Harry tenderly. "You're neither abnormal, nor freakish, and no one in the wizarding world will think that you are. And if for some reason some asshole does, know that I will hunt them down and kill them." He said, showing Harry a glint of his protective, possessive side.

Harry smiled at this show of deep affection and was about to say something when Draco asked, "Would you be more comfortable with people knowing you were gay if you had a boyfriend that would be there, coming out at the same time?"

Harry was again, slightly taken aback and he wondered what Draco meant by that. "Well since I wouldn't be the only one coming out at the time, and theoretically a boyfriend would be supporting and loving and there for me, I think that would make me somewhat more comfortable with it. Why do you ask?" Harry asked, blushing when he realised he hoped Draco was actually asking him out.

Draco smiled almost devilishly and reprimanded himself in his mind as he answered, "No reason, it was just the topic in an article I read in your silly gay magazine." and got up and walked away, knowing full well that Harry was expecting Draco to ask him out.

Harry sadly watched Draco walk away and was shocked and actually quite hurt. Why hadn't he asked him out? Was Draco just messing with his head? Was he still the same old Draco that hadn't really changed at all? Harry felt tears threatening to fall down his cheeks, so he got off the couch and went to have a shower to calm himself down. He would shower and go to bed and work out the mystery thatwas Dracotomorrow.


Draco was mentally slapping himself as he slammed his head against the headboard of his bed, he was just about to run out and tell Harry that he was joking and he wanted Harry to be his boyfriend when he heard the bathroom door close. He decided he'd leave it til the morning, because Harry was obviously very hurt by Draco's silly teasing actions. Draco had seen the disappointment in Harry's deep green eyes and could only imagine what Harry must think of him now.

He listened as the shower started to run and realised that Harry would probably be in the shower for a while, which gave him the idea to write him a letter.

He practically ran to his desk and pulled out an expensive quill and some parchment as he sat down. He would tell Harry how sorry he was and how fond he'd grown of him during their short stay together. Then when Harry got out of the shower it would be waiting on his bed and they'd make up and sleep in each other's arms for the second night in a row.

He dipped his quill in ink and held it above his parchment, but when it was there he realised he had no idea how to put his feelings into words. "Just make a start and it will flow naturally." he told himself out loud and started with a typical phrase.

"Dearest Harry," was the beginning, but from there Draco was once again stuck. It also wasn't the most original beginning in the world. He was tempted to screw up the parchment and start again but instead he had a sudden flow of inspiration.

He thought of all the things that made Harry special to him and the way his feelings had changed over the past several weeks, and suddenly his quill was moving across the parchment at an alarming rate. He finished his letter just in time to leave it on Harry's bed and get back into his room before Harry got out of the shower.

If Harry didn't come to him tonight, he'd leave him alone and bring him a special breakfast in bed in the morning as a final peace offering.


When Harry got out of the shower he felt slightly better. He'd come to the decision that Draco had changed and was the good person he'd come to see him as, but he was scared of commitment; especially commitment to a boy. Not to mention that theboy in question happened to be Harry Potter. And Harry had to face it, he would be scared if he was in Draco's position too; he was scared enough in his own shoes.

He dried himself off and put on a clean pair of boxers before he walked into his bedroom. He pulled the covers back on his bed and was about to get in between them when he saw a piece of parchment at the end of his bed.

He picked it up and got into bed, unfolding it to see what it was.

It read:

'Dearest Harry,

I want to apologise for how I acted just now. We have been getting closer and I think I just succeeded in pushing you away. I was asking those questions so I could work out how you actually feel about what's happening between us. Because I am just as confused as you are and I don't want to push anything that you don't want. I hope I haven't scared you away or made you think badly of me, I never wanted to upset you.

Goodnight Harry, we'll talk in the morning.



Well that had settled it. He decided Draco wasn't a bad guy and was just as confused as Harry. Harry smiled gently into the darkness and drifted off into a peaceful sleep, his mind swimming with thoughts of that sexy blonde who neverfailed to surprise him.


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