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Rules are made to be broken

In his frustration, Elrohir pounded his fist against the cliff.

Inside, the door warden heard the knocking and, thinking his captain had returned from the hunt, called to his companions to open the door.

It was impossible to tell who was more surprised as the door opened. The orcs, finding two identical elves on their doorstep, or the twins, when the cliff suddenly split in two and opened out to them to reveal a pack of orcs inside.

Elladan was first to recover, and with a loud battle cry, echoed immediately by his brother, drew his sword and threw himself into the orcs in front of him.

Cutting his way through, Elladan knew they would have to make haste as he could already see the doors closing before him.

"Nalagor! " Calling to his twins he made for the cliff.

 Seeing the cause of his brothers call for haste, Elrohir drew his bow, notched an arrow and fired.

The arrow flew true and was quickly followed by another as Elrohir worked to take out the guards before their only way to reach their brother and friend was closed to them.

Elrohir reached the door just as the last orc feel to his brother's sword. Together they ran inside and hurried down the tunnel, hoping it was the right way and praying they were not too late.

He was lost.

It felt like he had been roaming around this maze of tunnels for hours and still he was no closer to finding the exit.

So far he had been lucky and had encountered no enemies in the darkness, because he had no way to defend himself.

He was exhausted.

Legolas dropped to the ground in a well shadowed corner.

He hated the dark. Without the sun, sky and stars he knew he would not be able to fully recover his strength, but right now all he wanted to do was sleep.

Feeling shadow creeping into his mind, Legolas only but up a weak fight before drifting off into the sweet oblivion.

"Where are we?"

"How am I meant to know?"

"Let's face it, we're lost"

"But we have to find the others!"

"I know." Said Elladan, sinking slowly to the ground, "but how can we find them if we don't even know where we are?!"

"Wait, there's someone out there!"


"I don't know, but they don't seem to be moving, their just lying there."

"You wait here. I'll take a look."

Silently, Elladan crept forward, towards the still form.

As he reached it, the form moved and a slither of light crossed its face.

"It's Legolas!" Cried Elladan.

Hearing his brother's call, Elrohir rushed forward.

Sure enough, there in front of them sat Legolas, having been awoken by Elladan's call.

"El'? 'Ro? How'd you get here?"

"We came to rescue you!"

"Where's Estel?" asked Elladan, worriedly.

At this Legolas's face fell. "I had to leave him, the orcs were coming. He said it would be better to have one of us free than both still captured, so I ran. I'm so sorry."

The twins could see that Legolas was deeply upset by what he had been forced to do, but they both knew it was the right thing.

"Can you lead us to him?" asked Elrohir, hopefully.

"I don't think I can." Replied Legolas. "I've been wandering around for ages and I have no idea were I am."

"What about retracing your steps? Couldn't we just follow your tracks? They're bound to lead us there eventually."

"Well done, 'Ro! Come on, Legolas, let's go!"

As they reached the end of the tunnel Legolas knew lead to Aragorn, they heard angry voices. The orcs seemed to be arguing over something and by the sound of it, the something was Aragorn. The elves were slightly confused because the orcs seemed to be using westron, probably for the sake of their captive.

"But why can't we just kill him now?"

"You know the plan! He must still be alive when our master receives him, alright?"

"But he didn't say anything about being unspoilt, did he?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"Well you know who our master hates humans with spirit, why don't we…"

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