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Scene 1 - Bad Luck For A Movie

Shuuichi checked on his watch once again while he ran desperately.
-Osoi! Osoi! Osoi! OSOIIIII!!-his voice resounding through the whole NG building. He was fifty minutes late for the appointment President Seguchi had given to Bad Luck, remarking it was something very important and he wanted them on time at 08:30 AM.
Well, it was more than nine already and all because the last night he had been up till late with Yuki... of course, since he only gets up, turns on the laptop and is already working.
But now, he didn't have to time to be complaining on stuff like that.
-Come on, one more floor, one more floor and you'll be there Shuuichi- he repeated to himself at the time sprinted through the service stairs.
Hiroshi and Suguru stared, puzzled, at a gust of wind passing at the speed of light when the doors of the elevator opened.
-I'm so sorry!! It wasn't on purpose!! It was all Yuki's fault!! Well, it was more like an emergency, but...!!
-Ah, Shindou-san, ohayou.-the eternally sweet voice of the president greeted him.
-Se--Seguchi-san... gomen...-the apology wasn't only for the delay, but also for having broken one more of the office doors.
-Shuuichi?-said Hiro, peeking through the door-hole, while Suguru stuck his hand in to turn the doorknob and make a decent entrance.
-Good morning!!-resounded the ever-happy voice of their manager, followed by a thousand apologies and hysterical questions of their producer.
Shuuichi blinked twice, confused.
-But... but... wasn't the appointment at eight-thirty?-he checked on his watch again, it marked 09:25.
-Yes, that's right-affirmed Tohma while making a gesture for them to sit down.
-Then... then...
The redhead sat next to Shuuichi and grabbed his left hand to see his watch.
-Nyaaaaa~ni?! What for now?! I haven't even spoken to you!
Hiro settled his own watch in front of the pink-haired's eyes and Shuuichi could clearly read the digits.
-Eight and twenty-six.
-Shindou-san, the winter-schedule ended today. Don't tell me you forgot-green strands peeked.
-Hey, take it on the positive side, he's on time!!-remarked K' merrily, Sakano asenting.
By the time Tohma had started greeting them and explaining the reasons of the meeting, Shuuichi had already turned into a formless mass that dripped from the office-chair.
-Yukiiiii... he didn't say a word!! He saw me leave in a rush and didn't even say goodbye!! He comfortably remained there in bed!!
The image of a chibi-Shuuichi kicking and pouting was interrupted by an amazed exclamation of the rest in the room.
-Ara?-he looked at his partners alternately. Hiro's eyes were all full of tears and Suguru has facefaulted. K' smiled triumphant while a hysterical Sakano bounced happily all over the place.
-What do you think, Shindou-san?
A little incomprehension meow and a Shuuichi with ears and tail stared at Tohma, not understanding.
-About the movie...
-Yes, a movie with Bad Luck
-A movie with Bad Luck??
The blonde nodded.-If you accept, the filming will start as soon as possible, because we still have to do the recording of the next album and...


-La li ho~!!
The door slammed open, letting in a figure that wouldn't stop dancing and singing.
-Okaeri.-replied the golden-eyed man without raising his eyes from the keyboard.
-Ne Yuki, Yuki!! Guess what!!
-What?-he shook his arm, the trying to get rid of the thing that had just clinged on to him.
-Noooo, you have to guess!!- he begged, seizeing even more.
The writer took a deep breath and lit a cigarette. Also, he could find out if the smoke would drive away Shuuichi.
-I don't know, I can't think of anything.-he took a puff, to then let out all the smoke on his lover's face.
-Yukiiiiii...- cough-don't be...-more coughing-boring!-cough, cough.
The writer only had the urge to ask once more how old was Shuuichi supposed to be, but that would only extend the discussion and right now, he didn't want his inspiration to flee.
-Are they making a movie with you?-he said, just because.
-YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!! HOW DID YOU KNOW??!! I bet Seguchi-san told Mika-san and Mika-san came here and told it to you and you didn't tell me and you had it all planned as a surprise and that's why you behaved like that this morning!!
-Eh...-Yuki sweatdropped. -Yeah... well, more or less...-the best was to let Shuuichi believe that in order to end with the drama once and for all.
-Why didn't you tell me?! Cruel!! Have you the less idea of what I had to suffer today to make it supposedly on time?! Yuki you meanie...-he backed away while saying this, ending up at the other side of the room, curled-up in a corner and with his eyes teary.
The drop of sweat saw itself being accompanied by other three in a matter of seconds.
-Meanieeee, meaniemeaniemeaniemeaniemeanieeee...-he repeated one time after another, without moving from his place.
Young Eiri let out another puff of smoke to stand up and walk firmly towards Shuuichi, who did nothing but hiss and act like a furious cat.
But, right in the moment the boy felt a hand caressing his hair softly, the sounds turned into sweet purrs.
-Purrr... Yuki... purrr...-
-Well, now I'd only have to get him a yarn ball, a scratching post and I'd have him busy for the next four hours...
-Oh! But there is one thing you don't know!
-Or maybe not...-He masked a frustrated sigh while he waited for purple-eyes to give him an answer.
-Nittle Grasper's gonna make a special participation in the movie!! Sakuma-san will be there too!!
Before Yuki could show any reaction, a third voice was heard in the room.
-Sakuma-san?! MY Sakuma-san?! MY RYUUICHI?! MY RYU-CHAN?!
-Ta--Tatsuha-san...?-asked Shuuichi completely amazed to see there his lover's clone.
-What are you doing here?-growled Yuki, but his brother was already busy suffocating his idol's clone with endless questions about all the movie matter.


