Harry Potter looked out the window of the high flying lane. All he could see was clouds and even more clouds. Sometimes he could see traces of the large body of water below him.

"Of all the things they could do to me, they send me away from the one place I love." He sighed heavily and the woman sitting next to him looked at him sympathetically. Then she lowered her gaze and went back to reading her magazine. "They didn't even let me say good-bye to Hermione and Ron. I hope Hedwig will know where to find me." He ran his hand through his unkempt black hair, revealing the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

Through the many hours he was stuck on the cramped plane he wished instead that he was outside it flying on his broomstick. It certainly would have been much easier than explaining his strange possessions in customs when he arrived in the states. Thinking of America he took out a piece of parchment. On it was a letter from Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In a nutshell Dumbledore had written about how Harry should spend time in America where he could cool his heels and come back in his seventh year. Harry couldn't believe that he was being sent away. Dumbledore also wrote about the family he would be staying with until the beginning of the term at the Salem Institute for Advanced Magic.

"First time flying?" the woman next to him looked up from her magazine. At the shack of Harry's head she continued, "I remember the first time I flew somewhere. Quite an experience it was. Where you headed?"

"Some school in Massachusetts."

"A bit early for the school year to have started."

"I'm staying with a family till then." A family. Something he didn't have. He glanced at the letter again. Dumbledore had mentioned the family he would be staying with till term started. The Deadwoods. They had a son and daughter about his age. He wondered what they were like. They had to be wizards or why else would he be sent to them.

The seatbelt light on the overhead light up and the pilot announced their impending arrival. When the jet finally landed, his legs were cramped. He waited for everyone to leave before he forced his stubborn legs to move. Grabbing his stuff out of the cubby above him, he made his way out of the plane. Not knowing where he was supposed to go he stood to the side of the gate, out of the way of his fellow passengers that were meeting up with their friends and family.

"Harry? Harry Potter?" a frantic girl yelled over the crowd. He looked up and he saw a smile form on her face. Her long, auburn hair shined in the sunlight that cascaded through the window. As she came closer he couldn't help but notice her deep blue eyes that bore into him. "Hey! Welcome to America! Clark, he's over here!" she yelled the last part over her shoulder where a boy was approaching them. The boy ran his fingers through his hair, accentuating his shortly cut, spiked red hair.

"Jesh, Clare you don't have to yell. Hey, you Harry? I'm Clark Deadwood and this is Claris, my very loud sister." Harry noted the teasing tone in his voice and considered them. They stood side by side and their resemblance to each other was eerie.

"I'm not loud," she pouted. "I just didn't think you were right behind me."

"Right. Let's help Harry out with his luggage speaking of which I'll go ask where it'll be." Clark left Harry and Claris and talked with the receptionist.

"Don't look so down. I bet you're gonna have a blast!" But that was just what was going through his head. Why did they have to send him here? Where he didn't know anyone?

Harry noticed Clark come back. "Ok, were supposed to go to the luggage claim downstairs." Clark motioned for them to follow and they did. They got to the claim after riding an escalator down and with only one fight between Clark and Claris

"Do you always fight like this?" Harry asked, while he was watching for his Hogwarts trunk to surface.

"You call this fighting? It's more like debating to us. Guess it's because we hardly ever fight," Claris said.

"Hang around us long enough and you'll know when we have actually 'fight'," Clark piped in. "This yours, Harry?" He was trying to drag Harry's heavy Hogwarts trunk off the rail.

"Yeah." They were able to drag it over to a trolley that Claris had managed to procure.

"Whew, we all set? I say we go home. It's almost lunch and Mom and Dad wanted to see him on their break."

"Your parents?"

"Yeah, the parents. They wanted to make sure you survived crazy Claris' drive home." Clark started to laugh and Claris hit him in the chest playfully.

"Hey! At least I didn't run into a light post," she retorted. He stopped laughing and glared at her. Harry couldn't help but laugh and they joined in. They obviously couldn't stay mad at each other for long.

They passed through the doors and into a large parking lot. Weaving through several rows they finally found the car. After they shoved Harry's trunk into the trunk of the car, the filed into it with Claris at the wheel, a teasing Clark in the front seat, and an anxious Harry stretched out in the back.