BtVS/Stargate Crossover

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Rating:PG-13 for now

Summary:Buffy and her friends find a Stargate in one of the warehouses that belonged to the Watchers Council. This story is more or less a post Chosen struggle against the Goa'uld. The plot is quite complicated so I'm not going to reveal more then the fact that Buffy and SGC aren't on the same planet, slayers have their own stargate and the reason why there are two Earths is a major part of the plot. That's why Buffy's planet is always called Earth, while stargate world is mostly called Tauri in the story. The whole idea of this was to create something different so some chapters may seem a little strange (actually they are very strange :-) because I experiment a lot during writing the story, but if you want to read something new, here it is.

Pairings:Post Chosen fic so Willow/Kennedy, Dawn pairing later.

Timeline:Set after season 7 for Buffy, but season 7 of Buffy happened at the same time as season 2 of Stargate. I'm going to use BtVS timeline so for example May 2004 means the end of season 3 of Stargate.I hope it will not be too confusing.

Spoilers:Sooner or later I'm going to explain Buffy's history to the members of SGC so pretty much all seasons for Buffy and mostly season 4 and later for Stargate.Daniel will not die in the end season 5 so probably no Jonas and Jack's clone will appear sooner than beginning of season 7.

Forming Alliance-prologue

January 2005, Colorado Springs, SGC, Tauri

It was one of the afternoons in Stargate Command that Colonel Jack O'Neill found incredibly boring. Teal'c was meditating, Daniel was buried -almost literally- in ancient tombs and Carter ... well he would love to spend some time with his blonde second in command in case she would talk about anything which wasn't technology - no chance about that. He really didn't understand why General Hammond didn't agree with his idea to build a fishing pond in one of the large empty storage rooms. His mind drifted back to Samantha Carter. She said she was going to find a way to spare electricity in her house, which probably meant she was building a new naquadah generator. To disturb her would be a Kiss of Death. Or worse, she could try to explain to him how it works. He better start writing the mission reports before the General calls him.

Suddenly the phone on his desk started ringing. "O'Neill" Jack reacted, happy he was disturbed from finishing the lengthy reports.

"Jack I need you to come here." Hammond's replied, his voice full of worries.

"On my way" Jack stood up quickly and headed to Hammond's office, wondering what was this about. He hoped it had nothing to do with the replicators or these mysterious black warriors or the Tok'ra, especially Annise. She only came there when she ran out of lab-rats, not risking to use one of their precious Tok'ra. He entered the office to find all members of his team already there and discussing something with Hammond.

"So what's going on?" Jack asked, noticing the serious expressions on the faces of his team. Something was definitely wrong and writing mission reports suddenly didn't sound so bad at all.

"The alpha site didn't send their everyday report." Carter informed him.

"Well it's 1500, they are just three hours behind the schedule." Jack shrugged. Was that the reason Hammond alarmed half of the base? SGC could definitely overcome the fact of someone forgetting to set his watch. "It's not like this is the first time they've been late."

"Actually it is Sir.", Carter didn't miss the oportunity to correct him.

"OK. Why don't we ask them?" Jack suggested leisurely.

"That's exactly what we are going to do Colonel." Hammond replied, ready to order his crew to contact the Alpha site when a Lieutenant interrupted him. "Unauthorized offworld activation! Closing the Iris!"

Hammond and SG-1 immediately stopped the discussion and rushed to the control room. "Any IDC?" Jack inquired.

"No Sir.", the Lieutenant shook his head. "We are receiving a message, audio only. It's the alpha site."

"Play it" Hammond ordered, tossing the various possibilities about the Alpha site's situation in his mind. No Goa'uld knew the location of their second base and he couldn't imagine a Tok'ra would betray them.

"We are under attack. I have no idea who they are, but they have already taken over most of the base. Requesting backup. I have to..."

"That's all there is Sir.", the Lieutenant informed the General. "The transmission was cut off."

"General. SG-1 is ready for the rescue mission." Jack offered his help. If the Alpha site was attacked he definitely wouldn't just sit and wait.

"We should send a MALP first." Carter suggested. "Whoever attacked the Alpha Site might be already waiting for us."

"Agreed. Get SG-12 and SG-7 to help you and prepare the MALP. Alert all security in the base." Hammond ordered.

Five minutes later were the three SG teams ready in front of the gate and waiting for it's activation when a sound echoed through the gateroom. "Unauthorized offworld activation! Closing the Iris!"

"Damn!" Jack swore. The Goa'uld could really pick the right time. If they kept it up then the alpha site would have to wait another 23 minutes before SGC would be able to come to their aid. The wormhole activated behind the Iris and in the first moments nothing seemed to happen. Suddenly a crack appeared on the metal plates and started spreading. In a matter of seconds the Iris blew out, pieces of titanium flying in all directions.

'Shit.', Jack thought, holding his P-90 steady. He never got a chance to shoot though because of several Goa'uld grenades that came flying from the event horizon, sending everyone in the room to dreamland. Only Teal'c was fast enough to get away from the effective range of the grenades and was now facing the gate, his staff weapon ready. He fired as soon as the first figure stepped out of the wormhole, but the blast just hit a blue energy shield around his enemy. The person or whatever it was, was dressed completely in black. Black combat boots, pants, jacket and face-guard so Teal'c had no idea what if the adversary was even human. The person was far smaller then he was - about 165 centimeters and was armed with a zat gun. On it's back it had another weapon which looked a little like a shorter version of his own staff. But he really didn't have the time to analyze it. He shot again with the same result as the first time while another figure came from the gate and immediately fired at him. Teal'c tried to avoid the shot, but his way was blocked by other soldiers running to the gateroom. The blast hit his back and Teal'c fell to the floor unconscious. More and more black dressed figures thronged out of the event horizon and more soldiers were being knocked out by their zats or often just by a single blow of their fists. The one who came through the gate first reached the nearest computer console and sank it's fingers into it. Meanwhile the fights spread to other parts of the stargate command and shooting started to be heard near the control room. Hammond realized that they will be defeated and wanted to enter the self-destruction code when all screens went black.

"Hi General Hammond." suddenly appeared on all screens.

"Who the hell are you?" Hammond mumbled in confusion.

"Someone you shouldn't have pissed off." a female voice chimed behind him. After that he heard the typical sound of a zat and then everything went black...

End Prologue.

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Author's note:This fic is the longest thing I've ever written in English so you'll probably find grammatical mistakes in it. Please be patient with me try to ignore it.