Two princesses, a CEO and a dog


Warnings/notes : Mokuba/Shizuka, Seto/Joey, slightly silly, slight hints at other pairings.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. This plot is slightly similar to the one I used for 'The mutt and the butterfly' but I hope the similarities won't bother anyone. ^^;

written at 19th november 2003, by Misura

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For Riah-chan, who asked for Mokuba/Shizuka and the line "What are our brothers going to think of this?". :)

[!] Note on names : Ryou Bakura is adressed as 'Bakura'.

[!] Warning : Malik being single-minded (and no, he's not thinking about soccer), a kiss.


two princesses, a CEO and a dog


Seto stared at Joey, not a hint of the slight uncertainty he felt showing in his eyes.

Joey stared back, his jaw dropping. Seto wryly thought the blonde apparently was as stupid as he had often accused him to be. Surely a simple mask wasn't *that* good a disguise?

A blush creeping up his face, the blonde lowered his gaze to the floor, seemingly embarrassed by the discovery of his partner's identity.


"Oh, it's *you*! I'd never have guessed." Yugi giggled, lifting his head to press a kiss on Yami's lips.

Yami blinked, slightly taken aback by this uncharacteristic straightforwardness, before deciding he rather liked it. For once, anyway.

"No? You'd have danced with *anyone* like you did with me? I'm hurt." Yami smiled.

Yugi beamed back. "I was only joking. Of course I knew it was you."

"Of course. Who else would dare to touch you and risk my wrath?" Yami grinned.

Yugi chuckled. "You're way too protective of me sometimes."

"I'm merely ... possessive." Yami corrected him. "And I think we should go home now. It's quite some hours past your usual bed-time."

"Hmmm, you're bossy too. But I love you anyway."

"You can't imagine how glad I am to hear that."


"Don't you think they make the cutest couple?" Anzu asked her companion, staring with a fond smile after Yami and Yugi.

The white-haired boy made a gagging sound. "That silly Pharaoh and his midget cute? They make me sick with that cooing and snuggling in public. I'm glad they're gone and that this party's over."

Anzu sent him a puzzled look. "But Bakura ... I thought you ... you never said anything like that before."

'Bakura' shrugged. "Maybe it's because I'm not really Bakura. This *is* a costumed party after all. And my hikari made it very clear he'd whine at me all week if I didn't show up in a disguise as well. So I did."

"For him, eh?" Anzu chuckled. "So you're not such a tough guy after all."

'Bakura' glared at her. "I did it because it sounded like fun. That weakling boyfriend of yours has no influence on what I do and don't do whatsoever, make no mistake."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Anzu replied cheerfully.

'Bakura' stared at her suspiciously. "I'd advise you not to mock me. People who do tend to end up in the Shadow Realm. And now, I'll be grateful to leave your company, before Malik does something stupid."

"I had a good time. You really should come to parties more often," Anzu called after him brightly.

She didn't quite catch his grumbled reply. Which might have been for the better.


"How about we go to my house now so that I can fix the fact that you're dreadfully overdressed for a *real* party?" Malik asked.

"How about we don't?" Bakura replied, dodging Malik's attempt for a hug. He wondered if perhaps his other half had neglected to warn him about a certain kind of food having a rather ... energizing effect on the blonde egyptian. At least, he assumed Malik wasn't like this all the time.

"What's wrong with you?" Malik demanded. "You've been acting ... *shy* all evening."

Bakura shivered, recalling what he had allowed Malik to do already, for the sake of his disguise. "There's nothing wrong with me," he said firmly.

"Yes there is!" Malik sulked. "You're just not your usual self."

"That's because I *am* not who you think I am." Bakura rolled his eyes. They had been here before, but Malik didn't seem to get it.

"He's not me!" came a voice from behind them.

Bakura couldn't remember having ever been happier to see the owner of that voice. He even went as far as to give his other half a smile, which was blithely ignored. Not that he had expected anything else.

"Ah. Uhm ... great disguise, Bakura. Do drop by if you ever get ... lonely or something." Malik winked, earning a whack from his lover and a blush from Bakura.

"I should have warned you not to let him eat any chocolate." The other Bakura sighed. It wasn't much of an apology. Still, it was *something*.


"Disappointed, mutt?" Seto sneered, the other's silence getting on his nerves a little.

"That you still call me a 'mutt' after spending a whole evening with me? Yes. But not that it's you," Joey replied, lifting his head to return Seto's gaze.


"I should have known. There aren't *that* many people who were invited for this party as small as you," Shizuka blurted out, blushing as she realized what she had just said.

Mokuba grinned ruefully. "At least I'm taller than Yugi. And I'm younger too, so I'll probably grow some more over the years."

"I'm sure you will," Shizuka responded warmly. "And really, you're not that shorter than me. Just, well, shorter than Joey."

"He'll tower over me anyway for daring to want to date his sister." Mokuba said lightly.

Shizuka laughed. "Like *your* brother isn't going to glare at *me* for wanting to go out with you."

"They're not going to be easy about this, are they?" Mokuba sighed.

Shizuka sobered. "Do you really think it's going to be that bad? I was kind of joking earlier, really. Joey means well, and I hope he's just going to be happy for me but ... well, he doesn't seem to like Kaiba much."

"What *are* our brothers going to think of this?" Mokuba looked less than happy. "I don't know. Seto's all crazy when it comes to Joey."

Shizuka giggled. "That almost sounds like he's in love with him!"

"Well ... " Mokuba hesitated, not sure if he ought to entrust his knowledge on *that* subject to Shizuka. Then he saw the two people at the other side of the room and began to grin. "I don't think we need to worry much about our brothers hating each other anymore."

Shizuka followed his gaze and flushed. "I think you're right. That's ... nice."


"Really? The puppy likes its master?" Seto asked, his lips twisting upwards in a smirk.

"Oh, shut up, Kaiba. Yes, I like you. There, happy now?" Joey growled.

"Mind your temper, pup. And don't bite me. I promise I'll bite you back." Seto whispered, leaning in closer.

Joey opened his mouth for a reply, only to find he was unable to speak. Not that he minded much.

For some unfathomable reason, Seto Kaiba was quite a good kisser.