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"Love Me Later"

It was the hottest night of the year when Station Square Center had a large stage set up right in the middle. Many people walked around it. Tourists stood by and stared. Countless teenagers were to the stage's side – girls and boys wearing colors of pink, silver and purple. The event rumored for months was true. The debut of an underground band was going to take place – and she'd be at the center of it all.

Feeling vibrations in the ground beneath him, a young man turned around. His blue eyes stared into the distance, looking at the crowds in the city's center. He blew the bangs of his short tan brown hair away from his face. His hands were full with bags from a mechanics' store. He was more than dying to get home, but curiosity was eating away at him. The boy's companion stared at him for a while before touching his shoulder and breaking his thought.

"Tails, is something the matter?"

"Huh? No. I just – it's nothing Cream, let's go." The young man looked to his companion and smiled. With honey brown hair done in the fashion of afro pigtails, Cream tilted her head to the side. Tails blinked his blue eyes at her and began walking on. Cream followed but stopped suddenly when hearing the music in the distance. She turned around quickly and listened to the screams and cheers of the crowds in the distance.

While standing inside a store, a tall tanned male looked through its windows. Quickly paying for his goods, he hurried outside while lighting a cigarette. Shadow felt the loud screams of the people reaching his ears. His crimson eyes searched the area for what could be causing the commotion, when it finally came to him that there was a large stage in the middle of the street. Running a hand through his fair length dark hair, which was highlighted with red throughout, he blew out some smoke. It was sooner than he thought, but it was time. Leaning against the window of the store a small smile graced his lips.

Her hair was waist long, and pink. Her eyes were jaded and green – her skin, ivory. She looked up and saw the night sky. No star, for the light illumination of the city was too severe. Pulling in a deep breath the girl's chest rose and fell. She clenched her fists and then released them throwing both hands to sky.

"I'm ready whenever you guys are." She said out loud. "Let's get it over with."

"Don't be too quick now." A sliver haired male said to her. Though his skin was pale, his eyes were bright and golden. He was thin, with shoulder blade length hair tied into a ponytail. Many strands fell carelessly around his face. "Remember, this is our only shot." He ran his fingers, delicately over the strings of his guitar. "It's all or nothing."

A woman with cat like features stared at his back. She fiddled with the strings of her bass guitar. She wore her mauve hair in a high ponytail. Her lids closed hiding her honey gold eyes. "Silver, you worry too much. It's not like its do or die."

Silver turned around quickly and stared at her with awe. "Blaze, how can you say that?"

Blaze smiled to her band mate. She gave him a thumbs up and the boy found himself confused. "We can do this."

The lights went on and the people remaining on set cleared off. The drummer sat there biting his thumb nail and stopped when he the sound of the screaming audience reached his ears. He looked to band mates and smirked. "Rock and roll dude and dudettes." He tapped his drum sticks together and felt the stage rise from the ground.

"Amy, you ready?" Silver asked and then gulped as he saw the pink haired girl take the microphone from its stand.

"More than ready." Her band mates smiled and Amy winked at Silver.

The stage arose and with it the volume of screams increased. Young girls cried and many pushed to get closer to the scene.

A lean and slightly tanned blue haired male was pushed on the ground while bent down tying the laces of his red Converse sneakers. He removed his headphones from his ears and stood up to see who pushed him. Sonic turned around and looked to see a man with a large egg shaped stomach, which made his emerald green eyes twitch. While he stared the man down, people ran past him. He couldn't quite fathom what could be going on. Why they were running. He didn't care either. He was going to make the fat fool apologize for pushing him. It had to be him, being that his stomach was so large – but not as large as his ex-girlfriend's face on the huge television in the store across the street from him. "Hello Station Square!" Amy said. "We are the Chaos Roses!"

