Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha.
Author: Cassidy Jewell.
Genre: Romance. Angst. Humor. Stupidity.
Pairing(s): Sesshoumaru/Kagome
Comments: A lame attempt at getting my muse working again?

Chapter Two
Predestined Meeting – and Giggling Trees.

Maru was far from a talkative person, and liked his life that way. Talking was nothing more than a means of getting in trouble, and he was absolutely certain that he didn't like trouble. In fact, he avoided it – being far too busy grooming to deal with other things.

Like his past.

And his brother.

And that damned tree.

Which didn't explain why he was here, taking care of that damned tree.

And most certainly didn't explain why he heard a name he hadn't heard in a long time, being shouted from a voice he hadn't heard in a long time, in a place he never expected to… well, hear either of them.


He turned in surprise, looking down at the puppy panting ever-so-happily at his ankle. Then up at the girl-woman running toward him.

Then at the tree, which had nothing to say about the entire thing.

"Who are you?" he asked rudely as the girl began to apologize, bending down to pick up the little mongrel. (It apparently wanted to chew his shoes.)

"—and I didn't realize anyone was… what? Oh, Kagome. Um, Higurashi K—um. Kagome Higurashi."

He frowned.

"I just moved here," she added helpfully, apparently unnerved by his stare. Inuyasha gazed wistfully at Maru's shoelaces, so temptingly… white.

"Um, like five minutes ago," she added again, sounding a little quieter than before.

"Move back," Maru muttered, turning his back on her and looking up at the tree. It was still silent, which was no real surprise.

"I'm sorry?" Kagome blinked. "Could you repeat yourself?"

"Move. Back." Maru turned and frowned at her. "To Japan."

"J—how did you know I—"


"Excuse me, but you are being rather—"


"—rude and besides I—"


"—own this land and—"

"Go. Away." His eyes narrowed in annoyance.

"—really don't appreciate being thrown off of it!" she finished rather triumphantly, though her voice had risen a bit to the end.

He arched a supercilious brow. "You're not speaking English."

"I – oh- oooooooooh." Kagome stamped her foot and squeezed Inuyasha. "Get off my land!" she yelled, before storming away.

Maru frowned at her retreating back, then turned back to the tree. It giggled.

"Goway." Kagome shivered and pulled the blanket over her head.

"Wake up."


"Wake up."


"We're eating your dog for dinner."


"…With some roasted branches for dessert."

"Unnnnh – what?" Kagome's eyes snapped open almost before she jerked upright, managing to smash her forehead into a very unfamiliar wall. "Ow."

The wall moved away. "Are you awake now?"

Her eyes nearly crossed as she gazed up, somehow unsurprised to see Maru standing impatiently in front of her. (And why was he wearing her shirt, anyway?)


"Get up."

"Why?" Kagome, oddly enough, did not question his presence.

"Because youuuuuuu'rrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee…"

Beep. Beep.

Kagome twitched and smacked her hand over her cell phone, then groaned and rolled over, knocking the phone to the floor.

Inuyasha licked her nose.

"Gyah. Goway, you stinky dog." She opened one eye to glare balefully at her pet, who wagged his tail happily. "Take yourself out."

"We're eating your dog for dinner."

She twitched violently as she remembered her dream (nightmare?), and groaned as Inuyasha happily licked her ear. "Okay, okay. Mommy's getting up already."

Sighing, the girl slid out of bed, grabbing her robe from its resting position on the floor and stumbling out of her room, Pomeranian following at her heels. "Three weeks," she muttered. "Three weeks and no change."

She paused on her way to the front door, glaring at the man sitting at her kitchen table. "Almost no change," she corrected herself loudly, pushing the door open grumpily and letting the pup outside.

Then she stumbled over to the table and collapsed into a chair, reaching over the tabletop to filch a forkful of egg that had been on its way to Maru's mouth.

Maru gave up the fork and nudged the plate in her direction. "Are you leaving yet?" he asked bluntly.

"No," she responded – just as bluntly and with a toothy smile besides. "Are you?"

He grunted, a sound he had apparently adopted in the past few days as a give-all response to any of her questions.

She thought it was his response to her dying his hair black (which had to be his natural hair color – she'd seen his legs before. And besides, what man actually had real white hair at his young age?). Or maybe it was his response to her locking him into the bathroom for two days (his hair had been so soft when he came out too… and her hot water nonexistent).

Either way, it made Kagome wrinkle her nose and frown, just before slamming the fork onto the table. "Okay, Maru-chan – what's with the tree?"

He grunted again and picked up the newspaper.

Kagome poked it with her fork. "Well?"

He gazed pointedly at his eggs in her possession. Kagome scowled and shoved the plate back at him, giving him the fork as well.

"I want answers when Inuyasha is done going potty," she warned him, shoving away from the table and storming back into her room. "But first, sleep."

- - - - -

I must be on crack.

But who cares.

And Lord, I need to write more often.