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A Love Stronger Than Hate.

Chapter 1....

Hermione was lying on her bed on October the 30th, at 11pm. The next day she was due to return to Hogwarts. Hogwarts had been her home since she was 11 years old, and she loved it there. She recently recieved her Head Girl badge and was estatic.But being Head Girl couldnt shake one thing that troubled her greatly. Ron had become her boyfriend last year, and she had loved him. He was so attentive and loving, but when Hermione started helping other male Gryffindors with thier homework, which McGonagall had asked her to do, he started to fly into jealous rages and started to beat her and once he even raped her. She was deathly afraid of him, but she didnt let it show.

Everyone thought of them as the Golden Gryffindor couple, no-one knew that Hermiones relationship was a living nightmare. Not even her best friend Harry Potter.

Hermione got up bright and early the next morning and went into her bathroom. She looked at her red, puffy eyes. She whipped out her wand and performed a hiding spell so no-one would see them. She wasnt looking forward to seeing Ron. She never seemed to know what sort of mood he would be in. She sighed and walked into her room and put on a pair of flair jeans, and a short sleeved Adidas shirt with a zip up front.

Maybe if she tried to dress nicely, it would put Ron in a happy mood. She had turned into quite a looker, too. She had a slim waist, but a curvacious backside, one to rival Jennifer Lopez. Her bust had gotten a fair bit bigger too. She was proud of the way she looked, but longed to find someone that respected it, not like Ron, who abused it.

She walked down stairs and found her trunk at the front door. Her parents kissed her on the cheek.

"Better hurry, dear. You dont want to miss the train and not see Ron"

Her mother winked at her. Hermione plastered on her best fake smile to hide her absoulute terror of facing Ron.

"I will hurry, Mum. I cant wait to start my last year at Hogwarts!"

Her mother chuckled and Hermione ate her breakfast slowly. Then the time came to hop in the car and on the way, she stared out the window, simply resigning herself to the fact that she would never escape Ron, for he had been after her since 2nd year, and nothing would ever stop him. She shuddered.


Draco Malfoy sauntered onto Platform 9 3/4. The scarlet train loomed ahead of him like a giant maroon snake, with steam puffing out of it. He was quite excited to be returning to Hogwarts, being Head Boy. Maybe he could take some points from that insufferable Golden Trio.

He hadn't even given the Head Girl position a thought. He strolled onto the train, his head held high, like he was almighty, and he didnt see the rather short, Head Girl infront of him,rushing along with her head down, and they crashed right into each other.

"What the.." Draco sputtered as he fell hard on his bum.

He was in a tangle with someone he couldnt get a good view of. He felt the person scramble away and he saw that it was a female. He stood in a flash and straightened out his robes and glared down at her. She had straight brown hair down to her waist, and quite slim. She was wearing muggle clothing he couldnt identify.

"Watch where your going next time" He growled at the mysterious girl.

She looked up, and to his utter surprise and disgust he saw it was Hermione Granger.

"Granger" He spat, looking at her in contempt.

He opened his mouth to say something else, but his eye caught the Head Girl badge. He moaned inwardly. Now he had to live and work closely with the one person he hated most in the world other than Potter and Weasley.

She glared daggers at him, but to his surprise he saw hurt in those brown eyes he was glaring at. Pain and sadness, but it was gone quickly, like she had realised he had seen something he shouldnt have, and covered her emotion.

"Leave me alone, Malfoy. Your not worth my words"

With that, she flounced away in a swirl. She turned and called over her shoulder.

"Head meeting in the teachers compartment. Number 13".

And she was gone.

"Shit" He cursed.

Those pants she had on were so hugging, and she had such a good ass......*FUCK* he mentally slapped himself. *Do NOT think of Granger that way! She is a filthy mudblood and not worth my time.......but why cant I stop thinking about her? Her red lips, the way she looked so sad and lost, like a puppy? Her big brown chocolatey eyes, boring into mine as she glared at me?* He walked towards compartment 13, a raging war going on inside as he tried to get the girl he hated off his mind.


She turned the corner, and backed up against the wall. Jesus, Malfoy was HOT. His lips..his skin....his muscles... *HERMIONE GRANGER, DONT YOU DARE THINK THAT WAY! He is a stupid, conceited, egotistical, gorgeous, sexy......no..No...NO!!!!! Oh my god....wait! He called me mudblood....yeah that prick*

She wanted to slap herself. She meant nothing to him, why should he start to mean something to her, after all he had done to her? She went to start walking when she came face to face with Ron. Her breath caught in her throat.

"Ron..hey" She managed.

He grinned slyly at her, and his eyes raked her body.

"Nice choice of clothes, just who were you looking to impress?". All the colour drained from Hermiones face.

"Uh....you of course" She stuttered.

He smirked. "It better be. ONLY me"

Suddenly his expression changed, and she felt someones hands cover her eyes.

"Guess who" A soft voice said in her ear.

She nearly collapsed in relief. "HARRY!" She turned and gave him a bear hug.

Harry laughed. "Wow, didnt thinkyou were so happy to see me" He said, slightly suprised.

Ron glared. *He knows why* She thought angrily. She smiled.

"Well, I will have to see you at school, Harry. I have to go to the Head compartment"

Harry's jaw hit the floor. "Oh my god Hermione, congratulations! I cant think of anyone who deserves it better than you!" She laughed.

But Harry's expression changed. "Who is Head Boy?"

"Draco Malfoy" Hermione spat his name like dirt from her lips.

Harry blanched."You poor girl" He said jokingly. "Dont worry, he will keep his behavior"

She felt Ron's arm creep around her waist. She longed to swat it away. "Yuck. Dont worry, Hermione, he wont try anything" Ron said, convincingly.

She turned to him and smiled as best she could. "I better go to the compartment now. I will see you at school".

She just wanted to get far away from Ron at the moment. She knew she would pay for it later, but she didnt care. She had thought about telling Dumbledore, but Ron had threatened her that he would kill her. She had often mused that he had joined forces with Voldemort, but Ron couldnt even say his name let alone serve him. But it made her wonder. She got to the Head compartment and opened the door. Draco's head turned towards the door as it opened and he glared, but it was gone as quickly as it had come when Professor McGonagal turned and smiled at her.

"Welcome, Head Girl!" She greeted her.

Hermione seated herself across from Draco and greeted the Professor. "Lets start with your duties".

McGonagal went over everything they had to plan over the year and gave them each a parchment with thier names on it with all the information.

"I will leave you two to it then" She got up and left.

"Well, Mudblood" Draco sneered. "This year is going to be very interesting indeed, dont you agree?"