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Golden Eyes
Natsue Arishima

Chapter One

I couldn't believe it when she sidestepped me and pushed my arms away, her eyes focused on something behind my left shoulder. Did she even realize I was here at all? Standing directly in front of her? Was I even visible to her?

For the first time, my usual egotistical mind was blank, and the words wouldn't come. I could feel my cheeks burning as she pushed me aside as if I was nothing. What did I do to deserve such humiliation? The fact that she had chosen that... that hanyou over me... that stupid, idiotic bastard...

Damn that Inuyasha.

I could feel my nails digging into my palms as I clenched my fists and turned around, feeling like such an idiot as I could only stand helplessly to the side and watch the two embrace.

Kagome was crying and yet smiling at the same time. Was she truly happy now? That Inuyasha had survived? That she was in his arms? I couldn't stand it. Why? WHY?

And the hanyou. What had he done to deserve such happiness? Did he love her too? There he was, holding her close and whispering soothing sounds in her ear. Since when had he become that gentle?

There was a burning feeling in the middle of my chest, one that I had never felt before. So this was how it felt, to have one's heart torn in two. My vision blurred and I swallowed. The world faded around me. All I could see were the two in front of me, happily in each other's arms.

I stared angrily at Kagome and a red-hot fury suddenly erupted inside of me. That arrogant little... She had ended it all. She had finished our game. She had chosen Inuyasha.

It wasn't the fact that she loved someone else that got my blood boiling. No. I had long moved on. But... the fact that he loved her back. That was just something I couldn't stand.

How long had it been, I suddenly wondered. How long had it been since I had stopped loving her? It seemed like ages ago. Then why had I continued to follow her, like some disgusting pet dog? Why had I constantly waited on her, promising that one day we'd fall in love?

Because of him, dammit. All because of him.

My face burned with sudden shame. All that strained effort, just to get him to notice me. Damn him. Damn him to the burning pits of hell.

As I quietly focused my gaze on his peaceful face, I found that I couldn't look away. What was wrong with me? Of all people, it just had to be him. A guy! And worse, a hanyou!

I wasn't some fucked up queer. I was Kouga. The all-mighty Kouga.

So why the hell was I acting this way?

Was I really such a desperate bastard?

I had never wanted to kill someone more than that I wanted to right now.

I wanted to kill him.

To let him know of the pain he was causing me. To let him suffer.

To get rid of those golden eyes.

Kagome suddenly smiled. "Inuyasha... I... I've missed you..." she whispered, burying her face in his robe.

Inuyasha blinked and then grinned softly back. My world seemed to stop then, with his smile. I had never seen anyone more beautiful. And the fact that he wasn't smiling at me... the fact that he was sharing his smile with her...

With her...

My eyes blazed and I took a step forward. A rumbling growl started deep in my throat, menacingly and threateningly. Kagome's tears were stifled and she looked up towards me, cheeks red and eyes swollen. The mere sight of her... I knew I could never hurt her, not even a scratch. She was a friend.

And yet... my anger ceased to leave me. Sure, the miko incarnate was kind. She had always cared for me, but now... I couldn't stand her. And the thought almost frightened me.

It was as if I couldn't control my anger anymore. My anger that I never knew I had, never knew I had for her. I could feel my claws elongate and dig deeper into my hands. Blood dripped and slid down my wrists, burning as they went.

My head felt like it was on fire. Why was everything red? I could feel my pupils dilating. White, sharp fangs were bared as my lip curled back in a snarl. There was a snap and my hair suddenly came lose, cascading down my back and shoulders like a dark waterfall.

"Inuyasha..." I snarled, and my own voice seemed alien to me. The hanyou took an unconscious step backwards, a protective arm around Kagome, and the other on Tetsusaiga. "Inuyasha..." My head was throbbing again, and my entire body screamed. It was as if white-hot knives were digging into me, on my arms, legs, face, eyes...

A howl left my lips, echoing around like a wild wolf's shriek. Before I knew what had happened, I had lunged. I couldn't see anymore. There were dark figures all around me. Spitting, hissing, slashing.

I could barely control myself. There was a flash of red and silver and the bite of nails in my side. I pushed the pain aside like it was nothing and clawed the hand away. Something grabbed my shoulder and I jerked around, digging my teeth deep into live flesh.

The taste of blood was horrifying and yet it filled my mind with lust. The hanyou cried out and I was flung onto the ground. My arm whipped out, claws flexed.

Something hissed past my ear and I flipped up, missing it by inches. As it came swerving back, I suddenly realized what it was and snarled in anger. Flipping up, I aimed a deadly kick at the boomerang and it swerved off to the side, its tip buried deep into the ground. I heard a startled gasp and someone yelling out, "Kazaana!" closely followed by another shriek and a girl screaming, "Miroku! He has Shikon shards in his legs!"

The invisible force that had been pulling me forward lessened, and my eyes blazed as they focused on the human girl. Her mouth opened in a silent gasp as I lunged for her, one hand on the sword clipped to my side. The one that I promised that I would never use. But now... my mind cried out in pain again and I yanked the glinting blade viciously out of its sheath.

I was so close now... so close. Her bow dropped from her fingers and she stared up at me, fear in her eyes. "K-Kouga-kun..." she whispered as her knees gave way.

I raised my sword, a wild glint in my movement and eyes. The blade seemed to shimmer in my anger, glowing a fierce, blood red. The sight of it pushed me further into insanity, and my grip tightened on the hilt.

Something red flashed on my right side and I jumped away just in time. Inuyasha.

His eyes were blazing with anger too, Tetsusaiga unsheathed and glowing in his hands. "Bastard," he growled, shaking with fury.

I landed on my feet and stared at him for a long time. Pain as I had never experienced before shot through me. Why was he protecting her? Why? Didn't he realize my feelings? Was he purposely trying to hurt me...?

My breathing cooled and I suddenly realized what I was doing. What the hell had I been thinking? I could have killed her... I could have killed Kagome... and Inuyasha...


The intense burning left my body and my vision cleared. My sword dropped from my hands and I collapsed onto the ground, too weak to stand.

I could hear voices around me, but I didn't care anymore. Something cool was pressed up to my forehead and my eyes slowly closed. The last thing I head was a grumpy, "Feh," followed by, "Damn wolf."

He hated me.

And then my world turned black.