Chronicals of X: Kim Possible

BY Dragonfang33

Synapes: Part I of a III part Series,a little bit of a KP/Castle Wolfenstien cross must join forces with a mysterious man with powers beyond belief, but with no past, in order to stop a sinister Nazi plot from the Second World War

Disclamers and Character Bios

I don't own Kim Possible or Castle Wolfenstien, but I do own the characters listed below

Cast of Charatcters


X- a mysterious psychic who possess the powers of Pyrokenetics, Telepathy, and Telekenses. He has no memory of his past, nor does he even know his real name.

SS Occult Division

Karl Himler- Grandson of SS Cominadant Heinrich Himliar, like X also possess Psychic Powers, like his Grandfather, Karl Himler is a die hard Nazi with one distinct difference, he view all who don't possess Psychic Powers as inferior.

Wolf- the deadliest of all assassins, like Karl, a die hard Nazi who shares Karl's views


Chapter I


I have no name, I have no past, and I possess powers that most people would be terrified of, to most I am a freak, but to others I am a Tri-Psychic. But all that I know is that I am a soldier fighting a war that was suppose to have ended 60 years ago. But some don't know, or refuse to except that the Third Reich is no more. It is my job to stop them. All I know about my latest mission is that it has to do with the grandson of the worst mass murderer history has ever known, Karl Himler, leader of the mysterious SS Occult Division. From what I've been told, the Occult Division has undertaken a series of robberies, stealing a strange collecetion of Occultic artifacts. And if my guesses are right I know full well what this Nazi Scum is upto. Ah now I'm sure you want to know to call me, for now just call me X.