A/N: Some of this chapter is from the book 'The Angel Chronicles Vol.2' And everything else is from the screenplay. Some of it is adding to the AU...that I will be making. Just sit back and enjoy. Additional scenes are the only thing that is 'mine' but not mine.:)

Chapter 2: Halloween

            Gods I don't have time for this, Buffy thought as she hit the ground with a thud. Damn.  She thought as she felt a pumpkin smash underneath her. The gross factor was no covering her new pants. Now she was really pissed. She had better things to do this night.... More important this to do. She grabbed a nearby pumpkin and threw it at him. It connected and he was off balance. Before he got it back she crouched down and threw another one. He fell backwards and Buffy grinned. She withdrew her nearest stake and threw it straight into his heart...Well it would have if he hadn't put that darn scarecrow in front of him.

            "Hmmm." She growled and jumped to her feet as the vamp tossed the shield away. She stubbornly stood her ground. But after a few more well placed kicks and punches she was on her back again. She jumped back up and delivered some well-placed kicks to the vamp facing her. She head butted him and kicked him after gaining the upper hand. He flew back ways landing into a neat patch of pumpkins. She grinned and grabbed the nearby sign. The vampire was standing again and she swiped the sign under his feet. He fell back heavily onto the ground then with one quick movement she shoved the pointy end, into his chest. He gasped and then he joined the night air as he exploded into dust. She sighed and dusted herself off. She stood up and began to walk away.

            Once she was out of range a vampire stood up with a video camera attached to his hand he lowered it.

            He smiled, pleased with his efforts.

            Then he, too, disappeared into the night.


            Buffy sighed. She was late and she knew it. Angel was going to kill her...Hopefully just a figure of speech.  She slowly made her way into the Bronze.

            "Buffy?" She heard Angel call. Damn. To late to just go home.  She smiled and put on her best game face.

            "Oh. Hi," She smiled at him. Try and be cheerful. She told herself. "I'm-"

            "Late." He filled in. She winced inside. She nods.

            "Rough day in the office." She watches as he pulls something from her hair. She blushes. Cordelia walks past, and the trading of blows begin. Gods she just wanted to go home and rest.

            "You know what? I need to go.... put a bag over my head." She moved away slightly and he grabbed her hand. She is a ball of nerves.

            "Don't listen to her. You look fine."

            "You're sweet." Buffy looks pass him, thinking what it would be like to have this conversation with the blonde vampire, Spike. She shook her head. Where did that come from? "A terrible lair. But sweet." She turns to leave and his hand is now on her arm. More thoughts of Spike assault her. Gods, help me. She thought trying to bring her thoughts down to a PG-13 rating. You've only met the guy like once. She scolded herself. Who cares? Her second voice that she had nicknamed 'Demon-Buffy' asked. He's totally hot. She sighed. Angel was talking and she was answering on impluse. "So did I. But who am I kidding? Dates are for normal girls-" She trailed on physically as her mind let her drift. She finished up her little speech and broke his grib and walked off. Leaving a confused Angel in her wake.


            The old factory had long been abandoned. "Here it comes." Spike said in his chair. The far wall was all of TV's. His eyes narrowed as he watched the screens. The image on them; was Buffy. He moved forward watching her fight the young vampire. As he watched it he thought back to the night at the school when he had almost had Slayer's blood. So close yet so far. He sighed as she fell back onto the ground. He had thought she was something special. She was the slayer that had killed the Master. Who had come back from the dead. And this little minion could fight her. He huffed. This was a waste of time. Sunnydale was a dead end town and he was getting really bored. He smiled as she picked up the nearby pumpkin and hurled them at the vampire.

            "Rewind that. I want to see that again." He stated to the vamp behind him. The one that had taped the whole thing. He stood up. He couldn't sit any longer. He began to pace as he watched her again toss the pumpkin.

            "She's tricky." Spike said out loud. He smiled inward. He was amused. Maybe his first impressions were wrong. He grinned. She might be a challenge after all. "Baby likes to play." He continued. The tape ran to the end. He was almost jumping up and down for joy as he watched her stake him with a nearby sign.

