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After the sunset,lanterns were lit in a certain out of the way alley in Konoha,the village of the Leaf.The darkness embraced those flickering lights and led the way for those seeking pleasure and desire.It could give everything,as long as you could afford to pay in exchange.The price....was sometimes higher than a life....

Tonight,the full moon shone brightly upon the path to the alley of Dreams.Lanterns were already lit,giving an illusion of warmth and light.Women with beauty as alluring as the full moon stood in the doorway,gesturing gracefully towards any passing shinobi who hopefully,have pockets full of cash from their missions.

Here,a lantern was a symbol of a shop where someone inside is willing to do business,since Orochimaru lit his lantern,a blood red paper lantern with a snake pattern curling on it,even though he was sure his customers would be able to find his brothel,even if in the dark, with no problem at all.

''No problem at all...''He thought and smirked,his thin red lips turning up into a madman's smile.

* * * ***

''Alley of Dreams huh...what a name for a place such as this....''Uchiha Itachi thought.He walked swiftly,knowing his path in this place by heart.The amount of people in this place never failed to amaze him.No matter what you wanted,in this place,anything and everything was for sale if you knew how to find it,that is.How much was a man willing to give in return for love then?Will that be evaluated as a priceless thing here in this place that was Heaven,and in the same time,Hell??

''Maybe,I am just thinking too much tonight.''

There was a pretty young girl in front of Orochimaru's brothel doorway that appeared to be flirting with a scarred face shinobi.A/N:no no....most possibly not KakashiHer eyes caught sight of Itachi and her smile froze almost immediately,as if she saw the face of Death itself.She nodded curtly and said politely,

''Orochimaru-sensei was expecting you,let me lead you inside.''

The scarred face shinobi scowled,but said nothing as the girl left with Itachi.He wasn't dumb and he knew too well,the dark haired guy,whoever he was,reeked of blood and danger.He wasn't prepared to die so young.Itachi's ice cold glare swept through the scarred face shinobi,who looked away,their gaze never meeting.

Itachi actually appreciated it.Fools people were,they still knew well enough to keep out of other's business should it involve their pathetic little lifes.

*** * * *

''Orochimaru-sensei,your guest is here.''A female voice stated outside the paper door.


He placed his cup of sake down as the paper door slid open,revealing his servant,Botan,and Itachi.He waved the girl away and she closed the door with slightly trembling hands.

''Always on time...Have a seat,Itachi...''Orochimaru's voice sounded like a snake's hiss rather than a human voice speaking.

Itachi sat face to face with Orochimaru.Orochimaru kept silent with a slight smile on his face.His long hair constrasted against his thin,pale face.He drawled slyly,

''You have finished the job and the client is pleased...He has something for you other than this...''

A flicker of emotion passed fleetingly in Itachi's eyes as Orochimaru placed a wrapped bundle in front of him.

''I doubt if this job is worth that much,Orochimaru...''

''It certainly is not....think of it as a present....an encouragement....Why not take a look at it first?''

Orochimaru clapped his hands softly,and a ninja with a ponytail came out with a person behind the beautifully crafted screen in the dark side of the room.

* * * ***

Kabuto,that loyal ponytailed freak of Orochimaru...

The so called ponytailed freak was having a hard time grabbing a small,but fiercely struggling figure firmly.

Then Itachi turned to have a look at the so-called ''gift'' from his satisfied client.The job was but a simple assasination.He held his breath for maybe the first time in his life.

The gift was a young boy,with three scars running down each side of his cheek.He wore a simple but richly decorated traditional kimono.It seemed slightly too big as they revealed the slender curves of his neck and shoulder.His hair was a sunny golden crown.What really captured Itachi's attention was his eyes.They were a light cobalt blue,like the colour of a calm sea before a storm.They shone with frustration,confusion and hatred directed towards the world.He was grinding his teeth,as if an animal ready to pounce and bite.

''He is like me....in a way....''Itachi felt.The only difference was that the boy showed his feelings outwardly,unlike Itachi who kept it sealed deep within himself.

''So...?? I would be more than willing to keep him here to work for me....''Orochimaru's wicked smile widened as he eyed Itachi,who was rarely so lost in thought.

''As predicted...but his reaction is certainly more than I expected....''Orochimaru thought,mildly suprised.

'' I think you know too well what use I have of pretty ''things'' such as this here...''He added suggestively.

His instincts told him there was going to be a deal,and a worthy one indeed... ...

*** * * *

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