Little Green Elven Hood
A Lord of the Rings story by Deana Lisi
Disclaimer: I don't own Legolas or the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'

Hey everyone! Since I still have no new LOTR story ready, (and I have no idea when/if I ever will...) I figured I might as well post some more snippets. I wrote this one for the 'Middle Earth Fairy Tale' Teitho contest. Enjoy! ;)


Once upon a time, there lived a sweet little elfling named Legolas. Everyone who met him loved him, but no one so much as his grandmother. She enjoyed making him anything that her hands could fashion, and she painstakingly knitted him a green velvet cloak which he hardly ever removed. And so she called him Little Green Elven Hood.

One day, his mother said to him, "Little Green Elven Hood, your grandmother sent a message asking for you to visit. Here is some fruit and some wine to bring her. Stay on the path and do not run! You would not like to fall and break the bottle, for then she will get nothing and you may injure yourself!"

"I will be careful!" said Little Green Elven Hood.

His grandmother lived half a league from their home, and just as Little Green Elven Hood entered the woods, an orc met him. He had no idea what an evil creature the orc was, and so was completely unafraid of him.

"Good day, Little Green Elven Hood," said the orc.

"Good day," he replied.

"Where go you so early, little elf?" asked the orc.

"To visit my grandmother." He held up the messenger-bird. "She sent a message asking me to come!"

The orc smiled. It was a difficult action for his face to perform. "What have you in the basket? Where does your grandmother live?"

"Fruit and wine," said the elfing. "She lives not far from here, in the house under the three oak trees. Surely you have seen it!"

The orc nodded, thinking to himself, What a tender young morsel! He would taste much better than the old woman. I must find a way to gobble them both! "I must go home now, Little Green Elven Hood. Say hello to your grandmother for me."

"I will!" said Legolas. He waved as the orc walked off.

When he was out of view of the elfling, the orc began to run as fast as his legs could carry him. When he reached the house belonging to Little Green Elven Hood's grandmother, he opened the door and ran in.


Little Green Elven Hood walked at a leisurely pace, taking much longer to arrive than the orc. When he came to the door, he knocked.

"Who is it?" he heard.

"Little Green Elven Hood!" Legolas exclaimed.

"Come in!"

Legolas smiled as he opened the door and walked in. He found his grandmother lying in bed with the blanket pulled over her nose and a pillow covering most of her head. "Are you well, grandmother?" he asked, worriedly.

His grandmother nodded. "I merely suffer a slight cold!" she said, her voice sounding rather odd. "I cover my face so that you do not contract it!"

Little Green Elven Hood frowned. "But grandmother, elves cannot get ill."

The old woman blinked. "Ah…yes…but sometimes we do when we are very old!"

"I did not know that," said Legolas. "But I cannot contract it from you, so you need not cover your face!"

"What have you there?" the grandmother asked, looking towards the basket.

"Fruit and wine," said Little Green Elven Hood, wondering why his grandmother still had the blanket up to her eyes. He suddenly noticed something quite odd. "Grandmother, what big eyes you have!"

"The better to see you with!" she answered.

"But where did you get them?" asked Legolas. "You never had them before."

The blanket was tickling the orc's nose, and he suddenly sneezed. It would have gone well with his ruse, if he had not lost his grip on the blanket.

Little Green Elven Hood stepped back. "What a big mouth you have!" he said.

"The better to eat you with!" exclaimed the orc, jumping up and grabbing the little elf.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Little Green Elven Hood's grandmother ran into the house. "Unhand that elfling!" she shouted, holding a small axe used to chop wood.

The last thing that the orc saw was the axe flying through the air.

Little Green Elven Hood sprang from the orc's grasp as the evil creature fell. "Oh grandmother! He was going to eat me!" he cried, throwing his arms around her waist.

His grandmother shook her head, kneeling and hugging him tightly. "I would not have let him harm you, my Little Green Elven Hood! It is good that I heard your voice; I was fetching water from the well when I saw him coming, so I planned to stay outside until he left. I did not know that you had arrived!"

Legolas hugged her tightly. "It is all right, I am fine!" He suddenly let go and looked at her. "I knew that you were not ill!"

His grandmother frowned. "Ill?"

"He pretended to be you and that you were ill," said Little Green Elven Hood. "He said that you are old! You look the same as nana, and she is not old!"

Legolas' grandmother smiled, brushing her blond hair off her shoulder as she stood. The eternal youth of immortality was indeed a blessing. "Yet, I am very old compared to a mortal! Now, let us rid my house of this evil creature, and then we will see what you have in the basket!"

And so, Little Green Elven Hood and his grandmother lived happily ever after, and were never bothered by evil orcs again.

The End