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I sat in the Prefect's common room tapping the end of my pencil on my charms textbook. Not many people saw the use in the muggle contraption but it came in useful when I didn't want to write in ink. I quickly underlined an important sentence in my textbook while playing with a lock of my curly red hair. I leaned back in my seat and waited for the head boy to come to the meeting, he was already half an hour late but it gave me time to just think about my life. As far as intelligence went I thought I was quite smart, many people had said I was the smartest witch in the year, I had received perfect OWL scores. The only person who I could even consider a threat was my best friend Jenny Chang but we always compete against each other and when we both got perfect OWL results we had turned our attention to bringing the academic level of our other best friend April Marsden up.

April had to be the luckiest of us all, she had looks, brains and attitude. Her attitude was just perfect to get along with everyone, and I mean everyone. Everyone wanted her simply because she was hot. She acted like the typical ditzy blonde bimbo but she was incredibly smart and played and picked her boys carefully. If only she did the same thing for her studies she'd be cleverer then I was. Jenny was also incredibly beautiful, she was Chinese and as most people know, the Chinese are the best looking in the world. She has this slightly mysterious thing going for her and an element of feminine mystique. Me? Well, my wavy dark red hair and emerald eyes are something to boast about but all I have going for me really is the fact that the Head boy wants me and that every other guy wants to be the one to break my innocence, honestly do I have INNOCENT INEXPERIENCED VIRGIN written across my forehead? Sure I'm a virgin and I may be innocent but I'm not inexperienced. The entrance to the prefects common room opened and the head boy ran in slightly out of breath. His wire rimmed glasses were wonky on his long straight nose and his messy black untameable hair was messier then usual.

"About time you were here Potter." I said angrily. "I've been waiting here for an hour." He looked at me confused

"An hour? But the meeting started half an hour ago."

"I had homework to do." I snapped at him. "Where have you been? You're really late."

"Oh, yeah." He said awkwardly scratching the back of his neck, "there was this thing with Peeves and a bucket of water and Filch and-" He didn't need to finish his sentence, I knew what he was leading to. Everyone, may I introduce James Potter, the most arrogant, big headed ego driven boy in the whole of Hogwarts history. I honestly don't know how he became head boy, he wasn't even a prefect, I thought his friend Remus Lupin was going to be head boy. James Potter thinks it's cool to just go around and curse the hell out of people just because they looked at him wrong, or because their shoelaces are undone, the most pathetic excuses ever. And now that he's head boy he just gives away detentions like they're sweets, well I reckon it makes a change for him to give them away instead of receiving them.

"Just shut up Potter, we have a ball to organise." I snapped at him. He nodded and his hands went to his hair, no doubt to see if he can make it even messier. But no, he started to tug at it to flatten the odd angles it stuck in and to try and make it more presentable. I watched him curiously and when he looked at me I looked at the notes I had made.

"What are you looking at?" He asked with a smirk.

"Nothing, don't you normally make your hair messier?" I asked him, not looking up and waving my pencil in the rough direction of his hair.

"Yeah, usually but I think it's a bit too messy." He said. I nodded slowly,

"So what ideas have you come up with?" I asked him. I wasn't expecting much, probably something in the way of a shag fest, James Potter has slept with almost every single girl in the school so has his best friend Sirius Black.

"Well I was thinking, because it's Christmas, lets make it all romantic and mysterious. I was thinking something in the way of a masked Ball. You know everyone has to wear a mask, it's a way of getting houses talking to each other and no one will know who everyone is because of the masks" James said, I sat there stunned, he had actually planned this properly in his head. "And then at about midnight, we'll ring a bell and everyone takes off their masks, it'll be like a completely romantic thing or whatever. I think it'll be really fun." James said. I sat there staring at him, stunned to silence. He looked at me for my opinion. "What do you think?" What did I think? I thought it was a brilliant idea, I couldn't have come up with it if I'd sat here for a week racking my brains for an idea, my mind just didn't work like that.

"It's ok." I lied, "But people will recognise voices and hair." I said as an afterthought. I was the only one in the school with hair so bright.

"Well isn't that what magic is for?" James asked, waving his wand in the air

"Yeah I suppose but will Dumbledore let us do that?"

