Chapter 2: The Surprise Vistor

Theresa had made dinner every night after the lst incident with Ethan. She was use to him hitting her though. It started about 6 or 7 months after the wedding. He would be her for no reason, or little reasons, or huge reasons. She got use to it.

One night Theresa and Ethan were eating dinner when the doorbell rang.

"I got it." Theresa said raising from her chair. She walked to the the front door and gripped the doorknob. She turned it and opened it to see a tall blonde headed man.

"May I help you?" Theresa asked.

"You must be my half brothers beautiful wife." The young man entered.

"Yeah, who are you?" Theresa asked.

"Nicholas Foxworth Crane. Fox for short. Ethan's half bro, son of Ivy and Julian. I have a whole bio if you wanna here it." Fox laughed.

"Nice to meet you Fox, I am Theresa." She said. Suddenly, Ethan entered. He looked furious.

"Fox! What the hell are you doing here?!" Ethan said angry.

"Ethan! Be nice, he is a vistor."Theresa said closing the front door.

"Oh, don't worry Theresa, I am use to my sourpuss of a brother." Fox said

"What do you want Fox?" Ethan said clentching his fists.

"Well, I need a place to crash. Just for a few days until I get my finaces straight." Fox said.

"Oh, we would be happy for you to stay. He can sleep in the guest room." Theresa said excited.

*This way Ethan can't beat me.* Theresa thought.

"Well, Theresa can I talk to you in the other room." Ethan saud gripping her arm. He pulled her into the dining room.

"Ow! Ethan stop!" Theresa cried.

"He's not staying here Theresa." Ethan said.

"Why not?" Theresa asked.

"Because, he's a playboy, and I don't want him under my roof." Ethan yelled.

"Did you forget this is my house too." Theresa asked looking at him.

"You go and you tell him that he can not stay here. Now, I must go to the living room. I need a drink." Ethan said leaving. Fox heard the whole arguement. Theresa enetered to see Fox.

"It's okay. I understand." Fox said heading towards the door.

"Listen Fox, I am sorry. If it was up to me, I would let you stay." Theresa said to Fox as he opened to door.

"I know. Well thanks anyways." Fox said leaving. He sat on the steps of her house trying to think of a place to go. Meanwhile, Theresa was inside angry.

"ETHAN!" She yelled. She knew she was taking a risk but she was angry. She saw Ethan come in with a glass of rum in his hand.

"What?!" Ethan said. Fox looked into the window.

"Why in the hell would you throw your flesh and blood out? Oh wait, I forgot, your a cold hearted man." Theresa said.

"You bitch!" And with that Ethan slapped her and pushed her to the ground. Fox saw everything but he didn't stop. He ran to the pier, instead.


Now, don't hate me. He isn't a coward. He was nervous and scared. Not knowing what to do. Tell me what you think?

I would like to thank Kim ((THEROX4EVER03)) she help me with the ideas.