James's POV

Tap, tap, tap, tap. Merlin, won't she stop doing that! It's driving me crazy! I turned to looked at Lily. We're sitting in charms and she's just sitting there tapping that muggle stencil thing against her text book. I could see April turn to look at Lily slightly annoyed as well.

"Lily stop it." April hissed to her. Lily turned to look at her with a start, like she hadn't been paying attention.

"What?" She asked, like she hadn't heard the question. April pointed at the thing Lily held. "Oh, sorry." She muttered as she put the pencil down and put her chin in her hands and sighed. It was obvious she was bored out of her mind. That was something new, Lily was never bored in any lesson. She was always alert and listening. I smirked slightly and turned to face the tiny Professor Flitwick explaining the Fidelius Charm. I felt Lily's gaze on me and I glanced at her.

"What?" I mouthed.

"Why are you smiling?" She mouthed back.

"You." I replied. She rolled her eyes and looked back at Flitwick. I reached under the desk and took her hand in mine. She seemed quite bored of life since she got attacked by that thing. We're not sure what it was but it wasn't Remus. I know, I'm an idiot for not believing the others but I wanted to hear Lily say that it wasn't Remus then I was fine. The night after Lily woke up we had a small party in the boys dorm room for Jenny and Remus, I can't believe they're actually going to get married. I always thought it would be me or Sirius first, that was about two months ago, it's nearly June now. They were really sweet and perfect for each other…dammit! That's Lily's phrase! I'm starting to think like her. Oh well, she's beautiful and clever, I don't see why I shouldn't be like her, but I can't. I'm James Potter! Ok, that's a crap excuse but I don't want to turn into Lily's puppet, I want Lily to be my puppet, but even I can see that's not working. I've learnt to accept that Lily's going to have full control over everything I do.

It had taken me ages to finally get Lily, even after the ball at Christmas she had reluctantly let me kiss her and by her argument with April we were getting along quite well and I hadn't really asked her to be my girlfriend when she announced me as her boyfriend. That had caught me by surprise and then after that we pretty much took it steady and I had to admit she was really changing me. I didn't really find Marauding as fun as it was. Pranks wasn't really my thing anymore any more either. April and Jenny had taken my places on those accounts. Jenny went with Remus to his transformations and April helped Sirius with his pranks. They were actually really good marauders. Lily really didn't like it but she let them do it because it meant that when they were away we were alone and I knew that she craved time with me as much as I craved time with her. It was all good keeping up the image that we're the perfect couple but when we don't have time together then that relationship tends to deteriorate and Lily is too good for Broom cupboards and empty classrooms. She didn't tell me this, in fact she's suggested it but I won't let her, she deserves better.

"You may pack up now, and good luck in your exams." Flitwick said. Urgh, the NEWTs, they're in two weeks and the school has given us the two weeks off to revise. Lily sighed her relief and immediately began to pack her things away. I laughed as she did.

"What?" Lily asked me.

"You're never so anxious to get out of classes." I said to her. She smirked and leaned closer to me.

"Can't wait to have some time with you, that's all." She whispered as she kissed my cheek. Oh, how I really want some privacy with Lily. We've been dating now for about six months and we still haven't really been able to have any more then half an hour alone. I've often suggested to Lily that we go to the Head's bathroom together but she's sticking to her morals and won't let me get too close as in, she doesn't want us to sleep with each other because she believes in a) true love and b) keeping sex sacred. Some Muggle thing but I will respect her wishes and as much as it kills me, I will not touch her like that until she gives me permission to do so. She reached for her bag under the table and picked it up as I casually put a hand on her back. I don't know why, I just felt like it. She looked up and gave me a smile before re-emerging from under the table and plonked her bag on the desk as she put her books into it carefully.

"Lily do you mind if I put my stuff into your bag?" I asked her uncertainly. Lily gave me a tired yet fairly amused look.