            "See that? Where she stakes him with that thing?" He sounded like a school-boy. He grinned he was proud of his girl....He paused and looked up as Dru wandered into the room. He thought back a second. His girl...What was he thinking about? "That's what you call resourceful." He paced. His girl what could he have meant by that.

            "Rewind it again." He picked up his pacing. Dru began to talk out loud. He rolled his eyes. He loved the woman but she tended to drive him up the wall.

            "Come here, Poodle." Spike said. She grinned and glided over into his arms.  His attendance directed at the many T.V screens infront of him. He watched the 'movie' again. Dru asked a nonsense questions. I replied not even thinking about it as I watched the girl stake the vamp again. She walked off. Spike's eyes drifted down towards her ass. He couldn't help himself as he watched her hips move. He growled deeply then broke off as the screen became static.

            "Don't worry." Dru assured him, after his little speech. "Everything is switching. Outside to inside." She growled into his throat. "It makes her weak." Spike's head shot up as she spoke.

            "Really. Did my pet have a vision?" He asked her. She began to drift of subject. "Come on." He urged, laughing softly. "Talk to daddy. This thing that makes the slayer weak. When is it?" He felt like he was on cloud number nine. He was going to bag his third slayer.

            "Tomorrow." she told him. His heart sank. She was just being foolish again.

            "But tomorrow is Halloween. Nothing happens on Halloween." He felt like killing something. He wanted the slayer. Her blood should be flowing in his body.

            "Someone's come to change all that." She told him. He looked down at her. Was she right? Would he have a chance at the Slayer tomorrow. He smiled.

            "I think you deserve a treat, Luv." She grinned at him.

            "And Miss Edith?"

            "Her too." He laughed out loud. The laugh was evil enough to cause the undead around the room to shift uncomfortably. "Come on Luv, It's time to eat."


            Buffy slowly walked home. Willow was chatting beside her, but Buffy's mind was else where. She was thinking about the dress that was hanging up in her closest. Also about a certain vampire. Spike. She frowned, and bit her lower lip. Something was wrong with her. There had to be a spell. But you 'like' Angel. You aren't under a spell for that. Demon-Buffy said to her. Shut-up. She replied. Buffy sighed. She wondered what Spike would think about her dress if he ever saw it.

            "What ya thinkin' about, Buffy?" Willow asked looking at her friend.

            "Stuff." She hated lying to her friends.  It's only lying if you tell the whole truth. The little voice said again. She had to agree with that. "Mostly about the dress and..."She drifted off. It was up to Willow to think about the ending of that sentence.

            "Angel will love it." Willow said. She smiled at her. "Trust me."

            "I do, Will. More then you'll ever know." Yet I can't tell you about this small problem I seem to be having with Spike. They finally arrived at her house.

            "You can use the bathroom to change." Buffy said as she made her way up to her room.

            "Okay, thanks." They quickly parted ways and began to get dressed.

            Buffy stood in her bedroom, gazing silently at her reflection in the mirror. She had a wig on, and a necklace that seemed to make the outfit fall into place. She looked almost like a Victorian Woman. She smiled. She'd never felt this beautiful. She turned looking over the whole costume. It fit her perfectly. Almost as if it had been made for her. She grinned. Tonight was going to be great. Even if neither Angel or Spike saw her. She frowned at the thought of Spike.

            Willow's voice brought her back into the present. "Where are you meeting Angel?" She asked.

            "Here. After trick-or-treating. Mom's gonna be out." Buffy told her. If only Spike could trade places with him. She shook her head. Her black curls falling around her face. She needed a good kill to stop thinking like this. they continued there little chat, all the while Buffy thinking about Spike. She growled. Then Willow walked out.

            "Wow." Buffy said. Looking Willow up and down. She was transformed...Into a rocker babe. Willow grabbed the ghost sheet. "Will." Buffy began.

