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Chapter 1: What the hell are you doing in my body!?

Harry dropped a handful of mandrake roots in his cauldron then stirred it in. He was about to add some drops of snake's blood when the door of the unused classroom he was in opened.

"There you are Harry." exclaimed a girl with wavy brown hair. "I've been looking for you." Harry snapped his head up.

"Oh sorry 'mione. I've been busy" he said then went back to his potion. Hermione walked slowly towards Harry looking rather apprehensive at the potion he was making.

"What are you doing?" she asked cautiously.

"Hmm..." was Harry's vague reply. Hermione picked up the book that was laying next to the cauldron. The top of the page read "Wolfsbane potion".

"Wolfsbane?" Hemione wondered. "Harry, what do you need the Wolfsbane potion for?"

Harry wiped a trail of sweat from his forehead then replied with a sigh, "Let's just say a certain headmaster gave this extra-hell-of-an assignment to me just because Snape is too busy with his work. Hermione puuullleassse help me and I'll do my homework by myself for a week!" he pleaded.


Hermione took the bowl of wolves' hair and dumped it in. Harry stirred it while picking up a small vial with red liquid. Hermione, seeing this, panicked.

"Harry, don't pou--NO!" she shrieked. But too late, Harry poured the contents into the cauldron. "Now look what you've done! That wasn't liquified gillyweed! That was dragon's blood!!!" Hermione snapped.

"Well, geez, sorry!" Harry snapped back. The surface began to bubble and in one millisecond, the potion exploded in their faces, slamming them across the room, into the wall, and collapsing to the floor.

It had been minutes before Harry came around first.

"groan...wha' the hell..."

He tried to sit up but the pain was overbearing. Instead he rolled over to his back and brushed away a strand of brown hair from his face.

"Brown hair!?"

Harry sat up swiftly, completely ignoring the pain his back, looking at the strand of hair in horror. He felt his face, his glasses were gone and felt no scar on his forehead. Breathing heavily in shock, he looked down, his chest was...well...umm...you know what happened. He was a loss for words but one thing was plainly clear to him:

He was in Hermione's body!

Beside him, Hermione began to stir. He watched his own body wince in pain. Harry shakily stood up and walked over to Hermione who was rubbing her--his temples. Harry knelt down next to her and awkwardly tried to explain.

"What happened?" Hermione wearily asked.

"Um...Hermione, we have some sort of problem."
Hermione focused her eyes then took one look at the "new Harry" then at herself. Her mouth dropped in shock while Harry braced himself for the big blow.


Instead of cowering in fear, Harry had to laugh. Seeing himself shriek like that was quite amusing (A/N:I can just imagine that).

"THIS IS NOT A LAUGHING MATTER, MR. POTTER!!!" Hermione screamed, pointing a threatening finger at her own body. Finally, Harry calmed down and the situation became more serious for him. He started pacing, trying to think of a solution. Hermione conjured some tea to drink to calm her nerves as sighed heavily. Harry's thoughts were broken when he saw Hermione cross her legs and again, he burst out laughing only to stop when his eyes met Hermione's cold hard ones, drinking cup after cup. After a few minutes, he gave up and sat on table next to his stupid potion.

"What are going to do?"

They voiced each others thoughts. Hermione stood up and too started to pace.

"We shouldn't tell anyone. I mean what would happen if the school found out. Unless there's a spell..." She started ranting about different complex spells, something that the real Harry would never be caught doing while walking back and forth in a speed that made Harry dizzy. When she finally tired out she faced a puzzled looking Harry who apparently did not take in a single word.

"Er, come again?" Harry said, frowning. Hermione opened her mouth to say something but her face changed from frustration to worried, with a slight fear in her eyes. Harry grabbed her shoulders,

"What? What is it Hermione?" he said.

Hermione said faintly, "I-I have to..." her words turned into a mumble that Harry couldn't understand.


Hermione breathed in deeply, "I have to g-go to the...b-b-bathroom." she whispered.

Harry released her. "So? It's just down the hall, to the--" His face turned pale at the dawning comprehension in his head while Hermione whined like a two year old.

"Oh no..."

They both couldn't think of a solution out of this. If he was in a different situation, he would've found it hilarious.

"Well...umm...oh shit this is bad..."

Hermione hissed a "Don't tell anyone!" before running out of the room as fast as she can.

Harry was just stood there, frozen. He walked to the corner of the room and banged his head hard on the stone wall. "Oh shit, shit, shit." he said in between bangs. Somewhere at the back of his mind a thought occured. " wonder how 'mione is doing?"


Hermione fumbled with the zipper which was a problem since she had her eyes shut. It was a good thing everyone was at lunch or else she would have fainted from fright.

"I will personally KILL Harry after I--no, IF I GET THROUGH THIS." she thought furiously. She didn't dare open her eyes as she inhaled her breath and held....

Um...back to Harry. Oh come on, you already know what happened to Hermione, no need to detail it. I don't wan't to create horrible mental images. [shudders] Anyways, Harry was still banging his head when the door knocked.

"Finally, she's back." he muttered. He opened the door and came face to face with the very last person on earth he'd want to face.

Draco Malfoy

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