Mixed up Love
By Fireguardian
Chapter 16: Great Grandmothers Secret

"Hermione, Hermione!" Hermione opened her eyes and before her stood her Great Grandmother.
"GG what are you doing here?" Hermione asked.
"Hermione I know you lost someone very dear to you but please don't let that effect you, you need to defeat Ocatazus and Tom,"
"GG How can I do that, I know I'm a powerful witch but to do that?"

"You have it in, you just have to look deep inside you, you are a descendent of me and I know when you were born I passed a power on to you, a power that finally needs to be discovered by you and used by you,"
"Are you telling me it's because of you that I became a witch?" Hermione asked. Her Grandmother nodded her head.
"Now please, the power is in you, you just need to look deep inside of you, deep inside you………deep inside you,"

Hermione shot up in bed. She was sweating with shock, that dream wasn't any ordinary dream, and she finally knew what she had to do, tomorrow she would go to the ministry and follow them to Malfoy Manor. "Please let me go I can help!" Hermione pleaded the Head of Ministry.
"No I'm sorry Miss Granger but I have to put my foot down, I know you're a powerful witch, but we still cannot take you along," Hermione had enough of this. "Fine but don't blame me if I show up there because believe me I am powerful and I will be there to save him and maybe if I'm lucky I'll save you too, you don't know how powerful the two of them together are, but you'll see," With that Hermione spun on her heal and walked out, slamming the door behind her.

"Did they let you in?" Ron asked. He was leaning against his broom.
"No, so I guess me and you will just have to fly there any idea how to get there?" Hermione asked.
"No but I have connections come on," He started to run towards his father office and stumbled in, his father wasn't there thank god,"
"Ron is your dad going to be there?"
"No, him and mom went on their vacation they won't be back till next week," He looked over at Hermione and went to her hugging her.
"It's going to be bad isn't it?" Ron asked.
"Ron I'm not sure if I'll be able to save Harry, I pray I might but I just don't know, they are powerful,"
"Hermione everything is going to be ok, and no matter what happens I'll be there right next to you." Hermione smiled. Ron turned away and continued looking for the address to Malfoy Manor. He went into the desk and pulled out a black book. He started flipping through the pages and stopped. "Yes good ol' dad, come on let's go," He tore the paper off, put it into Hermiones hand and they ran out of building.
"Ron that must be it, look how big it is!" Hermione yelled. They flew over a big mansion and Ron lowered himself towards the gate 'Malfoy Manor' was writing in big black fancy letters. Ron flew up and flew over the gate but the instant they flew over the broom was zapped and they flew back.
"Great Now what?" Ron asked. Hermione closed her eyes and raised her hands.
"GG don't let me down," She opened her eyes and if flames could take the place of her eyes they did, Hermione said a powerful sounding incantation and the gates opened. She lowed her hands and turned to Ron.
"Come on," she said. Ron starred at her. "What was that?" Ron asked amazed.
"No time to explain, come on," She took his hands and they ran inside. She needed to find Draco and fast, she had a feeling he was in danger.

Draco opened his eyes he was in the dungeons, locked in.
"What's the meaning of this!" he hollered.
"I see you finally decided to wake up," Draco turned to look into the shadows his father stood there with a smirk.
"Father what's the meaning of this?"
"Now Draco it's ok," Harry walked out from behind his father.
"The Lord will see him now, for his mark,"
"No! I will not follow him," His father took out his wand and pointed it to him. Just as he said the curse the door slammed opened.
"Stop Lucius," Came a voice. Draco turned around the ministry of magic was there.
"I see you finally came," He smirked. Draco watched back and forth, he needed to get out of here, "Father release me!" He hollered.
"No, I raised a death eater son, and he will become a death eater, with Ocatazus back not even the ministry can save you," He pointed his wand at the Ministry, their wands were already held up to him. And with a smirk and a snap of his hands, Death eaters surrounded them.

As soon as they rose their wands curses were flown everywhere the killing curse mostly, one by one Death eaters and Ministry officials fell to the ground.
Draco watched as one by one either side fell. He had to get out, he needed to find a way then he saw it his father falling to the ground and when he looked up he saw Hermione standing next to the ministry. She raised her arms, and once again it seemed like her eyes were on fire, she said an incantation and every death eater fell to there knees and landed on the floor, not once would they wake up to see another day, but that was the path they chose when they agreed to be a death eater.

Draco and Ron had to shield their eyes from the blinding light. When the light was over Draco saw Harry on the ground. Hermione ran over to Draco and used her wand to free him. He ran out and hugged her.

