Disclaimer: I do not own, I just like to play with the characters

Title: Music
Pairing: El/Sands
Rating: G

A big thank you to my beta Gina

El rediscovers his passion for music.

El liked to watch people. He liked to sit in the shadows of a bar watching the world move all around him. Watching people actually live. He wasn't entirely sure if he was still living as well, not after Carolina's death.

He travelled through Mexico, being a good son of this country. Once in a while he would end up in a fight with some cartel members, but until now he had always survived. Not lived.

Today he was yet again in a dusty town somewhere in Mexico. Mariachis were playing their songs; children were playing, or selling drugs. Just an ordinary place on an ordinary day. Yet he heard something different. Other music than the normal sound of guitars.

To El's surprise he was actually curious about where this sound came from. So he followed his ears. There, standing in the sun in front of a dirty looking house stood a man. Black clothes, skinny, paler than you would expect from somebody who obviously lived in Mexico, sunglasses.


El remembered the corrupt CIA-agent. He also knew the stories about what had happened to him. Then, he had just shrugged, not caring about what had happened. Heck, Sands probably deserved what was done to him. But now he looked at the agent with different eyes.

Sands was standing in the hot sun and was playing a violin. His long fingers, hidden in black gloves, gracefully touched the instrument as if it was a human body and the music was passionate. El didn't know the song Sands was playing, but he recognized the love for the instrument and the music in the way Sands cherished it, love he once had shared with his guitar.

El silently stood there. He had no idea for how long. He just observed the eccentric man with his violin, who played song after song, some sounding sad and some sounding happy, but all with great love and pleasure for what he was doing. He watched how Sands barely moved while playing, allowing the music to take over his mind and soul.

Seeing Sands like that woke up El's desire to play the guitar again, something he hadn't done for months. Seeing Sands like that woke up something else as well. A rather confusing, but very welcome feeling, as well.

Maybe El was alive after all.