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One month before Lindsey's school starts, she and her mom return to Vegas. Catherine doesn't go back to work until they are two weeks into the new school year. When she walks in, it is like she never left. Catherine knows they are acting nonchalant because they are instructed to do so, but she will not get fussy over her unenthusiastic welcome back.

She runs into Warrick, Nick and Greg in the locker room.

"Hey, Catherine. Are you feeling any better? Where've you been?"

"I'm feeling a little better. We took a tour of the Midwest. Had some of the best damn barbeque ever in Kansas City, saw the Cosmosphere in Kansas, took Lindsey to Branson."

"Oh, did you get to go to White Water or Silver Dollar City?" asks Greg, apparently more excited about Catherine's trip than Catherine.

"Okay, Greg, let's stop bugging Catherine on her first day back," Warrick intervenes.

"Thank you," she mouths, and walks to Grissom's office.

"Hey, I'm back. What do you want me to do?" she asks, opening the door.

"Hi, Catherine," says Grissom, a little startled, and very embarrassed. As Catherine had walked in, Sara had taken the liberty of sitting herself in Grissom's lap, and he didn't exactly want her there. Over the past few months, Sara had become increasingly annoying. If only she would stop hanging all over him and give him some space.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know I was interrupting you," Catherine says, backing out of the office and shutting the door.

No, big mistake, Grissom thinks to himself. Shouldn't have been caught in that position. But what Grissom doesn't know is that Catherine doesn't really care all that much.

"Catherine, I'm sorry," Grissom tries to apologize.

"Don't worry about it. So, did you figure out anything for me to do, or do you just want me to stand here?"

"You can go help Nick and Sara. They've started a murder case involving an ex-con and his bookie."

"Okay, thanks." She starts to seek out nick and Sara.

"And Catherine?" Grissom calls to her.


"Nice to have you back." She doesn't reply, just smiles and walks away.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

Catherine stands in the Crime Lab parking lot and lights up a cigarette. Grissom passes by and, seeing her smoking, takes the cigarette from her mouth. He throws it to the ground, stepping on it and extinguishing it, all the while never taking his eyes off of Catherine. Her face remains blank, and she walks away without a word, getting in her car and driving away.

Grissom sighs. She must be really pissed off at someone or something; that girl is not a happy camper.


All she really needs now is to be left alone and let her fend for herself. Eventually the depression will pass, and life will move on.

Grissom realizes his own mistakes, and that Sara is not the one he really wants to spend the rest of his life with. She's just a tad to...clingy. Just didn't give him enough space.

In time, the old wounds heal. People move on, and relationships heal. And maybe, one day, they will all find their je ne sais pas.