Ch. 6
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After Danni and Crystal finished unpacking Danni's things into her room they sat on Danni's bed and shot out ideas for the newly claimed 'entertainment room'.

"Big screen Tv"Danni shot out.

"Make it a plasma, and I want a DVD player."Crystal added.

"It'll have a shelves made for movies and one for games on either side. A cross piece going over the top and under the tv for game sytems and .."Danni trailed off.

Crystal giggled"Your models, of your favorite cars you built."She finished.

Danni smiled amused.

"Ok then. I can build the shelves and stuff. You choose couches and chairs, like lazyboys for the room."Danni offered deciding that oak though expensive and a nice stain should suffice for the center.

As Crystal set out for her task, Danni went down and talked with Nevar on how she was going to get everything she needed. Of course Nevar had some ideas.

"Pete has a truck right?"He pointed out.

"Yeah Crystals father does have a truck.."Danni trailed off.

"Ask him to use it."Was all he said.

"Good Idea."She went back up stairs hunting Crystals dad when he found her. She was looking into a room when a tap on the arm made her whirl and come face to face with her target. Pete.

"Hi Pete."Danni greeted

"Danni you want somthing don't you?"Pete laughed noting the look on her face.

"Can I borrow your truck? I have to get some stuff from Home depot and no offense on his part. Nevar can't carry all that."She addmitted.

"Of course but becarful."He handed her his keys."have fun!"He laughed as she nodded and ran down to the parking lot calling out a bye to Nevar as she passed. Leaping into the silver Dodge Ram pick-up once she unlocked it she started it and went to Home Depot.

Getting everything she needed she winced as she paid. Ow. Expensive

Building the center for the TV stuff.She looked up when she heard a loud engine. A truck from none other than Sears was delivering the 2 White cartoroy chairs. Lazy boy design. And 2 white 3 seater couchs. The room was a sky blue with Magoney floors so this was good. She told the guys to put it on the lift and they took it to the room. Now she had to stain the center and get the main peice with Crystal. The TV. Then get the add ons!
(Man I wish I had that kind off stuff!)

Nevar: Like you could afford that.

(I can dream!)