Return to Zi

Summary: Lena's been having some weird dreams lately. So, it's up to her friends and some new technology to help her find the man of her dreams. The thing is, time of the essence and their biggest problem. Warning-not a B/L fic.

Disclaimer: I don't own Zoids. I wish I owned Irvine's ass, man is it great!

Lena: "Augusta!"

Augusta: "Sorry, Lena. Can you blame me?"

Lena flicks a piece of popcorn at Augusta. "Just get on with the story."

A: "Yeah, yeah. But first, a little before hand info. I love Back to the Future and Inuyasha. So there will be some time travel, obviously. There are oddball characters like Izzy and Tentomon (Digimon). There are the unknown/just made up characters: Augusta Samurai, Lena's best friend; Kelso Samurai, Augusta's little brother; Leigh and Maria Junus, fraternal twins and Augusta and Kelso's teammates on the AzuleRyu Team; and Cyzar (Pronounced like Caesar), the bad guy, need I say more? Then there are the famous characters from Zoids: Lena, Dr. Toros, Bit, Jamie, Brad, Leon, Naomi and we can't forget Harry; and Chaotic Century: Van, Fiona, Irvine, Thomas, Dr. D, Moonbay, Colonel Schubaltz and Ryss and Raven even show up. Oh, yeah. I can't forget; there are a whole bunch of background characters."

"A special thanks goes out to Lena, whose obsession with Irvine gave me the idea for this story, and her help with writing it. A BIG thanks goes out to Lena, Leigh, and Maria for their editing and adding. I doubt this story would've ever gotten as far as it has without them helping."

L: "Are you done?"

A: "Alright, I'll start the story."

L: "Let's kick some bad-guy butt."

* * *

Chapter 1...

* * *

Augusta: "One last thing."

Lena: "Come on, you're holding up the fic!"

Augusta: "This is who's talking..."

Lena-L, Augusta-A, Moonbay-M, Fiona-F, Maria-Ma, Leigh-Le Irvine-I, Thomas-T, Harry-H, Van-V, Dr. D-D, Kelso-K, Izzy-Iz Tentomon-Tmon

Chapter 1: Lena's Dream

Year: 2014

The dream came to Lena again. The sun was rising over the horizon, casting long shadows and setting the sky aflame. A man stood out on a deserted landscape beckoning to her. He was darkly handsome with full lips and strong cheekbones. The only thing that seemed out of place on his perfect face was an eye patch over his left eye, but even that made him look more mysterious. His cool gray-violet eyes stared so soulfully at her. He was perfection and he reached out for her. His voice was deep and full, yet so soft she had to strain to hear him call her name. As she reached out for him the darkness closed in again. He slowly faded into that darkness just as his fingers interlaced with hers.

Lena's violet eyes popped open and she furrowed her brow in frustration. "Damn, not again."

She pounded her fists on the bed, further expressing her frustration. "What's with me? That's the fourth time this week I've had that stupid dream. What does it mean?"

Lena rolled over and sighed into her pillow. "He's so hot, but who is he?"

Suddenly, she leapt from her bed and went to her desk. She picked up a piece of charcoal and began to trace from her quickly fading memory. Within minutes her dream man looked out at her. She gracelessly wiped her hands on the bottom of her nightshirt as she sat at her computer. With a few quick taps the face of her friend appeared on screen.

Izzy: "Lena, it's three o'clock in the morning. What do you want?" Izumi rubbed the sleep from his eyes and ruffled his bright orange hair.

L: "Rise and shine Izzy. I need a favor."

Iz: "Jeez, Lena, you always need something. I'm only fifteen. Give me a break."

L: "True. But you're the only fifteen-year-old genius I know with a master's degree in computer technology."

Iz: "All right, all right."

L: "I want you to do a photo search of this guy." Lena took the picture of her perfect man and placed it carefully on her scanner. Izzy glanced at the picture that took up the left side of his screen.

Iz: "Who is he?"

L: "Izzy, for genius you can be really stupid some times. If I knew who he was, I wouldn't be asking you to do a photo search."

Iz: "Okay, okay. Don't get your panties in a twist."

Lena rolled her eyes as Izzy's fingers practically flew over the keyboard, winding his way through the labyrinth of what was know as the Internet. "So where did you see this guy?"

L: "You wouldn't believe it."

Iz: "Try me."

L: "I saw him in a dream."

Iz: "A dream! Lena that is the dumbest..."

L: "What?"

Iz: "Huh! I can't believe it. I actually found some info on him."

L: "Well?"