"Of course, the teachers will also dress up as well, it's like that festival in Venice, I went there for the Venice festival last year, I really wish that it wasn't me and the whore I'd somehow managed to pick up." James said. I looked at him slightly amazed that he was telling me this but I'd found out where his idea had come from.

"Who would you have rather been with?" I asked him. He looked straight at me.

"Do you really need to ask me that?" He asked with a smirk. I looked away and closed my charms textbook. James had been asking me out since fifth year, he had a slight obsession with me, which was slightly worrying but sweet, last valentines cay James had given me sixty red roses with a small note saying that was how many times he'd thought of me during Transfiguration. I had completely blown my top but secretly I felt so pleased that someone thought of me so often.

"So, you'll talk to Dumbledore about the ball, I guess we'd have to put an age limit because other wise it could turn a bit weird." I said. James nodded.

"I reckon fourth years and above." James said, "People can't ask others to the ball unless they're already dating." I nodded my agreement, if we didn't do that it would defeat the whole object.

"Well I guess I can cross Remus off my list of boys to get with." I joked. James looked at me seriously.

"What?" he asked. I smirked.

"God, I'm Joking Potter. You know, saying something but not meaning it." I said sarcastically. "Oh, wait, I forgot, you're an expert aren't you?" I said patronisingly. James looked at me, his smile and happiness gone.

"Fine Evans, if you want it like that." James said, "I guess this meeting is over, we'll get the prefects together and talk about it further." I nodded and scooped all my books into my arms and headed back to our common room. I saw my two best friends sitting on the sofa we had claimed as ours and went and sat down.

"Oh my god, I cannot believe him." I said as I sat between Jenny and April. April wrapped an arm around me and pouted.

"What has his big headedness done to displease your royal highness?" She asked.

"Shut up April." I snapped at her. She grinned and gave me a friendly kiss on the cheek. We didn't find kissing each other's cheeks gay or anything like many of the people in this school did, it was just a sign of friendship and trust.

"You know we love you really." Jenny said.

*    *    *    *

I looked at myself in the mirror. My long periwinkle blue dress robes clung to my figure nicely, showing my curves. There was a slightly green shimmer to my robes, a birthday present from April last year, I hadn't had the chance to wore it but it was so incredibly beautiful. It would be enough to get a few dances maybe a few kisses. I had charmed my hair to be slightly darker and turned to Jenny

"What do you think?" I asked Jenny. Jenny frowned as she smoothed out her crimson robes.

"Urgh, April's been eating in here again." She muttered as she got her wand out and charmed the stain off her robes. April came running into the dorm room, her long straight hair flowing out behind her.

"Masks." She said holding three masks. She handed one to me and I looked at it. It was made of the tops of peacock feathers, there were some feathers sticking out of the top, making the mask look bigger then is was. April handed a small red mask to Jenny. It was made of glittering red sequins and reminded me of one of those long red Chinese dragons. It was Jenny perfectly, the dragon, I think that's what year we were born under as well, according to the Chinese calendar.

"Thanks." Jenny said taking the mask.

"Put them on." April said. She looked at me as I put my mask on. April gasped as I looked at myself in the mirror. No one would be able to tell it was me, you couldn't even see my hair properly. The mask just completed my look for the night, it suited the dress robes.

"Oh Lily, you look so pretty." Jenny said. I took the mask off and turned to Jenny,

"Your turn." I said to her. Jenny nodded and put on the mask. I could almost hear the gongs and the sound of dragons in my head as she put it on. It completed the whole Chinese, feminine look that suited Jenny. The red mask went with her dress robes and she gave us an awkward smile.

"Do you think Remus will recognise me?" She asked. "I can't recognise myself."

"He'll just die when you look at him."  April said waving a hand casually.

"April, I don't want him dead." Jenny said with a smile. April grinned. "Come on, you try yours on." She said. April looked at us shyly,

"Do I have to?" She asked.

"April." Jenny and I said sternly at the same time. April nodded and quickly looked over her sea green dress robes, They made her look even better then usual, as my robes had done to me. April had an impeccable taste in clothing. April dipped her head and put on her mask, it was pale blue with a few green and blue feathers sticking out of the sides, it reminded Lily of some exotic birds. I told April this and she laughed

"You are an exotic woman, April, it suits you." I told her.

