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Chapter 2
The Brother And The Niece

A young boy of five, with onyx eyes and midnight short black hair that was a bit spiky, glanced around. ' I wonder where she could be? ' He thought to himself. A group of girls past by and they just went Ahhh! He so cute and they giggled at the cute boy. Actually he had always had that kind of attention from girls his age, teenagers and young women. He never really understood it though. The only girl he liked to be around the most was his sister and his mother of course. That was one person that he was actually looking for, was his big sister. He hated it when she left to go to Japan before; he missed her very much and didn't want to see her leave again. Next to him was his older cousin. A girl of ten with long straight brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Then they both saw who they were looking for. The little boy frowned as he looked at the tanned Egyptian that was walking next to the person he and his cousin were looking for. ' I wonder who that is... ' The boy thought as he made a sour face. The girl just blinked, it was very odd to see Tabitha with a boy. ' Her boy-friend maybe? ' She question. She shook her head. "Come on Hiro, let's surprise Tabitha" She said with a whisper, the boy nodded and they ran ahead.


Tabitha blinked and then narrowed her eyes as she stopped walking. She had beaten that guy earlier with ease, and not that long after, she felt that something was amis. But she did not know what it was, and that same feeling was getting stronger. But she could feel that it was no danger... but it was like someone was watching her or something... "Are you alright, Tabitha?" Asked Namu as he looked at her; she had stopped for some unknown reason. But before she could answer, there was a WAM! Namu stared dumbfounded at what was in front of him, his mouth slightly open and a sweat drop on the side of his face. ' What the Hell? ' Tabitha fell face flat on the ground, a vain popped out on the side of her head, while she mumbled something under her breath. She tried to get up but felt two pair of arms hug her from the back. "TABITHA!" Giggled the two as they hugged her. The two kids jumped off of Tabitha and she slowly sat up on the ground and looked at the two; her eye twitched. She knew those two, she knew them quite well. The girl was Abbie Dale her some what sweet niece; The girl was ten years old with long straight brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, light skin and a pretty face. Her outfit is a pink long sleeve shirt with a red heart on it with small white wings; her white skirt came to mid thigh and has ruffles at the end. A pair of thigh high socks and pink strap on shoes.

The five year old boy that stood next to her was Tabitha's little brother Hiro Anderson. His hair is short but a bit spiky at the ends, the color of it is a midnight black color, his eyes are a onyx colored and they were innocent looking and a cheerful smile on his lips. His skin is light, which is lighter her own. His outfit is a white long sleeve shirt and blue cargo pants and blue and white tennis shoes. This is her adorable kid brother. But as she stood up, she glared at the two as she put her hands on her hips. "What in the world are you two doing here in Japan!" Tabitha said with a glare. They were silent as they both bowed there heads. "You have five seconds to tell me what in the world you're doing here!" Hiro's eyes watered as he rushed over to her and hugged her, her eyes widen. "I didn't want you to leave without me again!" he wailed. Tabitha blinked and then sighed. She took Hiro's arms off of her and she knelled down and wiped his tears from his face. "Now, calm down Hiro. I wasn't going to be long. Where is mom?" She asked softly. The boy sniffed. Namu stared in shock, she seemed to handle the crying boy so well. "She back in America..." He said softly as he looked up at his big sister. Tabitha's jaw dropped. She then slowly looked at Abbie who was trying to get away. "Abi-ga-le!" Abbie froze in her spot. The little girl sweated as she slowly looked at her cousin. "Ye-yes?" She asked. "And may I ask, where is your mother?" She asked in a scary voice.

"With daddy in this city..." She said as sweat went down her face. Tabitha smacked her own forehead as she groaned. When she got a hold of that women, she was going to have a long talk! ' Somebody just kill me! ' she thought with a deep sigh. She then went into her pocket and pulled at a cell phone out and flipped it open and dialed and then put the phone to her ear.


"Dasha It's Tabitha."

"Hay girl, what's up?" said the cheerful voice on the other line.

"I have a bit of a problem."

"What happen" Dasha asked with concern in her voice.

"Well how should I put this..." Tabitha paused for a moment. "Abbie and Hiro are here-"

"Wow! How did that happen?"