"You have to, don't you? You forgot your bag." Lily said, passing her bag over. I grinned and just shoved my books in there. I conveniently 'forgot' my bag this morning but amazingly my things were in Lily's bag. I tried to convince Lily that it wasn't me but it was really. I couldn't be bothered to carry my bag around and I wanted to get revenge for her trying to turn me on last night, succeeding and then decided she wanted to go to bed then leaving me while I was ready to just throw her on the bed and have sex with her right there and then. The little minx is evil I tell you! She's not as innocent as she looks, looks are deceiving, especially the head girl's looks.

"James, put the books in there neatly or I won't be able to close the bag!" Lily snapped at me as she stood up and put her arms around my shoulders.

"Eh, who cares" I said, shrugging. Lily sighed and rolled her eyes.

"What will I do with you?" She asked me as she bent over to give me a kiss on the cheek. April, Sirius and the others had all disappeared off onto the grounds, heading towards the lake, where we had spent all our breaks recently. I stood up and handed the bag to Lily.

"There you go my dearest" I said with a grin. Lily smiled thankfully and slipped the strap over my shoulder and patted my cheek.

"There you go my dearest" She said back, grinning. I narrowed my eyes. Oh, that girl! I reached for her and grabbed her around the waist, she laughed and tried to free herself.

"James stop it." She said laughing as I began to tickle her. "We're still in our classroom."

"So?" I said, making my voice a bit lower. I stopped tickling her and kissed her. I heard her let out a moan of delight as she wrapped her arms around my neck. There was a coughing behind us and we pulled our faces away from each other. I turned to see Jessica Lowe standing behind me.

"Some of us would rather not see a snog fest in the middle of the classroom. Now if you excuse me, or rather, don't excuse me. I'll get past myself." She said pushing me and Lily out of the way. She seemed to push Lily rather hard and Lily stumbled over a few chairs. I held her tightly and Lily held onto me.

"Bitch." Lily muttered. I could have cursed Jessica right there and then but I had learnt to control myself around Lily. I put my arm around her waist and led her out of the classroom. "God, we can't win can we?" She asked me as she put her head on my shoulders as we walked down the steps to the entrance hall.

"No but I promise one day, when we've left Hogwarts we'll have at least an hour to ourselves" I said with a grin. Lily laughed and hit me lightly on the chest.

"Shut up." She said to me.

"Why? It's true. If you and I ever want to get married Lily we're going to have to have more then half an hour every six months to ourselves." I said jokingly. If you and I ever want to get married? Was I on drugs? Of course I would love to spend the rest of my life with Lily but she would never want to spend her life with me, why would she want to do that?

"Yeah I suppose" Lily said with a sigh. "Of course, when we get married we'd have a house to ourselves by then, hopefully" Did I just hear right? Was Lily replying to my joke of getting married. She did, cool! I had to grin to myself and I pulled Lily closer. She laughed and put an arm around me and we went out into the blazing sunshine and I had to squint my eyes against it. It was so hot as well. I spotted Sirius chasing Peter by the lake with April lying on the grass with her shirt hitched up slightly and Jenny and Remus talking.

"Over there." I said pointing them out. Lily nodded and let go of me and took my hand, she turned to look at me and smiled. "What?" I asked her with a grin. She wrapped her arms around my waist and pressed a kiss against my lips.

"I love you." She muttered against my lips.

"I love you to. What's up with you today?" I asked with a smile. I followed the question with a kiss. I felt Lily's tongue touch my lips and let my tongue slip into her mouth and touch hers. Ok, I guess finding some privacy has gone straight out of the window then. Lily's acting weirdly today. Lily pulled away and gave a satisfied smile.

"I don't know. I feel different. You know we have two weeks of break before our exams, I know everything and we've nearly finished school. I feel really-" Lily stopped as she tried to find the right word. I grinned and dropped her bag and pulled her into another French kiss. I could hear her giving me soft, very seductive moans. Shit, why did it have to be here? Right outside the castle. I pulled Lily's waist closer to mine and felt her hands on my face. Her touch was just so soft and gentle.

"OI!" Sirius shouted. "HEAD LOVERS! GET YOUR ARSES OVER HERE!" Nope, that's not working. Lily's still going at it. So am I, I like this sudden change of mood in Lily. I pulled at her shirt slightly, untucking it from her skirt and let a hand slip under her shirt.

"Not here." She breathed as she pulled away slightly.

