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Spirit World School of Arts

Chapter 1: Enrollment of the Spirit World School of Arts

Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama were walking home from school one day when Botan ran up to them.

Botan: Koenma is holding a meeting.

Yusuke: What does the toddler want now?

Kuwabara: Yeah I got better things to do than visit pacifier breath. Like visit my sweet Yukina.

Yusuke: Um Kuwabara, Yukina's going out with Touya. Didn't you know?

Kuwabara: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Kuwabara ran down the street crying.

Hiei: What's wrong with that baka ningen?

Yusuke: He just found out that Yukina's going out with Touya. Hiei smirked.

Botan: Um guys can we get back to the meeting.

Kurama: Right. What does Koenma want to see us about?

Botan: I don't know. He just said that it was urgent.

And with that they left for spirit world not knowing the news that they would receive would change their lives.

~At Koenma's Office~

Botan: we're here.

Koenma: Excellent. Now we can begin

Yusuke: Yeah, yeah. Let me guess, we find some demon and kill it.

Koenma: Wrong as usual Yusuke.

Yusuke: What, than what are we doing here.

Koenma: You are all the most powerful spirit detectives I know. But I have reason to believe that there is an even more powerful demon out there. So I am sending you all to Spirit World School of Arts to improve your skills.

Hiei: I'm not going to some school. I am more powerful than anyone there.

Yusuke: And I'm not leaving Keiko.

Kurama: What about our parents.

Koenma: First of all Hiei you will not be the most powerful one there. One of your teachers is the only one to have ever been able to control the dragon of darkness flames. Second, I know Yusuke would not want to leave Keiko not to mention the fact that she will be a target considering her closeness to Yusuke, so she will be brought along. I have detected spirit energy in her so she will be trained like the rest of you, and third, your parents are being told that you are all involved in and foreign exchange program. Yukina, Shizuru, and Botan will be joining you.

Botan: What. Why.

Koenma: Because you are the top ferry girl making you a target. Now I suggest you get a good night's sleep. You leave tomorrow.

And with that they left.

~The next morning~

Hiei was walking down the street going to meet the others when he ran into Botan literally.

Hiei: Stupid ferry onna

Botan: Sorry sir. I'm kinda in a ru- Hiei. What a surprise. I wasn't sure if you were going.

Hiei: Hn, whatever.

They continued down the street until they met up with Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Keiko, Yukina, and Shizuru. Then they left for their new school and new life.

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Everyone arrives at the school. All the guys are hanging all over Botan and all the girls are hanging all over Hiei (Not Kurama. He's got fangirls at home.)