Sharing Expenses by LadyCommish

This is my first Picket Fences fanfiction although I have written fanfiction for the X-files, Boston Public, The Commish, Lois and Clark, and Sound of Music. I do not own any of these characters and do not profit from the stories. Please Read and Review.

Deputy Kenny Lacos entered the Sheriff's department a few minutes early for his shift. He loved the 7-3 shift, because, as this was Rome, only one of two men would be on midnights and the office was clean and quiet when he arrived.

Kenny entered the office and looked around, not noticing that anyone else had come before him so there was no fresh coffee made and no bagels or doughnuts on the cabinet. The only coffee was the sludge left over from the midnight shift. Carefully, Kenny emptied out the pot, rinsed it through and began to brew another fresh pot. It was then that he heard a small sound coming from inside one of the interrogation rooms.

"Good morning, Deputy," Sheriff Jimmy Brock greeted before Kenny had a chance to see what was going on inside the interrogation room, "you're early."

"Yeah, so where is everybody? There couldn't have been much action last night, I had the scanner on, I didn't hear a thing," Kenny commented, pouring himself a cup of the freshly brewed coffee.

"No? Well, it was just the usual night in Rome, although several speeding tickets were issued and Skeeter and Dalton did bring in one drunk and disorderly. Other than that, smooth sailing."

"A D&D, huh? Is that whose in IR 1?" Kenny asked his boss and friend, "Usually we put them in holding to sleep it off."

"We did put him in holding to sleep it off," Jimmy told his Deputy, "Why? Is there someone in there?"

"I thought I heard something," Kenny told Jimmy, when out of the corner of his eye, a flash of red caught his attention and Kenny new exactly who was in the interrogation room. He also knew what Jimmy would do if he caught here there, so he hastened to attract Jimmy's attention elsewhere. "I must have imagined it, anyway, want a cup of coffee?"

Jimmy shrugged off Kenny's weird behavior as morning after syndrome, a condition his young deputy often acquired on his nights off, and took the offered cup of Joe. Kenny meanwhile turned and made his way to the interrogation room to interrogate the lovely and slightly disoriented Deputy Stewart.