"Ok." I murmured, removing my hand and putting it on the small of her back as we continued our kiss. I lowered my other hand onto her bum and held it slightly, I felt Lily's lips go into a sort of smile as we kissed. Lily was suddenly pulled away from me and I was pushed away slightly. Jenny and April were standing between me and by very annoyed girlfriend. Lily's friends were smiling and April went to Lily.

"Come on lovebirds, lets get you two to the lake. The first years are watching." Jenny said.

"It's not fair." I heard Lily mutter as I picked up her bag and put it over my shoulder before following the girls.

"Life's not Lily." Jenny said, "I've still got to tell my parents about me and Remus" I heard Lily let out a long stream of swear words that I didn't think Lily even knew.

"Lily!" April said pretending to be shocked.

"Miss. Evans, Mr. Potter. The headmaster would like to see you." Said our Potions master as she ran towards us. Lily and I stopped and turned to see her.

"Why?" I asked. Our potions was quite young, you could easily mistake her for a student and despite her strictness quite easy for even the boys to talk to. She looked at me slight perturbed.

"I think that's for the Headmaster to tell you." She said seriously. Lily looked at me and then to Professor Hamish.

"Are we in trouble?" Lily asked.

"No, you aren't. I suggest you get to the headmaster's office quickly." She said, tucking a strand of her sandy brown hair behind her ear anxiously. I nodded and turned to Lily. Lily let go of April and took my hand as we followed Professor Hamish to the Headmaster's office. It looked how it usually did, the portraits, strange devices, the only difference was that Fawkes, Dumbledore's Phoenix, that was normally perched on his perch in all his splendour was just a tiny bald chick. I looked at Lily slightly amused.

"Please, take a seat" said Professor Hamish, "the headmaster will be here in a few moments to talk to you." She said before leaving the office.

"Strange." Lily muttered. I had to admit, I found this rather strange. Lily and I were often given at least a week's warning before a meeting so that we could get ready for it. I moved my seat closer to Lily's and took her hand tightly.

"I'm sure it's nothing." I said to her reassuringly. She smiled and kissed my cheek.

"I'm sure it's not." She said back. I put her bag on the floor and focussed on her. Her emerald green eyes sparkled in the sunlight that poured into the room and her magnificent red hair was straight today instead of it's usual curly state. I preferred it straight, it made Lily look older, more serious and it was a while lot sexier but the curly hair made her look more innocent and a lot cheekier. I don't know how or why I notice these things but I just do.

"Ah, Lily, James I'm glad you could come" Said the headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, as he walked through a door at the back of his office. I gave him my usual smile but he didn't return a smile. He didn't even have that little sparkle in his eyes that he usually had. He looked serious and if anything, sad!

"What happened?" Lily asked, leaning off her chair slightly.

"I'm afraid that there's been an attack." Dumbledore said. Attack! On who? Not Lily's parents, why else would he call us here. I held Lily's hand tightly. "On the Potters" I felt the bottom of my stomach fall, my heart leapt into my throat and I could hear my heartbeat. The Potters? My family? What? I turned to Dumbledore.

"What? Why? When?" I asked him, I had started to stand up slightly but he indicated for me to sit down.

"Please sit down, James. I will tell you what happened."

"Is mum and dad ok? What about Ellie?" I asked. Ellie was my older sister, she had finished Hogwarts two years ago. I knew that Sirius had the biggest crush on her before he actually realised that April was remotely amazing.

"Please, James." Dumbledore said patiently. Lily squeezed my hand tightly. I looked at her and sat back in my chair. I wanted to know what had happened, were my family ok.

"Professor?" Lily said calmly. She had met Ellie at Hogsmeade in April over Easter weekend. They got along instantly and had spent the whole time shopping. I could see tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

"I'm afraid that Matthew Potter and Andrea Potter have been killed by Voldemort." Dumbledore said slowly, like he himself didn't want to believe it. I couldn't reply to that. My parents were dead, they were killed by Voldemort. I sank deeper into my seat and closed my eyes. It wasn't real. Dumbledore was lying. My parents weren't dead. My hand was not losing feeling. I pulled my hand away from Lily and put them into my hair and tugged at it slightly.

