Saving Snivellus

By Atana


Another angst art alert! I just finished a picture of Albus and young Severus that -- sniff -- really -- had -- me -- looking around -- for Kleenex -- ! Anyway, it will be posted tomorrow on my website (check my biography page for the link) for you all to see, along with a LOT of new art for both my Severus stories and the Snips and Spirals stories.

Thanks to everyone who reviewed Saving Snivellus. Quite a few of you pointed out that James changed his mind about Sev too quickly -- thank you for that feedback. Hopefully, all will be explained in my next story in the series. It throws a couple of BIG monkey wrenches into their relationship. But I don't want to spoil it!

I liked Lily in this, too. And in spite of what everyone says, she will still insist on being Sev's lab partner in Potions!

Thanks to everyone from Atana Potinija!


The characters in this story belong to J.K. Rowling and not to me. This fanfic is for entertainment only and not for profit. This work is dedicated to Sarah, who kept nagging me to read the Harry Potter books until I finally did. Responses to comments are found at the end of this chapter. PG-13, no slash, no sex. Major angst warning!

Chapter 1 –Regrets

Remus Lupin shivered in the cold air, watching Dumbledore and Severus making their way toward them.

He was heartened to see that people were greeting Snape and making a fuss over him -- nobody ever did that for poor old Snivelly. The kid had even smiled back at them. Students as utterly unlovable and untouchable as Severus seemed rarely smiled at anyone, for any reason.

Remus stood behind Professor Sejanus Sartoris, Potions Master, and Professor McGonagall and tried to keep from getting underfoot. He overheard several of the adults talking, and learned that something was wrong with Snape's leg. He was being carried inside now, adults and children alike stepping back to permit them to pass.

"He doesn't look very good, does he?" a second-year Slytherin asked Lucius Malfoy, who continued to stand and watch, his face a carefully-arranged blank mask.

The night wind feathered his long white blonde hair over his green and white scarf and dark cloak. "Those damned Gryffs almost killed Snips," Malfoy said. "How do you expect him to look?"

Remus slipped past the older Malfoy and the Slytherins who had awaited the lost boy's return. They were a shifty bunch, although he couldn't say much for his own Gryffindor friends at this stage of the game.

It was a dark night for the Marauders, all right. Remus knew that as soon as Severus began telling his tale, it was the Headmaster's Office for all of them.

Lupin's heart was sore. He had been the one to gather up Snape's abandoned possessions, with the intention of keeping them safe for him. The memory of Snape's mindless and horrified shriek continued to send chills of dread down his spine.

Why, James and Sirius?

Lupin already knew the answers.

The girl James had his eye on for some time had shot him right down. All that disappointment and embarrassment had to go somewhere, didn't it? And what harm did it do to play a little joke on Snivellus, that depressed and ugly child whose parents never even visited him?

Sirius Black's reasons had been a bit more obscure. There had been talk about Black's old man taking out his rage onto Sirius; perhaps that is what fueled Black's hostile and aggressive treatment of Snivelly. If Black had been struck, Snape would be struck harder. In shaming him, Sirius would expiate his own shame.

It was one thing to know all of this, and another to tell.

Really, what else could Lupin have possibly done?

He had seen a small group of first-year students (most likely Hufflepuffs with their exaggerated sense of duty) make a dash for the Castle after watching Severus' ceremonial debagging. Remus was pretty sure they had been the first to tell. A little later, and before dinner had been served, Lupin himself had paid a visit to his own Head of House and had told Professor McGonagall what had happened. She had tried to find Snape, but without success. Fearful for the boy's state of mind as well as his safety, she had informed the Headmaster and Remus had retold his tale, hugging onto Snape's book bag as if it had been the missing boy himself.

He supposed he had ratted out his own friends. He felt bad about it, but he'd felt even worse about what had happened to Snivellus.

Really, it had been too much. It went way beyond their occasional hex match or fistfight or insult swap. Remus didn't know what he would have done if he'd been humiliated in such a manner. After all, any fifteen-year-old boy would have been traumatized by it. And Severus Snape hated no one more than himself, although he would never admit it. Remus felt that his unkempt appearance wasn't due to laziness, but due to the overwhelming feeling that he just wasn't worth the effort. Such a prank would have hit him doubly hard.

Remus could identify with that; he really could. His own life had been ruined when he'd suffered the poisonous bite of the werewolf. Why couldn't his parents have looked after him better? Lupin's own youthful joy had always been overshadowed by the sure knowledge that he would suffer greatly when the moon reached full blossom.

He could understand why the Slytherin boy never ran or played games or laughed out loud. Instead of a werewolf's toxic bite, Snape had suffered at the hands of a parent who should have loved and protected him but never would. The wounds from such betrayal cut deep.

Hiding his tears, hiding his bruises, hiding his shame. Snape had become quite adroit at hiding. It wasn't as bad as what happened to Remus Lupin once a month, but it was bad enough.

All a person could do right now is wait for the blow to fall. And fall it would, right on the heads of the Merry Marauders.

Sighing, Remus Lupin entered the Castle. He had the feeling that tomorrow would be a long day.