"Hermione I'm glad you came," He said.
"Harry wake up," Ron said, kneeling next to his friend. Harry opened his eyes and looked around.
"Hermione, Ron Draco, What happened?" Harry asked. "All I remember is seeing Hermione and she started to glow,"
"You saw?" Hermione asked.
"I saw everything that went on, I could hear and see everything, Hermione behind you!" Harry yelled.
Hermione turned around and jumped out of the way.
"How I saw you die," Draco said standing in front of Hermione.
"That's not your father, it's him," Hermione said, grabbing Draco and standing in front of him. "That's right, now I too can finally have my revenge," Came Voldmorts voice. Everyone turned around.
"Two brothers reunited, to take over the wizardring world, and to get rid of the things standing in my way," Voldemort lunged himself at Harry, Harry taken by surprise fell to the ground, he was holding Voldemort's face trying to get him off of him, but he had Harry by the throat.
"HARRY!" Hermione yelled, she went to run for him but was stopped by Ocatazus.
"I have a body now and a powerful one,"
"I won't let you hurt him anymore, You hurt my Great Grandmother by turning on her and you tried to do the same thing to me by turning Draco against me, no more!" She raised her hands and slammed them down to her sides, she slowly raised them saying words no one understood. Ocatazus raised his wand and throwed curses at her, but it was like there was an invisible dome and it deflected the power, Hermione started to glow.
"Foolish girl, Hélène tried to do the same curse and she couldn't she wasn't powerful enough what makes you think you can do it,"
"because she has a lover,"
"And a friend," Ron joined. the two of them walked over to her and Draco placed his arms outstretched over hers, while Ron started to chant another spell to add to hers. Hermione started to glow and Ocatazus started to panic, he started running away, just as Harry and Voldemort both said the Killing curse a bright flash lighted the whole area.

"Hermione wake up," Draco whispered holding her, tears in his eyes. "You did it you killed them please wake up," Hermione slowly opened her eyes and starred into the eyes of Draco, she cupped his face, it's true you do love me," Hermione whispered.
"What made you say that?"
"Cause only true love could have made that spell work, and like it said on the paper it was put as a test,"
"You could have died?" Draco said.
"But I knew I wouldn't, I just had to finally believe."

"Harry!" Ron yelled, wake up!" Draco and Hermione walked over to Ron and Harry, he wasn't opening his eyes.
"It didn't help save him," Hermione said tears forming in her eyes.
"Don't be sad because of you and him the wizardaring world is saved," Draco said hugging her.
"But I lived why couldn't he?" She cried.
"Cause it wasn't meant to be," Everyone turned around it was Harry only he was a ghost.
"Hermione don't cry it's alright, it was meant to be like this, now I can do something I have always wanted," Everyone looked and saw two figures float in. "My parents, for once I can see my parents and be with them, don't be sad that I'm gone, I'm gonna be happy where I am going, just make sure you say both of us killed them off," Harry smiled.
"Not both, all of us," Hermione said, Harry walked over to his parents and waved to his friends before he hugged them and disappeared. Hermione whipped away her tears and hugged Ron. He too had tears forming in his eyes.

"What happened?" Draco, Hermione and Ron turned around; it was the Head of Ministry, the only other survivor. Hermione walked over to him and looked down upon him.

"I told you it would be dangerous, and I told you I would be the one to save you," Hermione said offering her his hand he took it and got up.
"I don't know what to say," He said. "But my men!" He looked around to see them all lying on the ground, no life in them.
"Put up a good fight, the least you could do is say thank you, or Make Hermione the New Head of Ministry, She is after all the most powerful witch." Draco said hugging her.
He smiled and looked at him.
"When you finish school Miss Granger, I'll retire and put in a good word for you, I'll myself even hire you if I'm aloud. She smiled and shook his hands. She then turned around and hugged Ron.
"Thank you," She whispered.
"Hermione I love you and there is nothing I wouldn't do to help you,"
"Yeah but I love her more," Draco said cutting in he turned her around and cupped her face, slowly he leaned in and kissed her full of passion. "My Hero," He whispered in her lips before he kissed her again.

The End

Thanks everyone for reading. And thank you OceanGuardian for writing my story. I gave her all my ideas I wanted and because I was busy with so many other stories she wrote this one, I got the last saying and I say it's pretty good. So everything is written by her (but the first few chapter are mine) and the plot line is all mine, you should read her stories they are good too, she's currently fixing them but I suggest checking them out when they are done. Review and tell us what you thought. Jess