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Chapter 9: Love Her Madly

Twin intuition was not something Kimberley believed in. Kimberley and Rev had such different personalities it was easy to forget that they were twins, but she knew Rev was in pain before he felt it. Time seemed to slow as the coaches realized that Rev was not getting up. Kimberley closed her eyes and a flash of the last time Rev had broken a bone came to her mind. The team trainers hustled out onto the field, and Kimberley came out of her daze. She tossed her score book at Sheryl and flew out of the stands.

Down on the track, Lana motioned for the state troopers to let Kimberley through. Running to the sideline where the team was standing, she saw Petey looking like he was going to throw up. Julius turned around and jogged over to Kimberley. He took her arm and led her back to the bench, where he, Blue and Alan formed a protective circle around her. Rev was being walked over to the bench with Coach Boone and Dr. Fields.

"Well, he broke a bone in the wrist. He won't be throwing anymore this season," Dr. Fields explained to Coach Boone. Coach Boone grimaced, and then turned to face Coach Yoast and the referee.

Rev finally made it to the bench and sat down. He looked up and noticed Kimberley's worried face. Sucking in his breath as the trainers moved his injured wrist back and forth, he tried to give Kimberley a small smile.

"Hey, it's not like this is the first time this has happened." Rev turned around and tried to answer Dr. Fields questions.

Kimberley's hand flew to her mouth. Did that Kip Tyler jerk do this on purpose? she thought. Her eyes searched the field to find him. He was standing with the rest of the Groveton defense. He said something to one of his teammates, and then turned to face the T.C. Williams bench. He wiped away some imaginary tears, grabbed his stomach and started laughing.

Kimberley was so mad she couldn't choke back her tears. She just blinked and let them flow. Julius put his hand on her shoulder, and steered her away from the bench, turning them towards the field.

"Let's give them a few minutes to work on Rev, okay?" Julius suggested. Kimberley nodded. "Where's the book?"

Kimberley motioned towards Sheryl. "She'll do a better job than me anyway."

Julius looked down the row of players, and saw Coach Boone talking to Ronnie. "Hey, Sunshine's going in the game." He glanced down at Kimberley, who started getting tearier. "You know, I'd take it pretty bad if my girlfriend was crying because I was getting my first chance to play all year."

She smacked him on the arm. "Julius! That's not it and you know it and Ronnie knows it!"

Julius grinned and turned to glance at Rev. "Look, they are taping up Rev's wrist right now. He's gonna be fine."

Kimberley shrugged.

"Hey Rev! Sunshine's going to go in," Julius yelled. Rev gave a thumbs up with his good hand.

Julius turned back to Kimberley. "See? He's fine. Now do me a favor Kimmy. Wipe your eyes, smile, and clap for Sunshine when he runs out there."

Kimberley wiped her eyes and looked at Ronnie. He looked terrified, but determined. Coach Boone gave him a push onto the field, and he glanced over at Kimberley. She ran her hand across her eyes, gave him a smile and clapped as hard as she could for him.

Ronnie was listening to everything Coach Boone was saying, but he still didn't feel confident. Rev had been working tirelessly on pitching the ball to the receivers with him for the past couple of weeks, but he never thought he would have to test his skills in an actual game that mattered. Throwing distance was what had made him a star at Edison, his old school. Ronnie took a deep breath, repeated the play in his head, and started to jog out onto the field.

After taking a few steps, he glanced back over his shoulder at the sidelines. Kimberley was wiping her eyes, trying to hide the fact that she had been crying. She locked eyes with him, gave him a smile, and started to clap. Ronnie knew it was taking all of her strength to do it, and he felt a burst of adrenaline. He wanted to make Kip Tyler feel as bad as he made Rev and Kimberley feel, and he knew just the way to do it.

When he was a freshman, he had been thrust into a starting quarterback role. The high school he had been planning to go to had been redistricted and new Edison High School had opened. Most of the football team had petitioned to stay in the old school, Fountain Valley, and the school board had decided to let the juniors and seniors stay. When his coach had saw Ronnie doing Tai chi before practice, he asked him to try using his opponents force against him. After a few tries, he had finally gotten the hang of it. Near the end of the season, the two schools finally met, with Fountain Valley heavily favored to win the game and go to the playoffs. During the fourth quarter of the game, Fountain Valley's best defender had broken the tackle, and was headed straight for him. Ronnie chucked the ball out of bounds, ducked, and flipped the linebacker over. Edison had won, and Fountain Valley had lost their playoff hopes.

Reaching the offense on the field, Ronnie got into the huddle. Now that he had a solid plan for gaining back the momentum of the game he felt very confident. He was disgusted with Ray, who had missed the block in the first place, but calmly told him to release this time. Ray nodded. Then Ronnie explained his plan for Louie to let Kip Tyler through.

"What?" Louie questioned in disbelief.

"Just let him through. Trust me."

