Misfortunes of an Elf
A Lord of the Rings story by Deana Lisi

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Hey everyone! I decided to post a bunch of LOTR snippets! For instance, the chapter you'll be reading right now is my entry for a challenge that was posted to the MC list by my best friend Karri, (author of that awesome LOTR story, 'The Bitterness of Mortality'. Go check it out!) What comes after her scene is what I wrote.

Now, everyone who reads this snippet…make sure that you pay close attention to the end, and be careful if you're eating at the time…you might gasp aloud and choke! ROTFL! ;) Thanks for reading, and don't forget to review please:)


Changing Fate

(Karri's scene)

Legolas remained standing only by sheer force of will, but his body otherwise refused his commands, leaving him to helplessly watch the orcs move in for the kill. They seemed to move in slow motion—one aiming a blow at his head, and another thrusting his own elven blade toward his shoulder.

The blade connected first. Piercing flesh, then muscle, it halted in bone, sending fresh tendrils of fire shooting down his arm and across his chest, but he didn't get long to dwell on it, as a club plowed into the side of his head with enough force to turn him towards Aragorn.

Fresh pain screamed with fury through his skull and Legolas' legs finally gave way beneath him.His gaze locked on Aragorn as he fell.

The ranger's eyes, wide with fear, fixed on the elf's, pleading with him not to die.

Legolas smiled, reassuringly. Aragorn's situation was bad enough; he didn't want the human wasting thought on his friend's final moments. Frustration and helplessness surged through the elf in waves as several orcs advanced on the human. His eyes never left his human friend's.

His eyes growing wider, Aragorn shook his head at the apology emanating from Legolas' eyes. He didn't want the prince to die believing that he'd failed him, especially as Aragorn's own precarious situation mattered so little to the ranger at that moment. He didn't want to see what was about to happen, but he couldn't leave Legolas to suffer it alone, either. Forcing the terror from his expression, he watched as the orc that had clubbed Legolas twice already, raised his arm for another strike. Aragorn managed to hold his calm expression, but couldn't help a flinch at the sickening sound of crunching bone as the blow smashed into the side of Legolas' already battered skull.

His dimming consciousness focused completely on Aragorn, Legolas hardly even noticed the blow. It was only the ranger's slight flinch that alerted him that some fresh hurt had been inflicted. He had no thoughts left to spare for it, for they were consumed by the horror that lay before him; the sight of an arrow piercing Aragorn's chest seared into his memory as his vision slowly turned from red to black…and then complete oblivion.

Aragorn barely noticed the flare of pain as the arrow pierced him. Neither it nor the advancing orcs were enough to distract him as he watched the light in his friend's eyes dim until they stared unseeing. He cried out in anguish and forced himself to his feet as it became apparent that the orcs weren't finished punishing the Prince of Mirkwood.

Struggling forward, Aragorn watched in horror as an orc wrapped his fist around the arrow shaft buried in the elf's back, while another orc yanked Legolas' hands from beneath his body, stretching the prince's arms out straight. Distracted by the movement of the first orc as it screwed the arrow deeper into Legolas' back before mercilessly ripping it free, it took Aragorn a moment to realize the second orc's intentions. Then, he cried out again, but this time with fury.

He shoved heedlessly past the orcs that blocked his path. Caught by surprise, the orcs let him pass, not that the ranger would have noticed if they'd tried to stop him. Oblivious to all beyond Legolas and stopping the orc about to chop off his hands, Aragorn moved with the determination of the possessed. Even so, he knew that he wasn't moving fast enough. The orc's blade was rising…

End of Karri's scene


Legolas felt someone shaking him, and he bolted upright with a cry of shock.

Aragorn held onto his friend's arms, frowning in concern. "Legolas! Speak to me, mellon-nin!"

"A-Aragorn?" Legolas gasped, breathing heavily as his eyes frantically roamed their surroundings.

The human frowned at the elf's uncharacteristic stutter. "Calm down, mellon-nin. You were having a nightmare; I could not wake you! Tell me what happened!"

Legolas couldn't speak for a minute, as he sat there trembling. It took him a moment to realize that the two of them were still where they'd camped the night before.

Aragorn inwardly sighed as he kept a grip on his friend, impatiently awaiting the elf's return to full awareness. "Legolas?" he whispered, after a minute.

The Prince of Mirkwood looked up at him, sighing shakily. "I dreamed that we were fighting orcs…"

When he didn't continue, Aragorn nodded. "And?"

"We…they…" Legolas trailed off, sighing as he closed his eyes. "It was over for us, mellon-nin. We were doomed to die."

Aragorn frowned over his friend's use of the word 'doomed'. Legolas was always so optimistic and confident…they must truly have been greatly outnumbered.

"They injured us, severely…" Legolas went on, reopening his eyes, his face looking pale. "It seemed so real!" He suddenly grasped his friend's arms, as if wanting to be sure that he truly was there.

Aragorn smiled reassuringly. "I am here, mellon-nin, this is reality, not your dream."

The elf shivered. "They toyed with me…" he winced at the memory. "They shot me…stabbed me…" He paused. "They…crushed my skull…"

Aragorn winced. What a horrible thing to dream!

"I lost consciousness from the blows…" said Legolas, staring at nothing. "But yet…it seemed that I could still see everything, as if through someone else's eyes."

Aragorn nodded. That had happened to him occasionally in dreams.

"Before I'd lost consciousness," Legolas continued. "I watched them shoot an arrow into your chest…and yet, you still tried to save me."

Aragorn smiled and patted his friend's arm sympathetically, encouraging him to continue.

"As I watched the orcs from my outside viewpoint, I saw that they weren't finished tormenting my unconscious—or dead—body," Legolas said. "They…"

Aragorn sighed inwardly when the elf trailed off again. The incident must have been truly horrible; he'd never seen his friend in such a state after a mere dream. "What did they do?"

Legolas seemed to grow paler. "They severed my…my hands!"

Aragorn felt a chill go down his spine. Speechless, he simply stared at the elf.

Legolas closed his eyes, but reopened them when the scene tried to replay itself in his mind.

Not knowing what to say, Aragorn did the first thing that he thought of; he pulled his friend closer and hugged him.

Legolas felt comforted by the man's embrace, and began to feel foolish over how he was acting over a dream. "Forgive me, mellon-nin…"

Aragorn shook his head over the elf's shoulder. "Legolas! There is nothing to forgive. That was a truly horrible tale; I am sorry that you suffered through it." He felt Legolas sigh against him and tightened his hold, hoping to abate his friend's shaking. "You are my friend, my brother; I am always here to help you, whether you want it or not."

Legolas smiled at his words. "Hannon le. You know that the same is true of me."

Aragorn felt the elf finally become calm, and he pulled back. "I know." He looked around the woods, listening for sounds. "Why would you have such a horrific dream? You do not sense some evil in this place, do you?"

Legolas frowned, looking at the ground as he thought. "I am not sure what it is that I feel…but I do believe that something is not right."

"Then we shall leave," Aragorn said, getting to his feet and holding a hand out to his friend.

Legolas took it and stood, helping the human pack up the campsite.

As they rode off, Legolas turned and looked back…neither of them knowing that they had narrowly missed encountering a large group of orcs…



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