"You're just saying that." April said shyly. Jenny and I looked at each other. April was never shy. "Come on, we have to get downstairs. The ball is starting without us." I nodded and put my mask on. Jenny and April did the same, it was a rule that masks must be on when outside dorm rooms.

"Come on" Jenny said. It was strange walking into the great hall and not recognising anyone but April and Jenny. The hall was filled with so many masked people, I suddenly felt that there was more in that big head of James' then just hair. I could recognise Dumbledore immediately. He had on some strange purple and silver dress robes with a mask that seemed to be made up of socks. I looked at Jenny and April and we all started laughing. Our eccentric old Headmaster was brilliant sometimes. There was glittering confetti coming down from the ceiling and showered us in sparkling light.

"Lets go over there." April said taking my hand.

"Ok." I said. "Jenny?" I turned to Jenny but she had spotted, who I think must have been Remus and was walking towards him.

"Leave her." April said with a grin.

"Of course." I said grinning back. "We need to find some guys" I said to April.

"That's easy. Look there's a guy coming over now." April said pointing out a guy that was walking over to us. He wore a simple black dress robe and had a glittering Silver mask. He glanced at April then to me.

"May I have the honour of dancing with you?" He asked me kindly. I looked at April.

"Go for it, I can look after myself." April told me. I nodded and took the guy's hand. I recognised his voice and his eyes seemed vaguely familiar.

"You look absolutely stunning." He said to me as I put a hand on his arm and put my other hand around his neck.

"Do you even know who I am?" I asked him with a smile

"I have a vague idea." He said with a knowing smile. "So, the decorations are great aren't they?" I looked around. The twelve huge Christmas trees were glittering, like everything else, so much sparkling. There were real fairies in them and they were also flying above our heads holding little lanterns to provide some light.

"Yeah, they're amazing." I agreed. "The decorations get better every year."

"I know" He said.

"So what can I call you?" I asked him casually

"Call me prongs." He said with a smile. "And I'll call you Peacock, if you don't mind, but that's just kind of what you remind me of with that mask, it looks amazing." He said. I smiled.

"That's fine with me." I said to him. Prongs, such a strange name but if that's what he wanted to be called, that's what I would call him.

"So, fifth year?" He asked. I opened my mouth in mock shock.

"You think I'm that young?" I asked him. He laughed.

"Ok, obviously older." He said, "OWL results. What were they?"

"All Os, yours?" I asked him.

"Nine Os, two Es and an A" He said, "A for History of Magic, I never understood all that stuff about Goblin rebellions and the leaders all had such similar names." I smiled.

"Well, I found that if you just kind of tried to associate a history with a sound so you think of something completely disgusting and you go urgh, so I remember Urg the unclean and his rebellion." I said to him.

"Yeah, I tried doing something like that but my friend mixed up the meanings so I got into the exam and I just got so confused but I guess I did ok if I got an A" he said.

"Yeah, you did really well." I said, Prongs seemed so kind, he wasn't forcing me to get any closer and he was willingly talking about school at the Christmas masked ball. "So what's your best subject?" I asked him.

"Transfiguration. I've always been good at it. When I first got my wand Mr. Olliviander said my wand would help with transfiguration. It really has, I find it easier to transfigure things with my wand then with anyone else's, and even though I think McGonagall hates me I think secretly she's proud, apparently I got the best OWL marks for transfiguration in my year, which was really surprising because there were several people I thought who would be better then I was." I simply nodded. Prongs just continued to talk about school and various things and it was enchanting me to just listen to him talk. I was beyond caring what he was talking about, I just looked at him and I could feel myself smiling. He noticed me just staring at him and grinned.

"You're not listening are you?" He asked me.

"Honestly? No I'm not but I love watching your mouth move, not that I was watching your mouth." I said quickly, "Very much." My voice getting quieter as I dug myself a hole. He laughed gently and looked into my eyes. "Shit, I just completely dug myself a hole didn't I?" I asked him.

"No, you didn't. I've been watching your mouth too. I love your smile." He said, I saw his eyes moved down to my mouth as I smiled as he complimented me, "There, that's the smile I love." He said. I frowned, he loved? Did he know who I was, my smile disappeared for a fraction of a second but I put it back on. "Do you want to go for a walk?" He asked me, offering his arm. I grinned and put my arm through his. I glanced around and saw April dancing with a boy with a black mask and black dress robes, the mask had a strange dog like quality to it. April gave me a smile and wrapped her arms around her guy a bit tighter. I looked at Prongs and he gave me a smile. I pulled closer to him and put my head on his shoulder.

