The Dare

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Warning: R, no plot whatsoever

Summary: Draco makes a dare he regrets… or does he?

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It started as a dare. A simple dare thrown in the air to infuriate Harry during one of their constant session of bickering.

"If you're so brave Potter, why don't you kiss me?"

It was meant as a dare that was not meant to be taken. Yet Harry, to the surprise of both of them, revealed to be more 'courageous' than expected.


It was said calmly, Harry's face determined. That is until he heard his answer echo around the now very silent alcove. Draco's mouth dropped open and he stared dumbfounded at Harry.

The horrible notion of kissing a Slytherin, a Slytherin boy, finally sank into Harry. If he was alone, he would have cried in anguish and tried to melt into the walls of the alcove but the fact was that he wasn't alone and couldn't back off. He went too far for backing off; he'll just lose his face. And if there was one thing Harry Potter didn't do was lose anything to Draco Malfoy.

This latter seemed to have recovered from the shock and taken control of his body again. His usual impenetrable smooth mask was set on his face. His posture, arms crossed, was defensive, but his raised eyebrow seemed to challenge.

"Well? What are you waiting for?"

Lips pressed in a tight line, fist closed, Harry marched determinately towards his dare. He stopped a foot away, closed his eyes and hoped to aim for the right area.

"Wait. You're not going to kiss me as if I was a disgusting thing you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, are you?"

"Well… yeah."

An eyebrow arched up.

"You are a disgusting something I wouldn't want to touch with or without a ten foot pole."

The eyebrow went up higher.

Harry stared.

Draco stared back.

Finally, Harry sighed and moved closer until their clothes brushed. This earned him a smirk from Draco who closed his eyes and waited. Harry breathed deeply and exhaled slowly, closed his eyes and dove for the other's mouth.

"Wait." A hand on his chest stopped him.

"What?" Harry asked, annoyed.

Not that he wanted to kiss the brat, but at least, he'd be done!

"Did you brush you teeth?"

Harry glared.

"I saw what you ate during supper and I don't want to taste that on you!"

Draco took out his wand. "Open you mouth."

A quick spell and Harry tasted mint in his mouth. He then resumed his dive for Draco's mouth when…


Harry groaned. "What again? Can't we just get over with this stupid kiss?"

"You're lips are chapped. I don't want you to kiss me with lips like that. Wouldn't be pleasant."

"Who said it had to be pleasant?"

"You'd be a poor kisser if you couldn't make it pleasant." Draco glared while whispering a spell. "At least I don't have lips like that."

"Can we go on now that my lips are perfectly moisturized?"

Draco nodded. He licked his mouth nervously and averted his eyes. Harry looked at him.

"You don't really want that, do you?"

Draco looked up. "Uh?"

"You don't want me to kiss you. It's only a stupid dare."

Harry stepped back. Draco released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.

"You're right. It's the most stupid dare I've ever made. Doesn't prove your courage at all. Doesn't prove anything. So we can just, you know, forget it?"

He stared hopefully at Harry.

"It makes you uncomfortable doesn't it?" Harry stepped nearer.

"Um… well…" Draco looked flustered.

Bending to whisper in Draco's ear, Harry let his breath tickle the blond boy. Draco tried to shy away, only to be blocked by the wall.

"Do I make you uncomfortable?"

And Harry darted out a tongue for a quick lick of Draco's ear lobe. Draco jumped and tried to push Harry away with both hands pressed to his chest. But Harry caught the wrists and held them in place.

"What the hell are you trying to do, Potter?" spat Draco.

"Making you squirm. And I'm quite succeeding."

Harry smiled a very unHarry smile, like a cat presented with a very tasty bird. Draco's heart jumped in his chest.

"But… but… this is sexual harassment!" he stammered.

"Don't be silly, it's just a little dare."

"Dare my ass! This is rape!"

"Don't see you protesting much."

Draco felt mortified at that sentence and even more because Harry's mouth was steadily leaning towards his.

"This is what you get for harassing me for the past seven years."

Hypnotized by Harry's descending mouth, Draco couldn't move an inch when it made contact with his own. He felt the soft pressure of lips against lips. He gulped, imagining what horrible things Harry could do to him next and amazed as hell he couldn't find the strength to move.

Then, as suddenly as the lips were on his, they were gone. Draco blinked, looking at Harry's smug expression.

"What?" he blurted out. "That's your so called vengeance?"

Harry's still very smug expression confirmed his question. He laughed out loud, leaning against the wall. "Who taught you to kiss? That spineless Weasel girl or is it your so dear Mud –"

Before he could finish, he was slammed against the wall and held there solidly by Harry's body. Gone the teasing look. Now was the angered one. Ah… familiar ground.

"Don't you dare insult my friends!"

"Well, it's their fault if you don't know how to kiss."

"I know how to kiss! I just kissed you."

"Not a first year kind of kiss! A real kiss that leaves you breathless and wanting for more. A kiss that claims you and strips you of your soul all at once. A real man's kiss."

"I know how to!"

"No, you don't!"

"I do!"

"Prove it, I dare you!"

The alcove grew suddenly very silent.

Draco thought, "Shit, I didn't just say that…"

Too late. Harry was already on him, mouth crushed against his, teeth nipping his lower lip and tongue licking it.

Surprised at this sudden attack, Draco's mouth felt open and Harry used the distraction to plunder it with his tongue, claiming his mouth, pushing Draco against the wall pressed tightly over him. When Harry ended the kiss, they were both breathless and panting.

"So that made you breathless, didn't it?"

"Maybe, but not wanting for more."

"Is it a dare?"

Before Draco could answer, Harry tilted his head for a better angle and kissed him again. This time, it was less fierce than the first time. Slower, but no less intense. Harry rubbed his tongue oh so agonizingly slowly against Draco's that he moaned when Harry ended the kiss. Harry smirked.

"Want more now, don't you?"

"Shut up."

Draco freed his hands from Harry's grasp, sneaking one behind Harry's head and the other to the small of his back for another kiss. This time, pulling their bodies flushed against each other. Harry's hands worked on loosening Draco's robe and went to the front of his trousers where they rubbed the bulge there.

Draco whimpered loudly, hooked a leg around Harry and brought their bodies even closer. He kissed along Harry's jaw line, nipping and licking while making small moaning noises.

Prompted by those sounds, Harry loosened his own robes. It was pure bliss, for an instant, and they both gasped at the sensation. Then, they were rubbing desperately while still kissing, biting, leaving marks. When Draco came, Harry's mouth muffled his scream. When Harry came, he bit Draco's neck to muffle his own scream.

Harry was the first to speak.

"That was too good to be good."

"It felt disgustingly pleasant."

"It was evil."

"Worse than Voldemort?"

"Evil on a more personal level."

"We'll never do that again." Did he sound wistful?

"Never. Just don't dare me."

Draco snickered. "Are you daring me?"


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