"That is what I would like to know." She said with a sigh. "I need you to watch them for awhile, can you do that?" She asked.

"Sure can girlie! Besides your little brother is so cute!" She squealed in a girl manner. And Tabitha thought that she had a grin on her face.

"Thank you I'll see you in a bit. Bye"

"Bye!" Tabitha closed her cell phone and put it back in her pocket. She then turn to her brother and niece. "I'm taking the both of you to Dasha." Tabitha said in a stern voice. Abbie's eyes widen. "But-" she began but Tabitha interrupted her. "No buts Abbie, I need the both of you to be save." Her niece nodded her head. "Okay." She said softly. Tabitha knelled down in front of her little brother and saw him begin to tear up again. "Do I have too?" he asked. She wiped his tears from his eyes. "Yes Hiro, I know you and Abbie don't want too - but it would make me feel better that the both of you are some where save." Tabitha said. Hirro watched as his sister stood back up and looked over at the bronze skin boy. "You wanna come?" she asked.

"Sure, why not." He said with a shrug of his shoulders. Hiro grabbed his sisters had and narrowed his eyes at the boy. He didn't like this boy... actually he didn't like any boy that was near his big sister, the only one allowed was his father and grandpa! No one else. Tabitha blinked and looked down at her brother. "What's wrong?" she asked, he just looked away from her. "Nothing." was his reply - she sighed. "Well come on, lets get going." with that everyone walked towards the INN where Tabitha and Dasha are staying at...


Somewhere else in Domino City...

Yami Bakura, the spirit of the millennium ring narrowed his brown eyes. Something was up, he could sense it. Like someone was coming... he looked up at the sky. After a moment he pulled out a necklace out of his pocket; It was a locket make out of gold. It was a heart locket. It was given to him or rather it was given to his host Ryou Bakura by that girl name Tabitha Anderson - a girl that he had met when he was at duelist kingdom. She is a strong duelist, one that could rival the King of Games. After all she had never lost in any kind of games. In America she was known as the Queen of Games. When he had first saw her she was dressed as a boy and did not care how she looked at the time... it was like something had happen to her that she did not want other to know. Not that he cared, but she seemed to change over time as she spent time with little Yugi and his gang. She even went up against the Pharaoh in a duel and came in second place... but it was not because the Pharaoh beat her. No, far from it - she had resigned. But why did she do such a thing? He also remembered after the last duel before they all left to go home, she came up to him.

"This is for you." said Tabitha as she had Ryou a golden heart locket, Ryou only blinked and then he looked up at her. "What is this for?" he asked as he stared at the heart locket. "A thank you gift." He blinked again at her words. "For saving me, Ryou. If it wasn't for you, I would probably be in big trouble. Thank you." She said with a bright smile, a true smile. A slight blush could be seen on his cheeks and she grinned. "Its also something I want to give to a friend, and I hope you'll be my find Ryou!"

Bakura remembered what happen that day; She had a run in with some guys that were giving her some trouble. She may have been good at playing duel monsters, but she didn't know how to protect herself in a fight. He didn't know the reason why they were after her and neither did she, but he put a stop to it and made those men go lifeless; she already was knocked out on the ground, so she didn't she was Bakura really did. She had woken up in his arms, she had been unconscious for awhile and so she didn't see the lifeless bodies of those boys. She had thanked him and then later on gave him the locket after the duelist kingdom was over with.

But their was something odd about that girl... something amiss, he could sense that her aura was different then others but it was hard to tell and their was just something not normal about her. It had been about a couple of months since he had seen her last and just a few day ago he felt that he sense her aura again... was she here again? That is what he is going to find out, and if she was... is she here to compete in Battle City? One way or another he was going to find out. He put the locket back into his jean pocket and walked on his way.


Tabitha lend up against the wall of the room in the INN along with her brother Hiro was holding onto her pants leg. She rubbed her temples as she sighed. Her friend Dasha was going ga ga over her new guy friend. This was something that was not new, because Dasha like to stare at the hotties. Tabitha sometimes wondered if that was that was the only thing going though that girl's head; Dasha was a year older then she was and Tabitha never thought about guys all the time! Like come on! Their was more to life then just boys. Dasha on the other hand was quite shocked that Tabitha was walking around with such a hot guy and acting like it was nothing! He must of come from Egypt or something like that! She loved the fact that he had bronze and that beautiful light blonde hair and those violet eyes... in a word... he was damn sexy.

' Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bring Namu with me ' Tabitha thought as she sweat dropped. Tabitha then gave a surprise gasp when Dasha rushed over to her and grab her arm. "Where did ya find him!" she asked; Marik raised a eyebrow as Tabitha eye twitched. "I didn't find him... he saved me when I was in trouble-" Tabitha tried to finish but her dear best-friend interrupted her. "Your so lucky." she said with a giggle. Tabitha only groaned and Marik smirked. He then blinked when he felt a light tug on his light tan cargo pants. He looked down and saw Abbie tugging at his pants lightly to get his attention. He then blinked at the girl question.

"Are you my aunt's boy-friend?" she asked. Marik raised an eyebrow. "WHA!" Marik then looked up when heard Tabitha's outburst; she was turning seven shade of red. Her little brother on the other hand looked all white with a unbelievable shock look on his face. Dasha only giggled and Marik smirked at how embarrassed Tabitha was. She glared daggers at him. What! Does he think it was funny or something? Marik then turned back to the little girl and answered her question. "No, I am not." Abbie then let go of him and went of to her aunt and looked up at her and saw her deep red face. "Aunt Tabitha, why are you so red?" she asked innocently. "Its nothing! We gotta go!" Tabitha then turn to Dasha as she took Dasha hand off her arm. "Make sure these too don't get into any trouble." Dasha gave a nod. Tabitha then kissed her brothers forehead. "I'll be back soon Hiro." He gave a nod as let go of her. She then kissed Abbie's forehead as well. "Be good and watch over Hiro." "I will!" Tabitha then turn to Marik. "Come on lets go." He nodded and they walked out of the room.


Tabitha let out a sigh of relief. She didn't know how she had a straight face while she was blushing a deep red, but thank goodness she was able to get her blush under control. She grumbled slightly as she turned to Marik. "I'm really sorry about that, my family and best-friend always tend to get weird when I'm around boys." As she let out a sigh as she rubbed her temples clearly annoyed. Why did this kind of stuff always happen to her? "Its alright. But I must ask, why do they get weird?" he asked as he looked at her. She looked away from him. "I don't have a boy-friend, most girls my age do, but I don't see myself getting one anytime soon."

"Why do you say that?" he asked as he stared at her. "Well to be truthful" she began as she looked at him. "I really don't see myself getting one, I mean its just I'm still young and I have a life ahead of me, y'know." she said softly. He only nodded. He then saw a look of sadness go across her face and he wondered what was going through her mind, but as fast as it appeared on her face it was gone; she then smiled at him. She then looked at her watch - it read four pm. "Well we better get going-" her blue-green eyes rolled back in her head as she fell backwards, Marik caught her with one arm while in his other hand he held the millennium rod which was glowing softly. He smirked at the now unconscious girl who now had her eyes closed, he placed the millennium item in his back pocket and then he put his hand underneath her legs and placed his other hand on her back and lifted her up into his arms and then he walked down the street...


Bakura stopped what he was doing when he felt a strong aura. He narrowed his eyes, their was two... one that he not familiar with and the other... was it Tabitha? He ran towards where he felt the two auras, he ran into a ally way where he found a Egyptian boy with light blonde hair. He then saw a unconscious girl in his arms - Brown hair with blonde high-lights, lights skin... it was Tabitha!

Marik stopped what he was doing, someone was behind him, he could feel it. He turned around with Tabitha in his arms. There not to far from him was a boy with spiky long silver-white hair and narrow brown eyes. His shirt was light blue and white strips, a blue jacket and blue jeans, along with gray and blue tennis shoes. "You must be Marik, the one that want the Pharaoh's puzzle?" said the boy as he stare at Marik. Marik narrowed his violet eyes. "And you are?" he asked as he stared at the boy, their was something odd about him. The silver-white haired boy just grinned. "I am known as Bakura, let just say I want to make a deal." he said with a smirk on his lips.

"A deal?"

End Chapter 2