Chap one. Pilot to

Storm Riders

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It begins...

We open to the first episode of Storm Riders and how it began. Of course one of our main characters isn't having a good morning.


"AHH!" was all Danni could yell as she fell out of bed on top of her boom box, then of course sitting up and banging her head on her desk.. Then having her binder fall on it.

"OW! Ouch that hurt. I should put padding down before I give myself brain bamage...uh brain damage

I'm ok" She snickered while standing up. 5'12 and proud of it. This 16 year old with a muscular build was not someone to mess with, though her southern accent makes her slightly deep voice gentler. Even though her appearance doesn't look it.

No one knows it but today would change Danni's life forever.

At School

"And so that's how the American Revolution began any questions?" BRIIINNG!

"Well save them till we come back from break! All of you got B's or A's on the test so good job!"

"Have a nice summer class!" Mr. Bridgman announced

5 minutes later...

"DANNI!!" Yelled a strawberry blonde. Danni forgetting what that yell meant turned and got tackled.

"Ouf" Danni grunted as she hit the front lawn.

"Hey Crystal what up?" Danni asked amused her friend for over 8 years would have the ability to tackle her still and she was only 5'5 lean, had almost perfect curves for a 16 year old and was only a month older than Danni. Who in turn's hair had gotten a bit mussed from the flying tackle from her friend. Crystal took out her brush and ran it through Danni's white streaked brown hair fixing it.

"Want to come see my dad? He hasn't seen you for awhile, and you know how he just Love's you... How you do it, I don't know"

Take note here Crystals mother died in a car crash when she was 13 her father in turn got a job from FLAG so he could support the two of them. During that hard time Danni, gave up half her paycheck to help them till they got on there feet. They've all become closer from this.

"Sure and that's a trademark secret" Danni winked getting up. Ruffling Crystal's hair while doing so, this causing the Crystal to look up at her indignantly.

"Translation: You don't know or even have a clue" Crystal snickered as a way of payback.

"You sure he's not busy? Working with..Whats it called FLAG?" Danni asked suddenly, concerned. She didn't want to be a bother...

"I am confident he won't mind! He's been wondering about you!" she replied laughing. Of course Danni couldn't help but throw something in..

"Confidence: What you feel before you understand the situation" Danni quoted her favorite shirt. Thus having the last word in their silent battle of wills and wit.

"Oh haha Danni c'mon, Can I drive Damien? Please?" Crystal started begging.

"Sorry, you know that you've tried he wouldn't work for you, he has a mind of his own" Danni sighed.

Damien had nearly thrown Crystal out of the driver's seat from the power in his engine one time. Danni had to help her pull over on the freeway, suburban streets Crystal can handle better than freeways at least.

"Yeah and I swear he was laughing" Was her only comeback, she knew they had to go on a freeway.

"Probably was" Danni responded with a laugh as they started to walk to the parking lot. They walked to a dark metallic blue 1991 Chevy Camaro T-Top. The license plates said "Damien". Danni then drove them to FLAG HQ where things unimagined happened.