"Riley, I have to do something today." Buffy held her baby to her breast.

"What?" Riley asked.

"I have to see someone."


"My mother." Riley nodded in understanding.


Buffy sat in the passenger seat with Joyce Katherine in her arms, Riley was driving. She kissed Joyce's forehead softly and listened to the soft music on the radio. They went past the sandy grounds and nearby dry grass until they came upon a sign that said 'you are five feet away from Sunnydale, California', some vandals had made the Sunnydale into Sunnyhell. Riley parked the car and looking into the deep canyon, he unlocked the door for Buffy and let her out. She got out and went almost to the edge with her daughter. Buffy situated herself on the dusty sand ground and started to speak.

"Mom, we haven't talked in awhile, I know. I should've done this before. I should have told you everything, my marriage, everything. No, to prove wrong your suspicions, I did not go to Vegas and marry some guy, I went to LA and married Riley, yes, that nice guy I dated, that you just LOVED. I've done some unsatisfactory stuff, I know, you're probably looking down on me from heaven and frowning. I heard your criticism when I was with you, up there. I know I was unfairly ripped away from you, I dwelled on that fact forever, then I realized that I was dwelling on something that I couldn't get back. I lived on. And today, I'd like you to meet someone, a special someone, my daughter, your granddaughter, Joyce Katherine Finn.............................."