Iz: "Here. Jeez, you're so impatient."

A picture popped up on the left side of her screen while information scrolled down the right. She longingly gazed at the picture. He looked just like he did in her dream. From the slight curve of his lips to the rumpled look of his thick brown hair.

Iz: "Hey! Earth to Lena."

L: "Hmm?"

Iz: "Man, what is it with nineteen-year olds? Are guys the only thing you have on your minds?"

L: "No, there's always dating."

Iz: "Uh!" (Iz - ()*[sweat drop]) Izzy fell backwards off his chair.

L: "Come on, get up, Izzy."

Iz: "Okay. Let's see. Where was I? Oh, yeah. His name's Irvine, last name is unknown, a mercenary, you always did like the dark mysterious type...Oh boy...ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! There's one problem with your man here."

L: "What?"

Iz: "It says here that he disappeared almost a hundred years ago."

L: "He's dead!"

Iz: "Yep. This says that he mysteriously disappeared with his Lightning Saix when he was twenty-one."

L: "Can my life get any worse?"

Lena put her elbows on her desk and her face in her charcoal covered hands.

Iz: "Well, actually, Lena..."

Lena's head rose immediately, and she looked questioningly at Izzy.

L: "What is it?"

Iz: (Snort)

L: "What's so funny?"

Iz: "I think your...hee, just got worse."

Lena cocked and eyebrow at him.

Iz: "You...ha, ha...You have charcoal on your face...Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

L: "What does it matter? I'll never see Irvine."

Izzy was laughing so hard he clapped his hands over his mouth to try and stifle it. Tears streamed down his face. When he tried to breathe he ended up snorting. That sent him into further gales of laughter. He was laughing so hard he was bent double. Lena just rolled her eyes at him.

L: "God, Izzy, get control of yourself."

Iz: "I can...ha, ha, ha...can't! Every time I look at you I can't...ha, ha, ha, it...Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Lena got up from her desk. As she turned around she hit a button and her screen went blank. She wound her way through her room to the bathroom. When she got there she peered at herself in the mirror. She looked like a negative of a weird tiger. Her face had two black handprints on it making her normally pale skin stand out like stripes. She lifted he black palms up and curled her fingers as if the were claws and scowled at herself.

L: "Grrr."

Then she flashed a big grin and turned quickly morose.

L: "Oh, who am I kidding? I'll never be the same again. Not without my Irvine, anyway."

Lena scrubbed her face to a healthy pink shine and walked back to the bedroom. She found her computer beeping. Someone was trying to call.

L: "Yeah?"

Iz: "Hey Lena, it's Izzy. Why so glum? It's not me is it? You know, because I laughed at your face."

L: "No, it's just..."

She flopped down in her chair, about ready to cry.

Iz: "Lena, what's wrong?"

She fidgeted in her seat for a few minutes. It was like she was waging an internal battle with herself. Her face was pinched in concentration. She felt like she was about to explode.

Iz: "Lena...? God! You frustrate the hell out of me."

L: "All right! I know I don't even know this guy...but I feel like he could be the one. You know, the only guy out there for me. That's the problem. I mean, he's not even from this century!"

Iz: "Actually, I have no idea what you're talking about."

(L – ()*) It was Lena's turn to fall off her chair.

Iz: "I'm serious, Lena, I mean, I'm only fifteen. But I have known you for...what, twelve years. I've never seen you so gaga over a guy, and you haven't even met him."

Lena dropped her head onto her folded arms.

Iz: "Lena, do you think you seriously have a chance with this guy? He's way too old for you. I mean, he's not even alive."

L: "He's the one for me Izzy. There's no other way to put it. I'm stuck here alone. I can't help it I was born in the wrong century." The small speech was muffled, coming from within her folded arms. At the end of her heartfelt proclamation she picked her head up and just looked at him. She looked so sad and it struck the right cord for Izzy to speak up.

Iz: "Oh, man. Damn my generous heart." He ran his fingers through his hair making it stand up in even more clumps. "This is against my better judgement, but... Ihaveatimemachine."

He blurted it out so fast it was almost unintelligible. Lena got the gist of it, though.

L: "You have a time machine! Izzy! Why didn't you tell me before? You could have saved me all that misery. God, if I could; I'd reach through the screen and strangle you."

Izzy's hands went to his throat. He almost felt Lena's slim, strong hands there. "Please don't. And to answer your question, I didn't have a chance to. I took one look at your ugly mug and couldn't stop laughing."

(L – ()*) L: "Well, then get your ass over here. I'm gonna get my man."

* * *

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