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Naruto shivered as the cold night air graced his skin.Itachi stood a few steps away,staring at him with those dark,piercing eyes of his.

Naruto scowled.Suddenly he felt a slight emotion of anger at the unknown stranger.

{Who did he think he was??What right did he have to look at me like I am just an inanimate object??}

Itachi kept an expressionless face, though he had practically figured out whatever that could be going on inside the blonde's head.

"Follow me."Having said that,he turned and started to walk.

Naruto was dumbfounded.He wasn't sure what he should do.He was told by the freak with glasses that he belonged to the man now.If he remembered

correctly,that freak said something about learning to obey orders when he was Itachi's property...Naruto guessed that Itachi must be the dark haired guy's


{Follow me??Did that mean he was supposed to follow the scary man home??}

The so called scary man was already a distance away.A far distance,and since it was the first time Naruto saw someone move that

fast impressed him a lot.He struggled to keep up with Itachi, moving like a wading duck as his movements were restrained by his kimono.

They left the alley, and Itachi felt relieved for an unknown reason, not wanting to admit it was because any potential harm that could befall Naruto

was going to be a safe distance away.At least for the time being.(a/n:seriously...i dun even know if he was THAT thoughtful..maybe...we will never know...)


Naruto was tired.Exhausted could be the more accurate word.His energy waned quickly as he kept careful not to stumble in his

stupid outfit,a difficult task,since there was only the moonlight that illuminated the paths after they left the place.He wasn't sure whether he was walking

or plain dragging himself along, but he knew he was progressing slowly.Dazed,he accidentally kicked a stone, and would have hit the ground face first if

not for Itachi's lightning quick reflexes.

Itachi caught Naruto,who was stunned.

{Did he actually move that fast??I thought he was so far ahead he wouldn't even notice if I was gone!!}

Suddenly a thought flashed across Naruto's mind.

{Hey!!Why did I follow him in the first place??!!}

Naruto then realised in his young mind that he was too absorbed by Itachi's display of style and speed he just tailed after him '' accidentally ".He hastily retreated from Itachi's grasp.

" What's the big idea here??!! What do you guys want??!!Can't you people just leave me alone!!?? " He let the string of words tumble out from his tongue in a loud, hysterical yell.Tears brimmed in his eyes as he thought about his wretched life.Why did he have to be an orphan??!!And a one that everybody looked down and made fun of??He hated his parents for what they did to him, but he also hated the world now.

Itachi lifted an eyebrow annoyedly.This kid.....He was getting impatient.Didn't he know he owed every living breath he had now to him?? Fine...If he wanted to learn things the hard way...

He grabbed Naruto's shoulders, ignoring the boys wince of pain as his nails dug into his flesh.His red eyes were filled with murderous intent as he bore into Naruto's pools of aquamarine.

"Whatever you say, but I want you to understand, that your life is in my hands.I can let you live for a longer while, as long as you do as you are told."

Itachi uttered these words softly, like a lovers's sigh, but his fingers slowly slithered around Naruto's neck, touching the delicate flesh seductively yet threateningly at the same time.Naruto quivered under his gaze.Cold sweat slowly trickled down his cheek.Itachi was standing a few paces away,and Naruto was starting to wonder if he had a hallucination or anything.

The dark haired man watched Naruto expectantly.

" I'm.....I'm.....tired......."

The blonde boy muttered mildly.He twitched a little a Itachi came near and lifted him up,as if he was holding his bride.Naruto was caught by suprise by his sudden act and blushed brightly.Itachi smirked inwardly.How interesting...

Naruto tried to keep his senses alert, but let his guard down soon after because he was simply too tired to care.They arrived at the Uchiha manor, with Naruto curled up snugly in his master's arms.

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