"Come on, Frodo. There's no need to be afraid, swimming is easy once you know how." Said Pippin when he resurfaced from the water. Sam and Merry were playing with a beach ball, and Rosie could be seen with her friends closer to the shore, but only Frodo stood outside of the water. "but the water is cold and-" Frodo began to say but was cut off as Sam splashed him. "is it really that cold Mr. Frodo?" he asked, a little smirk on his face. The water was actually quite warm! But no, Frodo will not go into the lake. Not after what happened last time. "come on Frodo, just get in the water!" shouted Merry. But Frodo stood tall (as tall as a hobbit could stand) and refused to go in. "well boys, looks like we're gonna have get him in ourselves" Pippin whispered to the other two. They formed a huddle and began to think. And with three hobbit brains they thought of the worst, most horrible thing ever. And it would surely get Frodo into the water.

"hey Frodo" said Rosie, dripping wet in her little hobbit bikini looking rather, sexy. Frodo turned quite red when Rosie 'accidentally' dropped her beach ball, giving him front row seats to the show. "oh, silly me. I'm kinda clumsy sometimes." she said bending over. Sam couldn't help but look her blossoming bosom. She got up, quite slowly and looked at Frodo with this seductive look in her eyes. She walked towards him and he walked away, into the water. When the water was up to their Rosie leaned over and whispered in Frodo's ear, "wanna have kids". and with
A yelp and a giant leap, Frodo was in the water. When he resurfaced he saw Sam, Pippin, and Merry laughing hysterically at him. He soon caught on to their plan and had to laugh at himself. It was pretty funny, Rosie trying to seduce him.
With a chuckle he climbed out of the water but stop when he felt a breeze on lower regions. He looked down and there stood his hobbit hood, for all to see. Rosie looked at his little friend and smiled, getting that seductive look about her. His three friends were shocked, not sure to feel sorry or laugh like a idiot. Frodo cursed the water and grabbed his shorts slipping them back on.

'not again' he thought as he ran away.