"What about Ellie?" Lily asked, her voice was weaker then usual. She had also met my parents. We had all gone out to dinner with Ellie over the Easter weekend, my family had decided they were going to take a holiday. Lily had been very nervous but my entire family loved her. I remember my dad's words.

"Don't let go of her, she's something special" He had told me. I knew Lily really liked my parent's. She hadn't stopped talking about them for a few days after the dinner. Ad now they were dead! They couldn't be dead.

"Eleanor Potter? She's in St. Mungos. This is why I have called both of you here to tell you instead of James receiving a letter to inform him of his loss. Eleanor wants James to be at her side. The healers do not think she will be alive for much longer. She was very badly injured and the healers have done all they can. As you do not, and will not have any lessons for the next two weeks I am prepared to let you go and visit Eleanor in hospital. This would mean, however, that you will be required to choose someone to act as head boy in your absence." Dumbledore said to me. I took a deep breath as I looked at the old headmaster. Of course I wanted to go and see my sister. I needed to make sure she was ok. She was going to survive. Ellie was a fighter, she'd been attacked in seventh year by a group of Slytherins, she had survived a bout on Meningitis when she was younger, there wasn't any Magical cure for that, so she had been forced to endure months in a Muggle Hospital. She would survive, she had to survive.

"Can Lily come as well?" I asked Dumbledore.

"No, James, I can't she's your sister." Lily said, though I knew she wanted to go, she was just saying it.

"Of course, she will have to choose a head girl to act in her absence of course." I nodded. I looked at Lily and she gave me a sympathetic look.

"April Marsden" Lily said.

"I thought as much" Dumbledore said, "James?"

"Sirius." I told him. Dumbledore nodded. "If you two would like to get up, I will send you to St. Mungos." He said. I got up slowly. I didn't want to go but I did. If I saw Ellie would it make it more real that my parents were dead. They couldn't be dead. No, no! I was trying to convince myself but I knew that it wouldn't work. Dumbledore made a portkey using an old Kettle that he pulled out of a drawer in his desk and put it on the corner of the desk. Lily looked at me and gave me a tight hug.

"I'm so sorry." She muttered into my robes. I put my arms around her shakily and trusted her to help me stand. My legs felt like Jelly, I didn't know if I could cope with a journey by portkey.

"Lily, James. Floor four, ward eighteen." Dumbledore said patiently. Lily looked at me and took my hand. She slowly put it on the kettle and we both disappeared from the office. I felt that annoying tug at my navel and we stumbled to a stop in the lobby of St. Mungos. There were so many people in the lobby with many different symptoms. We got a few strange looks from people in the lobby. They looked at our uniforms and then our head student badges before wondering.

"Where did he say that Ellie was?" I asked Lily. Nothing seemed to have gone in. I wasn't paying attention. I had to rely on Lily. She didn't look like she was completely alert either but she looked better then I did.

"Floor four, ward eighteen." She said quietly. I rushed off towards the steps and ran up the steps, three at a time to get to floor four. Lily was following closely behind but she just wasn't as fast as I was. I ran down the corridors. I needed to make sure my sister was ok. She had to be ok. Even if my parents really were dead my sister had to be alive. She had to. I wiped a tear from my eyes and counted the wards. Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. I pushed the door open and ran in. The beds didn't really have any curtains around them and I quickly spotted my sister lying in a bed. She was in a bed near the window at the far side of the room. Her long black hair was spread over the pillow and she had a few bandages covering wounds on her head and her arms were bandaged. I ran to her bed and skid to a stop. Her eyes were closed and it looked like her breathing was laboured.

"Ellie?" I asked anxiously. She turned her head slightly and opened her eyes.

"James?" She asked.

"Ellie, are you ok?" I asked her as I went to the head of the bed. She grimaced as she tried to get up but let herself drop back onto the bed when she put some weight on her arms.

"I'm fine." She said weakly. She just lay in the bed and looked at me. "I'm glad you're here" I put a hand over her hand and held it gently.