            "No, It's just not me." Willow said.

            "That's the point!" Buffy said. She tried to talk her friend into the outfit but she wouldn't change her mind.

            "Just give it a try." She begged. Willow finally caved and took the sheet off. Then the doorbell rang.

            "That's Xander." Buffy said. "You ready?"

            "Yeah, okay." Buffy smiled. She rushed downstairs and pulled the door open. He was decked out in Army costume.

            "Private Harris. reporting for-" He coughed and his eyes widen. She smiled. He began to babble as she thought about two different vampires and wondered what they would think about the outfit.

            "Thank-you kind Sir." Buffy said curtsying. "But wait until you see-"

            "Hi." Willow said cutting off Buffy they turned and Buffy frowned seeing Willow once again decked out with the sheet. Buffy couldn't hide her disappointment as they left. She was really hoping that Xander would have been able to see Willow like that. All dressed...down. It would have been good for both of them.


            The walk to the school had taken a bit longer then they thought. Simply because Buffy wasn't use to having so many layers on. She sighed as she pulled up yet another layer of the dress. She was beginning to think that this wasn't such a good idea. What is Giles was wrong and the vamps were out tonight? There was no way that she was going to put up any type of fight in this. She sighed at Snyder 'handed' her; her group of children.

            She had blocked him out mostly. "-back in one piece and I wouldn't expel you." She returned his look with her own. And bit back the need to growl at him.

            She turned back to them. "Hi." She began but stop as the evil principal hadn't moved away yet. She sighed and moved off her small group falling into line behind her. Once out of Synder's sight she smiled at them and came to a stop.

            "So what house do you want to go to first?" She asked them. They beamed back at her.


            Xander, and Willow's group were quick to find Buffy's the children all seemed to be friends. but they were only young. But as the night drifted onwards the three got broke up.

            Buffy followed the small kids she spoke up. "What'd Mrs. Davis give you?" They all held up their hands. In each one was a new toothbrush. She smiled at them.

            "She must be stopped." A few of them giggled. "Let's hit one more house. We still have a few more minutes before we've got to get back." they all perked up and ran off. Leaving Buffy along to tag after them.

            She cocked her head as she head something move. She paused and looked around. She couldn't 'sense' anything but stranger things had happen. The girls in her group were yelling for her to hurry up. She smiled at waved at them. They grinned and followed the boys up onto the steps. She looked around. A shiver pasted threw her. She glared at the shadows. Still not seeing anything she walked over to the small kids.


            Spike grinned as the young Slayer looked around trying to find him. She was beautiful tonight, he grinned at her outfit. Very old looking. She watched the shadows and he stopped moving. He bit his lip to stop from laughing as she glared into the darkness. She sighed and moved on towards her younger charges. The first thing he was gonna do was attack the children. Make her watch. He paused. Maybe he would change her. He shook his head. What was he thinking about. Dru was the only girl for him. Always would be. But what if.... He smiled as he thought about it.


            Buffy got the distinct feeling that she was being followed. She stopped and looked around. Still not seeing anything she quickly ushered the children forward. The faster she got rid of them the faster she could change. She was frowning deeply as a sudden gust of wind sent a second, deeper shudder down her back. She stopped frowning.

            Something was wrong. Deadly wrong.

            Then nothing. She looked around. Something was wrong. What was all this strange objects around. It was so late and she was outside. What was going on. She looked around truly confused. She began to walk. She had to get home. She began to stumble. She was tired. Her body seemed like it had been running on nothing forever. Someone was calling to her. a woman in her underwear and a strong looking man raced towards her. She frowned. Who was Buffy? The girl asked if she was alright. She was about to answer when she heard a deep growl. they all watched as a monster...A MONSTER walked towards them. The girl asked her more questions but she didn't know what to do.

            Her eyes widen in fright.

            Then She fainted.


            Spike watched from the shadows as the Slayer's features changed. He cocked his head to one side. He watched her charges also. They began to grow. His eyes widened.

