The Time Between

A Lupin/ Tonks Fanfiction

As always, theses characters, plots, settings, and most everything else belongs to J.K. Rowlings.

Chapter VI: The Beginning

The next day they attended the trials of Malfoy and Dolohov. Both were called to testify events from that evening and both found courage and comfort in knowing the other was close. Although they had decided not to tell anyone about their budding relationship (as much for safety as for anything else), Remus often caught himself unconsciously grasping Tonks' hand during the trial, especially when Malfoy's defense attorney began attacking the character of his dead friend, Sirius Black.

Then, when Remus took the stand, and the same slimy little defense demon called into question the testimony of a werewolf, Tonks stood up and yelled, "Your client's a bloody death-", of course she didn't get to finish because Moody pulled her back down, clasping a gnarled hand over her mouth. Luckily, she didn't get hauled out of the courtroom, but she received many curious looks. Remus just donned a slight smile at her outburst.

After the trial was over and most of the Order members were back at Grimmald Place celebrating the conviction of two deatheaters, the questions began.

"You and Remus seemed very close today at the trial," Molly said, a large smile on her face as she ladled out another bowl of stew for the young auror.

"Really?" Tonks responded nonchalantly, her cheeks burning deep chartreuse.

"You know, I've always though that Remus would make some woman a very good husband. He's so handsome and smart; such a gentle soul and always so patient with the children; a very good catch indeed!"

On the other side of the room:

"What the hell is going on with you and Tonks?" Moody growled.

"I'm sorry," Remus answered with his usual reserved politeness.

"Look Lupin, we're in the middle of a war and there's no room for fiddle- faddle between soldiers. If you need to get, ummm," Moody's voice lowered, "'urges' out of your system, well, that's to be expected, but there are woman for that on Exception Alley."

Remus nearly choaked.

"Oh Jeayzus! Not that talk again Moody!" Bill Weasley interjected.

Remus silently raised his goblet of wine to his lips, still trying to clear his throat. He was not use to his private affairs becoming public controversy.

Bill put a hand on Lupin's shoulder, "He said the same thing to me last fall when he found out I was seeing Hestia." Then turning to Moody, pointing a finger at his head, "You need to keep your magical eye out of other people's affairs."

Moody just growled and walked away.

"So, you and Tonks!" Bill gave Lupin a very toothy smile, then punched him on the shoulder, "Way to go old man!"

That night it was decided between Remus and Nymphadora that they would be honest about their relationship to their peers (this was no time for secrets amongst friends), but they would not engage in any form of PDA. The terms of their relationship being defined, it was back to Nymphadora's couch for more heated exploring.

Two weeks and two thousand kisses later, the day came when Lupin, Tonks and Moody meet Harry and the rest of the gang at the train station; home from Hogwart's for summer holidays. It had felt exceptionally good to tell Vernon Dursley that they would all be keeping an eye and an ear on Harry's treatment. Seeing the smile on Harry's face warmed Remus's heart and put both he and Nymphadora in very high spirits.

After work, Tonks apparated to Lupin's home, where he was waiting with a baked lasagna, red wine and chocolate biscuits. The meal, like the conversation, filled her with warmth and pleasure.

Finally retiring to the study, Tonks and Lupin stretched out on a worn blue sofa in front of a roaring fire. Just when Tonks thought to herself that this night couldn't get any better, Remus began kissing her neck.

"Unmorph", he commanded and she did without thought. Upon her asking him earlier in the week if he like purple or pink hair better, he'd replied, "Brown."

"You're beautiful this way," Remus said softly, stroking her hair.

"You really like this better than pink?" Tonks asked, still unbelieving.

"I'm the only one that gets to see you this way." He fingered a dark lock, "You do it just for me, and I like that."

Tonks looked up into his pale eyes, smiling deviously, "I plan on doing a lot of things just for you."

Remus smiled broadly and they became entangled in hot kisses. Although they had physically explored each other before, this time it was different; tonight a new anticipation was hanging in the air.

Lupin's shirt was unbuttoned to his waist and Tonks was about to disrobe from her t shirt when, he reached out and grabbed her wrists, "Can we go to the bedroom?"

Butterflies fluttered in Nymphadora stomach, "Are we ready for that?"

His gaze was uncertain, breathing staggered, "I guess we'll have to find out."

They went upstairs to his bedroom, which he instantly lit with floating candles. Kissing again, they slowly fell together into the large bed. Over the past few weeks, Tonks had discerned that Remus had had sex but, he hadn't engaged in much foreplay. She was the one to take the lead sexually, but she didn't mind, and actually, she was beginning to like the roll of aggressor with Remus being an apt pupil. She showed him how to touch a woman's soft parts, where his mouth should go and how to alternate between fingers and tongue. In turn, she would ask him, "Do you like this", as she touched his body in new ways. His response was usually a guttural 'yes'.

Finally, over the weekend, she slipped her hand beneath his trousers for the first time, palm moving against the hard, marbled surface of his desire. The feeling of his large flesh beneath her small fingers excited her. Then, in an unusual, but arousing, turn of events, Remus wrapped his hand around hers, need and vulnerability burning in his eyes, as he showed her the speed at which he wanted to be stroked. She was so moved that she caressed him until his hot seed came forth in her hands. He had been embarrassed at his loss of control, but Tonks thought his innocence was charming and absolutely sexy.

Tonight, there was the expectation of more as they lay facing each other on the bed kissing and fondling, until nearly every article of clothing was on the floor except for Tonks hot pink lingerie and Remus's boxers.

"I suppose we can't take off much more than this without there being consequences," Remus said quietly, gazing lovingly on Tonks' petit, muscular body; caressing her small breast beneath her bra.

Suddenly, she sat up, and unhooked her bra. "Consequences be damned," she mumbled as it hit the floor, quickly followed by her lacey knickers.

"Oh gods, you're beautiful," Remus said nearly breathless as he looked upon her courtesan figure.

Tonks lay down beside him, and he trembled as her warm, naked flesh melded against his, her womanly scent arousing him further, if possible. Closing his eyes, he whispered against her swollen lips, "I love you, Nymphadora."

She pulled down his shorts, and with a swish, they, too, were added to the heap of discarded clothing.

"I love you, too", Tonks replied as she took Remus in her hands, and guided him down on top of her; spreading her legs to accommodate him.

Gently, he kneaded against her until her wet womanly warmth fully accepted his flesh. She cradled him in her arms, wooing him on with sighs of pleasure as their bodies fell into an ancient rhythm. After a few minutes, he cried out her name, his body stiffened against hers and then he collapsed atop her.

She lovingly stroked his back and smiled as she waited for him to recover.

"That was incredible," he finally answered, voice rough.

"It was nice," Tonks answered, a silly smile on her face.

His pale, stormy eyes turned up to her and he stroked her cheek with his thumb. "You didn't get there, did you?"

Tonks shook her head and smiled again, knowing that this was love; knowing that what they had just experienced went beyond physical to spiritual. "Remus, it doesn't always have to end in a big finale for me." Then kissing his hand, "I liked the way you felt inside me; it felt very good. And anyway, once you recover, I do expect you to finish the job."

Remus chuckled, light-hearted and laid his head against her breast. Nymphadora cuddled him, running her fingers through his flecked brown hair.

"I'm sure you've noticed by now, there are a lot of things I still have to learn about women." Then turning his hazel eyes upon hers, lacing his fingers through her own, "One woman in particular."

"I'm willing to be around for as long as it takes," Tonks replied with her usual perkiness.

"It may take a lifetime," Remus replied quietly.

She kissed his forehead, "I hope so."

Both immensely satisfied, they fell asleep...