"You're my sister. Of course I'd be here." I said, holy Merlin she was in such bad shape. Her skin was red, it looked like it was burnt, I could see the blood through the bandages as the soaked up the disgusting red liquid. I tried to control a sob that was rising in my throat as I brushed a lock of hair out of Ellie's face.

"What happened to mum and dad?" Ellie asked. I bit my lip and let a few more tears escape my eyes.

"They're-they're dead." I said slowly. Ellie closed her eyes and looked away.

"James." Lily said breathlessly as she came up to me and put a hand on my arm. "Oh, God Ellie!" Lily asked her. Ellie didn't move. I think she was trying to do what I had been doing, deny our parents death. I saw a tear fall at the corner of her eyes as she stared at the wall with the window. Lily looked at me and Ellie.

"I really don't think I should be here." Lily said, "I mean, I'm not part of your family" Lily said as she took a step away. Ellie reached out and got hold of Lily's hand. I could tell it pained her to do so as she winced in pain as she held Lily's hand.

"No. Stay." She said. Lily nodded slowly and looked at me as I slumped into a chair.

"Can I get you anything?" Lily asked Ellie, the question was also, indirectly aimed at me.

"No." Ellie said. Lily looked at me and I shook my head. Lily nodded and sat in a seat on the other side of Ellie's bed. Ellie turned to me. "Mum and dad are really-" I nodded slowly, I really didn't want to admit it. What was I going to do without my parents? What could I do without any of my family. If Dumbledore was in fact correct and Ellie would die soon- No, the thought was just too depressing. I wasn't going to lose my sister, I couldn't. She'd been by my side when I took my first flight on a broom. She had helped me refine my chaser skills. She helped me change my ways to get Lily. I took Ellie's hand again and she gave my hand a slight squeezed.

"You'll be ok." I said to her. "I promise you'll be ok." I looked at Lily, who looked like she didn't want to be here, purely because this was a family thing and she wasn't a Potter, well not yet but if things went to plan in a few years she would be.

"James, I know I'm dying." Ellie said, turning to look at me. Her eyes were slightly lighter then mine and they looked so serious and so scared. "Don't try and make it seem like I'm going to live. I know-"

"No, James is right." Lily said suddenly. "You'll be ok." Ellie and I both looked at her. "You have to be alright." She said in a weaker voice. Ellie gave her a strained smile.

*     *     *     *     *

I sat by Ellie's bed and stared out of the window that was on the wall. I could see Muggle London from here. The bustling streets and busy roads. Muggles were really amazing they had managed to think of so many ways to get along without magic. No wonder my dad had a slight fascination with them.

"James." Ellie said. I turned to look at her.

"Ellie." I replied.

"I want to talk to you while Lily's not here." I nodded. Lily had gone to get us something to eat. We'd already received some clothes from Hogwarts so we weren't in our uniforms, not that I complained, it was quite comfortable but I felt slightly better in my own clothes. We'd been here for a night already and Ellie seemed to be getting worse. Her breathing was becoming more strained and she seemed to cry a lot. I had cried quite a bit too. I knew it freaked out Lily. I hadn't seen Lily cry but every time she looked like she was going to she disappeared for a while.

"What about?" I asked Ellie.

"Before you came, I changed the wills. You're going to get everything that belonged to our family" She said. I nodded slowly. I knew, after what could be my last fight with my sister, that it was useless to convince ourselves she was going to live. She had given into the fact she was going to die and as much as I knew she didn't want to die she had accepted it silently.

"Ok." I said quietly. I didn't want to hear this.

"And I want you to be happy ok! After I die, I don't want you to mourn for my death, ok. James, promise me you'll get on with your life." Ellie said as sternly as she could. I nodded slowly. "And Mum wanted me to give you this. She actually gave it to me when the deatheaters came, she seemed to know that I was going to live. Hold your hand out." I did as she told and Ellie dropped a small ring into my hand. I looked at it. A small white gold ring with a few diamonds set into it. This was Ellie's ring, she wore it on her fourth finger, her wedding finger. Ellie did the same kind of thing that Lily did, she wouldn't sleep with anyone until someone replaced that ring. It had been out mum's old engagement ring.

"This isn't mum's it's yours" I said to Ellie.

