Unexpected Delightful Surprises

Buffy Anne Summers Finn woke up quietly in the bedroom, that morning the twice a month ritual would begin. Riley, eager for children and laughter among the household had suggested it. Every other Thursday Buffy took a pregnancy test, a test that she feared would determine her, her unborn child, and her husband's future.
Buffy sat up, she gazed to her left, Riley slept soundly, volumed snores occurred once every ten seconds. Buffy had claimed the left side of the bed; she had claimed it since their first marital experience. Riley hadn't cared, he naturally flocked to the right anyway.

"Wake up. We have our thing we have to do, the test." Buffy said tenderly, softly placing her firm hand on his shoulder. Riley woke up immediately.

"Good morning." He grinned yawning. Riley leaned over and kissed her on the cheek as he did every morning.

"Well, if you agree to get up, I agree to take the stick and pee on it." She said bluntly. Riley arose, pulled on his flannel pajama pants that he rarely wore, ever. He pulled on his white cotton knit T-shirt. Buffy got the covers from off her body; she wore a lavender silky satin nightgown. She went to the bathroom and pulled the familiar purple stick out of the plain Ever Easy Pregnancy Test box. She went to the toilet and peed into a tiny Dixie cup. She dipped the tester part of it into the cup, and then placed it on the counter. It would be ten minutes till the test would be complete and correct. She left the room.

"So?" Riley asked nervously.

"Riley, you know we have ten minutes left till it's done, right?" She asked, and then sat next to him on the bed. She leaned closer to him and kissed him on the cheek. They sat there the remaining period.

Buffy got up silently and entered the bathroom hesitantly. She brought the cup back into the bedroom. Then sat back down by his side. He nudged her to see the results. She looked, a red postitive sign glared back at her, she was positive. Riley stared at it. He was a daddy.

"Riley." She said disbelieving.

"Buffy, you're pregnant, there's actually something in you." He patted her stomach.

"Riley, sometimes these things come out wrong, like maybe it's actually negative. I want to go to the doctor." She said quietly.

"And to the doctor you will go, I'll take you this afternoon, for now you can lie down in bed and I will go to the store and get you a carton of Double Fudge Mint Chip ice cream. Just stay here." He smiled, leaving her in the room in a daze.

Riley entered the grocery store happily, a bounce in his step, ninety eight point eight percent of the time those tests were right. He didn't want them to be the leftover two point two percent. He walked down the metal aisles to the back where there were frozen rows of ice cream. He walked to it, choosing the premium Double Fudge Mint Chip ice cream. He opened the case and was surprised to find that the door hit a man with black curly hair. It was Xander.

"God, Riley, thanks for the headache." He grinned rubbing his head gingerly.

"Sorry Xander, just getting some ice cream for the misses." He replied.

"Special occasion? Buffy gets Double Fudge Mint Chip only when she's depressed or over flowingly happy, what's the deal?" Xander asked.

"I'll say it's a special one alright, the test came back positive."

"What test? Duh Xander, pregnancy test? Positive? As in Buffy's a mom positive?" Xander asked dumbfounded.

"Well, I'm one hundred percent sure she is, but she wants to go see the doctor." Riley shook his head. "Buffy's so stubborn, you know how she is." Riley took the ice cream carton out of the freezer case.

"Well, good luck. I have to go to the employment office, just think I may be a uncle." Xander pondered and walked away. In a panic Riley got lots of snack food, cheerio breakfast bars, cheeto bags, and some Oreos. He went home.

RING RING! The shrill telephone rang. Buffy drowsily got up and answered it.

"Hello?" Buffy asked.

"BUFFY! I heard." It was Willow.

"You heard what?" Buffy asked.

"You're pregnant." Willow said.

"Willow, how'd you find out?"

"Xander called, he said Riley told him at the supermarket."

"Willow, we're not sure, I can't believe Riley told, he was supposed to wait till after the appointment." Buffy scratched her head. Strong arms hugged her, she turned, it was Riley. She smiled then stared at him, her eyes like daggers. He backed away.

"Well, I want to be the first Scoob to know, 'kay?" Willow asked.

"Of course, Will, I gotta go." Buffy said.

"Bye Buffy." Willow replied and hung up the phone, Buffy did the same. She turned to face her husband. He looked at her.

"That was Willow, apparently news of my pregnancy got out." Buffy replied angrily.


"Who says you have the right to tell them that there is even a possibility without asking me? The supposed child is in me after all isn't it? Isn't it?"

"Yes, I'm sorry."

"By sunset Spike and Angel will know, everybody, just because you said I might have a child. Have you made the appointment? 'Cause God knows I wouldn't want them to be disappointed." Buffy said sarcastically.

"I made the appointment, Buffy, relax, they aren't going to hate you if you're not pregnant, I know I'm not, I just want something that belongs to both of us." He said tenderly.

"Like this house? The Jeep?"

"No Buffy, flesh and blood, DNA, chromosomes, both of us there, in something, a baby, our baby." He replied.

"That sounds nice, I'm just not keen on the nine months, I've seen the movie, I've heard horror stories, I'm scared, I'm petite, Riley, what if something went wrong? You'd hate me then." She said meekly.

"Buffy, I loved you before the whole kid thing came up, and I always will, I could never hate you." He said, gazing into the pools of moss that were her eyes.

"Okay, I'll try, but if I can't, I just can't, okay?" She asked.

"Okay." He replied reassuring.

"When's the appointment?"

"Twenty minutes, you ready to go?"

"What? Twenty? Just give me five minutes to do some things, like brush my hair, and brush my teeth and I'll go." She grabbed his hand and then let it go as she walked to the bathroom.
Riley, two minutes later heard her throwing up.^ Morning sickness^ he thought. ^She's really pregnant, she really is^. She came out in a few minutes.

"I guess I am, or maybe it's the stress talking, but maybe I am pregnant, God, maybe I am." Buffy said taking her blouse off and changing into another one.

"But let's go in case." Now Riley was scared.