Summary: Li Syaoran has everything, money, power and more women than one person can possibly imagine. But when Syaoran's mother decides its time she received an heir from him he has three months to find the perfect wife to please her. On the way he meets the beautiful Kinomoto Sakura who teaches him that he can't always get what he wants. And what he wants is her.

Love Doesn't Have A Price

By Anh D-ao

Chapter One - The Ultimatum

The incessant ringing of the phone was really beginning to bug the young man sitting at the desk, sifting through the papers.

"Monique?" he snapped, frustrated.

When he received no answer he sighed and picked up the phone.


"Xiao Lang, I want to go shopping, take me."

The young man withdrew a long suffering breath.

"Malia, I'm busy with work, go on your own."

The muffled sob that indicated the beginning of her hysterics was heard from the other end of the phone. The sobs then turned to whimpers which in turn became fully fledged crying.

"Malia, enough." he commanded firmly. "I need to work to be able to pay for your extensive wardrobe, understand?"


The slam of the phone on the other end accompanied the furious cry and he let himself sigh again. His 'fiancée' was becoming a nuisance. The only reason he had decided to marry Malia had been because his mother was bugging him for an heir. She wanted to her grandchildren grow up before she died.

She was fifty-one for gods sake, she had plenty of time. And he in turn was only twenty-one. Time enough to marry and have children. His mother however didn't seem to think as he did.

Growling in annoyance he picked up the phone again and dialled his mother. Flicking the pen he was holding against the table impatiently.

"Yes Xiao Lang?"

"I can't marry Malia mother. She's already driving me insane!"

Silence followed that proclamation and he could almost picture the pained expression on his mothers face as he turned down yet another of what she called 'the suitable heiresses' the daughters of the wealthiest and most prominent families in China.

"Very well." was the calm reply. Misleading in its own way in giving the impression that his choice for happiness was alright. "But you must find yourself a wife Xiao Lang, before the beginning of next year. If you do not then you will be cut off from the family fortune...and the family."

He blanched instantly. "But mother-"

"No buts Xiao Lang, it is high time you married, I was married with three children by your age Xiao Lang. I will not have you denying me seeing the last of my children happily married with a family. And you WILL be happily married Xiao Lang."

The phone disconnected and he put it down, dealing with the discomfort of knowing his mother was now angry with him.

He had no problem with being cut off from the family fortune, he had his own businesses running that had nothing to do with the family business which he had taken over from a few years before.

It was being disconnected from his family that he disliked the idea of. Although some would consider it a blessing with a mother like that.

The beginning of next year only gave him three months to find the perfect wife. One which his mother would approve of and he could tolerate.

He released yet another sigh, something which he had been doing a lot lately and returned his attention to his papers.

It was time for him to go on another business trip apparently. To meet yet another head of a major company. This time it was the head of Daidouji empire, Daidouji Sonomi. A rapidly expanding business which had become even more powerful than previously when daughter joined mother in her designs.

His trip meant that he would have to postpone his search until he returned, and he had no idea how long his presence would be required in Japan.


* * *

The young woman stood in the foyer of the large building, tapping her expensive dark blue high heeled shoe on the floor impatiently.

People turned to look at her as they walked through. The beautiful young woman not likely to have been more than 20 years old.

Long black hair was pulled back from her face in an intricate twist style, pinned to her head with sapphire ball clips, travelling up one side of the twist. A slim fitting sleeveless navy dress with a boat neck which fell to just above her knees clung to her figure. The last details to her outfit were the small diamond droplet earrings pinned to her ears.

She looked every bit the rich impressive business woman. One who everyone in that building knew the name to.

The founder and designer of Daidouji designs.

She'd launched her career at the tender age of fifteen and had become a success overnight. Everyone had been speaking her name and wearing her styles (if they could afford them) before the year was out.

She turned as another young woman, equally well known appeared, causing some to look on in surprise. Kinomoto Sakura was the cousin and main model for Daidouji's designs and had been since she was fourteen.

The people who didn't frequent there had only ever seen her in glamourous gowns, dresses, tops, skirts and pants.

None had ever expected to see the beautiful young woman with honey-brown hair and warm emerald eyes appear in track pants and a tank top.

The even stranger thing was that like with most things she wore, Sakura looked perfect in the casual sports apparel.

"You're late Sakura."

The musical voice spoke with annoyance yet held no heat as the ebony haired girl stood, hands on hips facing the other.

"Sorry Tomoyo." Sakura replied blushing. "Oniichan didn't wake me when he was supposed to and then I had to cook breakfast and make a stop at Chiharu's, you know she and Yamazaki are flat out taking care of Kouichi."

