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Grissom's phone rings. Once. Twice. Doesn't matter; he isn't paying enough attention to hear it. His thoughts, his mind and body, are otherwise engaged in the fucking of Sara Sidle.

Catherine waits for Grissom to answer in vain, hanging up after only 2 rings. She knows where he is, what he is doing, who he is with. He will not be there for her now. Realizing this, she calls Warrick-cell turned off, probably because he is in the field. Same as Nick, Brass, everyone. Catherine lets out an anxious sigh. She'll just have to try for a taxi.

Her car is in the shop, and she doesn't know the bus routes. Nor can she find a taxi. Catherine decides that she might as well walk to work. Grissom has promised to pick her up, but she is now forgotten while he entertains himself with someone else. Choosing not to be late to work, she heads out the door. The exercise will be good for her, and she might chance by a taxi on the way there. Maybe.

Catherine walks down the dark street, alone and cold. To the scum that walk these streets, she is an easy target. Probably not armed. Probably can't fight back. Rape, control, violence and voyeurism seem very appealing to this scum, who waits silently for her to pass close enough. Unfortunately, this lady is a fighter. This bitch fights back, while he shoves her into the nearby brush, trying to get inside her. She is too much. Now all he can do is fight her, because this bitch will not go quietly. His intentions are to kill, as are hers.

This lonely woman, a piece of ass not worthy of a name to this scum, cries for help and gets none. They fight to the end. His pants are down, and she takes this opportunity to destroy his manhood with what little strength she has left. Her foot kicks wildly, taking with it a good chuck of him. Bleeding freely, he makes a last-ditch effort to kill this lonely woman, not worthy of a name. His hit succeeds. They both fall, unable to do anything at all, as they cling for that last thread of life.

As Grissom pulls on his pants, he thinks about his prior commitment to Catherine. He feels the guilt in the pit of his stomach as Sara walks over, kissing his shoulders and calling him 'honey.' He feels no real love for this woman, doesn't know why he has slept with her, and to top it all off, it wasn't even great sex. It was mediocre.

Looking at the clock, he saw that he had missed the pick-up time by about 35 minutes. Damn. Catherine probably won't be too thrilled with him. Her car is in the shop, and he has promised to take her to work. But he had abandoned her...