"Yeah but mum told me what she wanted me to do with it." Ellie said. I looked at her, I had been trying to avoid her eyes but I couldn't help it. I needed to look at Ellie. "Give it to Lily. When you propose to her, give her that ring." Ellie said.

"How did you know that I would-"

"James it's obvious. You're in love with the girl. You told me in a letter once that you thought she was the girl you were going to spend the rest of your life with. Well I told mum and dad and they've said they agree with it, well they did before they-" Ellie coughed and winced. "Ow, but yeah, they agree with it and I want you to give that ring to Lily when you propose."

"Ellie I can't. It's your ring." I said, putting it back into her hand.

"James! I'm not going to need it after the next few days. I'm dying for crying out loud, I'm not going to need a fucking ring when I'm dead" She snapped. I nodded, suddenly scared by my sister. "Just take it. Look after it and give it to Lily when you ask the question." She said slightly gentler. I nodded and took the ring back. I put it carefully into my pocket and took my sister's hand again. I didn't want to lose her.

"Ellie, please don't die." I said. I was like a young boy again. I couldn't do anything to help and it was killing me inside. I needed to be able to help, I needed to something. I felt a tear falling down my cheek. I cry too much for a boy, I shouldn't be crying.

"I suppose one good thing will come out of dying" Ellie said. I looked at her curiously.

"What's that?" I asked her. Ellie smiled.

"I'll be with Danny again" she said, referring to her fiancé who had died three months ago. I hadn't been told about it until after his funeral, I never really liked him much, he had been a Ravenclaw while at Hogwarts but he made my sister happy and I guess that was something I didn't mind. He had been killed in a deatheater attack on Diagon Alley the day after he proposed to my sister. It must have been awful for her, I couldn't even begin to imagine the pain she must have been through.

"I suppose" I muttered.

"And I'll be with Mum and dad" She said wistfully

"Say hi for me" I said with a slight smile. Ellie looked at me and smiled

"Remember when we were younger, when we lived in Wales. When you and Sirius got stuck on the roof?" Ellie asked with a smile. I smiled as I remembered. I was eight at the time and Sirius and I were playing hide and seek with Ellie and somehow, we're still not entirely sure to this day how we managed it, we got stuck on the roof of our house and waited up there until Ellie got impatient of us coming to find her.

"Yeah I remember." I said. "You saved our necks. If mum and dad found out that Padfoot and I got stuck up there."

"I know. You weren't supposed t be up there, really dangerous." Ellie said with a laugh. "I still can't believe you managed to turn into an Animagi. You, your head is as thick as a brick wall." I laughed at that and nodded my agreement. "Well at least you have Lily now." I sighed and looked at Ellie.

"Why are we talking about this kind of thing?" I asked her. Ellie scowled and turned towards me.

"I'm reliving my life. I think I'm dying now." Ellie said.

"What? No, you can't." I said standing up. But Ellie was right, she closed her eyes and her face screwed up.

"I don't want to die." Ellie said to me. "James, I don't want to."

"Fight it,"

"You can't fight death James." Ellie said, she held my hand even tighter and she opened her eyes, they were full of tears. "You know I love you right? Even if I've told you hundreds of times I hate you."

"I know and I love you to Ellie, you can't die" James said.

"Sorry. Good luck" Ellie managed to say before her chest stopped rising. I stared at her wide eyed.

"Ellie!" I shouted. I shook her with my free hand. "ELLIE!" She didn't respond. "Shit, Ellie, no. What am I going to do without you and mum and dad. Ellie!" It was no use. She wouldn't wake up. I couldn't wake her up. She wasn't dead. She wasn't dead. No, she wasn't-

"What's happened?" asked a nurse as she ran up to the bed. She looked at Ellie and took her other arm. She quickly unravelled the bandage to show red, burnt skin. She pressed her fingers against Ellie's wrist. I stared at her, my heart thumping. My sister wasn't dead. She wasn't dead. The nurse looked at the bed and lowered Ellie's arm. No, no, don't say it, please don't say it.

"I'm sorry." The nurse said to me.