Their friend had given birth to the troublesome boy two months before and had since been occupied solely with taking care of the boy. She hardly had time to do anything for herself anymore and Sakura and Tomoyo had both been going over to visit them and help when they could.

"Besides, if I were on time all of the time then where would the excitement be in your life?"

Tomoyo raised a slender eyebrow and replied, "Sakura, you're NEVER on time."

Sakura merely grinned at her cousin as they began walking to the elevator, a mischievous expression twinkling in her eyes.

"Saku-chan, in the five years you've been modelling for me, have you ever used any of the money mother and I put into a trust fund for you?"

"Nup." Sakura replied cheerfully, "Why?"

"Because you should have around 47 million in it. Give or take a few mil."

Sakura frowned, "Have you been paying me over Tomo-chan?"

Tomoyo laughed, "No, in fact I've been paying you under like you asked me."

It was then her turn to frown, "Sakura, if you haven't touched the money then who's been paying your rent?"

"I work at the child care too remember?" Sakura replied smiling, "And when I was younger I had the baby-sitting jobs, I've just been saving it up."

Tomoyo shook her head in amazement before the elevator dinged and she remembered why they were there.

Leading them into the studio she nodded to the photographer who was finishing the other model's shoot.

"You know some guy, the head of Li corp. is coming to Japan to 'speak' with my mother and she wants me to entertain him." Tomoyo complained, leaning back against the wall.

"Fun." Sakura replied.

Tomoyo smiled, "Glad you think so, you're coming."

* * *

Xiao Lang stepped off of the plane, glancing around for the person who'd been promised to meet him.

Truth be told he'd been dreading seeing his cousin again. The boy was positively evil. When they'd been younger he'd done his best to annoy Xiao Lang.

And he was sneaky. Very sneaky.

Still, he hadn't seen him since he was thirteen, perhaps he'd grown up a bit.

As he came into view, looking exactly as Xiao Lang had remembered him, he shuddered. No, the blue eyed devil hadn't changed a bit.

He still wore that maniacal smirk.

Still, Xiao Lang was planning to prove to him that he wasn't the kid that could be pushed around anymore.

"Hello Syaoran."

The aforesaid person sent him a scathing look, "Do you have to call me that Eriol."

"Quite possibly." Eriol replied as innocently as possible.

The English accent betrayed his current location and caused Syaoran to raise an eyebrow at him.

As they began walking, or rather Syaoran began walking away from him at a quick pace which Eriol easily matched the other boy stated lightly.

"So, I hear you're having problems with finding a wife to suit your mother."

Syaoran nearly fell over, "And how did you hear that." he questioned coldly, beginning to move once again, having stopped in the middle of the airport at the sudden statement that was entirely true.

"Never mind." Eriol replied grinning, gazing away mysteriously.

Grating his teeth together in annoyance Syaoran began to think that Eriol was 'quite possibly' the most annoying person in the world.

* * *

"I want you two to meet them in half an hour Tomoyo, on the dot. Understand."

"Mmhmm." Tomoyo confirmed distractedly, she was currently sketching her newest design and had actually quite rapt up in what she was doing before her mother had called.

"Sakura are you there!" the shrill voice of Daidouji Sonomi called out.

Sakura in turn appeared in the door to the bathroom, light streaming out around her, depicting the pose of her holding on leg up while trying to shave it and looking like she was about to fall flat on her ass.

"I'm here!" she called out, looking up at the phone which was on speaker.

That action was just the movement she needed to unbalance her and send her sprawling to the ground.

"Sakura?" Sonomi asked bemusedly.

She sprang back to her feet, a frown marring her features before smiling and saying, "It's ok, I just fell over."

"Oh." Sonomi replied intelligently. "Well you two had better be there, it'll be a great way for you to meet new people and-"

"Travel in different social circles." Sakura and Tomoyo replied as one.

Tomoyo sighed, "Honestly mother, you've got to stop saying that when you have something you want us to do for you."

Sonomi sniffed over the other side of the phone in exaggerated pain, "Very well, if you two don't want my help."

With that she hung up the phone and Tomoyo was forced to roll her eyes at her mothers display of childishness.

It only ever happened around Sakura and Tomoyo who were both related to her so in the end it didn't seem to matter anyway.

"What should I wear?"

"The red silk mini dress." Tomoyo replied instantly, "With the gold beading for the straps."

"What are you wearing?"

"The white corset with the blue embroidery across the top of the chest and the navy skirt." Tomoyo replied shrugging.


* * *

An hour later both girls were dressed and ready, appearing at the entrance of the restaurant.

Sakura glanced around nervously, eyeing the expensive clothing and jewellery that people wore. Perhaps she and Tomoyo hadn't dressed up enough.

