A/N: Okay. This is , of course, a therox fic. Now, I need to tell you this off hand, this story starts off as a Ethan and Theresa story. I know, you people can't take much more of Ethass, but in order for me to write this story, Ethass needs to be in it. This story also has Savy and Evian.

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"I know pronouce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." the father said. Ethan looked at Theresa who was smiling. She held a bouqet of red roses. Her wedding ring was beautiful. It had 3 diamonds on the band cut perfectly. Her engagement ring was even more beautiful, a shapphire ring. Ethan leaned in and kissed Theresa. Music rang throughout the church and everyone stood up and cheered for the now, Mr. and Mrs Ethan Winthrop. ((yes Gwen and Rebecca were exposed for they're lies)) Theresa's dreams were coming true. They walked down the aisle and exited the church to the limo. The limo was taking them to the reception.

"Your so beautiful." Ethan said to Theresa.

"Oh thank you. Your not so bad yourself handsome." Theresa laughed kissing him.

"Theresa, I promise you that life for you will be perfect from here on out. No one will ever hurt you." Ethan said. That nightmere was soon to become a reality.

Chapter 1: Cuts and Brusies

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerlad Winthrop had been married to Ethan Winthrop for a year and a half. The first 6 months of they're marriage seemed perfect. He would come home from work early and she would have dinner on the table and the rest of the night they would make passionate love. Sooner or later, Ethan started coming home late and Theresa didn't bother to make dinner. Most of the time, Theresa would be in bed alone.

The Winthrops were a very preseded family in Harmony. Ivy had married Sam and Ethan had been at the top of his firm and they were doing great. Or so they thought.

Theresa walked into her house at 2244 Regency Ave. It was wa pretty big house. She set the grocey bags on the table and looked at the clock.[6:30]

"Ethan won't be home till 10 or so. Why don I bother going to the store?" Theresa asked herself taking off her coat. Another night she wouldn't make dinner for her husband. Theresa looked at her legs and arms which were covered in bruises and cuts. Suddenly, she heard the door opened the slamed. She looked up in fear.

"THERESA!!!" EThan yelled for her. She rolled the slevees of her lond slevee shirt down and stood up as Ethan entered the room.

"Honey, you're home early." Theresa said.

"Well, that f**ker Austin lost a suit today! I told him 3 times, don't f**k the customers!" Ethan said angry. Theresa said nothing. Ethan walked to the bar in the corner and poured a glass of rum. Theresa looked at Ethan.

"What Theresa?!" Ethan yelled. Thersa looked down. Ethan looked around.

"And where is my dinner?!" Ethan yelled. Theresa looked up.

"I just got home. Mama is sick." Theresa said.

"Your mother is always sick. Can't a man come home to find dinner on the table." Ethan said throwing the glass across the room.

"Ethan, your never home!" Theresa said. Ethan walked up to her and held her neck as if he was gonna choke her.

"Don't you ever say that!" Ethan slapped heer. Ethan was the one causing the brusies. Her was hurting her.


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