"No!" I shouted. I pulled my hand free of the grip of Ellie's dead hand. "No" I took a few steps backwards.

"I'm very sorry Mr. Potter. Your sister is dead." The nurse said. I put my hands to my ears.

"No, she's not!" I shouted at her. I left the ward and looked around. Where was Lily? There, at the doors there. She looked at me. She had a cup of some hot drink in her hand and she was glancing through the windows in the doors of the wards.

"Lily!" I shouted as I ran to her. Lily looked at me and must have guessed what had happened. She dropped the coffee in shock.

"She, Ellie's alright isn't she?" Lily asked. I pulled her into a tight hold. "James." She said.

"She's-she just-" I couldn't finish my sentence. I felt Lily hold me tighter. I shouldn't be the one falling apart. No, I had to stay strong, like Lily. I felt something damp through my shirt and knew that Lily was crying. Her body shook slightly and I held her tighter. I could feel my own tears coming to my eyes. She just held each other in the corridor of the hospital crying. I didn't care who saw my sister had just died! I'd lost all my family, I didn't have one anymore. Merlin! I didn't have a family anymore. I let go of Lily as this thought sunk in and I sat in a bench that was a little way off.

"James" Lily asked hesitantly. Her eyes were slightly red, despite only meeting my sister a few times they had grown quite close.

"I don't have any family" I said quietly, "I don't have any family" Lily came to me and sat on my lap. She wrapped her arms around me and seemed to cradle me slightly, pulling me closer to her. I put my arms around her waist and held her tightly. She kissed my forehead as I put my head on her shoulder.

"I'll give you a family." She whispered between two sobs. "When we leave school. I promise you James." I was too shocked to even respond to that.

"I don't want you to mourn for my death, ok" I heard Ellie's voice in the back of my head. I forced the tears to stop and I looked at Lily. She was looking straight back at me. Her face just full of sadness and loss, like mine, presumably. She hadn't lost much compared to me but she knew what it was like to lose a sister, even if her sister wasn't dead. I just looked at Lily, it wasn't the way I normally looked at her, it was completely different, I still loved her, I still wanted her but I guess the way I saw her now was how my dad saw my mum. I knew I could wait, I knew that I wanted to marry her, I knew everything was going to be alright. I gave her a weak smile and she kissed my forehead again.

"I love you James. Ellie loved you to and so did your parents." She said, "I really don't know what else to say." She muttered as she fumbled with her words. "But, I-I'll try and help you get through this."

"Just stay with me." I said, "That's all I need." She nodded and pulled me into a quick kiss. I immediately felt calmer. Isn't it strange. You've just lost your family, the people who've brought you up, let you live, helped you to survive and something as simple as a kiss can help you feel better. The sadness just drains away and you know that everything will be alright. I felt Lily relax slightly in my arms and I guessed she must have felt the same. She stood up and took my hand.

"I want to see Ellie before we go back to school" Lily said quietly as I stood up. I took a deep breath and nodded. I wanted to see Ellie as well. Just to know that she was happy while dead. I had to avenge my parent's death, my sister's death. I think that's when my career choice was decided. I'd always debated on what I wanted to do. Should I be a healer, work with creatures, make potions. No. I knew now. I was going to become an auror. I wanted to fight the people who'd done this to my family. I wanted to prevent this from happening to other families. We walked into the suddenly very quiet, very sullen ward. Curtains had been drawn around my sister's bed and Lily walked through them hesitantly. She was breathing quite quickly and stopped when she saw Ellie. I looked at Ellie's face. She looked quite happy dead, her face was peaceful and had this sort of innocent happiness on it. Like when a six year old kid goes to sleep just before Christmas. Lily put her arms around me and I put an arm around her and the other into my pocket. I fingered the ring in my pocket fondly and nervously.

"Lily." I said to her. I wanted one of my family members present when I did this, dead or alive. Lily turned to me, she looked like she was going to cry again.

"James?" She asked. I took her left hand and carefully put the ring on her fourth finger.

"Look after it." I said to her. She nodded and pulled me closer to her.

A/N:-Hope you liked that. That's the end of the story, a bit depressing I know but hey, at least it wasn't James and Lily dying at the end right?