The only additions to their outfits were their shoes and the small articles of jewellery.

Sakura wore a small diamond pendant on a chain as her only jewellery and Tomoyo wore a sapphire and diamond necklet.

"Yes?" the man at the entrance asked them, his eyes flickering over their appearance snidely.

"Li party." Tomoyo replied boredly.

The man raised an eyebrow at them before quickly leading them to their table.

Sakura smiling at her cousins indifference.

Tomoyo had been brought up rich, she knew how to be a snob when the occasion called for it without being obvious.

Sakura's eyes drifted over the restaurants occupants as she followed them.

When she reached the table she looked at the people there, her heart stopping in her chest as she did.

Both men were breathtakingly handsome. One with black hair that had navy highlights in the light and deep blue eyes. He seemed to have a good- natured personality, although he may be a bit of a trickster. The other scared her slightly. True he was handsome with chocolate brown hair and bright amber eyes. His demeanour was slightly less open than the others, his whole bearing was...icy.

Still, no matter how much he frightened her, he was the one who appealed to her more.

Tomoyo moved to sit across from the dark haired one which left Sakura facing the amber eyed man the whole night.

Both stood as they came, sitting when they sat also.

"I'm Hiiragizawa Eriol." the nicer of the two men said smiling at them.

Sakura smiled lightly back at him before turning towards the man across from her.

"Li Syaoran." he replied simply, no inflection in his voice.

The simple statement of his name sent shivers down Sakura's spine and she frowned at herself, wondering why she felt so...excited.

"I'm Daidouji Tomoyo." Tomoyo replied in a no nonsense fashion and then indicated Sakura, "This is my cousin Kinomoto Sakura."

That caught Eriol's interest and he looked at her, in a less likeable person she would have called the gaze calculating, however for him she found that it was simply curious. "The model?"

She smiled at him brilliantly, forcing her eyes to look away from the amber eyed man who's gaze had also snapped to her when his friend had spoken. "Yes."

When he merely gave her a smile and a nod before engaging in conversation with Tomoyo. She turned her attention back to the menu, desperately trying to keep her eyes from wandering back to the intriguing man who sat before her.

When she finally did allow herself to look up at him she was startled to find that he was watching her also. His gaze slightly curious although not much of what he thought showed on that expressionless face of his.

She avoided his eyes and turned her attention instead to the waiter who had appeared at that moment. Blurting out her order before he could even ask for them and then blushing a bright red and mumbling sorry. Taking her glass in her hand she took a small mouthful, listening as everyone else ordered.

What was about this man that made her act like an idiot?

* * *

Syaoran gazed at the girl before him, slightly amused.

If he didn't know better he would say that she was nervous of him. But why? He knew that models had no sense discretion when it came to what they wanted, and she quite clearly wanted him. He'd caught the lingering gaze on him, the faint blush of someone who liked what they saw.

Had he still not known that she was a model by now he would have called her gaze the look of a virgin but he was well versed with the knowledge that models were also quite good at acting to get what they wanted.

Regarding her silently he decided that he liked what he saw. She was what you would call beautiful, honey-brown hair that fell loosely to just above her shoulders, a green clip on either side to hold the sides back slightly.

From what he'd seen when she'd entered she had a nice figure, thin but not to the point of anorexia. Hers was instead a natural skinniness, her hips and breasts moderately sized to best suit her small frame.

Yes, she was very nice.

And no doubt with a face and body like that she was extremely promiscuous too.

Oh well, if he was here long enough he would no doubt look her up. Turning his amber eyes to study the amethyst eyed beauty that was the heir to the Daidouji empire he decided that while she was beautiful she would no doubt also be very picky with her lovers.

Besides if she expected more from him than he was willing to offer it would make for bad relations between the company.

His gaze then turned to his devil of a cousin who sat leaning across the table talking to the girl as if he was conspiring with her.

He was naturally suspicious of the boy but this just confirmed his reasoning.

Sitting back he enjoyed the rest of his meal, engaging in little or no of the conversation.

His only words were on the contract with the girls mother and whether she would be entering it.

At the end of the meal he thanked them as required before leaving with Eriol, ready to drag him away from his little conspiracy it need be.

* * *

"What did you think of Li?" Tomoyo asked as they walked down the street towards the limo waiting for them.

Sakura's face screwed up, "He unnerved me." "Really?" Tomoyo asked, an eyebrow raised.

"Mmhmm." Sakura replied, her eyes on the ground.

Tomoyo frowned at her, "I organised lunch for you two tomorrow. I can't make it and you're a major shareholder in the company so I figured he could address his questions to you in my absence."

Sakura looked up, gaping at her. "You mean I have to spend lunch tomorrow alone with him?"



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