Sonic simply couldn't believe his eyes or his ears. 'Is this really happening?' Vague memories came to mind of a fight with Amy – the one that would ruin their relationship. He stared at the screen and listened to the music – songs he told her, years ago, would never make it.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you liked Silver more than me." Sonic sat on the kitchen counter of their small and plain apartment. He and Amy had been a pair for a few months, but were friends for much longer before that. It only seemed natural they lived together. It seemed right. He didn't think they'd argue and fight daily – about the time she hardly spent with him; about her caring more for her band than their relationship; about being drunk and kissing Shadow at Rogue's twenty second birthday party the few weeks before.

It was so much easier to be with Amy when they were just friends. So much easier. Since they began living together it was hard. Hard because his true colors came out. Harder because he didn't think she'd have her own flaws and issues.

"You sound so stupid right now." She said while washing dishes. Turning off the faucet and drying her hands, she turned her back to him. "Silver and I are just friends."

"Yeah okay. Friends." He with sarcasm. "I don't like that punk."

"That's fine because he doesn't like you much either." Amy took off the small apron she wore and headed out the kitchen. Sonic followed after her.

"That's because you tell him about all our problems!" He shouted.

"I don't tell him anything! Everyone knows because you argue with me wherever we are!" She yelled back. She walked over to the living room and threw herself in the sofa, turning on the television. Sonic stood in front of her. He crossed his arms. "Move." She said to him. "I'm done talking to you."

He crossed his arms over his chest and tapped his foot impatiently. "Well I'm not done talking to you." She got up off the sofa and he pushed her down. She looked at him wide eyed. Sonic got on his knees and took her hands into his own. He kissed them. She saw his face was slightly flushed with a pink like her hair. "I – I don't want us to always fight, Ames. If I want an argument, I'll start one with Shadow."

"You're silly." She told him and held his cheeks. She raised his face up to her and made eye contact. His vivid green eyes stared deeply into her hers. "I don't want fight all the time either. But you don't understand. This band is so important to me."

"More than me?" He said and got up off the floor. He clenched his fists and Amy sighed.

"Stop comparing yourself to – "

"I'm sick of this! You can never tell me that I'm more important! Me! All I want is for you to say it." He threw his hands up and turned his back to her. Amy couldn't believe that as an adult he'd really throw such a fit.

"You're ridiculous. I swear."

"Me? You're the ridiculous one. All those years of chasing behind me to be my girlfriend – it finally happens, and what? We're finally together and you put me on the back burner for some stupid band. Singing songs that won't ever get played -"

"I don't say those things about your dreams!" She shouted with tears in her eyes. He turned to face her and saw the pink hair female crying her eyes out. "I never said such discouraging things to you when you tried to be a police officer. I supported you!" She tried to hide her face with her hands but could only find herself crying more.

Sonic felt a pain in his chest. It was as if someone was trying to squeeze his heart of all its essence. He sat next to Amy as she cried on their sofa. He didn't dare look her in the face. The volume of the television canceled out the sounds of sobs. Sonic turned it off and left her to cry in silence. He then wrapped his arms around her in a hug and she cried into his chest.

She cried harder. Heavier. He squeezed her and felt guilt eat him away for making her feel so bad. He held her up and walked her to the bedroom. She continuously cried there. Though this argument was less severe than their other fights, he had never shot down her dreams so harshly before.

"Amy I'm sorry." He said to her while they sat on the bed. She continued to cry and he couldn't take the sound of her pain any longer. He pulled her into a kiss. Her sobs were stolen away by his mouth, though tears still slid down her cheeks. They separated, but her lips were still twisted into a frown. Sonic kissed her again. On her temple. On her cheek. The corner of her mouth. He stole her lips once more and her arms circled around his neck. Sonic's hands roamed over her back. Amy hands slid down his chest. His arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Her hands clenched his shirt.

He laid her down and stared into her tear filled eyes. She looked up at him. Their gazes locked and focused. They kissed into what was a short trip to euphoria. Clothes lie on the floor as they made love like it was their first time. After they lay together with their legs tangled. When morning came Sonic rolled over, expecting to see pink tresses on the pillow adjacent. He sat up to see there was no one beside him, and the room bare. Her things were gone.

Her love included.

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