Once everything was a bit more peaceful, with the three men sitting at the table and having dinner, Yuki could finally be heard.
-What are you doing here?
Tatsuha, calmly, swallowed his drink and smiled cynically. -Visiting, ain't it obvious?
-Tatsuha...!-the blonde hit the table with his palms.
-Yuki, calm down, calm down!-asked Shuuichi while he made anything possible to prevent the fabulous brothers from killing each other.
Tatsuha stopped laughing to apologize and finally answer concretely. -I'm here as a bodyguard...
Yuki was about to start killing him again when the dark-haired boy added, with a nod.
-Ayaka-san is here as well
Ayaka?!-the poor writer almost choked on his food.
-That's right, and since the Usami still hold great appreciation to the Uesugi, even with what has happened, they asked me to take care of her while she was here.
Shuuichi only nodded without saying a word, not because he didn't have anything to say, but because his mouth was full and Yuki didn't think that eating and speaking at the same time was exactly a wonderful skill of his.
Yuki, full of tranquility, wiped his lips with a napkin. -Is she here to see Nakano?
Like they were a dog's, Shuuichi's ears alerted at the sound of his best friend's second name.
-Yes...-and Tatsuha, who foresaw the reaction, quickly added. -But don't call him! It's supposed to be a surpri...!
Too late, the pinkhead was already waiting for Hiro to attend at the other side of the line.
The boy pointed frantically to make him remain silent, apparently someone had already picked up.
-Hai? Moshi moshi, Nakano desu...
-Hiro!! Do you know about the surprise already?! That Ayaka-chan is...?!
Yuki laughed silently while Tatsuha glared at him for having had his payback that way.
-Eh? 'scuse me?-the guitarist's voice was distorted by something that seemed to be interference.
-Ayaka-chan is in Tokyo!
-No, no... there must be something wrong with this phone... a second please...
-Hiro! There's no time! Ayaka-chan came to Tokyo to see you!!
Laughter from the other end of the line. -Sorry, 't was a joke, the truth's I'm not at home right now, leave your message and number after the tone, thanks!. ~BEEP!!~
And he slammed the phone while Yuki smiled triumphant and Tatsuha blinked without having understood a single thing.


Needless to say, the rest of the night was a torment to Yuki. With his brother and his lover squealing like rabid fangirls while watching their Nittle Grasper videos, it was impossible for him to concentrate in writing his novel.
Without any doubt, his inspiration had escaped flying through the window. Now could only wait patiently (or not) for it to come back... soon, if possible.
Shuuichi, without parting his sight from the screen, introduced his hand again in the popcorn bowl in order to grab another handful, but took a surprise when he discovered that the last popcorn left was currently being eaten by Tatsuha, that, may it all be said, was in total ecstassy with the image of Ryuuichi, half-naked and chained in the middle of the stage.
Bad Luck's vocalist didn't have the less intentions to interrupt (or know of) the private fantasies that most likely were flooding his companion's mind, so without saying a word he stood up and headed towards the kitchen to refill the bowl.
He entered the room while absently humming "Predilection", without noticing an Eiri with an annoyed face that was at the table, drinking the thirtieth-first cup of coffee of the night. The ash tray was puking cigarette butts.
-Can't get enough utsukushii Don't let me down...-he kept on singing at the time he instinctly opened the window to ventilate the place and waited for the popcorn in the microwave oven to be ready.
-He sleeps with you
-Huh?-the boy blinked twice. -Yuki! I thought you had already went to sleep!
-I would had if I didn't have two noisy teenagers squeaking in front of the TV since three hours ago.
-Gomen-he laughed, a bit ashamed. -Do we really have been there for three hours already?
-With twenty-seven minutes, exactly.
-Sorry, it's just that when I see Nittle Grasper...
-Yeah, yeah, I know, but I already warned you. You sleep with him.
-What you heard
-But I sleep with you!-he kicked like a little pouting boy.
-Oh... a really complicated equation... two less one... one?
-Yukiiiii!-the pouting kept on and endless tears flowed from his huge purple eyes, but the writer remained impassive.
-Okay... as you say...-he turned around, resigned.
-Yeeeesssss?-instant half turn with chibi-eyes included.
-If you can convince me...-Yuki's seductive voice made Shuuichi shiver.
But whatever it was what he had in mind to say, was instantly erased by the touch of the blonde's lips brushing over his. Before the foreseen, he was already sitting on Yuki's lap, responding a hungry kiss.
-Yuki...-he sighed in the kiss.
-Shh...-he started to slip his hands over the younger's chest at the time he deepened the kiss.
Shuuichi could only sigh profoundly and feel how all his body dissolved with each caress. Those were the moments that demonstrated him that his lover was not a cold man like everyone said, but the total opposite of that.
While Eiri's kisses descended to Shuuichi's neck, this other made a clumsy attempt to unbutton his partner's shirt.
Yuki introduced his hands under the purple-eyed's t-shirt, preparing to take it off.
-After all, maybe I can forgive you...-he whispered, close to his ear.
-Forgive him for what?
Shuuichi couldn't say anything because he was half-conscious on the floor, with the coffee jar and the cigarrette-butts all over him.
The dark-haired one couldn't help but laugh. -It wasn't on purpose, I came to tell Shuuichi that the video was already over, but I think I came at a bad moment... or, should I say good?-he let out another small laugh while he opened the microwave's door to take out the popcorn bag that had been ready for a long while now.
Yuki fixed his shirt, murmured something lowly and before permanently leaving the room he pointed Shuuichi.
-You don't sleep with me.


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