"So, where are we going to go?" I asked him as we left the castle and went onto the cold, snow covered grounds. There was a mist over the ground, where vapour from the lake had spread over the land. It gave the grounds a slightly eerie feel and I shivered slightly, not from cold but because the grounds looked so spooky and haunted, well the grounds were haunted but not that that made any difference.

"You scared?" Prongs asked with a cheeky grin. I looked at him.

"No." I said defensively. There was a splash on the lake and I jumped slightly. "Ok, maybe a little." I said. Prongs laughed and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"You're so cute when you're scared." He said. I turned to him and smiled,

"You're so sweet when you laugh, honestly, will you laugh at me every time I make a fool of myself?" I asked him. He put a hand to his chin as if pretending to think then grinned.

"Yes." He said. I laughed as well and hit him lightly. "Let's go over there, towards the forest." He said.

"Are you joking?" I asked him seriously, "I heard there are werewolves and vampires and other kinds of creatures in there." He shook his head.

"Ah, peacock, you need to learn that a, there is no full moon so there will be no werewolves and Vampires hate the combination of Snow and mist, so there will be no mist and I'm armed with my wand, and I did get an O in my OWL for defence against the dark arts." He said reassuringly.

"So did I, and I suppose it'll be ok." I said uncertainly, "I mean I guess I've learnt about the animals that live in there." He smiled and we walked silently towards the forest and then walked along the edge of the forest. All the time I kept sneaking glances ad Prongs to just try and figure out who he was, I recognised his voice and his eyes and though they were familiar to me they were still so strange and so grown up. Every time he sensed my gaze he would turn to look at me, I simply smiled the first few times and received a stunning smile back.

"I was wondering if you could give me some advice." He said as we walked along the edge of the forest.

"It depends what kind of advice" I said to him, looking at his mask.

"It's girl stuff, I want help understanding the mind of a girl and I thought that maybe you could help me out." Prongs said.

"Sure, just ask." I told him. He nodded and stayed quiet for a few moments as if choosing the right words to say.

"There's this girl I really really like, I've liked her for ages but she won't give me the time of day. And I guess I know why because I have been a bit of a bastard to her in the past but I'm really trying to…improve myself, I guess is the word." He looksed straight ahead.

"You seem like an amazing guy, this girl must be a bit stuck up to be like that." I told him seriously. He nodded.

"Yeah, that's what my friends think, they're telling me to get over her but I can't." He said, "You remind me of her slightly." Prongs said looking at me with a smile. I gave him a smile back, I wasn't really sure if that was what I wanted to hear or not but just being with Prongs seemed to make me feel happier.

After about an hour of walking with very little small talk, we stopped at the edge of the lake. There was a thin layer of ice on the lake and the mist seemed to rise off the ice. Prongs bent over and brushed some snow off the floor and picked up a small round stone.

"What are you doing?" I asked him, my arms crossed against the cold, my breath froze in the air, as did Prongs but he didn't seem to feel the cold.

"Seeing how far I can throw this stone." He said with a smirk. He threw the stone and threw it. I didn't even see where it hit the water but Prongs obviously did as he gave a grin of delight. "Well that went further then last time." He said. I gave an amused laugh and he turned to look at me.

"Do you always do that when you come to the lake?" I asked him.

"Yeah, well no. Occasionally I dip Wormtail in there but that's only with the help of Padfoot." I looked at him confused and though he couldn't see my face he obviously saw it in my eyes. "Come on, it's cold out here, do you want to be getting back to the castle, it's nearly midnight." He said.

"I want to see who my masked man is." I said with a smile. He grinned a grin that seemed to reach from one ear to the other.

"Does your masked man get anything for being so nice to you?" He asked. I shrugged and started walking along the edge of the lake. Prongs followed me quickly.

"It depends." I said,

"Depends on what?" He asked, I felt his hand slip into mine and he held it tightly and I stopped as I felt my skin tingle slightly and looked at it. He looked at his hand as well and when we both looked up into each other's eyes.

"Did you feel-"

"-That." I finished for him. We both nodded. Prongs looked at me, his smile gone and a slight look of determination in his eyes.