Louie shrugged, and got into position on the line. Taking a deep breath, Ronnie called out the play, and took the hard snap. He took three big steps back, and saw Kip Tyler charging right toward him. Chucking the ball toward the Titan's sideline, he squatted down and braced his right shoulder. As soon as he felt Kip Tyler make contact, Ronnie quickly rose to his feet, and heard the crowd gasp. Apparently, it had worked. He glanced up at one of the Groveton defenders, who were standing there in shock. Grabbing his mask, he started moving the defenders head back and forth. The referees started blowing whistles, and Ronnie wondered if he had gone too far. The sight of Kip Tyler lying on the ground was just a little too satisfying. Ronnie shoved away more of the Groveton defense, and tried to stop himself from smirking as Kip Tyler's teammates helped him up.

As his teammates congratulated him, Ronnie took one more look at the sidelines. The coaches were grinning, the defense was cheering and Rev was laughing so hard that he seemed to completely forget about the pain in his wrist. When his gaze came to rest on Kimberley though, he finally allowed himself to smile.

She still had tears in her eyes, but the reason for them had changed. She was laughing, and when Ronnie caught her gaze, he could finally feel all the things he had been feeling for her reflected back at him. He winked at her, and she blew him a kiss back.

Ronnie headed back into the huddle, threw an arm around Louie, and said, "C'mon, let's make the Rev proud."

"Game ball… Ronnie Bass!" Coach Boone yelled.

This was followed by another loud cheer, while Ronnie shook Coach Boone's hand and tried to get everyone's attention one more time.

"Hey… this ball here goes to the real king right here. Thanks for teaching me the veer, Rev," Ronnie said, while he and Rev hugged.

Gerry was consumed with guilt. Technically, it was Ray's fault, but he was just as much to blame. He heard Ray talking about doing something up at camp, but he never thought that he would do anything that would result in someone getting hurt. Ray had hurt the whole team, with Rev and Kimberley being the most affected.

Taking off his pads, Gerry cringed, remembering the tears streaming down Kimberley's face. At that moment, he had wished he were on offense so he could tear Kip Tyler apart. But Sunshine took care of that just fine by himself, didn't he? he thought sarcastically. Then, something clicked in Gerry's mind. He was mad because he hadn't been the one to take care of it. If he had just done something about Ray, none of this would have happened. If Ray wasn't on the team, maybe Gerry could have somehow been the hero in Kimberley's eyes.

What if Ray wasn't on the team? What if I told Coach Boone the truth? I know his policy, but he has to understand. I can't let Ray hurt the team more than he already has. What if he pulled the same stunt on Sunshine? He already doesn't like him. We lose another quarterback and we'll be done for the season. Ray will hate me. All my other old friends do. Alan is the only one speaking to me. I have to do it. I already lost Emma, and I have ruined any chance with Kimberley. Kimberley will be devastated if something happens to Sunshine too. I let her down once. I won't do it again.

His mind made up, Gerry took a deep breath and said, "Coach? Can I speak with you in private?"

Kimberley was getting impatient. Before he left for the emergency room with Louie, Rev had told her that the guys were still celebrating pretty hard, and that he had called their grandmother to let her know they would be a little late so that Kimberley could spend a little time with Ronnie. By the looks of things, it was going to be very little time.

Two players came out, and Kimberley took the advantage to sneak in to the hall that led to the gymnasium and locker rooms. The doors were locked from the outside after school hours. Letting her eyes adjust in the dark, she noticed Gerry leaning against a row of lockers. She walked over to him and placed her hand on his arm, which made him jump.

"Gerry? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. How is Rev?"

"In pain, but he is headed to the emergency room right now."

"You didn't go with him?"

"He said I shouldn't because hospitals scare me. Besides, I wanted to thank Ronnie. That jerk Kip Tyler got what he deserved."

Gerry shrugged. "Yeah, I guess he did."

Kimberley felt confused. She was about to ask Gerry what he meant by that, but at that moment Ronnie came out of the locker room. The smile he was wearing faded to concern when he saw Kimberley standing there.

"Hey," Ronnie said softly. "Are you okay?"

Kimberley smiled. "I feel much better now that you are here."

Ronnie put his arm around Kimberley's shoulders. "Jim and Phil promised me that they would clean things up for you tonight. I thought we could go and make sure that Rev is okay."

"Sounds good." Kimberley leaned up and gave Ronnie a light kiss on his cheek.

He grinned at her, and then looked up. "Bertier, you coming man?"

Gerry felt like he had been punched in stomach, but he gave the couple a small smile. "You two go. I'm waiting for Julius."

"Okay, see you later," Ronnie said while he playfully punched Gerry on the arm. Kimberley gave Gerry a small wave with her right hand.

As they turned to leave, Gerry slid down the lockers to the floor. Putting his head in his hands, he realized another thing he had to do. I have to get over these women. Fast.