You Had Me From Hello

This is dedicated to Neil...

A/N this was previously called Time after Time. I've now had a new idea for how it can go so I've deleted the original. I hope this is much better and people will review.

As the clock struck one, Hermione knew it was over. She'd lost her sweet prince forever, unbeknown to him. She lay upon her crisp white bed in a daze. Safe in the knowledge that it was summer. She'd chopped off her long locks in favour of a short bob. In the hope that it would give herself some sort of renewal.

No such luck. Hermione thought as she slid off her bed and looked at herself in the mirror. Her room's only light was scented candles on her dressing table. Underneath the new haircut she was still the same know-it-all the man of her dreams despised.

Her white summer dress clung to her perfectly. He would have approved the gypsy style that hung down to her knees. She began picturing him next to her. As she had done for the last two years, when she realised what she felt for the man was love.

What was he wearing right now? Something hand-made no doubt, something black. She reprimanded herself. She knew the man better than that. She knew he wasn't that sulking bat that lurked in the dungeons.

She knew him. Better than he had known. But that still wasn't enough. She didn't know him enough to declare her love and simply say "Sev I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Hermione threw herself back on the bed and wept. So loudly her mum was guaranteed to have heard. Snape was gone. She'd never see him again. All the more reason to have said, Something! So many chances, so many signs he'd felt the same.

A knock came at her bedroom door, disturbing her thoughts. Had her mum heard her?

"Honey, you have a visitor." Her mum said through the wooden door when no answer was gained. "In you go Ginny. Maybe you can get her to come out. Or at least get her to open her curtains"

A petite red head poked her head through the door. Dressed as if she was about to go out on a date. Or attend a wedding. Ginny blushed as she stood in front of Hermione. Unsure of what to say.

"Mum got an invite to the after party. Dad can't make it so she's taking me." It was if she was there to seek approval. Hermione just stared at her blankly. "Is it o-"

"Of course it's not ok! It should be me." Hermione wept into her pillow. "It should be me. You should be going to my wedding." At this Ginny began crying.

"I'm sorry Herm! I don't want to go, you know I don't like the man." At this Hermione shot Ginny a look that would kill. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Tell him I said congratulations." Hermione pulled the duvet over her head. Then she had a thought. A way out. "Ginny?" Hermione questioned as she poked her head back out.

"Yes?!" Ginny asked hopefully settling herself on the bed opposite Hermione.

"Will you do something for me. You have to promise to do it before I tell you!" Hermione answered, grabbing her best friends hand. Ginny nodded softly. "Take my memories of him and obliterate them." Ginny went white. What had she made a promise to do?! There was no way she could do that to her friend. She looked at Hermione. Her face was full of determination. "I shouldn't have asked... I wouldn't have. But I can't find my wand." Hermione explained. "I've bought a pensive. They amount of memories you'll have to remove means I might pass out, so I have to trust you not to look at them!" She got off the bed and retrieved the pensive. A single tear ran down her face. "If you don't I'll die lonely and of a broken heart." Ginny understood. She pulled out her wand and allowed Hermione to settle down on her bed.

"Are you sure about this?" Ginny asked before she began.

"With all my heart." Hermione answered simply. With that Ginny began removing Hermione's memories of Serverus Snape.