"Do you mind if I-" I saw him look at my lips and then back to my eyes. I took his other hand with mine and pulled him slightly closer. He took this as a form on consent and put his arms around me. I could feel one of his hands on the small of my back, the other near the base of my neck. I closed my eyes as our faces got closer. I felt his breath playing on my lips and then the soft skin of his lips touched mine. The moment they touched he pulled me closer as he realised I wasn't going to suddenly pull away. I put my arms around his neck and our kiss intensified into a slightly fiery more passionate kiss. After what seemed like only a couple of seconds I felt his tongue gently slip into my mouth and touch my tongue gently. Prongs seemed to be holding back as if worried about me suddenly running away. To show him I wasn't I let my tongue touch his and tease him to give me more. I felt him pull me closer to him and his hands playing with something in my hair. I a few minutes my long wavy red hair fell cascading down my back, there was no doubt now who I was and I already had the feeling that Prongs knew who I was anyway, like he'd seen straight through my disguise and mask and had seen the girl underneath it all.

After what seemed like forever a loud bell rang through the castle and the grounds to mark Midnight, time to take our masks off but Prongs and I didn't let go of each other, in fact the kiss was just starting to get even better. Neither of us had actually surfaced for air and I could feel my cheeks going read and my body craving for oxygen but I didn't want to stop the kiss. What if I never got another one like it again. Suddenly, I my body couldn't take it anymore, I pulled away from the kiss breathing heavily, breathing in the oxygen around me. Prong's hand went to my cheek and he hooked two fingers under my mask and slowly pulled it off. My disguise had gone. He knew who I was, Lily Evans, head girl. Best student in the year. My body was humming, my heart racing as he replaced his arm around me and kept me close to him. Slowly I let go and raised both my hands to either side of his mask and pulled it gently towards me at first then lifted it up and over his face. As I threw it on the floor next to my discarded mask I gasped.

"James." I breathed. He gave me a weak and worrying smile. I pushed him away from me and put my had to my mouth, I had been kissing James Potter!

"Lily, please don't run." He said to me, grabbing my hand. I stopped and looked at where he held my hand tightly in his.

"Let go of me." I said slowly. My body was still alive, I wanted that kiss even more but it was James Potter! My enemy, the one boy I despised most in the world.

"No." He said defiantly. "Lily, please just look past our history and think of the guy you were with tonight."

"You knew who I was." I asked him slightly annoyed.

"No, yes, I did, I recognised your eyes instantly but please, Lily. What I was saying was true, you don't give me the time of day and you yourself said I was an amazing guy, that's who I really am. I let down all the walls tonight, I wanted you to know talk to the real me. Not even Pad-Sirius really knows the slightly more sensitive, more gentle and romantic side of me." James looked at me pleadingly. I looked into his eyes, they held so much hope and desperation. I just stared into his eyes and then he let go of my hand and bent over to pick up my mask off the floor. He blew the snow off it and brushed it clean before handing it to me. I watched him carefully and took the mask slowly from him, not taking my eyes off him

"Well, I tried." He said defeated, "I guess I'll take this as my final rejection, I'll stop annoying you now." James said quietly. I held the mask in my hand and I suddenly felt a great sympathy for James, had I been so evil as to completely ignore him like he had described. Did I cause him this much pain, I knew he liked me but I didn't think he liked me this much. I smiled at him and took his hand.

"Take it as your final rejection but don't make it the last time you try and get me as your girlfriend." I said to him gently. He looked at me in the eyes.

"You-you mean that?" He asked. I smiled.

"I'm sorry James. I am a bit thick not to noticed how you changed and I can't believe you got better marks then me in our Transfiguration OWL but next time you ask, I won' say no." I told him gently, trying to nurse his wounded pride and deflated ego. He gave me a smile and nervously put his arms around my waist again. I dropped my mask and put my arms around his neck as he pressed his lips against mine. That kiss, it was enough to make my insides melt. He pulled away after a few seconds.

"Will you go out with me?" he muttered against my lips.

"I'll need some persuasion." I breathed back. I smiled as I felt his tongue in my mouth and gently pulled me into a kiss with increasing intensity.

"So?" He asked as well pulled away again after a few moments.

"How's next Hogsmeade weekend sound?" I asked him.

"Great." He said as he kissed me again.

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