            "Cor!" He whispered. The Slayer herself looked lost. He grinned. He was about to make his move when her two brat friends walked up towards her. Then She fainted. He smiled. She would be fine with those two. Until then he was gonna have fun. 'Always save the best for last.' His mother had said. He smiled and drifted into the background.  Suddenly he heard the Slayer's voice. He froze and turned back around. The three friends were talking. The silly girl didn't know who she was. He grinned...this was going to be too easy. He followed them easly down the street to the Slayer's house. The boy and the Slayer went into the house, while Red meet up with a new girl. He sighed it was getting harder to get the Slayer with every new person.

            Spike walked out into the street as Red disappeared. No one notice him there among the chaos. His game face on with his eyes wider then a child's on Christmas morning. He had heard the entire story between the slayer and her friends.

            "Well," He smiled, taking everything in. "This is just...neat."


            She didn't know where she was going. All she knew was she had to get away from that evil creature. She shivered as she thought back to the 'kitchen'. He had turned evil. He had looked like an Angel then he had turned into the devil. She closed her eyes and took off running in a different direction. She had to get away from him. As far as possible. He felt so wrong. What was wrong with her? He was the only thing that seemed to matter. Then nothing. She shook her head. She felt a tear run down her cheek. Then she picked her pace back up.


            Spike laughed as he followed the trio. Peaches had scared the shit out of the Slayer and know she was lost in Sunnyhell. He grinned and stepped out of the shadows. "Do you hear that, my friends?" He murmured happily. "Somewhere out there is the tenderest meat you've ever tasted. And all we have to do is find her first." He looked at the small demons and vampires.

            "The Slayer's blood calls to us." They grin back at him. "I think it's about time to go and get it."


            Buffy was shocked. The man with the musket was back. Along with him was a woman. Who also didn't have any respect for ones self. But that didn't matter. She burried her head in the other woman's chest. Then she saw the devil himself walk up towards them. She screamed and grabbed onto Cordelia tighter.

            "-a pill." The girl snapped at her.

            "He's....he's a vampire!" The 'man' stopped and looked at her with sadness in his eyes. The girl explained that he was a good vampire. She was confused. There were no such things as a good vampire. But she sighed. If they would protect her then she would remain silent.

            Then the girl that had left them came running down the alleyway." Guys!" She shouted.


            "You guys gotta get inside." She said breathlessly, which was funny since she was after all dead, Buffy laughed inside. She need a break. She leaned against the girl. They all looked down where there was a blonde man leading a number of demons and vampires. Her eyes widen. Why would a man like that lead such evil creatures. He catch her eye and grinned at her. Her mouth hung open. He was...she broke her eye contact as she was pulled up into someone's arms. She relaxed against this 'angel' and let him take care of her. That is what a proper woman should do.

            They ran into a building and Buffy was handed off to the girl again. "Just stay here." He told her. Buffy cling to Cordelia as hands shot threw the door. Then the demon began to pour threw.

            The blonde vampire walked in, smiling. "Well Done boys." He clapped his hands. "Well done indeed." He smiled at Buffy who was now behind Cordelia.

            "Go away!" The girl said. He smiled at the 'cat'

            He smiled at her. "Don't we just have some...claws." He grinned at her. "Do you really think you can stop me? William the Bloody." He took another step towards her and Buffy. "Are you gonna protect the Slayer from the big bad?" He ask. She raised her chin.

            "You don't look that tough." She said he laughed and raised a fist.

            "Really?" The he hit her. She fell to the ground cradling her cheek. She glared up at him but he wasn't paying any attendance. His focus was now on Buffy. Angel ran back into the room. "Hold the boys down." he commanded them. "I want them to see this." His minions quickly did as they were told. They pinned them to the nearest wall. He looked at Angel.

            "Just think peaches." He grinned at him. "I get to taste her first." He laughed and morphed into his vampire face. Buffy's eyes widen in fright as the man before her changed like the other one had. She bit back a scream and began to walk backwards away from him.

            "Look at you." Spike said softly tipping his head to one side. He took a few steps towards her, but she continued to move away. his face melted back into his human face. He was acting like he cared. "Sorry if I scared you, Luv. I just got angry at what those men were gonna do to you." She paused confused.

            "But---But they are good. The woman," She pointed to Cordelia. "Told me so." He shook his head.

            "She is working for them." He stops walking towards her. "Please, luv I just want to make sure that you are okay." She was petrified. Her eyes full of tears. Excitement raged through him- the thrill of the hunt, of the kill. He took a careful step forward.

            "Shaking," he whispered to her. His lips deadly close to her neck. "Terrified. Alone. Lost little lamb." He grinned as she began to calm down slightly as he talked to her. "That is what you are. Let me help you." He pulled back and looked her in the eyes.

            "Please, help me." She said. He smiled at her then struck her savagely across the face. She fell backwards. He still saw fear in her eyes but underneath that he saw anger. He grinned.

            "I love it," he said. He turned to his sire. "She wanted help...from me." He grinned. "Doesn't that just-"

            "Buffy!" Angel tried to throw off his guards. Spike grinned and grabbed Buffy but the hair. He pulled her up and held her arm behind her back with his other hand. He bent her backwards. His true features slowly coming into view. His teeth grew longer.

            "I thought you were going to help me." She cried softly. He paused. Why he didn't know, but he did.

            "Sorry Luv, but it's a vamp thing." He leaned into her neck.

            Buffy was sobbing now. Spike's fangs gleamed in the pale,pale light...

            His teeth found her neck just as Xander broke free. Spike teeth sank into her delicate neck. Her blood flew into his mouth. She was so sweet. He heard the 'ghost' instruct the boy he could shoot him. But he was to busy with the Slayer to care. He waited for bullets to hit his body as he drank but nothing came. Then he felt the slayer move under his grip. She was fighting back. he growled and she ripped from his grip. Blood fell down her neck. He looked down into his hand. Her wig was left in his hands. He glance back up. Right into Buffy's smiling face.

            "Hi, honey," Buffy said. "I'm home."  She felt her neck. The blood was running down her neck. She glared at him. "You have a lot to pay for." Then she began to beat on him. Her frustration of the past hours came back to her, she took it out on Spike. He hit the floor and she dragged him back up.

            "You know what?" She said. "It's good to be me." She began again. He grabbed the nearest object and began to fight back. They were evenly matched. But Buffy was pissed off. She stood back and watched as he collapsed once more onto the ground. He stayed there for a moment. Buffy didn't move in for the kill and she wondered why she hadn't but it didn't matter. He got up and staggered to his feet and took of.

             Buffy raised her hand to her neck and tried to stop the bleeding. Xander walked over and held him hand over the wound. "Thanks." She said. He smiled at her.

            "No problem my lady." She smiled at him and leaned against him.

            "Take me home." She said. He nodded and they began to walk together leaving Angel to take care of the children. He smiled at them.

            "Come on. Let's get you home." Cordelia smiled at him.

            "What some help?" She asked.


            Buffy felt so much better. She was know changed into sweatpants and a tank top. Xander was still downstairs in his army costume.

            "Feel better?" He asked. She nodded. Then Willow ran in the front door.

            "Are you alright?" She questioned. She noticed the bandage. "Oh-God Buffy! What happen?" She cried.

            "Just a run-in with Spike. He's gone now."

            "He's dust?" Willow asked. Buffy frowned.

            "No, he's just gone." Willow nodded. Xander was staring at her.

            "What?" She asked.

            "Nice outfit." She smiled.

            "Thanks." Buffy turned away from her friends. Maybe everything was gonna be alright after all. Now all she had to do was stop thinking about Spike.


            Spike growled with every step. That Bitch! He screamed in pain as he leg gave out from underneath him. She would pay for this. He promised her this. He sighed and got back up. He grinned. Yes she would pay for this. But until then. He had tasted her. And he couldn't wait for the next little bit.